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17 Best Email Sequence Software For Sales Automation (2023)

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Manually executing your cold outreach campaigns can often hinder results due to low productivity or lack of time. This leads to an increased risk of missing revenue targets and lowered sales. 

A simple solution to this problem is to use email sequence software. This allows you to focus your efforts more on closing deals with minimal effort.

In this blog, we have compiled the best email sequence software that solves all your follow-up problems by engaging with prospects at multiple stages.

Best Email Sequence Software – Table of Contents

Top 5 Email Sequence Software – At-a-Glance Comparison

Email Sequence SoftwareKey FeaturesCustomer RatingsPricing (Starting at)
Saleshandy • Email Automation
• Sequence Score
• Sender Rotation
• Automated Follow-ups
• Prospect Outcome
• Email Verifier
• G2 – 4.6 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.5 / 5 ⭐
$25 per month
MixMax • Customizable Templates
• Email Scheduling
• Email Tracking
• Third-party Integrations
• G2 – 4.6 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.5 / 5 ⭐
$29 per month • Email Finder
• Email Verifier
• Drip Campaigns
• Email Personalization
• A/B Testing
• G2 – 4.5 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.6 / 5 ⭐
$49 per month
Lemlist • Automated Follow-ups
• Detailed Analytics
• CRM Integrations
• Inbox Warm-up
• G2 – 4.3 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.6 / 5 ⭐
$50 per month
Overloop • Email Personalization
• real-time Tracking
• Third-party Integrations
• G2 – 4.2 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4 / 5 ⭐
$82 per month

How To Choose Email Sequence Software?

Your email sequence tool should include:

  • Personalization: It is one of the critical factors that you should consider. Since you will be sending emails to a large audience, the email should not sound robotic. Personalization is what gets you a better engagement rate.
  • Automation: Your tool should be able to reduce your workload and take care of time-consuming tasks. You should go for an email sequence software that provides desirable automation and reduces your burden.
  • Integration with CRM software: Updating your prospect’s data manually in CRM is a tedious task. Hence it is best to have software that easily integrates with CRM software. 
  • Email scheduling: Reaching the right prospect’s inbox at the right time is essential to get better engagement. To overcome this your email sequence tool should be able to schedule emails according to the prospect’s time zone.
  • Email Tracking & Analytics: A good email sequence software will provide you email tracking and analytics. Some tools even send users real-time notifications when their emails are opened. You want a tool that provides access to important engagement metrics and campaign metrics.
  • Email deliverability: Your email will only get better conversions if they are landed in the target inbox. The email goes through different filters designed by various email service providers, like spam, content, etc. You should look for email sequence software that can get through these filters and land your email in the inbox. Choose software that also prioritizes your deliverability with features such as email warm-up, custom tracking domain, and domain health checker.
  • Pricing that helps to scale: Paying extra for additional inboxes will leave a hole in your wallet. Ensure you choose an email sequencing tool that allows you to have an unlimited number of inboxes per account. Having multiple inboxes can help boost your deliverability (with only one inbox you cannot send emails at scale in a short period of time).

17 Best Email Sequence Software In 2023

1. Saleshandy


Saleshandy is an email sequence software that lets you create successful email sequences. It helps you scale your sales outreach performance.

Saleshandy’s email sequences allow you to fully automate prospect nurturing, qualifying leads, booking more meetings, and eventually closing more deals faster. It helps you personalize each message, schedule your campaigns, and track every detail.

You can also ensure a high email deliverability rate with sequence automation on Saleshandy. It sends human-like emails to prevent spam filters and help deliver to the target inboxes. 

Saleshandy allows the user to verify the prospect’s email addresses before sending the email, and this way, you can quickly reduce the bounce rate.

Being one of the best email sequence software, you will be able to set condition-based and time-based triggers to schedule your follow-up email sequences.

  1. Time-based triggers: This allows you to send follow-up emails at a particular time, i.e., after 2 days, after 5 days, etc.
  2. Condition-based triggers: This allows you to send follow-up emails based on the recipient’s behavior to your previous email.
    • Not Opened – When the user has not opened the email.
    • Not Replied – When the user has opened the email but has not replied.
    • Been sent – It will be sent to all recipients regardless of receiving, opening, or replying to the email.

