20+ Email Outreach Tools to Streamline & Automate your Campaign32 minutes read

Are you looking for an email outreach tool to streamline your outreach campaign?

Sending personalized emails to hundreds and thousands of people takes some effort. If you looking to scale the outreach campaign you would need an automated tool, as doing this manual won’t let you scale

So to overcome this challenge, we have researched, analyzed, compared and then put together a list of 20+ best email outreach tools for you. These are the easy to use email outreach tools preferred by sales reps, business developers, marketers, influencers and bloggers to outreach their potential leads.

1. SalesHandy

saleshandy best email outreach tool

SalesHandy is one of the best email outreach tools to streamline your outreach process and increase your email productivity. It provides plenty of effective automated features such as mail merge email personalization, automated follow-ups, email tracking, mail template, team collaboration and much more. It’s a complete email outreach software solution for sales reps, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, and other professionals as well.

SalesHandy has advanced email analytics that lets you know all the essential email metrics such as open rates, link click, response rates, and bounce rates. 

The best part of the SalesHandy email outreach campaign is that all emails sent from it lands straight in the recipient’s primary inbox rather than spam or promotion tab.

The tool is compatible with Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, Outlook 365, SMTP, and other email providers. SalesHandy also allows Zapier integration to connect with your favourite web apps to get more done.

SalesHandy has been used by professionals at:

Using SalesHandy you can send an email outreach campaign to hundreds and thousands of prospects in just 3 simple steps.

Skip steps to watch the email outreach process video

Step 1- Create a Campaign

Login to your SalesHandy account and open the email campaign tab. Here you can create a new campaign by uploading a CSV file of your prospect up to 2000 emails. You can verify the CSV file by using the integrated email verification tool.


Step 2- Compose your email

After uploading the CSV file, use SalesHandy Merge Tags to create a personalized subject line. Now compose your email as per your campaign requirement with the multiple personalization tags such as |First Name|, |Last Name| or |Company Name| and many more. To minimize the effort here you can also use the pre-written email outreach templates, however you can edit and save it too. 

Once you are done with writing the email, you can test email it. If everything is fine and ready to go, send or schedule the email outreach campaign when your recipient is more likely to open.


Step 3- Set Automated Followup

Now once you have sent the initial email, it’s time to plan and schedule your follow up emails as per the action of your recipients. For better open and conversion rate SalesHandy provides upto 9 follow up stages. You can set the follow up condition as per the activities such as Not opened, Not Replied, or Send to all. 

It’s not easy to remember to follow up with the customers after you send your initial email. Report say that sending an email Without Follow-Up achieves 16% Reply Rate while sending at least 1 Follow-up Reaches 27%. So increase your reply rates by using the Automated Followup feature. 

SalesHandy allows you to send a Follow up Email after a minimum of 24 hours after your first Email. . You can set the follow up condition as per the activities such as Not opened, Not Replied, and Been Sent to all. Above all, you get an option to send the followup on the same thread as well as like a new email with a different subject.


Send email outreach campaign with SalesHandy

Note: Document tracking is discontinued from SalesHandy.

Additional Features:

Auto-Follow Up:
  • FollowUps can bring a 30%-40% Increase in Email Open Rates. But not when you feel like a machine replying to you.
  • With SalesHandy you can use Multiple and custom merge tags and give a personal touch to your Email.
  • Now send upto 9 Email follow-up and see how the open rates increase.
Email Template:
  • You can select from a list of free templates which are predefined for the users.
  • Select one of them as per your activity and save your time.
Email Scheduling:
  • Research says that Emails sent on Tuesday Morning between 8 am-10 am have more open rates than any other day.
  • Now send Emails by scheduling them with specific Time Zone and specific date too.

