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10 Best Quickmail Alternatives 2024

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Finding cold emailing software that centralizes all your needs on one platform can require a lot of trial and error. You have come to the right place if you are searching for a Quickmail alternative. 

While Quickmail is an excellent cold emailing solution, it may not have important email deliverability features that prompt successful cold outreach results. This blog lists the best Quickmail alternatives, with features, pricing, and reviews. This list will make selecting the option that best fits your business goals easier.

10+ Best Quickmail Alternatives

  1. Saleshandy
  2. Woodpecker
  3. Smartlead
  4. Instantly
  5. Lemlist
  7. Mixmax
  9. Yesware

1. Saleshandy

  • G2: 4.6⭐/5 based on 500+ reviews
  • Capterra: 4.5⭐/5 based on 120 reviews
Saleshandy - Best Quickmail Alternative

Saleshandy is an all-in-one cold emailing platform that offers many features to support your cold emailing campaign success. With Saleshandy, you can seamlessly automate cold email campaigns, prioritize personalization, drive reply rates, and seek the success you desire through outbound lead generation

Let’s dive deep into the features that only this tool offers to understand what makes Saleshandy unique and a better alternative to Quickmail. 

How Does Saleshandy Prioritize Email Deliverability? 

QuickMail has been a popular cold emailing platform, helping users reach big audiences for over a decade. The tool works with major ESPs, including Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

However, compared to other cold emailing software, Quickmail lacks deliverability features that play an important role in high-yielding cold email campaigns.

Sender Rotation

Sender rotation in Saleshandy lets you connect multiple email accounts to your cold email sequences. It auto-rotates your email-sending accounts so you can send more emails without ESP marking any of your accounts as spam. This distribution across multiple real accounts bypasses Gmail’s limits per account, mimicking a human-like email flow without bulk-sending signals.

sender rotation

Sequence Score

Before launching a cold email campaign, check your Sequence Score for a comprehensive health check. This tool analyses your setup across key factors like Email account setup, Sequence setup, and Email writing. It provides an overall score while flagging potential deliverability risks, your cold email copy risk, and sequence setup risks to address before sending to help you send a successful campaign.

Sequence Score in Saleshandy

In-built Email Verification System 

email verification in saleshandy

Saleshandy offers an in-built email verification system. When a user uploads a prospect list, the emails are automatically verified. If an email is not verified, Saleshandy informs the user and advises against using that particular email address. QuickMail does offer an email verification system; however, users are required to purchase additional credits to verify any emails on their list.

Features For Successful Cold Emailing 

Automated Follow-Ups 

Cold Email Sequence

Send automatic follow-ups with Saleshandy and never miss approaching any prospect. Create multistage sequences with A-Z variants for an all-encompassing follow-up cycle. Multiple follow-ups also increase the chances of replies, as they repeatedly remind of the email.

Merge Tags 

merge tags

With the help of merge tags, you can mass-personalize your emails. Manually typing out personalized emails will take you days! When you insert merge tags into your content or subject line (merge tag examples, {{first name}}, {{city}}, {{pain point #1}}, {{job title}}), you ensure each email has a personalizing element driving open, reply and conversion rates.


Spintax in Saleshandy

Spintax generates different versions of words, sentences, or phrases. You can use this in your greetings, introduction, content paragraphs, and sign-off phrases to make your emails more unique and decrease their similarity. ESPs often flag identical emails as spam.

Unified Inbox

Saleshandy Unified Inbox

Manage all your cold email replies and outreach in one unified inbox; no more juggling between accounts. This centralized inbox streamlines your workflow by consolidating new replies and tracking engagement across all inboxes. You can also set prospect outcomes and categorize your prospects based on the replies you receive.


Saleshandy Integrations

Saleshandy provides native integrations with Salesforce, Zapier, Pipedrive, and Zoho, making lead management effortless. With Saleshandy integration, you can automate lead sync and update data in real-time without manual effort.

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  • Outreach Starter – $25/Month
    • 2,000 Total Prospects
    • 10K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Pro – $74/Month
    • 30K Total Prospects
    • 125K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale – $149/Month
    • 60K Total Prospects
    • 250K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale Plus – $219/Month
    • 100K Total Prospects
    • 350K Emails per Month

2. Woodpecker

  • G2 4.4⭐/5 based on 38 reviews
  • Capterra 4.6⭐/5 based on 30 reviews

Woodpecker is a cold emailing software that helps businesses automate and optimize their outreach campaigns. It is specifically designed for cold emailing, and its features are focused on helping users create and send personalized, high-volume email campaigns.


  • Automated follow-ups
  • Inbox Rotation
  • A/B Tests
  • Condition-based campaigns
  • AI email assistant
  • Inbox warm-up 
  • Email list verification 
  • Deliverability monitor 


Price is determined by the number of prospects you select.

  • $29 per month for 500 prospects
  • $49 per month for 1000 prospects
  • $67 per month for 2000 prospects
  • $84 per month for 3000 prospects, and so on

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3. Smartlead

  • G2: 4.8⭐/5 based on 70+ reviews
  • Capterra: 4.7⭐/5 based on 3 reviews

Looking at its capacity for sending cold emails, Smartlead could be a strong Quickmail alternative. It offers unlimited mailboxes, unlimited warmups, and multi-channel reach-out capabilities, which makes cold outreach super easy and smooth. It also provides a unibox, where you can see all your outreach responses in one inbox despite using multiple email addresses.


  • Unified master inbox, which centralizes all responses from multiple email accounts.
  • Advance personalization lets you personalize your cold outreach sequences.
  • Auto follow-up feature sends automatic followups to prospects who haven’t responded to your emails
  • It offers integrations with Slack, Gmail, Zapier, Zoho Mail, and Outlook, making your outreach faster and easier.
  • The email warmup feature lets you warm up your email accounts before sending many emails.


