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Introducing Email Sender Rotation

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If you want to scale up through your cold email outreach, using multiple email accounts and spreading your email volume to improve your deliverability rates is important. This approach yields better results and improves your sender reputation, especially if your email volume is low per domain.

Relying on a single email account to send all your emails and limiting your email volume to maintain your sender reputation is not scalable. Sending just a few emails per day may not achieve your business goals.

Therefore, we are excited to introduce Sender Rotation as a solution to help you send your emails with multiple domains for a better experience and outcomes and maintain a high sender reputation during outbound lead generation.

Learn how Sender Rotation is helpful to make your outreach more human-like.

What is Sender Rotation?

Sender rotation is a powerful cold emailing technique to improve deliverability and avoid technical issues. This process involves sending email sequences from multiple email accounts, rather than relying solely on one. 

By doing so, the volume of emails being sent is spread across multiple accounts, reducing the likelihood of any account being flagged or experiencing deliverability problems.

You no longer need to create separate email sequences for each unique account manually. Instead, the process is automated and efficiently splits your email-sending pattern within a single sequence by rotating emails across multiple accounts.

This simplifies the process and enhances the effectiveness of your cold emailing campaign.

For example: If you have three email accounts connected let’s say [email protected], & owen@saleshandy.hq  and you have one active sequence. The system will automatically rotate these email accounts to make them appear more human. 

Now instead of sending the entire sequence from one account, you will send it from three email accounts without taking any hit to your reputation.

If you want to scale lead generation through cold email without hitting email sending limits or encountering issues with deliverability, it’s vital to use the Sender rotation.

Why is Sender Rotation Important?

Sender Rotation plays a vital role by sending the outreach from multiple accounts, therefore not affecting the sender reputation of any single account as multiple accounts are used to send emails in a particular sequence.

This ensures you can send bulk emails in a sequence and scale with multiple accounts.

Improves Deliverability

The main objective of cold emailing is to land in the recipient’s primary inbox to maximize the chances of getting opened, receiving responses, booking meetings, generating leads, and converting prospects into customers.

However, sending too many emails from a single email account can raise red flags and trigger spam filters, leading to poor deliverability and lost business opportunities.

With the Sender Rotation, you can send a single sequence with multiple connected email accounts with rotation.

This will also reduce your technical deliverability issues and increase the deliverability by splitting outreach between multiple email accounts. If any of your accounts get flagged by any ESP, your entire email sequence won’t get affected, as you have multiple accounts doing the job.

Avoids repetition of tasks

Instead of spending hours creating multiple sequences for every different email account, now you can connect multiple email accounts and rotate them to outreach to a higher volume of prospects. 

Spreading your sequence volume between multiple email accounts without having to clone sequences every time manually will save you hours every week.

Scales your outreach

To increase lead generation through cold emailing, many people create more sequences and connect various email accounts to each sequence. 

This involves duplicating each sequence repeatedly and dividing the prospect list into several sequences, which can be time-consuming.

In Saleshandy, you can easily set up the Sender Rotation by connecting up to 50 email accounts, creating email sequences, and letting the system pick email accounts in rotation to send emails to prospects. 

This eliminates the need to create multiple sequences or upload prospect lists multiple times to avoid exhausting your sending limit. 

Setup Sender Rotation

To scale up your lead generation without repeating the process and wasting time, let’s now proceed to see how you can add multiple email accounts in your Saleshandy sequence to get better outcomes.

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