Pricing Plans:

Free plan:
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Gmail Integration
  • Real time Notification
Regular Plan: $12 per user billed monthly.
  • All the features of Free plan+
  • Predefined Email Templates
  • Export Analytics report
  • Email Campaigning
  • Use Merge Tags
  • Domain Blocking
  • Campaign Send limit 200 Emails per day
Plus Plan: $27 per user billed monthly.
  • All the features of Regular Plan+
  • Email Sequencing for Gmail
  • Custom Domain Tracking
  • Campaign Send limit 1600 Emails per day
Enterprise Plan: $59 per user billed monthly
  • Campaign Send limit 5000 Emails per day
Special Plans:

2. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a cold email outreach tool that is designed especially for an outreaching larger audience by sending email campaigns and following up.  It comes with Gmail, Outlook and IMAP integration and sends your email campaigns smoothly.

Woodpecker- email outreach tool

Woodpecker comes with a unique feature where you can split your Agency and Person work. If you are an agency, with this unique feature of Agency Panel, you can send campaigns and keep your data safe.  Along with that, you can generate leads and manage clients by saving much time. With too much data going around your email, Woodpecker can easily integrate with your CRM and make your work easy.

Special Features:

Smart Sending

Now you need not worry about email bounces and to get your email account getting blocked. Smart Sending won’t send any email that it finds has a questionable address. 

Reply Detection

Once you get a reply from the user, the auto followup stops immediately. This will avoid duplication of email.

Email Sequencing

Set up to 7 Emails sequences and personalize your follow ups to get more open and click rates. Also, it will look like the email is tailor-made and you are not talking to a machine. 

 Pricing Plans:

StartUp: $40 per user billed monthly.
  • Automated Email Sending
  • Email Followup Automation
  • Teamwork and Security
  • Analytics
Team Pro: $50 per user billed monthly.
  • All the features of StartUp +
  • CRM and other tool Integration 
Enterprise: Custom Pricing.
  • All the features of Pro Plan + 
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Team training
  • Custom API


Prospecting is boring and time-consuming. To overcome the repetitive and manual work, has built a cold email outreach tool. It is used by small and medium-sized teams for its automation features where you can increase your productivity and save time. This tool revolves around four major features.

prospect- best cold email outreach tool

Every outreach who sends a campaign, wants his emails to reach the recipient inbox. To maximize the outreaching process, you can use the Email Finder and Verification feature where you can check the email address before sending the campaign so that you can reach maximum people and have a good reply and open rates. 


Send email campaigns and set a follow-up. So every time someone reaches out to you, you won’t miss on the lead. At the same time, if your emails are not opened or replied, you can follow up to improve your conversion rate. 

Data Analysis

You don’t need to open your email, again and again, to check if the customer has replied or not. Track every email you send and get realtime notifications. Also, the link tracking feature helps you to know whether the recipient has opened, read and clicked the link you have shared.

Sync with CRM also has Salesforce, Zapier, Slack and other CRM integrations. You can integrate all your email communication with your favorite CRM software. 

Pricing Plans: 

Starter Plan: $79 per user billed monthly
  • Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • 250 Email finding credits per month
  • Report and Insights
  • CRM integration
  • Import files

4. SmartReach

SmartReach is an amazing cold email outreach tool. It increases your productivity and also helps you to make sure that your emails hit the inbox of the recipient and not the spam. It comes with features like “Prospect Feed” where you can manage and track the user activities, check the open and reply rates from your campaign


One of the features we found useful was “Smart Pause”. When you send an email campaign and get a reply from any of the recipients, the campaign pauses automatically for the specific email address and SmartReach allows you to take the conversation thread manually. 

Pricing Plans

Standard- $24 per user billed Monthly.
  • Unlimited Campaign
  • Unlimited Follow-Ups
  • Can outreach 1000 prospects
  • $24 Per Additional Email Account
 Pro – $29 per user billed Monthly.
  • All the features of the Standard Plan + 
  • Unlimited AB Testing
  • Unlimited TimeZone Detection
  • Can outreach 2000 prospects
  • $29 per Additional Email Account
Ultimate Plan: $59 per used Billed Monthly.
  • All the features of Pro Plan +
  • Can outreach unlimited prospects
  • Live On-call and ScreenShare Support
  • Live Onboarding support
  • $59 per Additional Email Account

5. NinjaOutreach

The company claims this is the “smartest influencer marketing and analytics platform”, and we couldn’t agree more. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular email outreach tools you can come across.


