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60+ Cold Email Templates to Generate Responses in 2024

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Finding the best cold email template is always a struggle. A good cold email template can stand between you and your next successful venture.

If you don’t write cold emails that get responses, you’re out of the game before it even begins!

The best introduction, sales, prospecting, lead generation (etc) templates are hard to come by, which is why we’ve thought of a few cold email templates that will make it easier for you to break the ice between you and hopefully your future client or partner.

A cold email template, as suggested by the name, is an email template you can use over and over again to build a rapport with a potential prospect while getting in touch for the first time using cold emailing, with just a few modifications to personalize it for a specific prospect.

How to Use Cold Email Templates To Increase Conversions

In order for the cold email template to be valuable, it has to pass a few checkmarks.

The email has to have an attractive subject line that makes the prospect click on it in the first place. Also, the content of the email should be valuable, personalized, simple to read, short, relatable, and actionable. 

  • Ensure there is an adequate amount of personalization (subject line too)
  • Use cold email software to replace placeholders (merge tags) at scale and launch campaigns 
  • The template should be relevant to the recipient, don’t blindly copy paste templates
  • Edit the templates as much as required to make them relevant to recipient’s pain points, industry, interests, value added, resources shared, etc. 
  • Double check the tone of the template to suit your recipient 
  • If possible, download all the templates and load them onto your cold email software for easier access and use 
  • If additional information needs to be added then do so 
  • And remember this, templates are always written from a generic point of view

Important – Identical emails sent out at scale are typically flagged as spam by most email service providers (ESPs). It is recommended you use cold email tools that have a ‘spintax’ feature that allows you to ‘remix’ a template with numerous variations. This helps you steer clear of spam filters and safely reach your recipient’s inbox.

60+ Best Cold Email Templates to Get A Response

Here are the best cold email templates that you can rely on. Check them out below!

Cold Email Templates For Cold Calls

Cold call emails are meant either to inform prospective clients you are going to call them, schedule a call with them, or tell them you called them and they missed your call. 

1. Reaching Out Before Calling

{Let’s talk {{First Name}}!

Subject:{Let’s talk {{First Name}}! Hey there, {{First Name}} How are you doing today? I am {{Name}} and I work at {{company name}}. We work with companies like {{their company name}} to: {{mention pain points and the solutions offered}} I was wondering if you are the right person to have a conversation with about this? I would love to get in touch with you over the phone, as having an actual conversation could be beneficial. If you are interested, you can reply to this email and let me know your availability. Cheers, {{Your Name}}

2. Following Up For Call Invite #1

Did you receive my email?

Hi {{First Name}}, It’s me again {{Your Name}} from {{Company name}}. I previously emailed you about helping companies like yours to {{overcome pain points/solutions offered}}/ I am curious to know how you [[manage your cold emailing needs]] at {{Company name}}? Our team of experts has created the perfect [[cold email automation solution]] and would love to share more of what we’ve been doing recently. Are you interested in a short call this week? Click the link below to choose a time and date that works for you. Best, {{Your Name}}

3. Following Up For Call Invite #2

Quick question, {{First Name}}?

Hello {{First Name}}, Dealing with {{pain point}} can be hard to navigate at times. If you can share more about {{pain point}} and how it has hampered your growth, I can help you overcome them with {{add your value proposition}}. We can discuss this over the phone as it will make the flow of conversation easier and faster. Click on the calendar link below to schedule a call with one of our in-house experts. {{Add link to calendar}} Take care, {{Your Name}}

4. Informing Them You Will Be Calling

Let’s hop on a call {{First Name}}!

Hi there, {{First Name}} How are you doing? I’ve been doing some research on {{Their company name}} and I’d love to learn more about {{a pain point/challenge you discovered}}. Our {{name of product/service}} helps companies with this exact issue by {{solution offered}}. Over the last 6 months, we have helped companies like yours achieve {{statistics}} after {{the pain point}}. I will be calling you today to discuss this further, as we believe {{mention the pain points of theirs you can resolve with your product/service}}. Do you have a preferred time? Best, {{Your Name}}

5. The “Missed” Call

I tried calling you {{First Name}}!📞

Greetings {{First Name}}, I am {{Your Name}} from {{Company Name}} and I work as a {{Job Title}}. Sorry I missed you on the phone today! I was calling to {{state your purpose}}. I left you a voicemail detailing how {{product/service}} can resolve {{pain point}}. I would love to have a conversation with you on {{product/service}} has helped several companies in the {{industry}} achieve their quarterly goals. I will try to call you back on {{date and time}}. If this timing works for you, please email or call me back and we can schedule a time to have a chat. Looking forward to talking with you! Regards, {{Your Name}}

Cold Email Templates for Sales 

Sending out ‘generic’ sales emails to a list of prospects will probably yield poor results. Effective personalization and using different email techniques will create originality and help you stand out from the crowd. Every feature of your cold email matters, from the subject to the call to action. Always remember to make it less about you and your offerings, and more about how their pain points can be resolved through the product or service you are pitching.

