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16 Best Places to Buy an Email List for Verified B2B Contacts

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If you want to find verified B2B contacts quickly, here is a hack: Buy an email list. (from a reputable source of course!)

An email list will provide you with contact information for many potential leads all at once.

The only catch is —  you need to vet email list providers to make sure they are reliable.

Such providers will give you access to verified and updated B2B contacts.

In this post, we’ve compiled such trustworthy sources to buy email lists based on the following criteria:

  • Data sourcing and verification methods
  • Adherence to local regulations

We’ve also included key features and pricing for each listing so you can find the best email list provider for your business needs. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Why Should You Buy Email Lists Only from Reputable Sources?

Your cold outreach is as good as the quality of your lead list. That, in turn, is directly linked to the kind of sources that you use to get B2B contacts.

Here are the reasons why you should opt only for reliable email list providers to buy email lists:

  • No spam traps and invalid emails: Good list providers actively maintain and verify their lists to ensure high deliverability. This saves you from wasted mailings.
  • Better targeting and segmentation: Reputable sellers offer more options to target specific demographics, locations, interests, etc. This gets your message to the right people.
  • Protect sender reputation: If you buy from unreliable sources, spam complaints could hurt your IP address’ sender score and ability to reach the inbox. 
  • Avoid legal violations: Poorly sourced lists may contain contacts that didn’t consent to be on a list, putting you at risk of CAN-SPAM violations.
  • Get better ROI: Higher quality lists convert better, giving you better returns on your email marketing spend. Weed out dead or unresponsive leads.

The bottom line – taking the time to find a reliable email list provider to buy an email list protects your sender reputation, increases conversions, and generates better ROI from your campaigns

Best Places to Buy an Email List – Table of Contents

16 Best Places to Buy Email Lists To Grow Your Business

After going through this list, you’ll have a clear understanding of which platform to consider for building your email lists.

While we’ve compiled the key details, please don’t forget to do your research before you reach out to any of these email list providers.

Before we jump into the details, here is the list of places to buy an email list.

  1. Saleshandy B2B Lead Finder Tool
  2. Book Your Data
  3. UpLead 
  5. Cognism
  6. LeadsGorilla
  8. LeadSpace
  9. ZoomInfo
  10. Lead411
  11. Lusha
  12. EasyLeadz
  13. Clearbit
  16. LakeB2B

1. Saleshandy B2B Lead Finder

G2: 4.7/5 ⭐ (500+ reviews)
Capterra: 4.5/5 ⭐ (100+ reviews )

Saleshandy’s B2B Lead Finder Tool is one of the best places to create and buy email lists of verified and accurate contacts.

With Saleshandy’s Lead Finder, you have access to over 700 million verified professional profiles across more than 60 million businesses worldwide. It is one of the largest B2B contact databases available. 

You can use Lead Finder to find someone’s email addresses for your outreach efforts. The database is continuously updated and refreshed, so you can be confident in the contacts you get.

Lead Finder’s advanced filters, like location, role, revenue, and industry allow you to narrow your prospects list and extract their contact details like email addresses and phone numbers.

You can even use social media profile URLs, like LinkedIn, to find prospects in Lead Finder and get their contact information.

After compiling your prospects’ contact information, you can save the list in Saleshandy or export it as a CSV for your own outreach.

Key Features: 

  • Large Database of Contact Information – With access to 700 million verified profiles across 60 million businesses, you get professional and personal email addresses, phone numbers, and other information. 
  • Data Accuracy – Saleshandy regularly updates its database so all contacts are current, allowing you to reach out to prospects with confidence.
  • Advanced Filtering Options – Various filters like name, job title, location, revenue, etc. help you find targeted prospects for more effective outreach.
  • Directly Add Email Prospects – You can directly add prospects from Lead Finder to your email sequences and start personalized outreach. Connect unlimited email accounts and send 10,000+ emails without constraints.

Pricing Plan

Only Email

  • Lead Starter – $39/Month (1,000 Credits)
  • Lead Pro – $79/Month (2,500 Credits)
  • Lead Scale – $159/Month (5,000 Credits)
  • Lead Scale Plus – $249/Month (10,000 Credits)

Email + Phone Numbers

  • Lead Starter – $66/Month (1,000 Credits)
  • Lead Pro – $144/Month (2,500 Credits)
  • Lead Scale – $269/Month (5,000 Credits)
  • Lead Scale Plus – $509/Month (10,000 Credits)

2. Book Your Data

G2: 4.9/5 ⭐ (211 reviews)

Capterra: 5/5 ⭐ (17 reviews)

BookYourData has two main offerings for list-building — an email list-building tool and ready-made email lists.  

