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Top 10 Smartlead Alternatives & Competitors to Checkout in 2024

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Smartlead is one of the many available cold email outreach tools in the market that can help you automate and scale your outreach process.

Although Smartlead delivers cold emails effectively and provides quick support when needed, some users have reported occasional delays and lags in the tool.

Importantly though Smartlead is known as a tool for lead generation agencies, you won’t find a dedicated agency portal or its pricing favorable to you.

So if you’re a Smartlead user facing some issues or someone who’s evaluating Smartlead, then you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Smartlead alternatives and competitors you can consider switching to.

Smartlead Alternatives – Table of Contents

Smartlead VS Saleshandy: At-A-Glance Comparison

Pricing (Starting at)$33/month$25/monthSaleshandy
B2B Lead DatabaseNot Available750+ Million ContactsSaleshandy
Email PersonalizationTie
Auto Follow-UpTie
Free Trial14 Days7 DaysSmartlead
Native CRM IntegrationsHubSpot, SalesforceZoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, PipedriveSaleshandy
Free Chrome ExtensionNot AvailableSaleshandy ConnectSaleshandy
Unified InboxTie
Separate Agency PortalNot AvailableSaleshandy
Unlimited Email AccountsTie
Quality of Customer SupportGoodBestSaleshandy

Smartlead – A Quick Overview

If you’re a Smartlead user, you probably know what the tool does. But if you don’t, here is a short overview of it.


With Smartlead, you can personalize your cold emails to make them more relevant to your prospects and increase the chances of them converting into leads.

The tool also allows you to track clicks, opens, and replies. This allows you to analyze and optimize the performance of your cold email campaigns.

Smartlead product homepage

In short, Smartlead simplifies the whole process of cold emailing, from managing your prospects to generating leads. This makes it a good solution for starting and scaling your cold email strategy.

Notable Features

  1. Personalization: Smartlead allows you to personalize your initial and follow-up emails with the help variables that you can insert in your cold email copy. These variables are placeholders for your prospect’s name, company, website, etc.
Smartlead personalization features.
  1. Auto-Rotate With Multiple Email Addresses: You can connect multiple email accounts and assign them to a specific campaign in Smartlead. The tool will auto-rotate and send emails from the assigned accounts to improve deliverability.
  1. A/B Testing: With Smartlead, you can A/B test your cold emails and follow-ups. Moreover, Smartlead also allows you to add multiple variations and control their distribution.
Smartlead A/B testing feature
  1. Email Warmup: Smartlead will help improve your sender reputation by automating email warmup. It uses AI to mimic human sending and reply patterns. Moreover, you can warm up multiple accounts at the same time.
  1. Integrations: Smartlead integrates with popular tools like Slack, Zapier, Hubspot, Clay, and Listkit. This helps easily streamline your workflows. But this integration is uni-directional in nature, so changes made in HubSpot directly may not reflect in Smartlead.
Smartlead's available integrations

Why You Should Look For An Alternative to Smartlead?

Although Smartlead is a good cold email outreach tool that can help you get started with cold emailing and scale your process, other tools in the market offer more value at the same cost.

For starters, Smartlead doesn’t have a dedicated agency portal.

In addition to this, you’ll have to pay an additional $29 for each client you onboard.

But, tools like Saleshandy have a dedicated agency portal where you can add and manage unlimited clients for no additional charge. This can help keep your expenses down and increase your profitability.

Another reason why you should look for Smartlead’s alternatives is due to the limitation in the number of integrations available and its uni-directional nature.

Though Smartlead is constantly working on adding more integrations, currently they are behind a few tools in the market.

You can only connect with HubSpot as of now, this could be a drawback if you have a different CRM platform.


Smartlead has a simple and transparent pricing plan.

  • Basic Plan – $34/Month (billed annually)
    • 2000 Active Leads
    • 6000 Emails per Month
  • Popular Plan – $66/Month (billed annually)
    • 10K Active Leads
    • 40K Emails per Month
  • Pro Plan – $79/Month (billed annually)
    • 30K Active Leads
    • 150K Emails per Month
    • Add-ons – 1 client at $29/month (billed monthly)
  • Custom Plan – Contact for a quote
    • 60K Active Lead Credit
    • 300K Email Credit per Month
    • Up to 2 million Leads available

10 Smartlead Alternatives You Should Try in 2024

In this section, we’ll discuss 10 Smartlead alternatives along with their key features and pricing.

