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Top 4 Yesware Alternatives To Boost Your Productivity in 20207 minutes read

If you are looking for a yesware alternative that offers similar functionalities (cheaper than Yesware) or wants to switch to other email productivity tool for (Gmail & Outlook), you are at the right place.

List of top Yesware Alternatives


Yesware Alternative - SalesHandy

SalesHandy’s email tracking feature is completely free so if you only want to track emails in Gmail(with desktop notifications), you don’t have to pay us, saves your $12 per month!

SalesHandy provides email productivity features similar to Yesware at a very cost-effective price as compared to Yesware pricing. Below are the features of SalesHandy:

  • Email tracking & Instant desktop notification (Gmail & Outlook)
  • Mail merge to send personalized mass emails (In-app)
  • Automated follow-ups with mail merge (In-app)
  • Email scheduling (Gmail & Outlook)
  • Team templates (Gmail & Outlook)
  • Bcc to CRM (Gmail & Outlook)
  • SMTP settings
  • Integrations: Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce via Zapier webhook, CRM
  • Team email performance report, Template success rate, Mail merge reports and Stagewise report of automated follow-ups.

Why are we providing this comparison?

We have noticed that many Yesware users are seeking for a good alternative due to Yesware’s pricing (No free plan available) and Poor support.

Why is SalesHandy the best Yesware alternative?


Pricing Comparison of Yesware and SalesHandy. Yesware doesn’t allow monthly billing option in their team and enterprise plan where SalesHandy grants you with monthly billing option in every plan. See SalesHandy’s pricing plans to compare with Yesware pricing.

yesware alternative

SalesHandy works with Gmail and G Suite

Unlike Yesware, SalesHandy doesn’t restrict while creating an account if your email address is SalesHandy is compatible with both Gmail and G Suite (e.g. at no additional cost.


Many Yesware users aren’t happy with their support. But we at SalesHandy promise to answer user’s queries and problems within 0-3 hours. You can contact us anytime via phone, chat support or email. Our customer support has been rated as the best in the market even when compared to other Yesware alternatives (services similar to Yesware) like ToutApp, Gmelius, Bananatag, Woodpecker, MixMax, Gmass, Cirrus Insight, etc. See our user’s review on GetApp.

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This is what our users say:

Yesware vs SalesHandy (Yesware alternative)

Email Tracking

Initially, yesware provided email tracking services for free. Since there are no such free tools available now, we at SalesHandy decided to offer it for free. You don’t need to pay if your only need is email tracking, Saves $12/month, Yay 😃 

The detailed comparison between Yesware and SalesHandy (A Free Alternative to Yesware) Below.

saleshandy tracking features comparison

Email Templates

SalesHandy allows you to create custom templates, the same as yesware. It helps users save time while sending general emails frequently. Also, you can share your personal templates with your team with just one click. All team members can access these shared team templates directly from their Gmail or Outlook. SalesHandy provides the success rate of each template based on its usage by every team member. Besides, one can assign one key shortcuts for these templates and save plenty amount of time.

Email Campaign with Mail Merge

SalesHandy provides Mail Merge feature to send personalized emails to multiple recipients (Enterprise plan user can send 5000 emails per day and CSV contact limit in a file is 5000 contact) from Gmail. Also, Non-Gmail users can send an email campaign from any other email account (e.g. Outlook, Hotmail) by setting up SMTP with SalesHandy (other yesware alternatives don’t provide SMTP service). Also, SalesHandy provides a detailed campaign report with email tracking and link tracking metrics.

Integration & Misc

SalesHandy provides integration with Gmail, Outlook to track your emails for Free. CRM integration is available in an individual plan to record all of your outgoing emails from Gmail & Outlook. In Enterprise Tier, you can automatically send your email activity to your CRM via Zapier using Zapier Integration .

Ready to join ?
Save your money and increase your email productivity with SalesHandy.


Yesware Alternative Gmelius

Other than being price effective, Gmelius provides features similar to Yesware. Additionally, you can manage shared inboxes such as support@ or sales@ with the 20$/month plan. These little extra features help you achieve a productive day when used properly. Also, it becomes easy to manage and keep a track on your team’s combined efforts with shared inboxes.


Docsify email tracking tool for gmail

Docsify is another email productivity and automation tool that helps you achieve your sales and email marketing goals. It is priced at 12$//month and provides individual email tracking while you send an email to multiple recipients. This feature helps you make sure that you put effort into the individual leads that are really important to you.

Yesware alternative

Mailtag is a tool that is more sales-oriented. So if you are in the sales department and looking for a Yesware alternative, you can give it a try. It is priced at $25/month and helps you track emails, automate follow-ups and schedule emails. It tracks your emails in real-time, so you can get a live notification whenever one of your recipients opens your email.

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