1. The “Startup Technique”

{{First Name}}, do you need help with [email marketing - example solution]?

Hello {{First Name}}, Have your employees at {{insert company name}} been dealing with [email marketing problems] currently? I’m from {{XYZ company}} and I’m working with dozens of companies from your field, like [Examples of companies] to make sure their [email marketing issue] is resolved on a daily basis because of our [email marketing services]. Trust me, I know you might not have an easy day as the {{Position of prospect}}, and your schedule might be as busy as it gets, but how about we settle for a quick call for later? We might get to the bottom of this and eradicate the problem forever. Cheers! {{Your Name}}

2. The “helpful” technique

{{First Name}}, are you dealing with [email marketing issues - example of the problem]?

Hello {{First Name}}, Have you been facing issues with [email marketing responses - example of the problem]? We’ve all been there, trust me! If you’re in the same boat, then lucky for you because I would like to help you out. Just send me an email and I’ll tell you about my ideas. Looking forward to your response! Have a great day! Regards, {{Your Name}}

Pro tip: For a cold email template to work, you have to keep A-Z testing. There is no perfect template out there. So, it is recommended to keep testing using different template styles and formats.

3. Grabbing the prospect’s attention technique

You have to try this {{insert name of solution/product}} [Customize the subject line to your product or service and add your USP] Note: Adding emojis to your subject line makes it attractive!

Hi {{First Name}}, Did you know that {{add exciting facts related to your business}}? We found it hard to believe too when we first heard that! But it is possible. We here at {{XYZ}}, have crafted the perfect solution to {{explain the problem}}. If this is something that interests you, reply to this email. My team and I will be more than happy to set up a demo call to walk you through the process. Hope you have a great day! Best, {{Your Name}}

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4. The “direct” technique

I have some exciting news!

Hey {{First Name}}, I am {{Your Name}} from {{XYZ}}, and we specialize in [email marketing services]. With the hustle and bustle of life, sending out emails manually has become a tedious task. With traditional [email marketing], tracking open rates and ensuring deliverability are not guaranteed. But, with {{name of software}}, all of these things are a dream come true! If this has piqued your interest, reply to this email and we’ll go from there. [Adding your website and links to social media can prove to be beneficial and increase your chances of a reply] Regards, {{Your Name}}

5. The “short & sweet” technique

I only need 10 minutes!

Hi {{First Name}}, My name is {{Your Name}}, and I work as a {{Job Title}} at {{XYZ}}. I’ll keep this quick as I understand you might be busy. Our company specializes in [email tracking tools] and has over [100,000 users] to date. Companies like {{insert name of prominent companies that have used your services}} have been using our services for years now. Using our software, we can guarantee three things: a) Increased Open Rates b) Increased Replies c) Assurance that all Emails Land Up In The Inbox of the User [Over here, add your unique selling points (USPs) to entice the user]. I only need 10 minutes of your time to explain all of this to you. Let me know if you are interested. Best, {{Your Name}}

Pro tip: For a cold email template to work, you have to keep A-Z testing. There is no perfect template out there. So, it is recommended to keep testing using different template styles and formats.

Cold Email Templates For Partnership

A partnership could range from various situations such as content collaboration, business development, corporate partnership, or asking an influencer to promote your product/service.

1. Content Partnership

Suggestion for your blog page!

Hi there, {{First Name}} Happy {{Day of the week!}} I am {{Your Name}} from {{Company Name}} and I work as {{Position}. My team and I have been reading your blog page for a while now and are impressed with your work, especially {{add a few blogs you liked by name or topic}}. We are also interested in {{topic}}. I wanted to quickly reach out to you to ask if you would be interested in discussing a mutually beneficial collaboration between our teams. We could help each other raise awareness for {{name of your product}} and {{name of theirs}}. It’s a win-win for both! Let me know! Thanks, {{Your Name}}

2. Influencer Partnership

Let’s collab!

Hey there {{First Name}}, How are you doing? My name is {{Your Name}} and I work with {{Company Name}} as {{Position}}. I’ve been following you on {{social media channel}} for a while now and I have to say I’m a fan! I love how you {{reference a piece of their content you like}}. I am writing this email because I wanted to explore the opportunity of {{Your company name}} working together with you. {{Your company name}} deals with {{explain what you do}}. I think this would resonate with your followers because {{explain why it would be relevant to their audience}}. Are you interested in this opportunity? Have a great day! Best, {{Your Name}}

3. Corporate Partnership

Can we help {{company}} accomplish [X]?

Hello {{First Name}}, I am {{Your Name}} from {{Company Name}}. One of our mutual connections {{name}} recently told me about {{project}} that {{Their company name}} completed for {{client}}. I specifically admired {{takeaway/relevant opinion}}. Our team consists of excellent individuals in {{industry}} offering valuable expert skills like {{skils}}. Here is a quick summary of the recent projects we have worked on: {{Project details}} We are interested in a {{long term/short term partnership}} with {{their company name}} to {{pitch}}. If this is something you are interested in, then let’s jump on a quick 10-minute call to hammer out the details! Best, {{Your Name}}

4. Business Development Partnership

Something new for {{Company Name}}!

