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How Do You Politely Remind Someone To Reply to Your Email?

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Do you know how crucial it is to send a reminder email when you want your recipient to take action, AKA reply?

It’s as important as sending the first email. 

But, it’s hard to get a response to your first email as an average business professional receives 96 emails in a day. Responding on the same day or immediately after an outreach is challenging for any business/professional.

 Nonetheless, it’s not impossible. Sending a gentle reminder email will do the trick for you to get a quicker response.

The question arises — how do you politely remind someone to reply?

A gentle reminder email framed professionally has enormous benefits. In contrast, an unprofessional and rude email may ruin the game.

A polite reminder message can help you build a robust and long-lasting relationship with your prospects and leads. This will eventually help you to take things forward quickly and strategically win the long game.

Learning the proper emailing etiquette and gentle replying techniques is essential for everyone. This article will guide you to write a gentle reminder email and increase the response rate.

How do you politely remind someone to reply your email?

While you are sending a reminder email to get a quick reply, you need to be concerned about the time a recipient spends reading your email. You have to follow basic email etiquettes that will help you write a perfect reminder email to boost your email response rate. We have added some reminder email templates in each pointer in this article to make things easy for you.
Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Reply in the same email thread.

As mentioned above, your recipient gets a huge number of emails every day. Creating a new follow-up email thread will increase his email count, and it’s most likely to be ignored. If you send your replies in the same thread, it makes it easier for your recipient to access the previous email. This ultimately helps you to get a quick response to your emails and yield high productivity. 

Replying to the same email thread keeps your conversations smooth. You can easily refer to the previous thread and get the complete context in the same thread email. This saves your time & avoids the chances of missing anything important, primarily when your business relies on email.

Re: Better Alternative For Your Sales Engagement needs

Hey Scott,

Greetings from Saleshandy!

I am just following up to check if you got some time to look at my previous email.

We at Saleshandy have market expertise in lead nurturing and are well known for helping many top players, including Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon.

If you are confused with our solution, I can help you with customer success demo and also arrange a free trial for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Rajendra Roul 


Hi Scott,

I just came to know about your achievement at SalesReach 2.0. Kudos!

Your address about lead nurturing was quite appealing. In between, you described the problem you're facing with BriskSales. We also have a similar tool that can solve your problem with the sales engagement feature.

If you are willing to learn more about our product, allow me 10 minutes from your schedule. I will show you how you can solve your problem with a practical demonstration.

You can schedule a call with me by clicking here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Rajendra Roul
Sales Account Executive | Saleshandy

As per the above example, Scott received the reminder email in the same thread. This helped Scott get a direct reference from the previous email, which saved his time. The sender also continued the story from the last mail. Also, the sender added more value to the email by providing a free trial and a product demo. This will make Scott feel the importance of the email as it provides some value to him and he will respond back to the sender.

Along with being polite, the key here is to add more value to your reminder emails.

2. Keep the message simple with a greeting

Short and straightforward messages are easier to read. Adding crisp & sweet words makes the email appealing. It keeps your recipient interested to read your messages and take the desired action.
Also adding a greeting with your email makes it legit and authentic. 

You should always personalize the email to make it feel dedicated to the particular person. Usually, senders automate their emails which lacks personalization. When a recipient opens an un-personalized email, he finds it to be another junk email and skips it. Sending highly personalized messages keeps your recipient engaged and increases your email response rate.

It is recommended to use a tool like Saleshandy to send higly personalized emails at scale.

Saleshandy empowers you to schedule automated personalized follow-up reminders with the primary email to make your job seamless. The follow-up reminder messages get triggered based on your recipient’s behavior and your selected conditions. You can choose to send your reminder emails based on the following conditions —  email not replied,  not opened, and regardless of all.

Reminder regarding support ticket #34666

Hey Amy,

Greeting from Saleshandy!

I hope everything is going well on your side.

I believe you must be super busy, yet I am just following you to check if you got a chance to look for the solution I asked for in the previous email. You can check the support ticket #345666 for reference.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Rajendra Roul

The above example is a reminder email to Amy. Amy is a customer support executive who has not replied to a particular support ticket. The customer has sent a short and simple reminder email to get a response on the current status. He started the email with a greeting and empathy. In the subject line, the customer has mentioned it’s a reminder email with the ticket number. This makes the job easy for the support executive — as a result, Amy will be more prompt to resolve the problem quicker.

3. Use polite words and cover all pointers of your message

Using polite words signifies how concerned you are towards the time your reader is investing in your email. Your words decide how your recipient will take action on your email. Drafting a rude and unprofessional email will move your emails towards the bin or in the worst case SPAM you.