To grow a brand, you would be looking for influencers in your niche. You can find the best suitable influencer with an inbuilt database of a million contacts and their email addresses within NinjaOutreach.

 Just search the name on Instagram and this tool will do the magic by getting you all the details of the person. Find and reach people by filtering them based on their industry and Location.  After you target the person, send an email campaign to get in touch with the influencer. 

With inbuilt email finder, send an email campaign to verified person and increase the open and reply rates. InApp inbox lets you communicate with the people, check out their history and begin a conversation from there.

Pricing Plans:

Flex: $120 per user billed monthly.
  • Reach 1000 Contacts 
  • 10000 Emails per month
  • Unlimited Instagram Influencers
  • Unlimited Twitter influencers
  • Unlimited Bloggers
  • Unlimited business Emails
Pro: $399 per month
  • All features of Flex plan +
  • Reach 4000 Contacts
  • Email 15000 per month Email

6. Mailshake

Mailshake is one of the top-rated cold email outreach tools. It is prevalent among people from Sales, Marketing, PR, Media, Journalists, Influencers, bloggers, Entrepreneurs, etc. This tool is used to build a relationship, promote content and create brand awareness. 

 You can find your prospects and set the cold email outreach campaign with MailShake. Use merge tags you can personalize your emails and get a good result you can set auto follow up as per the behaviour of your recipients. It proves details insights of your campaign such as tracking Email, campaign bounce rate, clicks, and replies.


Mailshake is known for its suggestions which you can use while sending the email campaign, where you can select from PR pitches, Guest Blogging, etc. It has a stack of Predefined Templates for specific industries, you can filter according to your campaign requirements and use it.  

 Apart from these fantastic features, outreaching users can use Email Automation, Email Tracking, scheduling features. Users can use and scale their activities by reaching out via Social Media, Phone and Email.

Additional Features: 

External integrations

Maishake can integrate with the most used tools such as Google Sheets, Zapier, Pipedrive, and Hubspot CRM

Mobile app

If you are someone who doesn’t carry a laptop, you can use it’s Android and iOS apps. It helps you to monitor your campaign on the go

AB Testing

Use split testing where you can select two Emails and use the one based on their performance. This will give you an idea that which Campaign works better of the two

Pricing and Plans:

Basic Plan: $39 per user billed monthly.
  • Track your Email Reply and Email opens 
  • Gmail, Outlook and SMTP integrations
  • Zapier integration for CRM
  • Email automation and follow-ups
Pro: $59 per user billed monthly.
  • All basic features of Basic Plan +
  • Salesforce and Slack integration
  • A/B testing
  • 5000 points credited every month for List Cleaning
Omni: $99 per user billed monthly.
  • Al features of Pro +
  • Social Selling
  • Create Custom tasks
  • Call integration


It is one of the best email outreach tool and as the name suggests, is used widely when you want to reach a lot of people like sales representatives, lead generators, account executives, bloggers, influencers managers, etc for engaging with prospects, identify potential or grow a sales pipeline.

cold Email software Outreach-io

Now with, all the pain of data entry and critical repetitive tasks are never forgotten. With these prospecting superpowers, the user can start more conversations, book more meetings. The tailored mail sequences make it so easy that no important data is lost in the chaos. you always stay in the loop with your ideal prospect. 

There are four stages to reach the audience in

  • Email
  • Social
  • Voice
  • Text-based Communication.

You can personalize and set these four components as per your requirement and target audience preference. After that Outreach will automatically send to the customers.

Key Features:

Smart Followup

AI and ML backed, Always-On-Assistant which takes important customer’s information and updates all the data that you have, even when they are out of the office and helps you to target the customer accordingly

Outreach Global Sidebar

You can now access the most important tasks of your day from this sidebar from anywhere in the tool. Be it replying to the customer feedback or scheduling any meeting, all this from one central hub

Salesforce Integration 

All the meetings booked, call made or all the emails sent are logged in Salesforce with most reliable BiDirectional syncing

Pricing Plans:

  • Outreach has its customized pricing plans

8. is the most easy to use email outreach tool. This tool has been on every list. It has been beautifully designed where the user can monitor everything from a single dashboard. comes with chrome extension which when downloaded, you can easily control the performance.