You can click on any of the Smartlead alternatives listed below to read more about them:

  1. Saleshandy
  2. Woodpecker
  3. Instantly
  4. Klenty
  5. Quickmail
  6. Lemlist
  8. GMass
  9. Mailshake
  10. Yesware

1. Saleshandy

G2: 4.7⭐/5 (500+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.5⭐/5 (100+ reviews)

Saleshandy is one of the top cold email software that can help you launch personalized and automated cold email campaigns at scale.

With Saleshandy, you can create customized cold email sequences that resonate with your prospects. This can help you stand out from the crowd and give you a better chance of booking more meetings.

Saleshandy is the best Smartlead alternative.

Additionally, Saleshandy offers advanced functionality like sender rotation, email ramp-up, Spintax, and more to improve deliverability and campaign success rates further.

Saleshandy also has an additional feature – Lead Finder, a B2B professional database that you can use to find prospects closely related to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). 

What’s more, you can directly add your prospects to a cold email sequence in Saleshandy and immediately start the outreach process.

All these put together make Saleshandy an All-In-One Solution for your cold outreach requirements.

With this tool, you can launch targeted cold email campaigns that can convert your prospects into leads and eventual paying customers.

Features in Saleshandy That Are Not Available in Smartlead

  1. B2B Lead Finder – Saleshandy’s Lead Finder allows you to find relevant prospects with validated emails and phone numbers from 700 million+ B2B contacts from over 60 million companies.

    It also has advanced filters to search by criteria such as company, job title, revenue, employee count, etc to help you find more qualified leads to contact.
  1. Agency Portal – Saleshandy’s Agency Portal is a separate solution enabling lead-gen agencies to control their clients’ outreach campaigns from one interface. You can add unlimited clients and launch cold email campaigns on behalf of your clients.

    This portal can be really helpful if you have a lead generation business.
Agency Portal of Saleshandy
  1. Email Setup Score – Similar to Sequence Score, the Email Setup Score will rate your email account configuration based on technical factors like SPF, DMARC, etc. This feature is practical to boost your domain reputation and maintain deliverability.
  1. Sequence Score – With Sequence Score, you can evaluate if your email sequences are optimized for optimum results. It scores your sequence based on a combination of three key elements – email account setup, sequence setup, and email writing.
Saleshandy Email Setup Score and Sequence Score.
  1. CRM Integrations – You can connect Saleshandy to your CRM platform like Zoho, HubSpot, or Pipedrive. Saleshandy has bi-directional native integrations with these platforms, which synchronizes data seamlessly between the tools.

    Additionally, Saleshandy now also supports more integrations through Zapier.
Bi-directional integrations in Saleshandy

Other Notable Features of Saleshandy

  1. Advanced Team Management — The Advanced Team Management feature allows you to create roles like owner, admin, manager, and member and assign them to your team members. This allows you to monitor performance from a single dashboard.

    This can be a very helpful feature if you are handling multiple team members who are working on different projects and or clients.
Advanced Team Management feature in Salehandy
  1. Out-of-Office Detection — The Out-of-Office Detection is an auto pause & resume feature that can automatically detect out-of-office (OOO) email responses from your prospects and pause sending emails to these prospects in all your active sequences.

    If the email contains a return date, this feature will find and resume your sequences automatically.
  1. Personalization Features – In Saleshandy you can personalize emails using merge tags that automatically insert the prospect’s name, company, and other details. This makes each email feel tailored and individualized.

    Personalized emails also have higher open and response rates than generic messages. Furthermore, you can use spintax to create unique variations of words and phrases to scale your efforts.
  1. Unified Inbox – The Unified Inbox collects all responses across your linked email accounts into one place. This simplifies tracking conversations without needing to constantly switch between different inboxes.
Unified Inbox feature of saleshandy
  1. Auto Follow-Up – You can easily schedule multiple follow-up emails in Saleshandy with prospects who may have missed your emails. This lets you stay in touch with prospects and engage with them to convert them into leads.
  2. Sender Rotation – The Sender Rotation feature can be really handy in helping you scale your outreach and maintain your deliverability of emails. In Saleshandy you can connect an unlimited number of email accounts.