If you want to create your own lists, you can use their email list-building tool. For this, you can source data from their tool as well.

Their pre-built contact lists are human-verified and segmented based on the industries. 

Bookyourdata is the place to buy email list

They add only premium contacts with phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, job titles, and more.

While they have B2B databases for different industries, they have special lists catering to healthcare specialists and real estate professionals. 

Regardless of the email list you buy, they offer assurance of high deliverability. 

 Key Features

  • Online List Builder: You can build a customized email list by using filters such as direct email address, contact name, company and job title, department, country, and city. This allows you to target the right person with the most relevant message.
  • CRM Ready Files: Their lists are available as .csv files which makes it easy to integrate them with CRM systems. This can save you time and make your work processes smoother. 
  • Get Contacts Of Real People: They will give you contact information for real people, not just generic emails. This allows you to send messages directly to decision-makers. 
  • Extensive Filters: You can apply filters to search for prospect emails based on job level, job titles, job functions, country, and industry.

Pricing Plans

  • For  250 – 500 contacts: $89.00 – $159.00
  • For 500 – 1,000 contacts: $159.00 – $289.00
  • For 1,000 – 2,500 contacts: $289.00 – $499.00
  • For 2,500 – 5,000 contacts: $499.00 – $799.00

Pricing plans are available for up to 500,000 to 1,000,000 contacts.

3. UpLead 

Capterra: 4.7/5 ⭐ (74 reviews)

G2: 4.7/5 ⭐ (727 reviews)

Uplead is a solid B2B data provider and sales intelligence platform that gives you instant access across millions of verified business contacts worldwide.

Uplead is the place to buy B2B email list

UpLead’s large database, intuitive browsing, and discovery tools simplify the process of building high-quality, targeted email lists.

This boosts your outreach and increases sales by making it fast and easy to find your ideal prospects.

Their 8-step data collection and verification process ensures you get access to accurate and up-to-date data and send emails that don’t bounce.

Key Features 

  • Email Verifier: UpLead offers real-time email verification which enables you to build connections with real and qualified leads. 
  •  Enriched Contact Data: All the contact records in their lists contain details like full name, job title, company, location, and more. So, you can get a complete view of your prospects.
  • Chrome Extension:  Their Chrome extension allows you to collect prospects’s verified email IDs and phone numbers from their LinkedIn profile. 
  •  Advanced Search and Filters: You can use over 50 search filters to find your ideal prospects search by industry, company size, job title, and more.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial: $0/7 days; 5 Credits/7 days
  • Essentials: $99/ month; 170 Credits/Month
  • Plus: $199/ month; 400 Credits/Month
  • Professional: Customized pricing plans 


G2: 4.8/ 5 ⭐ (6,429 reviews)
Capterra: 4.5/5 ⭐ (335 reviews) is a great option for you if you want to buy email lists by industry. Buying an industry-specific email list will allow you to directly reach out to potential clients and immediately start a business conversation is the best to buy email list

Moreover, it is a user-friendly platform that makes it fast and easy to find and purchase customized B2B contact lists relevant to your business.

With its extensive database, advanced filtering options, and real-time email verification, helps you reach your target prospects effectively.

 Key Features

  • Rich Contact Profiles: You will get access to 200+ contact records segmented by job title, seniority, technologies used, intent data, and more. 
  • Verified Email Lists: You can purchase email lists that are verified through Apollo’s contributor network, public data crawling, and third-party data providers.
  • Seamless Integration: You can easily integrate purchased lists into your CRM and marketing automation platforms or export them as a CSV file.

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial: $0/year
  • Basic: $49/year
  • Professional: $79/year
  • Organization: $149/year

5. Cognism

G2: 4.6/5 ⭐ (557 reviews)
Capterra: 4.7/5 ⭐ (65 reviews)

Cognism is a premium sales intelligence platform that allows you to generate B2B email lists for prospecting.

You can get access to over 400 million business profiles and find their verified contact information. This enables you to build targeted email campaigns.

Cognism is a place to buy email list

One of Cognism’s key differentiators is its focus on providing verified and compliant email lists. All emails are AI and human-verified, and the platform ensures full GDPR and CCPA compliance. 