With, you can integrate LinkedIn and get the contact details from the same. Moreover, it acts as a communication channel where you can schedule the email outreach campaigns and set the follow-up sequence. 

Whether it is a call or an email, you need to send handles that for you. It eliminates all the hassles happening to manage the prospects. Along with all these features, Email Automation, Email Tracking, Email sequencing are additional features for someone who is using tool for outreaching.

Pricing Plans:

Individual Plan: $70 per user billed monthly.
  • Reach out to 1000 people per month
  • Monitor and Send 3 Email addresses
  • Unlimited Follow-Ups
  • Email Sorting and Quality Check
$90 per user billed monthly.
  • All the features of $70 plan +
  • Reach out to 3000 people
$120 per user billed monthly.
  • All the features of $70plan +
  • Reach out to 30000 people

9. SendBloom

When you are outreaching clients, you don’t want to miss any opportunity.  Out of all the tools we have mentioned, this is one of the most straightforward tools.  If you are someone who is looking for essential features like email scheduling and email follow-ups, this tool works for you.


You can set a specific time and number of FollowUps, (here called Bumps) you want. Along with the email list to outreach, this cold email outreach tool can be used directly to call and set an outreaching campaign with LinkedIn as well. You can use your LinkedIn prospects and reach out to them to improve your efficiency. 

On top of everything, SendBloom provides Salesforce CRM integration for its premium users. 

Pricing Plan:

  • Customized pricing plans.

10. Autopilot

Autopilot can also be called as the marketing automation software because of its vast features and usability. It is one of the amazing email outreach tools that allows you to automate your entire outreach campaign as per the recipient’s behavior. The best features of Autopilot is that you can collect, interact and communicate with your lead along with your team all in one single place. 

When you start engaging with your users, it is very important to see the entire process in front of you. Autopilot does that for you by providing your customer journey where you drag-and-drop the templates and make the journey look more personal. This makes it one of the best cold email outreach tools.


Moreover, it has a multi-channel marketing feature where you can reach out to people by SMS Marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, in-App ads, and postcard marketing too. With Autopilot you can group your users based on their behavior and a combination of other fields.

Additional Features

Personalized Emails

We used this tool and can say that it has one of the best Email personalization options. With no HTML coding and just Drag=Drop options, you can build an Excellent Email.

 Mobile Optimisation

Most people nowadays read emails on mobile phones. With its mobile optimization feature, you can be sure that your content will be optimized for mobiles too

Email automation

You can automate your email outreach campaign, schedule them based on your preferred time interest and recipients’ behavior

Interactive interface 

Autopilot has one of the best eye-catching visuals. It looks like you are using the Icons which are designed and inspired by BlackBoard drawings

Pricing Plans: 

Silver – $49per user billed Monthly.
  • Can add up to 2000 contacts per month.
  • Get online 
Gold Plan: $149 per user billed monthly.
  • All the features of Silver plan +
  • Can add up to 5000 contacts per month
Platinum Plan:$249 per month
  • All the features of Gold plan +
  • Can add up to 10000 contacts per month
Special Plans:
  • If you want to integrate Salesforce or other CRM, Autopilot allows lets you do that with an additional pricing of $199 per month
  • Moreover, Autopilot has an option of expert training and learning module which you can get at $1699


Snov is an excellent premium and free email outreach tool used vividly by bloggers, recruiters, sales executives and marketers for reaching the mass audience. With an inbuilt domain email search, find emails based on domain and company name feature you get information about your potential audience. This works when you download the chrome extension of Snov and go to the domain search panel of the tool. 

Any website you enter, the tool will show you a list of emails on that website which you can store. Moreover, Snov lets you export data from your LinkedIn and other social media websites which you can use later for outreaching. You can reach out to these leads by email campaigning and a regular follow up.

With this email outreach tool, you can get real-time notification whenever the recipient opens the email. You don’t need to continuously open your email and wait for a reply. Instead, use the auto follow-up feature where you can use the predefined templates for follow-up and can send them whenever the user replies to your email. 

