Top 9 Facebook Ad Manager Tools in 2018

Facebook Ad Manager Tools are tricky. Facebook has changed and is still changing its algorithms from time to time, making simple post publishing for small or large businesses alike harder and harder from day to day.

Yet, we can still consider Facebook advertising as one of the most efficient ways of promoting your business or product online today. With a large number of diverse users, constantly searching for stuff online and sharing the things that they like, using a good Facebook ad manager tool is key to gathering as many leads and turning as many users into your next clients or collaborators.


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3 Stage Proven Recruitment Strategy to Boost Results

What is the most preferred mode of communication for professionals? Emails!

86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. A major reason why a majority of Recruiters opt for emails to communicate with potential candidates.

Conducting a recruitment email outreach campaign is an effective recruitment strategy but there are certain facets that need to be taken care of to ensure results, especially if you are sending out a few hundred emails to potential candidates. Your campaign needs to be personalized, to the point and automated to ensure maximum productivity. Hence you would require a few management tools to be most successful. In this blog, we will guide you on how to execute and make the most of this recruitment strategy. (more…)

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sales follow-up emails

10 Sales Follow-Up Emails That Will Boost Your Leads by 90% (Updated)

Writing successful Sales Follow-up emails is tougher than you think! You know pretty well that first email has been ignored. So, you already feel like you just sliced open an avocado only to be faced with the ultimate betrayal.

You are already in a defensive position.

But, what you may not know is that many sales people face these kind of challenges all the time. Unfortunately, 70% of sales emails stop after the first attempt.

But, why are many sales people giving up so quickly? Most of the times, it has to do with the fact that writing these mission critical emails isn’t as easy. Besides, toeing the lines between persistence and pushiness is tough. And, many email marketers and salespeople find themselves on the extreme ends of the divide. (more…)

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20 Best Subject Lines for Cold Emails that are a Sure Hit in 2018


Writing the best email subject line is tricky! Ever find yourself writing emails to clients or investors, to possible business partners or, why not, to the pretty girl you met at that party, but never getting an answer back from any of them? If you’re trying to make things flow and are in need of a good start for cold email for job examples or any other domains, we’ve got your back!


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