Watch the below video to create and send email sequences from Saleshandy.

Key features of Saleshandy

1. Personalized Email Sequence

With Saleshandy, you can now build and automate highly personalized cold email sequences to spend more time talking to your prospects. You can send emails to up to 5,000 contacts in a day.

A/Z Testing

Every step in your email sequence is capable of A/Z testing, yes this means you can add up to 26 variants for better testing. This feature is for the email body and subject line. By adding multiple variants to each step, you will get a clear picture of what is working for your prospects, opening the door for numerous possibilities!


The spintax feature allows you to ‘spin’ the content of your email to add more variety (spintax variants are added by the user). Often, identical emails get flagged by Email Service Providers, so with this feature, you can also reduce the chances of landing in the spam folder.

2. Automated Follow-ups

This follow up email software lets you add condition-based and time-based follow-ups up to multiple stages. Timely and consistent follow-ups on Saleshandy can boost your responses by 40%. Another best thing is that you will be able to schedule your follow-ups according to the prospect’s time zone.

3. Sender’s Rotation

Sender’s Rotation improves your deliverability by splitting the volume of your outreach across multiple accounts. Instead of one now you can connect up to 50 email accounts (for rotation) in Saleshandy and avoid spam filters.

Saleshandy Sender's Rotation

4. Unified Inbox

With Unified Inbox, you don’t need to switch between multiple inboxes to access replies to your cold emails. Now you can have a centralized view of all emails, and track and access all replies in one place improving your response time. You can also use Saleshandy’s Unified Inbox advanced filters to categorize and prioritize any email replies.

unified inbox

5. Email Attachment

The email attachment feature allows you to attach multiple documents in your cold email outreach. You can easily add documents in different formats (video, image, documents). This feature helps to keep the deliverability intact, as sharing a document is much safer than sharing links. 

6. Custom Email Templates

You can create and save multiple email templates on Saleshandy, accessible using custom, two-key shortcuts. Using template analytics, you can track the best-performing templates for your outreach campaigns and keep improving your playbook.

7. Advance Performance Reports

With an advanced analytics dashboard, you can easily track email bounce rate, open email rate, and response rate for every sequence. This data can be exported to your CRM software or on Excel spreadsheets. It can be used to improve your email sequences further.

Saleshandy Emaill Sequence Performance Report

Saleshandy easily syncs with CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and many more via Zapier webhook integrations.

Advanced Features of Saleshandy

Saleshandy also offers advanced features to get you the most out of your sales email sequences.

Advanced features of Saleshandy email sequence software.
Linkedin prospecting, Email ramp-up, Bounce guard, Email writing assistance, Email preheader, Email health score

Professionals’ Opinions about Saleshandy

Saleshandy Reviews

Saleshandy is trusted by 24K professionals from IT Services, SaaS, Marketing Agencies, and other industries.

It keeps your pipeline constantly full of new prospects and never slows down your outreach efforts. As a result, your lead pool remains fresh, and you can convert them into paying customers.

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.5/5⭐ (122 reviews)
  • G2 – 4.7/5⭐ (522 reviews)

Pricing Plans:

Here are the detailed insights on the yearly plan of Saleshandy:

Outreach Basic

$25 /Month
Start free trial

30% Annual Savings

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Warm-up
  • Sender Rotation Basic
  • Unified Inbox Basic
  • 2,000 Total Prospects
  • 10,000 Monthly Emails
  • 2,500 Email Verification Credits

Outreach Pro

$74 /Month
Start free trial

25% Annual Savings

  • Everything in Outreach Basic
  • Unlimited Teammates
  • Sender Rotation Pro
  • Unified Inbox Pro
  • 30,000 Total Prospects
  • 125,000 Monthly Emails
  • 10,000 Email Verification Credits

Outreach Scale

$149 /Month
Start free trial

25% Annual Savings

  • Everything in Outreach Pro
  • Sender Rotation Scale
  • 60,000 Total Prospects
  • 250,000 Monthly Emails
  • 25,000 Email Verification Credits

2. Yesware


Yesware is another email sequencing software that will help you schedule email sets for a later stage. In their premium plan, you will be enabled with Campaigns and Team template sharing & reporting as well.