    The platform will automatically rotate through the different email addresses to send your cold emails. This helps maintain the health of your email accounts and prevents them from being blocked or filtered as spam
  1. Email Ramp-Up — Saleshandy’s Email Ramp-Up feature helps to increase your email deliverability by strategically increasing the daily sending volume. This helps to reduce the risk of getting flagged as spam and builds a positive sender reputation.
  1. A-Z Testing – With the A/Z Testing feature, you can create and experiment with 26 different versions of any email element – subject lines, preheaders, email copy, etc. This allows you to rapidly test multiple ideas to perfect every aspect of your cold emails.
The A/Z testing feature of Saleshandy.

These are just a few of the many more available features available in Saleshandy.

To know more you can schedule a demo where our experts can show how Saleshandy can be the right tool for your use case.


Saleshandy’s pricing is divided into four parts:

  1. Cold Emailing
  • Outreach Starter – $25/Month
    • 2,000 Total Prospects
    • 10K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Pro – $74/Month
    • 30K Total Prospects
    • 125K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale – $149/Month
    • 60K Total Prospects
    • 250K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale Plus – $219/Month
    • 100K Total Prospects
    • 350K Emails per Month
  1. B2B Lead Finder
    (Only Email)
  • Lead Starter – $39/Month (1,000 Credits)
  • Lead Pro – $79/Month (2,500 Credits)
  • Lead Scale – $159/Month (5,000 Credits)
  • Lead Scale Plus – $249/Month (10,000 Credits)

    (Email + Phone Number)
  • Lead Starter – $66/Month (1,000 Credits)
  • Lead Pro – $144/Month (2,500 Credits)
  • Lead Scale – $269/Month (5,000 Credits)
  • Lead Scale Plus – $509/Month (10,000 Credits)

2. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is an automated email outreach software for B2B companies that you can use to connect with potential customers.

This Smartlead alternate tool allows you to easily create personalized email sequences and set up automated follow-up emails.

Woodpecker is another Smartlead Alternative

What’s more, Woodpecker also checks for invalid email addresses right before you start your cold email campaign. This significantly minimizes bounces and protects your email domain’s sender reputation.

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Key Features

  1. Email Automation: Woodpecker automates your entire cold outreach process including sending initial emails, follow-ups, and tracking results. This automation saves you substantial time so you can focus on building meaningful connections.
  2. Templates: You can create multiple templates in Woodpecker. This can make your outreach process much easier and faster.
  3. A/B Testing: You can test components such as subject lines through Woodpecker’s A/B testing. The platform also offers detailed analytics on your campaign performance.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Woodpecker supports integrations with major CRMs like Pipedrive and HubSpot, and even enables LinkedIn automation. This makes sure that your outreach efforts are comprehensive and coordinated across various platforms.
  5. Personalization at Scale: Woodpecker allows you to personalize your emails to make each one feel as if it’s been individually crafted for the recipient. This combined with automation makes your outreach efforts more effective and efficient.


Pricing starts at $25/Month

  • 500 prospects reached out per month
  • Store up to 2000 prospects

3. Instantly

Instantly is a Smartlead alternative, which is an end-to-end sales outreach platform that can help you with your cold email outreach.

You can connect unlimited email accounts and validate those addresses using its warmup feature to ensure they land in the primary inbox.

Instantly is a Smartlead competitor tool.

Instantly also provides a campaign analytics feature that can help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and refine them if needed.

Furthermore, Instantly also offers a B2B database that can help you find your ideal prospects.

In short, you can use Instantly to easily build targeted campaigns to reach out to your prospects with relevant messaging.

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Key Features

  1. Unlimited Email Accounts: Instantly allows you to connect an unlimited number of email accounts, enabling you to scale your email campaigns as your business grows. This feature ensures you can send thousands of emails daily without compromising your sender reputation
  2. Verification & Testing: Instantly lets you validate email addresses and assess domain configuration ensuring your messages reach intended recipients and reduce bounces, which maintains a good sender reputation.
  3. Personalized Campaigns: You can easily generate personalized, automated email campaigns to make your cold emails more engaging and relevant to prospects.
  4. Integration: Instantly’s integration capabilities through Zapier make it a flexible choice if you want to streamline your cold email outreach with other tools in your marketing stack​.