Special Features

Email Finder

After downloading the chrome extension, you can add the email addresses of any website that you visit. All the emails present on the particular will be scanned and saved. 

Email Verification

Snov provides the email verification feature which lets you verify any email list before sending out an email campaign. This will reduce the bounce rate and increase deliverability

Tech Checker

For agencies and bloggers, they need to know what is the technology their client is using. Tech Checker does that for you. You can filter companies based on their size, location, language, and Industry.

Pricing Plans:

S- $39 per user billed monthly.
  • Email Drip Campaign to 1000 recipients
  • 1000 credit points
  • Bulk domain search-500
  • Verify 2000 Email addresses
M- $69 per user billed monthly. 
  • Email Drip Campaign to 5000 recipients 
  • 5000 Credit Points
  • 2500 Bulk Domain searches
  • Verify 10000 Email addresses
L- $129 per user billed monthly.
  • Email Drip Campaign to 20000 recipients
  • 20000 Credit Points
  • 20000 Single Domain search
  • Verify 20000 Email addresses
XL – $199 per user billed monthly.
  • Email Drip Campaign to 50000 recipients
  • Unlimited recipients
  • 50000 Credit Points
  • 50000 Verified Email from Social Networks

12. MailTag

MailTag is best suited for freelancers, bloggers who want to reach out to people for Link Building, Guest posting. MailTag comes with limited features and so the company takes care of each product feature wisely. Every feature is smooth and crisp. Even someone new to Email outreaching can use it in a go.

Additional Features

  • Email Tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Real-Time Notification alert
  • Report and Analytics
  • Automated Email sequencing
  • Integration with CRM

Pricing Plans:

Pro: $12.99 per user billed monthly. 
  • Email tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Email Sequencing
  • View and Read Emails
  • View Analytics report
  • Real-Time notifications

13. Lemlist

Every cold email outreach tool comes with features of email automation, email scheduling and follow up and so does Lemlist. But apart from these features, Lemlist is also known for its special feature lemwarm, which helps you to automate the email warmup process for new emails. 

 If a custom domain is not set up, email deliverability is largely impacted with links being opened and tracked. With this tool, the pain is minimized as a custom domain setup is done within seconds. 

cold Email Tool Lemlist

To streamline the sales and marketing process large companies use CRM software. The communication tracking gets difficult if the emails are not synchronized with the email outreach tool. However, Lemlist has a lot of CRM integration, like Salesforce, Pipedrive, bouncer, DropContact and more.

 Pricing Plans:

SIlver: $29 billed monthly per user.
  • Single User
  • 100 Emails a day
  • Email Warmup
  • Unlimited Campaigns
Gold: $49 per user billed monthly.
  • All Silver plan features +
  • 500 Emails
  • A/B Testing and Integration
  • Personalized Images
Platinum: $99 per user billed monthly.
  • All plans of Gold+
  • Dynamic landing Pages
  • Video Integration
  • Chat and Calendar integration
Additional Price Plan:
  • Pay $49 per user monthly and upload images and Videos hustle free
  • At $99 per month per user, add landing pages to your campaign without any pain
  • With $99 per user billed monthly get an option of Video-Chat and calendar integration

14. AutoKlose

With basic and very simple UI, Autoklose is an easy to use email outreach tool which helps you in generating leads. It comes with Gmail integration, so you can prevent your email from getting into SPAM folders.

Be it a blogger or sales professional everyone wants to maintain a close relationship with the prospects. To help you out AutoKlose provides an email sequencing. So in the email outreach campaign, you can use tailor-made emails and predefined follow-ups. This lets you engage with your customers more consistently. 

email tracking tool AutoKlose

Once you have the customers its very important to check the analytics and stay ahead in the game. Autoklose provides you the real-time reports which you can download and export as per your requirement.

 Pricing Plans:

Starter Plan: $49 per user billed monthly. 
  • 1 Email Automation account 
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Follow-up and Tracking
  • Upload unlimited Contacts.
Small Business Plan: $149.95 billed monthly.
  • 5 users can use per month
  • 5 Email accounts 
Enterprise Plan: Customised Pricing. 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited downloads.
Special Features:
  • AutoKlose comes with an inbuilt Database of million of B2B contacts which come only in the Enterprise Plan.