Key Features:

  • Get a notification when prospects open your email
  • Easy-to-use email templates and template reports
  • Email tracking and engagement reports tracking progress with prospects

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.3/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.4/5⭐


  • Pro – $15/month/user
  • Premium $35/month/user
  • Enterprise – $65/month/user
  • 14-day free trial available

3. Gmelius


Gmelius is an email follow-up software that will help you transform Gmail into your company’s workspace. It is a lightweight customer relationship management (CRM) system that will enable your Gmail with productivity. It also gives you the customer engagement data after you send an email campaign

Key Features:

  • Pre-built email templates
  • Supports integration with Google Workspace, Trello, Slack, Loom, etc.
  • Get real-time notifications when someone opens your email

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.7/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.4/5⭐


  • Plus – $15/month/user
  • Growth – $29/month/user
  • Pro – $69/month/user
  • 7 day free trial available

4. Gmass


As the name suggests, Gmass is a mass emailing tool that will allow you to easily schedule emails, send out mass emails, and mail merge campaigns. At the same price, it also provides email analytics and email tracking with no Gmass sign on the email footer.

Key Features:

  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Email scheduling
  • Advanced campaign reports

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.3/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.7/5⭐


  • For Individual
    • Standard model: $19.95/ per month
    • Premium model: $29.95/per month
  • For Team
    • Premium model: $125
  • 30 days free trial available

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5. MixMax


MixMax is a follow-up email software that can enhance your email engagement with your prospects and clients. To increase the email response rate, it allows you to send personalized email sequences to a group of contact as well as one-to-one from your Gmail.

This email campaign software provides a performance report of each sequence you create. The engagement insights data such as email sent, open rates, link clicked, replied, bounced, and attachment performance will help you know what is working well.

Key Features:

  • Email open and click tracking
  • Email scheduling
  • Customizable email templates
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, Dropbox

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.5/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.6/5⭐


  • Free Plan – $0 per user per month
  • Starter – $9 per user per month
  • SMB – $24 per user per month
  • Growth – $49 per user per month
  • Enterprise – Consultation required

6. Woodpecker


Woodpecker is useful as an email sequence software as it allows you to send cold emails & follow-ups automatically. It also enables you with human-like sending and personalized email outreach campaigns with reply detection at the same price.

Key Features:

  • Real-time email verification
  • Detailed campaign reports
  • A/B testing
  • Open and click rates

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.4/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.8/5⭐


  • $40/month/per slot (Billed Annually)
  • 7-day free trial or 50 emails trial available

7. Lemlist


Lemlist is an email sequence software designed for startups, marketing agencies, and outbound sales teams. You can create and send automated outreach emails in multiple stages based on various predefined conditions to get more responses. 

With Lemlist you can send follow-up sequence emails on the same thread or create a new one with a unique subject line. 

Key Features:

  • Email warm-up
  • Supports integration with Google Sheets, Salesforce, HubSpot
  • A/B testing
  • Detailed report of email sequences

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.6/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.3/5⭐


  • Email outreach- $50 (Billed Annually)
  • Sales engagement- $83 (Billed Annually)
  • 14-day free trial available

8. Overloop


Overloop is a sales email sequencing software to increase your outbound sales productivity. It enables you to send personalized cold email campaigns with multi-stage follow-up sequences. Along with email sequences, you can create taskers and cold call your leads. 

Overloop connects with Gmail, GSuite, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and other SMTP/IMAP servers. You can seamlessly integrate your favorite CRM tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and more.

Key Features:

  • Email personalization using mail merge
  • Real-time email tracking
  • Integrates with Slack, Zapier, Trello

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.2/5⭐


  • $82/month/user (Billed Annually)
  • 14-day free trial available

9. is an email sequence software ideal for sales and marketing teams. helps you find a prospect’s email address, and send a cold email drip campaign with continual follow-up email sequences based on behavioral triggers. You can use a drag-and-drop campaign builder to create your email sequences.