The next essential thing about your reminder email is to clearly state the purpose of your email. Although it is all about making your recipient reply to your primary email, adding hints and descriptions in the reminder will help you. It can eliminate the long conversation and drive action in a time period.

You can also add some emotions to your email to improve readability. Also adding rich text at important points like dates and times will create a focus for the recipient.

James, Saleshandy Free Trial Reminder

Hi James,

Greetings from Saleshandy!

I hope this email reaches you well.

I am just sending you a friendly reminder that your 14 day free trial expires today. I hope you had a productive period with Saleshandy. 

In case you didn't get a chance to use it in you busy schedule, I can help you in rearranging another 7 days free trial.

Looking forward to hear from you.


The above image is one of the best examples of a polite reminder email sample. James had Saleshandy’s a free trial and it’s going to expire soon. However, the sender is not sure if he has used it or not. To follow up with James, the sender has sent a message in a polite way to remind them to reply to the email. He started by asking about his experience with Saleshandy and then suggested a trial extension if he has not used it yet.

You can also use Saleshandy Real-time Email Writing Assistance to write better cold emails that get good deliverability, we have introduced email writing assistance that will guide users to write deliverability-oriented cold emails.

real time email writing assistance

This assistance will include four real-time suggestions that will update as you enter the email in the editor. Through this, you can ensure your email is professional and polite.

4. Use an email tracking Reports to check the interest level

It is important to gauge the recipient’s behavior towards your email to make the most out of your emails. Sometimes you might send too many reminder emails and don’t get any response. That might be due to a lack of interest or to the unavailability of your recipient. You can track your recipient activity with an email tracking tool that empowers you to take action as per your recipient’s behavior. 

outreach reports

If you send an email with email tracking software, you can analyze the behavior of your recipient towards your email. You can gauge the engagement level by checking when and how often your recipient has opened your emails, clicked your links. With the information, you can take data-driven action and plan your reminder messages accordingly.

5. Create an action-driven email

Every email is sent with a distinct goal and so is every reminder email too. Marketers send emails to make subscribers a lead, Sales professionals use it to convert leads into customers, recruiters to get qualified candidates, and bloggers for getting more readers. However, if you don’t create an actionable hook in your email, the communication becomes ineffective.

Add a call to action that can help your recipient take the desired action. While sending a reminder to someone to reply to your email, a question will pop up in your mind — how to get someone to respond to your email. To do so, you must add a clear actionable message in your email with an eagerness to hear back. The more specific you are with your Call to action, the better your response rate will be.

Revise Payment For Saleshandy Account

Hi Smith,

I checked that you were trying to make a payment of Saleshandy subscription worth US$ 84. However, due to some technical difficulties, the payment was not processed.

If there are any deductions from your account, it will get back to you within 3 working days.

We have kept your Saleshandy account active and you can retry for the payment process. You can also try our alternative payment methods from here.

If you are facing any problems with your transaction, feel free to reply to this email.


Adding an action-driven ending in the email by adding a CTA is the best way to get conversions. The above example is of a reminder email to a customer whose payment got failed. The sender helped him with alternate payment options and also asked for any type of assistance if he requires it. This will make the customer feel satisfied with the service quality and take the necessary actions. 

End of the day you want a satisfied customer smiling and replying to your email, isn’t it? 

6. Use proper formatting and grammar

Proper formatting gives a beautiful look to your emails and enhances the quality. When you are sending a professional email reminder, your email creates an image in your recipient’s mind. You need to create it as beautifully as you can. Make a practice of rechecking your email draft and maintaining a generic emailing format before hitting the send button. To avoid silly grammatical errors, you can use free tools like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor

More than anything else, It is very essential to make proper word choices before sending your email. You should never hurt anyone’s personal feelings through your emails. Doing so is considered improper email practice and is not advisable.

choose proper word while sending email

The above email is an example of a bad emailing practice. David was expecting a reply from James, but it didn’t go as expected. Now David has planned to send a reminder email to James.

David didn’t take care of proper email formatting, typographical and grammatical errors. Also, he drafted the email in a rude tone. No one entertains these types of emails. Make sure you don’t draft an email like David and negatively impact your recipient.


Now, you know the polite way to remind someone to reply to an email, but you cannot always get a response soon after your emails. You need to have patience and deal with these calmly. It might take some time.  However,  to overcome the manual failure of follow-up, you can use email sequence software. You can create your email sequence and send an automated follow-up to your recipient.

It is always suggested to maintain the basic email etiquette in every type of professional email. These etiquettes can help you in getting more benefits from your emails and help you build a personal brand around your network.

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