You can trust Cognism with data. They are certified in ISO 27001 and Cognism is trusted for data security and availability.

They are certified in ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and have passed SOC2 Type II audits. This shows their commitment to providing clients with safe, secure data.

 Key Features

  • Verified Email Lists – Cognism provides validated business email across NAM, EMEA, and APAC regions. 
  • Phone Verified Data – You can access phone-verified mobile numbers with 98% accuracy through Cognism’s premium Diamond Data.
  • Consent-Based Intent Data -You can build targeted lists using intent data, which provides insights into your prospects’ research behavior and interests.
  • Seamless CRM Integrations – Cognism integrates with all major CRMs and sales engagement platforms making it easy to export email lists. 

Pricing Plans

  • They offer customized pricing plans. 

6. LeadsGorilla

G2: 3.0/5 ⭐ (3 reviews)
Capterra: 3.1/5 ⭐ (6 reviews)

LeadsGorilla is an easy-to-use tool to find and buy targeted email lists and boost your marketing campaigns.

They provide access to millions of business contacts that are segmented by industry, location, company size, and other criteria.

Leadsgorilla is a place to buy email lists

It has a search database of over 5 million businesses that allows you to find your ideal customers and build targeted lists filtered. 

Moreover, it has built-in tools to track, engage, convert, and analyze leads effectively, it is the suggested tool for you if you’re aiming to enhance your business’s customer acquisition strategies. 

 Key Features 

  • Personalized Email List: It provides a personalized email list depending on your services, based on its proprietary lead recommendation algorithm.
  • Detailed Contact Profiles: LeadsGorilla will give you important details about the people you want to email, like their names, job titles, and more. This helps you decide who to email and how best to reach them.
  • Comprehensive Audits and Reports: They provide you with comprehensive audits and reports at a granular level that highlight the pain points of every lead in an actionable and easy-to-understand manner.

        Pricing Plans

  • Leads Gorilla has only one pricing plan —  $67 per month.


G2: 4.4/5 ⭐ (521 reviews)
Capterra: 4.6/ 5 ⭐ (606 reviews) is an all-in-one email outreach platform that is designed to help you optimize outreach processes for your business. is the place to buy email list

With Hunter, you can purchase targeted email lists filtered by domain, company, job title, location, and more to reach your ideal customers.

Hunter enriches your data in bulk and verifies email addresses to help improve deliverability rates.

As a data provider, Hunter only offers publicly available email addresses online and provides email verification to aid deliverability.

 Key Features 

  • Domain Search – You can easily find and buy email addresses from specific domains. For instance, if you search for, a list of emails with that domain will appear.
  •  Email Verifier – allows you to upload your existing lists and verify the email addresses to remove invalid and risky emails for better deliverability. 
  • Lead Enrichment – If you want to enhance your existing customer data with additional attributes like seniority level, social media profiles, and more you can use their filters. 
  • Email Finder – You can seamlessly search for specific people at companies to get their corporate email addresses with their advanced search tools. 
  • Lead Lists – You can seamlessly browse and purchase targeted email lists for your business segmented by geography, industry, job title, and other attributes. 

Pricing Plans

  • Free: $0/year
  • Starter: $34/year
  • Growth: $104/year
  • Business: $349/year

8.  LeadSpace

G2: 4.3/ 5 ⭐ (108 reviews)
Capterra: N/A

Leadspace is a B2B Customer Data Platform for your go-to-market and sales teams and enables them to run effective campaigns. 

Leadspace is the place to buy email list

Leadspace offers an extensive B2B data engine and AI-powered features, including a proprietary graph of B2B personas and integrations across tech stacks.

This allows you to efficiently purchase targeted, segmented email lists to generate pipeline and revenue.

Their database provides access to 70 million companies and 240 million contacts enriched with firmographic and technographic data from over 30 specialized sources.

 Key Features 

  • AI-Powered Matching – Leadspace uses sophisticated AI to accurately match leads to accounts at both the company and contact levels. 
  • Seamless CRM Integration – You can seamlessly add your CRM data and purchased email lists to Leadspace’s graph and start your marketing campaigns. 
  • Privacy Compliant – Leadspace complies with privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR, so you can buy email lists ethically and legally.
  • Deduplication – Leadspace deduplicates contacts across sources so that all email lists contain unique data. 

         Pricing Plans

  • They offer customized pricing plans.