Snov integrates CRM and productivity tools such as — Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho, Zapier, Calendly, Asana, Trello, and more.

Key Features:

  • Automated email sequences
  • Email Scheduling
  • Email tracking
  • Supports A/B testing

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.6/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.5/5⭐


  • Trial $0 (free plan)
  • S – $33/month (Billed Annually)
  • M – $83/month (Billed Annually)
  • L – $158/month (Billed Annually)
  • XL – $308/month (Billed Annually)
  • XXL – $615/month (Billed Annually)

10. as the name suggests is an email follow-up software. It is known for increasing email productivity by setting up reminders that will show up at the top of your inbox reminding you of each and every task that you need to complete by the time.

One can send an email sequence using an auto follow-up feature and set triggers with Gmail only. You would not be able to schedule your emails in a sequence if you haven’t downloaded their chrome extension.

Key Features:

  • Schedule automatic follow-ups
  • Email tracking
  • Detailed analytics of the campaign

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.5/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.8/5⭐


  • Starter – $18/monthly (Billed Annually)
  • Professional – $29/monthly (Billed Annually)
  • Salesforce addition – $40/monthly (Billed Annually)
  • 14-day free trial available

11. Mailshake


Although Mailshake is mostly popular for its cold emailing it also provides an email sequencing feature. Mailshake has a different way of providing this feature, giving a tough competition to Mailshake alternatives. They have link-based triggers, where you can track who clicked your link and accordingly the follow-up will be sent. It will not send an automated follow-up to auto-responders, those who reply, or those who click on the unsubscribe link.

Key Features:

  • Email writing assistance with AI
  • Detailed report of each campaign
  • Integrates with CRM software
  • Mail merge

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.7/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.7/5⭐


  • Email outreach- $58/month (Billed Annually)
  • Sales engagement- $83/month (Billed Annually)
  • No free trial is available

12. Klenty


Klenty is a sales prospecting automation tool that will help you send automated follow-ups to emails. It is popularly known for its features that allow you to find prospects, outreach, and follow-up on a large scale. It integrates directly with CRMs like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, etc to help you execute custom workflows.

Key Features:

  • Mail merge
  • Get advanced reports of the email campaign
  • Integrates with Freshsales, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zoho

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.8/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.6/5⭐


  • Startup – $35/month/user (Billed Annually)
  • Growth – $60/month/user (Billed Annually)
  • Enterprise – $100/month/user (Billed Annually)
  • 14-day free trial available

13. Rebump


Rebump describes the primary email as “original email” and the follow-ups as “bumps”. So with each bump, you increase your chances of getting a reply. This tool is solely made for email sequencing but at $12 per month, they enable you with data on your recipient’s engagement.

Key Features:

  • Automated follow-ups
  • Custom merge fields
  • Email tracking

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.7/5⭐
  • G2 – 3.6/5⭐


  • Unlimited- $5/monthly (Billed Annually)
  • Unlimited plus- $12/ month (Billed Annually)
  • Unlimited premium- $19/ month (Billed Annually)
  • 14-day free trial available

14. is an email sequence software that allows users to scale and optimize their email campaigns. With this tool, you can create multiple email sequences with an unlimited number of steps that includes A to Z testing. You can choose the days, times, and frequencies to suit your email sequence the best. 

Key Features:

  • Automated email sequences
  • Unlimited inboxes
  • AI-powered tech 
  • Unlimited warm-up 
  • Email analytics 
  • Lead database

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – No reviews found because it’s still a relatively new software
  • G2 – 4.8/5⭐


  • Growth $37 per month 
  • Hypergrowth $97 per month 
  • Next level – Custom pricing 
  • Free trial available (duration not specified)