  • Basic plan: $34 / month (billed annually)
  • Popular plan: $66 / month (billed annually)
  • Pro plan: $79 / month (billed annually)

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  • G2: 4.9⭐/5 based on 2200+ reviews
  • Capterra: N/A
Instantly is a smart alternative to Quickmail that automates your lead generation efforts by sending automatic email sequences. It also provides B2B data-finding capabilities, email warmup facilities, and other features that make a strong alternative to Quickmail.


  • Automatic advance email sequences send hyper-personalized cold emails.
  • AI prompts make it easier for you to write email sequences.
  • Inbox rotation keeps rotating the email-sending accounts, resulting in improved email deliverability.
  • Email bounce detection helps improve email deliverability
  • A/B testing lets you test multiple email variants and enables you to choose the best.
  • AI-driven analytics provides you with detailed insights into your campaign.


  • Growth plan: $30 per month (billed annually)
  • Hypergrowth plan: $77.6 per month (billed annually)
  • Light Speed: $286.3 per month (billed annually)

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5. Lemlist

  • G2: 4.2⭐/5 based on 114 reviews
  • Capterra: 4.6⭐/5 based on 351 reviews

Lemlist is a cold emailing software that helps users start conversations with prospects. It allows you to personalize and customize your email sequences. It also offers an auto email warm-up tool called lemwarm to prevent your emails from landing in the spam folder. Lemlist helps automate the process of sending personalized, high-volume email campaigns.


  • Email personalization 
  • Lemwarm (inbox warm-up) 
  • Create tailor-made unique email sequences 
  • Multichannel sequences 
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Email tracking 
  • CRM integration 
  • Advanced segmentation (for leads)


  • Email Starter $39 per user/month 
  • Email Pro: $59 per user/month
  • Multichannel Expert: $99 per user/month
  • Outreach Scale: $159 per user/month
  • 14-day free trial

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  • G2 4.6⭐/5 based on 996 reviews
  • Capterra 4.6⭐/5 based on 96 reviews is an all-in-one sales engagement platform with prominent features such as email automation, lead generation, and personalization tools. The tool aims to help businesses streamline and automate repetitive tasks and follow up with leads and customers effectively and timely. 


  • Email warm-up 
  • Email automation 
  • Lead generation 
  • Personalization 
  • Sales management 
  • Meeting booking 
  • Linkedin Automation 
  • Email assistant 

Pricing has varying prices for different functions – Sales engagement, email search, and email warm-up. The prices listed below are for the sales engagement function that includes email automation. 

  • Starter $49 per month/user
  • Professional $89 per month/user
  • Ultimate $139 per month/user

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7. Mixmax

  • G2 4.6⭐/5 based on 1,155 reviews
  • Capterra 4.5⭐/5 based on 184 reviews

Mixmax is a sales engagement and prospecting platform for Gmail users that helps businesses and individuals streamline and optimize their email communication. It offers a variety of features to help users manage their email more effectively, such as email tracking, scheduling, and template creation.


  • Email tracking
  • Email scheduling 
  • Email automation 
  • Polls & surveys 
  • Meeting scheduling 
  • CRM integrations 


  • Free plan available 
  • SMB $29 per user/month 
  • Growth $49 per user/month 
  • Growth + CRM $69 per user/month 
  • Enterprise – custom pricing 
  • Free trial available


  • G2 4.4⭐/5 based on 469 reviews
  • Capterra 4.6⭐/5 based on 561 reviews is a cloud-based solution that works as an email verification (and finder) and cold emailing platform. The cold emailing functionality in particular operates as a plugin for your Gmail and Outlook inboxes. 


  • Personalization 
  • Email tracking 
  • Email scheduling 
  • Custom attributes (merge tags)
  • Preloaded Templates 
  • Multiple inboxes allowed for one account 


  • Starter $49 per month
  • Growth $149 per month
  • Business $499 per month

9. Yesware

  • G2: 4.4⭐/5 based on 800 reviews
  • Capterra: 4.3⭐/5 based on 174 reviews

Yesware is a comprehensive sales productivity platform that helps sales teams track and manage their email communication with leads and customers. It is designed to help streamline their outreach efforts, track email interactions, and gain valuable insights to optimize their sales strategies.

The platform also comes with email tracking, template response, and CRM syncing service. The best part about Yesware is that it integrates seamlessly with popular email clients like Gmail and Outlook, offering a user-friendly interface and a range of capabilities to support sales teams throughout their entire sales cycle.


  • Email tracking
  • Automated workflows
  • Attachment tracking
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Email templates
  • Prospecting tool
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Integrations


  • Pro: $15 per user/month (billed annually)
  • Premium: $35 per user/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $65 per user/month (billed annually)

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  • G2 4.8⭐/5 based on 25 reviews
  • Capterra 4.8⭐/5 based on 23 reviews is an email outreach platform that allows users to automate and personalize their emails from their inboxes to fetch higher conversion rates. Beyond emails, it also offers SMSes and web push notifications. 


  • Email automation 
  • Email personalization 
  • Email deliverability 
  • Email validation 
  • Prospect management 
  • Team collaboration
  • Detailed analytics 
  • API & Integrations 


  • Starter plan $29 per month 
  • Professional plan $59 per month
  • Expert plan $99 per month
  • 14-day free trial


When choosing a Quickmail alternative, you must choose a cold emailing platform that prioritizes email deliverability. Without effective deliverability, nearly all your email campaigns will fail. Most of all, choose cold email software that also aligns with your business goals and of course budget.

Happy cold emailing!

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