9.  ZoomInfo  

G2: 4.4/5 ⭐ (7,821 reviews)
Capterra: 4.1/5 ⭐ (277 reviews)

ZoomInfo is a tool designed to empower your marketing strategies. It provides you with accurate data and automates the steps to help you find your next customers.  

Zoominfo is the place to buy email list

It is a sales and marketing intelligence tool that you can use to build a high-quality B2B email list.

They want to ensure database hygiene, so they adhere to stringent data security compliance and privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

The platform offers up-to-date contact information and intelligence, including email addresses, direct dials, and intent data, making it easier for you to qualify and engage leads effectively. 

 Key Features

  • Personalized Information: You can easily search and filter contact information using multiple attributes to build customized prospect lists that align with your ideal customer profile.
  • Chrome extension – You can easily streamline your workflow by enabling one-click outreach, and simplifying campaign scheduling. 
  • Intent Data – Through intent data, you can easily identify high-value contacts, so you can prioritize outreach.

Pricing Plans

  • They offer customized pricing plans.

10. Lead411

G2: 4.5/5 ⭐ (424 reviews)
Capterra: 4.6/5 ⭐ (60 reviews)

Lead411 is a B2B data platform that gives you the data you need to start sales conversations with the right decision-makers. 

Lead411 is the best place to buy email list

They back their data with growth and buyer Intent Data to help you get in front of the right prospects.

The platform has comprehensive B2B data available, with over 450 million contacts and 20 million companies worldwide.

Moreover, it has useful sales triggers like recent funding, new hires, and more to help you qualify accounts.

They claim to be the only triple-verified data platform in the industry as they use proprietary algorithms, A.I. technology, and human data verification to research, format, and verify data.

Key Features

  • Contact enrichment—You can easily Integrate with more than 25 CRM Integrations like Salesforce, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, etc. 
  • Sequencing and email automation — You can build a targeted email list for your marketing campaigns, set up conditional logic, and trigger timely follow-ups with Leads411 to turn cold prospects into warm leads.
  • Reach tool This is a sales engagement tool by Leads411 that allows you to connect with your prospects with both email and SMS outreach. 
  • Buyer Intent data — Leads411 allows you to define industry topics and identifies contacts researching those subjects, so you can connect with high-intent prospects.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plus:  Unlimited: $899/year per user
  • Start Basic Plus Unlimited: Customized pricing plan
  • Let’s Go Pro:  Customized pricing plan

11.  Lusha

G2: 4.3/ 5 ⭐ (1,412 reviews)
Capterra: 4.1/5 ⭐ (359 reviews) 

Lusha is a sales intelligence platform that helps you find and connect with relevant leads to drive business growth. 

 Lusha- a email list provider

The tool will integrate seamlessly with CRMs like Salesforce so you can maintain a fresh contact database and ensure ongoing enrichment.

It has an extensive business database that generates email lists users can purchase. The data generated with Lusha may even include personal profiles and phone numbers.

The simple UI has an API to integrate it with your existing tools. You can also search the database for personal email addresses along with professional ones.

 Key Features 

  • Advanced Search Tools – Their advanced search options and filters make it easy to build hyper-targeted email lists by industry, job title, company size, and more.
  • Latest Data- You can use the latest and up-to-date contact information for businesses around the world and make sure that you connecting with the right audience. 
  • CRM Integrations: The tool integrates seamlessly with CRMs like Salesforce so you can maintain a fresh contact database and ensure ongoing enrichment by automatically filling in missing data like email, phone, social profiles, and more.

              Pricing Plans

  • They offer customized pricing plans.  

12.  EasyLeadz

G2: 4.6/5 ⭐ (1,066 reviews)
Capterra: 5/5 ⭐ (1 review)

EasyLeadz is a B2B engagement extension that enables sales, recruiting, and marketing professionals to instantly reach out to prospects with one click. 

Easyleadz is the best place to buy an email list

It helps you create good email lists and business profiles for other companies.

More than 10,000 salespeople, recruiters, and marketers use it to improve how they find and talk to potential clients and job candidates. 

If you use it every day, it can make your work easier. You can use EasyLeadz with websites like LinkedIn, Zaubacorp, Tofler, Instafinancial, and Crunchbase. 