Sending & Warmup 

  • Growth: $30/Month
    • 1000 Active Leads
    • 5000 Emails Monthly
  • Hypergrowth: $77.6/Month
    • 25K Active Leads
    • 125K Emails Monthly
  • Light Speed: $286.3/Month
    • 500K Emails Monthly
    • 100K Uploaded Contacts


  • Growth Leads: $37.9/Month
  • Hyperleads: $169.3/Month

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4. Klenty

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps you reach out to prospects through multiple channels like email, calls, LinkedIn, and text.

You can set up sequences of cold emails that automatically follow up with your prospects based on their interactions, such as opens, clicks, or replies.

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This ensures that you’re continuously engaging potential leads at the right time, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

It’s especially useful for sales teams looking to streamline their engagement efforts and improve their outreach strategies.

Key Features

  1. Workflow Automation: You can simplify workflow automation through Klenty’s high-level integrations. Klenty supports seamless native integration for you with major CRMs like HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and more.
  2. Identify Buying Intent: Klenty can help you pinpoint which prospects have a higher likelihood of converting. This will help you create relevant workflows and execute appropriate actions to turn them into paying customers.
  3. Focused Analytics: With Klenty, you can analyze your top-performing workflows, prospect engagement levels, and more. These analytics will help you further optimize and improve your outreach efforts.
  4. Multi-channel Outreach: Klenty allows you to leverage various communication channels, including email, calls, LinkedIn, and text messages. This multi-channel approach allows you to reach out to your prospects through their preferred mediums, thereby increasing the chances of engagement​.
  5. Personalization: You can create highly personalized emails using conditions and variables that are similar to Saleshandy’s Merge Tag with Klenty. This ensures that each email feels relevant and tailored to the recipient, significantly improving response rates.


  • Startup – $50 per user/Month (billed annually)
  • Growth – $70 per user/Month (billed annually)
  • Pro – $100 per user/Month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise – Contact for a quote

5. Quickmail

Quickmail is a cold email outreach platform that helps you automate follow-ups and manage your email campaigns efficiently

With Quickmail, you can increase your email deliverability, ensuring your messages land in the primary inbox.

It’s especially useful for sales teams looking to automate and scale their email outreach efforts, making it easier to connect with prospects and streamline your communication process.

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Key Features

  1. Google Sheets Integration: You can automatically import prospects from your Google Sheets into QuickMail. Just authorize access to Google Drive once, and streamline importing. Any changes made in the sheet will automatically sync in QuickMail to save you time.
  2. Inbox Warm-up: QuickMail automates email warm-up at no cost so you can maximize resources. Their auto-warmer initiates email exchanges and tracks deliverability rates daily.
  3. Inbox Rotation: You can spread your campaign’s load across several inboxes, increasing your daily sending limit and improving email deliverability. This strategy also helps your emails avoid spam filters, making sure they land right in your prospects’ inboxes​
  4. Integration: You can Sync effortlessly with CRM tools like HubSpot and Pipedrive, and utilize integrations with other tools to streamline your workflows.
  5. Campaign Reports: You can gain insights into your email campaigns with detailed reports. Quickmail tracks which emails were opened and helps you fine-tune deliverability and scheduling for better performance. It even clues you in on why leads unsubscribe, allowing you to refine your approach


  • Basic Plan – $49/Month
    • 30k emails monthly
    • 10k active prospects
    • 5 email addresses
  • Pro Plan – $89/Month
    • 100k emails monthly
    • 50k active prospects
    • 20 email addresses
  • Expert Plan – $129/Month
    • 300k emails monthly
    • 100k active prospects
    • 50 email addresses

6. Lemlist

Lemlist is another Smartlead alternative that can help you create automated, engaging cold email campaigns.

Lemlist is a Smarlead alternative.

You can use Lemlist’s advanced personalization capabilities like customized snippets, and customizable fields to tailor messages for each recipient and craft a more impactful approach.