15. SendPulse

SendPulse is a multi-channel crowd interacting tool. It comes with great features like email outreach and SMS outreach. With over 100 ready to use templates and drag-drop options to insert images, the tool works smoothly making it one of the easiest to use email outreach tools.


Pricing Plans:

Free plan: 
  • Send up to 12000 Emails for free
Pro plan: $74.85 billed monthly.
  • Send upto 100000 Emails
  • The dedicated IP address
Enterprise Plan: $274.86 billed monthly.
  • All features of Pro plan +
  • Send up to 500000 Emails


If you are reaching out to many people, it becomes impossible to reply and take a followup from all of them. You don’t want to miss any of the leads. To keep the conversation on, an automated reply is necessary.


Rebump is a cold email outreach tool that has email followup and automation features which help you increase your response rates by making it feel like you have manually sent that email.

 It reports that there is an increase in the open and response rates by 30% after using their tool. Right now you can Integrate only Gmail account with ReBump.

 Pricing Plans:

 Unlimited: $5 per month
  • Automatic Email follow-ups
  • Schedule Follow-up Emails
  • Send upto 4 Rebumps per message
  • Monitor all the Emails
 Unlimited Plus: $12 per month.
  • All the features of Unlimited plan +
  • 10 ReBump Emails
  • Email Tracking
  • ReBump sequence
  • Customized Rebump Emails

17. BuzzSumo

The BuzzSumo is popularly known for content research. It has a vast user base of Bloggers, freelancers, writers, Influencers, Social Media executives and Media publishers.  It helps to create, amplify and evaluate meaningful content that resonates with any audience. On this platform, you find what content in trending and getting more visibility.  However, it’s not limited just for content research.

buzzsumo is also used as email outreach tool by bloggers

The premium versions provide you with an option to find influencers in a particular industry and the region. Further, you can categorise the key influencers based on the topic they share, write and review. All the information can be exported into CSV. This makes BuzzSum an easy to use email outreach tool. 

Additional Features

Content Research

With the content researching feature, you can find articles and topics which has maximum engagement on Social Network.

Now index and browse from the world’s largest social engagement data. Now you can also compare the article based on your needs

Find Influencers.

From a list of millions of influencers, you can browse authors, writers and other influencers who have engagement with people on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram too

Pricing Plan

Pro Plan: $99 per account billed monthly. 
  • Unlimited Searches
  • 5 Alerts and 5000 Mentions for monitoring Keywords, backlinks and competitor analysis
  • 50 files export allowed
  • 10 Trending Feed
  • 1-5 users
Plus Plan: $179 per account billed monthly. 
  • All the features of Pro Plan +
  • Question Analyzer
  • 10 Users
  • 150 Exports
  • 20 Trending Feeds
  • Top Author Search
Large Plan: $299 per account billed month  
  • All features of Plus plan +
  • 30 Alerts and 20,000 mentions
  • 15 Users
  • 200 Exports
  • 30 Projects and 10000 URL
  • Advance trending feature
Enterprise Plan: $499 per account billed monthly.
  • All the features of Large +
  • Customized features


PitchBox is one of the best email outreach tools on this list.  It is the more likely accepted and adopted by the bloggers to build connections and create relationships with other bloggers and influencers in the industry.


Top of that PitchBox comes with an in-app integration with the best of SEO tools in the market like Moz, SEMrush, Ahref. 

Users can make a super-strong pipeline for influencers, bloggers, Media executives and publishers in no time with Pitchbox.

Along with Email campaigns, this helps you in Link Building, outreach PR and journalists, create a voice on the internet of your brand and bring up your organic rankings.

Additional Features

Schedule the Outreach

PitchBox lets you create and schedule a customizable email sequence and reach out to your customers up to 3 times. Also responding to the customer can be done In-App.

Email personalization

To make sure that the campaign sent is from a human and not a bot, you can use the Merge tags and send personalized campaigns.

Pricing Plan: 

  • Customized pricing as per the client requirement.