 Key Features

  • Lead Generation tool: This tool is designed to help you extract direct contact numbers from LinkedIn profiles and other sources. It’s a straightforward tool that allows you to easily connect with prospective clients.  
  • Easy Prospecting: EasyProspect serves as a prospecting platform for your SME business in India. It provides you with contact numbers of directors from businesses, including those not present on LinkedIn.
  • API Integration: Their API integration allows you to auto-enrich your contact database. This feature helps improve your lead accuracy and helps you achieve sales targets with more precise results.
  • Direct Contact: It offers you tools to help you connect with decision-makers with accurate information. This ensures you can focus your targeting and effectively manage contact information.

Pricing Plans

  • EasyLeadz offers tailored pricing for startups, scaleups, and growth companies. To get specific pricing information, please contact the EasyLeadz sales team directly.

13. Clearbit

G2: 4.4/5 ⭐ (616 reviews)
Capterra: 4.5/5 ⭐ (33 reviews)

Clearbit owned by Hubspot is a cloud-based software that helps you get information on your site visitors so you can turn them into leads and close more deals. 

Clearbit is the place to buy a email list

The best part is that Clearbit integrates seamlessly with your existing sales and marketing tools and syncs with your CRM to match website traffic to existing leads and contacts.

Moreover, you can access an extensive database of 30 million+ verified companies, and find the unique leads that meet your ICP, for timely outreach.

It also integrates with HubSpot for native prospecting to feed sales lead intelligence into your workflows. 

 Key Features 

  • Integrations: Your teams can easily collaborate and seamlessly work with integrations like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and Slack. This helps in improving work efficiency.
  • Browser Extension: You can use their browser extension to validate and enrich lead information. It also provides a better understanding of your target audience for hyper-personalized campaigns. 
  • Buyer Intent: You can easily understand the buyer intent of your anonymous website visitors and companies, then act quickly to turn that intent into a pipeline.

Pricing Plans

  • Free: $0
  • Growth: $50 to $275
  • Business: Customized Pricing plans


G2: 3.9/5 ⭐ (96 reviews)
Capterra: 4.6/5 ⭐ (54 reviews) is a sales intelligence platform that will assist you in your outreach activities and account-based marketing. is one of the best place to buy email list

It will save you time by filling in prospecting intel gaps and adding additional efforts to enhance efforts. 

Moreover, you can instantly enrich your database with insights to help you identify and engage your best prospects.

Skrapp even has features like a handy Chrome extension that lets you effortlessly capture contact info right from LinkedIn profiles.

 Key Features

  • Bulk Searches–  You can perform bulk email searches with’s bulk email finder to build a database with names, companies, verified professional email addresses, etc. 
  • LinkedIn Extension– Their LinkedIn extension allows you to easily scrap the data directly from prospects’ LinkedIn profiles and start with your sales activities. 
  • Free Email Verifier– You can verify the email address and check its validity to boost your deliverability rate within seconds. 

Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $49.00/year
  • Seeker: $99.00/year
  • Enterprise: $199.00/year
  • Global: $299.00/year


G2: 4.4/5 ⭐ (578 reviews)
Capterra: N/A is a B2B data provider, that offers you the latest contact information and assists in outreach activities with its Chrome Extension, web app, and CRM integrations. is one of the place to buy email list

It is a handy Chrome extension that helps you quickly gather prospect contact details right from their LinkedIn profiles.

While Kaspr doesn’t offer list-building features, its intuitive browser-based access makes lead enrichment effortless. You can simply sign up and start enriching your prospect data as you surf LinkedIn.

Key Features 

  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension— Kaspr can easily extract data like emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn groups, events, or posts. 
  • Contact Enrichment — Kasper’s API, can make it easy to enrich your contact data as you’ll be able to effortlessly enhance incomplete target prospect lists with essential details like phone numbers, email addresses, and company information.
  • Integrations—  You can seamlessly integrate with any integration or CRM like Hubspot, pipedrive, or Zapier,  to get the most out of your sales efforts and achieve higher ROI. 

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: £0 ($0) mo/user 
  • Starter: £39 ($49.35) mo/user
  • Business: £69 ($87.31) mo/user
  • Organization: £85 ($107.56) mo/user

16. Lake B2B

G2: 4.5/5 ⭐ (2 reviews)
Capterra: N/A

Lake B2B is a B2B data provider and offers data-driven, sales engagement and marketing services. 

lake b2b

It is an all-in-one B2B solution that meets marketing, sales, and growth requirements. It offers options for running lead generation campaigns, active audience targeting, and more.

More than 7000 top-ranking firms use it globally to achieve their sales and marketing goals. 