Additionally, Lemlist provides valuable analytics and reporting to track your cold email campaign performance. You can monitor open rates, click-through rates, reply rates, and more.

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You can then use these insights to optimize your outreach strategy to boost lead generation and improve the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Key Features

  1. Robust Lead Database: Lemlist provides access to an extensive database of over 450 million verified, up-to-date B2B contacts. You can leverage precise filters based on industry, role, company size, and more to pinpoint your ideal prospects.
  2. Multi-Channel Outreach: With Lemlist you can create automated cross-channel sequences, follow-ups, and even LinkedIn visits to engage prospects across multiple touchpoints.
  3. AI-Enhanced Copy: Lemlist’s AI assistant can help you generate compelling, personalized email copy tailored to your audience and goals.
  4. Email Warmup: Lemlist has its own warmup tool – lemwarm. This automatically warms up your connected emails to increase your email domain’s credibility and avoid deliverability issues.
  5. Email Finder: Similar to Saleshandy’s Lead Finder, Lemlist also has its own B2B database. With over 450 Million contacts and filters like company size, location, industry, etc, you can find your ideal prospect. 


  • Email Starter – $32 per user/Month/ 1 Sending Email
  • Email Pro – $55 per user/Month/ 3 Sending Email
  • Multichannel Expert – $79 per user/Month/ 5 Sending Email
  • Outreach Scale – $129 per user/Month/ 15 Sending Email


Reply is an AI-powered sales outreach tool to help you generate opportunities and scale your business.

You can build a targeted email list leveraging their database of over 140 million contacts and schedule calls directly on the platform. is a Smartlead alternative.

Additionally, the Chrome extension enables you to discover verified emails on professional networks like LinkedIn and Sales Navigator and seamlessly add them to your outreach sequences. also facilitates creating and automating omnichannel outreach across email, LinkedIn, calls, texts, and WhatsApp.

This omni-channel approach can improve engagement with prospects and streamline your workflows.

Key Features

  1. AI-Enabled Personalization:’s AI assistant can help you create dynamic email content and tailor responses based on prospect activity. This can help you boost response rates and enhance lead quality.
  2. Robust Analytics & Reporting: It offers you real-time visibility into campaign effectiveness, opens, clicks, replies, and conversion metrics. This level of insight helps you optimize your outreach strategies and boost performance.
  3. Integrated Email Verification: validates your prospect’s emails in real-time. This improves deliverability and reduces bounce.
  4. Integrations: seamlessly integrates with multiple tools in the market like Hunter, Lusha, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, etc.


  • Free – 0$
  • Starter – $49 per user/Month
  • Professional – $89 per user/Month
  • Ultimate – $139 per user/Month (min 3 seats)
  • Custom Agency Plan – Starts at $166/Month

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8. GMass

GMass is an email tool that integrates directly with Gmail, making it easy for you to send mass emails and conduct email campaigns right from your inbox.

GMass is another Smartlead competitor

It’s designed to be user-friendly, allowing for personalized email campaigns with features like mail merge from Google Sheets.

This makes it a go-to for anyone looking to streamline their email outreach without needing to learn a new software platform.

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Whether you’re sending out newsletters, promotional emails, or anything in between, GMass helps you do it efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

  1. Expanded Gmail Capacity: Gmass’s advanced technology enables you to send mass emails beyond Gmail’s limits. Their detailed email reporting provides analytics tracking opens, replies, bounces, and clicks. You can access reports on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  2. Automated Scheduling & Follow-Ups: You can schedule recurring emails (daily, cadences, etc) with automated follow-ups to improve response rates.
  3. Reply Management: This new capability organizes responses from your email campaigns to prevent inbox clutter. Replies are categorized so you don’t have to search through countless responses to identify promising leads.
  4. Personalization: With Gmass you can personalize your emails and make them more engaging and relevant to your prospects. This can increase your chances of getting a response and converting prospects into leads.
  5. Email Verifier: Gmass can check and verify your prospects’ emails before your scold emails are sent to them. This will help keep bounce rates to a minimum and maintain the sender reputation of your email accounts.


  • Standard – $225/Year
  • Premium – $325/Year
  • Professional – $525/Year

Gmass has a separate pricing structure for teams.