19. Traackr

The influencers who want to get in touch with PR, media professionals or bloggers to maintain a long time relationship can use this outstanding cold email outreach tool. With over a decade of market hold in influencer marketing, Traackr has been excessively used by brand and global advertisers for influencer marketing management and campaign monitoring features.


For influencers, the social network is an infinite mine for leads and prospects. With Traackr you can scale social media and look out for quality people in your industry. 

Added to this, Traackr also helps you discover the audience demographics and tells you how is the quality of your audience. 

Additional Features:


This is a complete Influencer Relationship Management tool that provides data and insights for teams to perform better. Boost up your ROI by selecting the right influencer. Traackr helps agencies by increasing their influencer discovery productivity, smoothen and ease the reporting analysis. 

Search Engine for Influencers.

Now search for the Influencer that suits best for your business based and filter them by location, past performance and their history


  • Traackr provides customized pricing options depending on the user requirement and activity

20. BuzzStream

BuzzStream provides a complete end to end solution for outreaching. There are two stages of this email outreach tool. One is discovery and other is Outreach.  As you browse through the websites, you can add them into your BuzzStream database which can be used later in the second stage to Outreach. It eliminates all the manual work you do to collect information from websites. Along with that, you can integrate with SEO tools such as Moz and Ahref. You can export data from these tools directly into BuzzStream to streamline your outreach campaign.


Pricing Plans: 

Starter: $24 per user billed monthly.
  • Email Tracking
  • Contact Information Discovery
  • Monitor 1000 links
  • Report and Analytics
  • Email scheduling and sequencing
Group: $99 billed monthly 3 users.
  • All the plans of Starter Plan +
  • Email campaigning
  • Monitor 25000 links
  • Link reporting
Professional: $299 billed monthly. 6 users.
  • All the plans of Group Plan+
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • API integration
  • Unlimited custom reporting

21. Klenty

Klenty is a simple email outreach tool that helps you to send personalized email campaigns according to your scheduled time. You can add follow-up stages to the email campaigns to make it even more productive.

Along with all the essential email campaign features, it also provides a prospect management system to track each prospect’s activities. It also has different integrations available which make it effective for its users.

klent tool home page

Klenty also has an additional click to call feature that can be used by sales persons for cold calling their prospects. It also has a Gmail plugin that allows its users to perform basic emailing functionalities from Gmail itself.

Pricing Plans:

Tall: $30 per user per month
  • Email Campaign
  • Import Prospects
  • Reply Detection
  • Gmail Plugin
  • API Access
  • CRM Integrations
Grande: $60 per user per month
  • Everything in Tall
  • Advanced CRM Integration
  • CRM Plugin
  • Click To Call (Beta)
Venti: $100 per user per month
  • Everything in Grande
  • 2 Additional Email Accounts For Each User
  • Website Tracking
  • Custom Reports


Quickmail is another easy to use email outreach tool with simple features of email automation and sales engagement. This tool is designed to work with a team and improve your team’s email productivity. It has integrations with Gmail, Gsuite, outlook and other email services for easy email sending.

QuickMail also has integrations with Zerobounce, Neverbounce and Drop contact to verify your email list before sending an email campaign. Its integration with BriteVerify helps its users in providing better email deliverability and away from spam filters.

quickmail homepage also provides its pro users with detailed analytics report to check their drip campaign performance and improve it accordingly.


Basic: $49 per month
  • Send up to 500 emails / day / inbox
  • Drip email campaigns
  • Auto follow-ups
  • Auto stop on Reply
  • Open, click & reply detection
  • Drip email campaigns
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Out-of-office & Bounce detection
  • Live notifications
  • Support
Pro: $69 per month
  • Everything available in Basic
  • Send up to 1500 emails / day / inbox
  • Zapier integration
  • Conditions
  • Deliverability Report


Email outreaching is a hectic and time-consuming process. It’s like shooting in the dark and waiting for the bullet to hit the right target. But not if you have the right tool to use. We have tried to give an insight into these tools based on their productivity, ease of use and pricing. 

All of the above tools will help you in managing and outreaching your customers efficiently.  

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