Key Features 

  • Salesforce Integration: If you are a Salesforce user, you can access your data and conduct lead generation activities directly within your CRM, without the need to switch to a different platform. 
  • Data Enrichment: Their team enhances your email deliverability and ICP targeting by validating cleaning and appending your contact data—names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses.
  • Advanced Filters: You can use their 70+ data fields like name, contact details, geographies, title, location, industries, and many more to qualify the B2B sales leads database. 

Pricing Plans

  • They offer customized pricing plans. 

Key Things to Consider While Buying Email Lists 

Before you finalize which B2B database provider from this list is your final pick, take a moment. After all, you want to make sure that you get the best worth for your money. 

how to buy an email list

To make your research phase easier, we have mentioned a simple checklist that needs to be checked once you are on a spree to find a high-quality B2B email list. 

1. Legal Compliance

Before choosing the platform make sure that the email marketing lists you buy adhere to required data regulations and privacy compliance.

You can look out for robust security standards and GDPR compliance to make sure that you are purchasing data legally and from authentic sources.  

2. Check The Filtering Options

 Have a look at the filters available on the email list provider’s platform. It will help you better understand the accounts and decision-makers you want to reach out to the organization. 

Advanced filtering features enable you to build a customized list that suits your geographic region and industry.

It ensures that you get access to the right account and decision-makers for your outreach while avoiding irrelevant email addresses

3. Look At Those User Reviews

You should always make it a point to take a look at review sites like G2, Trustpilot, or Capterra and check if the database provider is trustworthy as it gives you an overview of what to expect from the tool. 

Also,  don’t just check the positive reviews. Go through the negative reviews as well, to get a rough idea of what issues you might encounter while using the service.

4.  Additional Features And Integrations

When you are looking for email database tools, there are options on the market that have all the features you need to complete the entire sales cycle- explore them more to make the most out of your money. 

You can look for features like intent data, sales triggers to prioritize contacts, CRM and email verification integration, and more.

We would conclude this section by just saying that thoroughly vet any email list provider to ensure you have an accurate and targeted email list. 

Why Should You Buy Verified Email Lists?

If you’re still on the fence about where to buy email lists, we get it. 

why to buy verfied email lists

To help you out, we’ve highlighted some benefits of buying a verified email list that will be more than enough to convince you. 

1. You Can Expand Your Reach 

If you’ve successfully established your business in the USA and are now looking to expand into the UAE, buying email lists can help efficiently reach your target demographics. 

By using targeted email lists, you’ll be able to discover new contacts, enhance your in-house data, and effectively tap into new markets.

2. You Can Specifically Target Your ICPs

Customized email lists allow you to segment prospects by filters like industry, company size,  and more. This enables you to engage the accounts that matter the most for business growth.

In fact, some email list providers also have specialized lists catering to specific industries or job titles like CEOs, CFOs, and other key decision-makers.  

3. You Can Shorten the Sales Cycles

Cold email is most effective when sent to validated contacts at targeted companies.

A segmented cold email has a 14.31% higher open rate. Connecting with the right decision-makers early in the buying journey leads to shorter sales cycles and faster deal velocity. 

4. You Can Boost Your Marketing ROI

Buying targeted and high-quality email lists for your cold emailing outreach campaigns can help you to achieve a much higher ROI up to 4400%.

Targeted lists let you send more relevant information, making it more likely recipients will engage or convert.

Go Ahead, Buy an Email List Now!

Now that you know where to buy email lists and how to vet email list providers, it’s time to make a purchase!

Buying email lists can transform your lead generation and sales. You should invest some time in research and then choose targeted lists. Once you send those emails to verified contacts, watch your prospects roll in.

The customers are out there – it’s time to get them with a verified email list!


  1. How much does it cost to buy an email list?

Email list prices vary a lot depending on things like the number of records, targeting, and accuracy. More niche-specific lists like healthcare and finance tend to cost more. 

  1. Is it legal to buy email lists? 

Yes, it is legal to buy email lists. You can legally buy opt-in email lists for marketing if subscribers consent to receive messages.

The legal aspect is majorly concerned with how you use email addresses. For example, your emails should always give people a way to opt-out.

  1. Where can I buy an email list?

You can purchase email lists from marketing companies, data brokers or sellers, and data or sales intelligence platforms. Whichever option you choose, ensure that their data source is reputable and authentic.

Skyrocket your conversion rates with cold emailing

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