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10+ Best Email Sequence Software10 minutes read

If you want to automate your email follow up, increase the engagement and close more deals with less work, email sequence software is for you. 

In this blog, we have compiled the best email sequence software that solves all your followup problems by engaging with the prospects at multiple stages. 

What we cover:

  1. List of the best email sequence software
  2. How email sequence is beneficial?
  3. Bonus tips to use email sequence more effective

Here is the list of best email sequence software that you must try in 2020


Email sequence software SalesHandy

Price: 16$/month if billed annually

SalesHandy is an email automation tool that helps you increase your email productivity. It allows you to automate the prospect nurturing and close more deals with ease. SalesHandy being one of the best email sequence software, you can use condition-based as well as time-based triggers to schedule your follow up emails.

  • Time-based triggers –

When you choose to send the follow-up emails at a particular time. I.e. after 2 days, after 5 days, etc.

  • Condition-based triggers-

When you want to send the second email based on the behavior of your recipients. You can choose out of these 3 conditions.

  1. Not Opened – When the user has not opened the email.
  2. Not Replied – When the user has opened the email but has not replied. (This usually happens when the recipient gets caught up in some work. Follow-up works best here.)
  3. Been sent – It will be sent to all of the recipients regardless of them receiving, opening or replying to the email.

Watch this video to learn the simple process of sending email sequence with SalesHandy

In the same price SalesHandy gives you features such as zapier integration, custom domain tracking, custom email templates, and 24*7 chat support. Along with that SalesHandy allows you to send personalized cold email outreach campaigns up to 1600 emails every day. One of the best things about SalesHandy is every email sent by it lands in the inbox, not in the promotion tab. In your outreach campaign, you can put follow-up on autopilot up to 9 stages. It also allows you to automate your followups up to 10 stages to get the best results.

Track engagement analytics: 

You get detailed engagement analytics from the SalesHandy web app. You will see the progress of all the stages of the email sequence as well as if the emails are opened or not. If the emails are opened you will get an instant desktop notification. This information will help you to test how your email sequences are performing.

So no longer you have to worry about sending emails over and over again through as follow-ups. We will automate the job for you while you work for something more productive.


Email sequence software Yesware

Price: 25$ per month if paid annually

Yesware is another email sequencing software that will help you schedule email sets for a later stage. In their premium plan, you will be enabled with Campaigns and Team template sharing & reporting as well.


Email sequence software Gmelius

Price: 9 $/month if billed annually

Gmelius will help you transform Gmail into your company’s workspace as it is a lightweight customer relationship management (CRM) system that will enable your Gmail with productivity.

It also gives you the customer engagement data after you send an email campaign.


Email sequence software Gmass

Price: $199/year if paid annually and $19.95/month if billed monthly

As the name suggests, gmass is a mass emailing tool that will allow you to easily schedule emails, send out mass emails and mail merge campaigns. At the same price, it also provides email analytics and email tracking with no Gmass sign on the email footer.


Email sequence software maixmax

Price: $24 per month if paid annually

MixMax is an email productivity tool that can enhance your email engagement with your prospects and clients. To increase the email response rate, it allows you to send personalized email sequences to a group of contact as well as one to one from your Gmail.

This email campaign software provides a performance report of each sequence you create. The engagement insights data such as email sent, open rates, link clicked, replied, bounced, attachment performance will help you know what is working well.


Email sequence software Woodpecker

Price: 33$/Month if billed annually

Woodpecker is useful as an email sequence software as it allows you to send cold emails & follow-ups automatically. It also enables you with human-like sending and personalized email outreach campaigns with reply detection at the same price.

Followup cc

Email sequence software Followup cc

Price: $29/month if billed annually

FollowUp cc is known for increasing email productivity by setting up reminders that will show up at the top of your inbox reminding you of each and every task that you need to complete by the time. One can send an email sequence using an auto follow-up feature and set triggers with Gmail only. You would not be able to schedule your emails in a sequence if you haven’t downloaded their chrome extension.


Price: $259/year or 29$/month if paid monthly

Although Mailshake is mostly popular for its cold emailing it also provides an email sequencing feature. Mailshake has a different way of providing this feature. They have link-based triggers, where you can track who clicked your link and accordingly the follow up will be sent. It will not send an automated followup to auto-responders, those who reply or those who click on the unsubscribe link.


Email sequence software Klenty

Price: $50/month if billed annually

Klenty is a sales prospecting automation tool that will help you send automated follow-ups to emails. It is popularly known for its features that allow you to find prospects, outreach, and follow-up at a large scale. It integrates directly with CRMs like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, etc to help you execute custom workflows.


Email sequence software Rebump

Price: $12/month

Rebump describes the primary email as “original email” and the follow-ups as “bumps”. So with each bump, you increase your chances of getting a reply. This tool is solely made for email sequencing but at 12 $ per month, they enable you with data of your recipient’s engagement.

Cirrus insight

Email sequence software Cirrus insight

Price: $27/month if billed annually

Cirrus Insight is a plugin for Gmail and Outlook. It is popular amongst salespeople as it specializes in the integration with Salesforce. They provide you mail merge feature where you can add auto follow-ups according to your preferred time. At the same cost, you will get features like Meeting scheduler and the data of attachments

Email sequence software

Price: 24$/month if billed annually is a new email platform that helps with team collaboration. It is not a hardcore mainstream email marketing software but it provides integration with slack and Salesforce for keeping all your email data at one place. At the same cost, you will get the benefit of Email Tracking, Message Templates and team analytics by Polymail.

How Email Sequence is Beneficial?

Imagine you have got this great way of communicating with people through emails. You have figured out how to communicate with people, what to say when they reply, what to say when they do not reply and at what time. You will be able to close a lot of deals due to your skills. But unfortunately, you will not be able to scale your deals to a larger level as you cannot always be there for everyone. There are different time zones around the world and different times to send emails to people.

An email sequence will schedule all your emails and automate all the follow-ups to your recipients with a personalized sending. This way you will be closing deals, recruiting a candidate or getting your work done while sleeping at home. Email sequence does the work for you.

Bonus tips to use email sequence more effective:

  • Use a solid subject line

Subject lines decide whether the person will be interested in your email or not. The white paper data shows that emails with personalized subject lines will receive 33% open rate and 6% reply rate as compared to 17% open rate and 3% reply rate for the emails without a personalized subject line.

  • Send it at the best time

Different countries have different timings of receiving their business emails according to their own culture. Make sure you know the best time to send an email and schedule it according to their time zone.

  • Send at least 5 automated follow-ups

Data shows that 80% of deals take at least 5 follow-ups. People might overlook, forget, ignore or mistakenly delete your primary email. It is advisable to automate all these follow-ups with conditions to ensure great results.

This was our list of best email sequence software that will help you automate Your Follow-Up Emails with sequences and understanding of why one needs email sequence. If you know some other tools that we forgot to add in this list, let us know in the comments down below.