15. is a great email sequence tool that has a lot of AI-powered features. The tool allows you to set up custom conditional email-sending triggers. All of your sequences for each domain can be viewed in a master inbox. Beyond that, you can set up a multichannel (Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc) sequence as well if needed.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of inboxes 
  • Auto-rotate email content between different inboxes 
  • AI personalization 
  • AI warm-ups 
  • Conditional email sending triggers 
  • Campaign analytics 
  • Multichannel outreach

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – No reviews found as this is a relatively new product 
  • G2 – 4.9/5⭐


  • Basic plan $24 per month 
  • Popular plan $57 per month
  • Pro plan $78 per month 
  • Custom plan – consultation required
  • 14-day free trial available

16. is a multi-channel sales sequence software. This sales email software allows sales reps to set auto or manual emails in the sequences. The auto emails are delivered as per the sequence conditions.

Whereas in the manual,  a task is created where SDRs can individually edit and send personalized emails. To empower sales reps to make data-driven decisions, it provides email sequence performance reports with — email delivered, open, clicked, replies (positive, negative), bounce, and opt-out.

Key Features:

  • Automated Follow-ups
  • Integrates with CRM software
  • Detailed report of sequences

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.5/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.3/5⭐


  • No free trial available

You need to request a demo to find out their pricing.

17. HubSpot


HubSpot sales automation email sequencing helps you keep your sales prospecting on autopilot. You can create a multi-stage email sequence to nurture your prospects and convert cold leads into warm. The tool enables you to set up your sales outreach workflow, create a tasker, add call logs, and track emails and documents. Campaign analytics helps you make a data-driven decision and close deals faster.

Hubspot sales automation work with Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook or Office 365 for Windows. You can integrate it with Salesforce and other productivity tools for seamless conversations with prospects and leads.

Key Features:

  • Automate the entire email sequence
  • Email templates
  • Email tracking

Product Rating:

  • Capterra – 4.5/5⭐
  • G2 – 4.4/5⭐


  • For individuals and small teams
    • Free tools $0 
    • Starter CRM $29.97 per month 
    • Professional $450 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an email sequence?

Email sequences are a series of automated emails sent to prospects or customers based on a timeframe or event trigger.

You can automate this process with the help of email sequence software.

What is email sequence software?

An email sequence software is a visual drag-and-drop journey builder meant to make it easier to automate your campaigns. It typically has many settings such as adding A/B variants, selecting the number of days between each email sent, time scheduling, and condition-based triggers. 

What is the best email automation software?

There are many best email automation software available in the market. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose one from the list in this blog. Saleshandy is a great email automation software that allows you to create email sequences with multiple variants, personalization, schedule emails for specific timezones, and more.

Why should you use email sequence software?

Email sequence software can help you in the following ways: acquire fresh leads, convert them at scale, nurture existing customer relationships, reach prospects at the right time, and improve open rates with email automation

How do I create an email sequence?

You can create an email sequence using these steps.

First, identify the purpose of the sequence. Move on to deciding what will trigger the sequence. Identify the number of emails and the duration of the sequence. Then, write the emails for the sequence. Set up the automation using email sequence software. Test the sequence. Finally, launch the sequence

What are the benefits of email sequences?

Email sequences help your business in the following ways: send targeted emails, improve prospect/customer relationships, lead nurturing, build brand awareness, reengage inactive users, save time, understand the user journey, and send personalized emails—leading to higher conversion rates.

What features should I look for in an email sequence software?

Key features to look for in an email sequence software includes personalization capabilities, automation, integration, email scheduling, email tracking & analytics, and high email deliverability. It’s also beneficial if the software allows connecting unlimited inboxes per account.

Can I create email sequences in Gmail or Outlook without using external tools?

The short answer is no, you can’t. Gmail or Outlook don’t have built-in email sequencing features. While you can send identical emails to a list of prospects using the BCC method, sending multi-step emails to individual recipients is not possible. 

It’s better to use email sequence tools like Saleshandy that allow automation and multiple steps with customizations for each prospect.


It is reported that companies that set up email sequences report better acquisition of new leads and customer retention. The key to losing customers at critical points in the buying cycle is strategically setting up your email sequences.

This was the list of best email software tools and techniques to automate responses with sequences and understand why one needs an email sequence software.

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