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Personalization is extremely important while sending an email. If you send multiple emails per day, it becomes difficult to personalize each and every email that you send. To solve this problem and automate the personalization, you can send a mail merge campaign from Gmail. It will make sure that your open rate (the number of opens every email sent) increases and so does your reply rate. You need to give your recipients a feeling of belongingness with your email. This is necessary because it makes your leads, prospects, candidates, and customers feel an important part of your conversation.

In this blog, we will be explaining you a step by step method of sending a mail merge email in Gmail. But if you do not want to read and just want to see a step by step video on how it’s done, we have made a stepwise video explaining you exactly how to send a mail merge campaign with Gmail.

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Steps to setup mail merge in Gmail

Step 1: Connect your Gmail account with SalesHandy.

We have a free trial period of 14 days. You do not require to give any credit card or payment details. You can give it a try for free. We will enable you with 200 emails for mail merge in Gmail

Step 2: Set-up New Email Campaign

Open the SalesHandy web-app>>Email Campaign>>New Campaign


Step 3: Give your campaign a title

It is important to have a different campaign for different purposes. For e.g – If you are sending an email campaign to onboard all your new customers, name it something like “Onboarding”. This will help you take references in the future.

Step 4: Upload your recipient’s list.

This list is a very vital part of your campaign. This list will help you send an effective mail merge campaign. You need to make sure that you put efforts in building this list. It should be in CSV format and the titles should be your merge tags. It might be confusing for you so download this sample CSV, you will easily understand how to make a CSV file to send a mail merge campaign in Gmail. Download a sample CSV from here.


Note: Ensure that all the headings in your CSV are the ones you use as merge tags in your campaign.

Step 5: Draft your Emails

Write your email and subject line with the merge tags. Write your primary email and instead in order to add other personalized information in the email, add tags like First_Name, Last_Name, etc. The app will directly give you the option to add the merge tags from your CSV by showing you these tags. Make sure you use the tags that you have in your CSV file.


Step 6: Write follow-ups.

It is important that you send follow-ups to your recipients in order to remind them that they have forgotten to read or reply to your email. But you cannot send every the same follow-up email right? That is why with SalesHandy, you can add conditions to your follow-up. Not replied, not opened and been sent. You can use different conditions to automate your follow-ups to different people.


Step 7: Test your campaign

Before sending your campaign to the masses or before sending your personalized mass email, make sure that you test it on your alternative email id. It is necessary to do this in order to check if the formatting of the email is alright and whether all the mail merge tags are coming off correctly or not.


Step 8: Schedule your campaign

It is necessary to schedule your campaign to a time you think you’re recipients would be most active. If your recipients receive a business email at 10 in the night, there are chances they will ignore it. Make sure you know the best time to send your email and your schedule your emails according to the time zone of your recipients. SalesHandy gives you an option to schedule it according to different time zones.


If you can see, there is an option of putting an interval between two emails in seconds. This randomizes your emails by sending each email after waiting for a random period of time between those two seconds. This enables a human-like sending and makes sure that you do not get trapped by spam filters. This will result in increased deliverability, Also, your chances of falling into spam box will be minimum when we randomize the time period between two emails.

Click on the checkbox after reading it and schedule your campaign.

Congratulations. You have just taken your first step in boosting your email productivity. You can sit, relax and enjoy while our tool does all the work for you.

Benefits of setup and send mail merge from Gmail

After understanding how exactly you are supposed to send a mail merge campaign with Gmail, let’s understand what are the benefits of sending it.

Data and Reports

After your campaign has been successfully sent, you will get a detailed report on the campaign. This includes the information regarding total open rates, link open rates, attachment open rates, reply rate, and template success ratio. You can analyze and understand what type of emails work more and what type of emails don’t. You will start receiving 100% effective results once you do a little trial and error with your emails.

Save time and boost your productivity

In this era of information technology, time is money and the more time you have the better edge you get. With mail merge email campaigns, you are saving hours of your time. We automate the emails for you and you can work on something more productive while all your email work is being done by us. We need you to be more productive and get more done with emails.

Send mail merge with an attachment from Gmail

You will not just be able to send personalized emails to multiple people at the same time, but you will also be able to send attachments in this mail merge campaign. We will track the attachment for you and let you know exact details of the recipient’s engagement on it. For e.g. – if you are sending a PDF file of 5 pages to your clients. We will give you the data of how many times was the file opened, by whom, when and how much time did they spend on specific pages of your file. This could be a really useful data if you know how to use it in an effective way. You can close more deals, hire more people and generate new leads easily with this method.

Send personalized email

Imagine your name is Terry and you receive two emails today.

One from ABC yogurt –

Hey customer,
How did you like the yogurt that you bought last time? Hope you liked it.
Let me know if you are looking for something else.

ABC yogurt

Another from Delicious Yogurts –

Hey Terry,
Hope you are having a great day.
How did you like the blueberry yogurt that you bought on 23rd June? Hope you enjoyed it.
Let us know your feedback if you have any.
Delicious Yogurts

Of course, the one from delicious yogurts is going to attract more eyeballs. It is just human nature to have a biased towards the personalized touch. This will, if not increase your business, make sure that your customers stay happy. What more can you ask for?

Limitations of Mail merge from Gmail

Building a Mailing list is a long process

This is one of the two limitations that you will have of sending a mail merge campaign from Gmail. It will take a little time to build a mailing list. Few people rent third party list in order to send emails. We suggest you build your own list of people who have opted-in to receive your emails. This will help you in the long run.

This limitation is in a way benefit in disguise. It helps you develop a pool of your email addresses. You will be in contact with and developing a network with your audience. That’s not at all a limitation, right?

Sending Limits

You can not send an unlimited amount of emails from one account. Gmail limits people who send more than a certain number of emails in a day in order to stop spammers. If you have a long list of recipients ready to receive your emails, you should know how to send 10000 emails in a day. If you have a smaller mailing list, there is nothing to be worried about.

Video guide on setup mail merge in Gmail


Sending an email campaign with mail merge is easy, effective and productive. It helps you to make sure that all your emails have a personalized touch and a feeling of belongingness in it. It has proven to generate more open rates and it also helps you automate all your work while you work on something even more important. It is an absolute win. Make sure you start your 14-day free trial now. Our support team will guide you anywhere you need.

I hope you got the exact idea on how to send a mail merge campaign from Gmail.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

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