9. Mailshake

Mailshake is an email outreach service and sales enablement platform primarily integrated with Gmail and G Suite.

You can use this tool to efficiently schedule, track, and personalize email campaigns. It also seamlessly integrates with multiple CRM systems.


This connectivity allows you to closely track cold email activities, garnering valuable insights on ongoing campaigns.

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Mailshake is well-received by users for its intuitive, user-friendly interface. Even beginners in email or sales outreach can readily utilize this software without extensive guidance.

Key Features

  1. Automated Email Outreach: With Mailshake you can automate the entire email outreach process with personalized emails and follow-ups. Sending cadences can be tailored for individual recipients.
  2. Detailed Analytics: Mailshake helps you monitor open, click, and reply rates. This will give you insights into the performance of your campaigns and based on these insights you can optimize them to improve performance.
  3. Chrome Extension: Mailshake’s Chrome Extension brings powerful capabilities directly into your browser. You can discover prospects, make calls, and automate LinkedIn tasks without toggling between multiple apps.
  4. Dialer: With Mailshake you can also cold call your prospects. Mailshake’s Dialer helps you make VOIP calls to the US and Canada. You can also record phone calls to analyze and improve the performance of campaigns.
  5. Data Finder: This feature of Mailshake can help you find prospects to reach out to with your cold emails. You can use Mailshake’s 3 filters, title, company, and location to find your ideal prospects.


  • Email Outreach – $44 per user /Month
  • Sales Engagement – $75 per user /Month

10. Yesware

Yesware is an add-on for Gmail and Outlook functioning as an all-in-one sales toolkit.

It enables you to create and manage professional emails to connect with new leads and contacts, expanding your pipeline and boosting sales.


Yesware provides capabilities including email tracking, customizable templates, CRM integration, data enrichment, meeting scheduling, and automated campaigns.

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Furthermore, Yesware is conveniently accessible as an Outlook add-in and Chrome extension, integrating directly into your system for seamless access and usage from anywhere.

Key Features

  1. Email Tracking: Yesware equips you with email tracking to reveal who opened your emails, frequency, and links clicked – generating valuable insights to refine your outreach.
  2. Customizable Templates & Campaigns: You can readily create professional templates to save time along with sending tailored bulk emails for your outreach or drip campaigns.
  3. Detailed Analytics: Yesware provides you with comprehensive reports on email engagement, campaign performance, and sales activity. This intelligence assists you in optimizing your communication approaches.
  4. Meeting Scheduler: You can easily schedule meetings in Yesware as it integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar.
  5. Integrations: Yesware seamlessly integrates with multiple tools like Zoom, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Docsend, Teams, and more. 


  • Free Forever: $0/Month
  • Pro: $15/Month
  • Premium: $35/Month
  • Enterprise: $65/Month
  • Custom Plan: Customized pricing plan

Ready To Choose The Best Smartlead Alternative?

You’re just a few steps away from choosing the right cold email outreach tool for your needs. In this blog, you’ve seen 20 Smartlead alternative tools that can help you start and scale your cold email outreach.

Among the Smartlead alternatives you have seen, Saleshandy would be a better-suited product for your needs.

It can scale your outreach efficiently and cost-effectively, with its user-friendly interface, unique features, seamless bi-directional integrations, and more.

You can sign up for free and discover for yourself why it’s the best Smartlead alternative for your needs. 

We hope this post helped you find the right Smartlead alternative for your cold email outreach.


1. What are some limitations of Smartlead?

One of the limitations that you may face as a user of Smartlead is that it is costlier than other tools in the market. It also does not have a dedicated agency portal and you’ll have to pay an additional fee for every new client you onboard. This can be a very huge drawback if you have a lead generation agency business.

2. Which is the best Smartlead Alternative in the market?

Saleshandy is the best Smartlead alternative in the market. It is more reasonably priced and offers more features and value compared to Smartlead. Saleshandy also has a dedicated agency portal and B2B database that are not available in Smartlead. This can be a great bonus if you have a lead generation agency business.

3. Does Smartlead have a free version?

Smartlead does not have a free version, but it does offer a 14-day free trial.

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