Outlook delay delivery

How to Overcome Outlook’s Delay Delivery Horror with SalesHandy

Have you ever faced spine-tingling experience with Outlook because of outlook delay delivery not working?

You have spent the whole day crafting stellar emails for your campaign. Then you open your Outlook and schedule when they need to be delivered. After checking your email reports after a week of hard work, you don’t see any activity.

Looks like Outlook deliberately decided to betray your trust? Like many other disgruntled Outlookers, you must be wondering why on earth would such a popular email client have to be opened to send a delayed message. That’s when you wish you would travel back in time and furiously hit that Send button.

Fortunately, there is more a convenient workaround for the “Delay delivery with outlook closed” problem. But before we get there, let’s take a look at Outlook Delay Delivery feature.


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Improve your sales process

Improving Your Sales Process: How To Hit The Bull’s Eye?

Sales are what drive a business. If you are not managing very well in this department in the long term, it’s time to focus almost solely on sales or prepare for an eventual fading out. In the case of declining, low, or nonexistent sales, a mediocre and ineffective sales process is one of the most common culprits.

This is not to say that your sales process was bad. However, it does mean that it may simply not applicable anymore. The market changes with the times, as do the needs and wants of your consumer base. When you know you have a viable product and there is demand for it, along with the experience and connections, see if your sales process is viable.

Below are a few ways to assess and improve your current sales process. The key here is to not panic, but fix the problems one by one. Start off by reading below and then seeing if your sales process can do with the following improvements:


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How we Earned 100+ Dofollow Quality Backlinks in a Month using SalesHandy

With every business, every industry going digital we all know how important it is to make a digital presence of the company/business. Everyone turns to Google. Be it personal questions, travel queries or even the smallest things like “How to open a can.” And with Google’s newly launched “near me” boolean which help refines searches and gives you the location of businesses in vicinity based on the query you asked. And with Google getting smarter, every business/company has to cope up with it. And the same rule applied to us too.

We had to keep up with Google’s changing algorithms and SEO requirements. And to do so, we set out on a voyage to gain as many backlinks as we can because the one thing that hasn’t changed with Google’s algorithms is the importance of backlinks. But we made sure that they were dofollow backlinks and the legit ones.

Here’s our journey to how we scored 100+ dofollow backlinks under a month in the form of infographics because we know our audience loves those. And we did all of this with some tools like Ahrefs, Hunter.io and SalesHandy’s Mail Merge Campaign feature. Without further ado, here you guys go:


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Send mass emails without showing addresses

How to Send Mass Emails From Gmail without Showing Addresses

You are a very hardworking person!

You’ve burned thousands of hours on end and probably splashed over $10,000 developing your new product. Packaged with all the great features, you believe it will blow your prospective customers away. And you can’t wait to fire your first product launch email.

But before sending in launch emails, everybody asks the same question which is “how to send mass emails from Gmail with showing email addresses.” But everybody is different and their questions about the same query vary too. They might ask: “how do you hide email addresses when sending to a group?” or “how do you send an email to undisclosed recipients?” or even “how to hide email addresses when sending to multiple recipients in Gmail.” All of these questions have a single answer only which you will find out in a minute.

Your success, however, depends largely on the kind of first impressions you will make.

In this era of tech where it is possible to send emails that magically know the weather, nobody wants to receive an email that looks like it was sent to a thousand of other recipients. Those sleazy emails don’t build trust, and won’t even get you a reply.

So how can you send personalized emails through Gmail that doesn’t sound like regurgitated hog-sh*t?

Your answer lies with Gmail Mass Email! And that too with gmail undisclosed recipients.


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Email Signature

10 Tips To Create An Impressive Email Signature

Published On August 3, 2016 | Last Updated On November 09, 2017

Be it professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, salespeople, CEO’s or a student representative; everyone has to make a first impression. Email signature helps you build up to that first idea. When your recipient is closing your email, the signature enables you to create a strong professional and long-lasting image.

Now, knowing the importance of your email signature, it is important to understand how to build it up. On one hand the signature should include all the necessary information, but on the other hand, you need to remember that it is a signature and not your biography. Hence, it should not be too bulky.


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cold emailing

The Cold Emailing Funnel Like You’ve Never Seen Before

I think processes and checklists are not spoken about much in the Marketing world. They don’t get a lot of attention. A lot of strategies are mentioned and hacks are thrown out, but what is the process to get that hack done? Nobody talks about that.

Cold Outreach has been spoken about widely. Don’t use templates, personalize the email are some of the top advice that gets hurled around. With one google search, you’ll be able to figure out top outreach tips like the ones I’ve mentioned. But what about the execution?.

What tools do I use to create, execute and track these emails? What tools do I use to close business and bring revenue to my company?.

If you want to get down and dirty, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to execute alongside us, this is as practical as it can get.


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Gmail Attachment Limit

Gmail Attachment Limit: How to Send Large File Attachments through Gmail

You already have zipped a folder containing a large chunk of data – could be 100MB of pictures, 60MB of presentations or 1 GB of quick video tutorial – ready for sending through Gmail?

What happens when you fire the email? Clearly not anything close to “Your email was successfully delivered to contact name so and so.”

It’s quite sickening that even at this age of technological advancement, popular email clients like Gmail still refuse to accept attachments to the north of 25MB because of Gmail attachment limit.

And it gets worse if you don’t really know whether your email was opened (or not) after putting up a lot of effort to sending it.


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marketing automation

10 Best Marketing Automation Tools For Startups

When you are starting a business, you have so many responsibilities that it’s easy to feel torn apart.

Financing, marketing, customer communication, business operation, and other tasks are hard to manage without assistance.

Most startups don’t have the resources to hire separate teams of specialists for every one of the above tasks.

That’s when the marketing automation tools come into play. You can substantially simplify the marketing part of your startup by using these little helpers.


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gmail extensions for 2018

Top Gmail Extensions to Boost Your Productivity in 2018

Gmail has well over one billion active monthly users, which puts it well ahead of any competitors when it comes to email providers. Emails are still the most important way of business communication, but also a channel from which many private users get the updates they need. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the emails, since they tend to pile up, especially since Google switched to new Gmail years ago. By using extensions for your Gmail you can significantly boost your productivity and this article will show you just how.


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startup through blogging

7 Insights on Launching a Successful Product Startup Through Blogging

In 2017, launching a startup through blogging is the terrific and best way to get traction. That’s a fact. 81% of US consumers trust the information and the advice coming from blogs. Moreover, in order to make it big with your product, you’re ought to capture the search engine’s attention. Google loves content, therefore, if your website features a blog, you will be greatly rewarded in rankings.

However, the fact that most startups tend to fail makes everyone wonder. How come? How come some entrepreneurs manage to become viral with their products while others can barely make a few sales? Well, if you’re one of those who still “wonder”, please pay attention:

Your startup success is directly proportional with more factors:


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