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5 Cold Email Templates That Will Break the Ice for You (Updated)7 minutes read

Finding the best cold email template is always a struggle. For example, a good cold sales email template can stand between you and your next successful business. If you don’t write cold emails that get responses, you’re out of the game before it even begins. The best email introduction template is hard to come by, which is why we’ve thought of a few cold email templates that will make it easier for you to break that first ice between you and hopefully your future client or partner.

Before we move any further, let’s just understand what a cold email template is. A cold template, as suggested by the name, is an email template you can use over and over again to build a rapport with a potential prospect while getting in-touch for the first time using email, with just a few modifications to personalize it for a specific prospect. In order for the email template to be valuable, it has to pass a few checkmarks.

The email has to have an attractive subject line that makes the prospect click on it in the first place. Also, the content of the email has to be eye-catchy, simple to read, short, relatable and sweet. An email that’s too long will never be read by anyone. What are the best 5 cold email templates we’ve ever used? Check out our list below!

Cold Email Template No. 1: The “Best Contact” Template

{Name of the business} – ABC Inc.
{Name of the issue} – Email marketing
{Name of your business} – XYZ

A little confusion never hurt anybody. This approach shows the prospect you might not be perfect because you’re simply asking for directions. Yet, once you’ve picked their interest, you can slam the speech further and start selling away. All you have to do is get a response and you’re 90% there.

Subject line: “I’m looking for the best contact at {ABC}”

Email Body: “Hi there! I’m simply looking for the best contact from [name of the business] in regards to [name of the issue]? Is this you guys here are having issues with? I’m working at [XYZ] and I can tell you thousands of companies and organisations have this problem. We’ve helped [names of companies you’ve worked with] in dealing with [email marketing] and they’ve all had a great time working with us.
My question is, are you the right person to talk with about this? If that’s a positive, can we set up a quick call sometime? Or if not, can you message me some contact info of the right person?

Cold Email Template No. 2: The “Startup” Technique

{Name of prospect} – Jacob
{Issue at hand} – Email Marketing
{Name of company} – ABC Inc.

In this template, you’re showing off but just slightly. You’re offering them the chance to work with people that have helped other people in need, even people at the beginning of their journeys, each of which have been able to come out awesome after their collaboration with your company.

Subject line: [Jacob], can you help with [email marketing]?

“Hello {Jacob},
Do you people at {ABC Inc.} deal with {email marketing problems} right now?
I’m from {XYZ company} and I’m working with dozens of companies from your field, like [Examples of companies] to make sure their [email marketing issue] is resolved on a daily basis because of our [email marketing services].
Trust me, I know you might not have an easy day as the [Position of prospect] and your schedule might be as busy as it gets, but how about we settle for a quick call for later? We might get to the bottom of this and eradicate the problem forever.

Cold Email Template No. 3: The “Event” Technique

[Name of prospect] – David
[Your name] – James
[Name of event] – Hotel Conference
[Specific section of the event] – Tom’s speech
[Name of company] – PQR

Events like conferences or expos are perfect for you and your business to meet possible new partners. You’ll exchange business cards with a load of people and, when you’ve sorted through the ones you think are a perfect fit for you to become your next clients, this technique of cold emailing them is the very best for you to use straight away.

Subject line: Hi [David], how did [the hotel conference] went for you?

“Hi [David ],
I really hope you liked [the hotel conference] as much as I did. How did you like the [speech Tom gave]? I loved that presentation myself!
I managed to stop for a few minutes at your booth and, honestly, I think you people at [PQR] are going to grow big in your field, as the [Industry] needs guys like you around.
I’m [James] and I’m working as a [salesperson] which means my job is to make people from [Businesses in the field] happy and help them grow and get [the best email marketing] by [our email services].

How about we set up a quick call and talk about how you guys at [LinkedOut] handle these issues now?
Thank you!”

Send your best email template to multiple prospects at once!

Cold Email Template No. 4: The “Helpful” Technique

[Name of prospect] – Adrian
[Problems] – email marketing issues
[Specific situations] – email marketing responses
[Name of company] – IndiaSpice Inc.

This simple approach triggers an emotional response from your prospect because you’re offering to help them with something they might be able to use, as in, your ideas, in exchange for nothing more than a response from them. This will have the prospect reply to your email, which is what you want in the first place. From there on, it’s your technique that will close the deal or not. Be helpful but save some secrets for the invoice.

Subject line: [Adrian], are you dealing with [email marketing issues]?

“Hello [Adrian],
Do you have some issues with [email marketing responses] back at the headquarters of [IndiaSpice Inc.]?
If you do, I would like to help out. Just send me an email and I’ll tell you about my ideas.
All right, I’ll be around for your response!
Have a good one”

Cold Email Template No. 5: The “Content” Technique

[Set subject] – Best time to send out an email
[Name of prospect] – Tanita
[Specific point in the article] – Sending emails in the morning
[Name of your company] – SalesHandy
[Business field] – email marketing
[Services you offer] – email sollutions

This approach is for when you find the problem your prospect is facing through their own writing, like on their blog, for example. It’s a great opener and it shows you’ve already met them, even if not in person, just in their writing. Making a personal remark to your prospect will make them more open to accepting new ideas and, hopefully, new people to work with them.

Subject line: Your article about [the best time to send emails]

“My dear [Tanita],
I happen to read your article on your blog about [the best time to send out emails]. I loved the way you talked about it, mainly when you detailed on [sending emails in the morning].
I work at a company named [SalesHandy] and we like to help other businesses in [email marketing] like [Examples of businesses] achieve their goals with our [email solutions].

If you’re also seeking for some help in those parts, I have a few ideas for how you can get past your issues. How do you feel about a quick call this afternoon?
Thank you!”

Cold Email Templates – Conclusion

Writing the very best cold email template is not an easy task. These 5 are our personal favorite to use that works for us on a daily basis, but you can feel free to change them to your personal likings. In the end, choosing the right cold email template is a game of trial and error. It depends on your field and also your prospect’s field of interest. You have to keep your eyes open for that aspect or detail that will simply make your prospect want you on their team.
Every detail counts when you’re doing cold emails to a new prospect. Make sure you’re choosing the right time of day or week in the first place. Don’t go all out and send your email on a Saturday morning. Who does that? Also, nobody likes three or four emails in one day.
Be patient. Learn patience even with emails and you’ll do great. Practice more than one template, make them your own and, when the response comes back, enjoy the new connection and possible new client you’ve been able to catch for your enterprise.

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