I am {{Your Name}}, the CEO and founder of {{Your company name}}, {{mention what you do}}. I’ve been following your company's work for a few years now, and I love {{mention something you love}}. I am emailing you because I believe the partnership between our two brands can help [[increase sales and build brand awareness to various target markets]]. Is this something you would be interested in? Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further over the phone. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks! {{Your Name}}

5. Asking For A Shoutout

{{First Name}}, we’d love to partner with you!

Hey there, {{First Name}} I came across your recent blog post about {{topic}} and I really liked how you explained {{topic}}. It really struck a chord with me! I am {{Your Name}} from {{Company Name}} and we specialize in {{describe your product/company and how it is relevant to them}}. We’re big fans of your work and we think letting your followers know about {{Name of your product}} and how it can {{benefit}} would add a lot of value to content and audiences. We would be thrilled if you could give us a shoutout on your next [[newsletter]]. In return, we can offer {{mention something that is beneficial to them}}. Best, {{Your Name}}

Cold Email Templates For Potential Clients

Cold emailing potential clients with the intention of converting them can get tricky! It’s recommended that you always include a clear call to action, keep the email short, always provide value, personalize, and follow up.

1. The hyper-personalized template

Quick 15 min convo {{First Name}}?

Hello, {{First Name}} I am reaching out to you because being the [[head of marketing]], I was certain you would know how your {{an activity related to your product}} is performing. We’ve helped similar companies like {{your existing clients}}. I felt you might be interested in improving {{their biggest pain point}}. I did some research on your company’s current {{topic}} and I am sharing a few of my thoughts which help you improve {{benefit your product offers}}: I noticed that {{state the current problem and how your product solves or improves it}} I’d love to share a few more ideas with you and spend some time in better understanding your current process. {{First Name}}, are you free this week for a 15-minute chat? Warm Regards, {{Your Name}}

2. Chasing Prospects That Use Your Competitor’s Product/Service

Did you hear about {{competitor’s name}}?

Greetings {{First Name}}, I know as the {{name of their position}} at {{Company name}} you must be getting a lot of emails and probably deleting them! High five! The reason I am reaching out to you is that I noticed you are using {{your competitors}} to {{solution/activity}}. How do you find their [[features]]? We especially help {{their position}} to do {{things that your competitors don’t offer}}. In the last quarter alone, many of our customers switched from {{your competitor}} to handle {{acitivity}}. If you are interested in this, I’d love to schedule a demo with our team to show you can benefit from switching over to {{name of your product/service}}. Kind regards, {{Your Name}}

3. Re-engaging Prospects Gone ‘Cold’

Haven’t heard from you in a while!

Hey {{First Name}} I hope you are doing well, it’s been a while since we talked! {{Their company name}} had started a free trial with {{your product name}} for {{function}} in the past. I would love to reconnect with you and your team to understand if there were any issues or roadblocks to help with your {{function}}. Since you used {{your product name}}, we made some additions: {{mention new features that especially will benefit the prospect}} Let’s have a quick chat sometime this week, {{First Name}}? I would love to walk you through some of the new features and how they can help you! Let me know which time works best for you. Best, {{Your Name}}

4. Using Social Proof

{{Company}} increased sales by {{Amount}} with {{Product/Solution}}

Hi {{First Name}}, My name is {{Your Name}} and I am the {{position}} at {{Your company name}}. Our company specializes in {{one sentence description of your product/service}}. {{Customer 1, 2, 3}} have all been using our services for the past year to help with: {{How they use it, the benefit they gained by resolving their pain points using your product}} I would love to have a quick discussion with you to understand your current systems and how {{product/service}} can help. Let me know. Best, {{Your Name}}

5. Sharing Valuable Resources

{{First Name}}, I have just the thing for you!

Hey there {{First Name}}, {{Start the email with a compliment or congratulate them on something}}. I am {{Your Name}} and I work with {{your company name}}. I would love to connect with {{someone in their company that can use your product or service}}. I would like to understand the current processes you follow and how {{product name}} can add value by {{pain point resolved/benefit}}. I am listing a few of our features that might be of interest to you: {link to feature page} {link to feature page} {link to feature page} Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance. Best, {{Your Name}}

Cold Email Templates For Jobs

Applying for a new job can be a frustrating experience especially if you don’t receive responses from employers. Use these cold email templates for job applications to get noticed and also elicit desirable responses from employers. Always remember to include your resume and link to your LinkedIn profile for these types of emails. 

1. The “Introductory” Email

Job Inquiry: {{Name of position}}

Dear {{First Name}}, I am writing this email to find out more about {{role}}. I saw the job posting on your website and thought I’d be a good fit because I have {{number}} of years in the {{field}}. I believe I can offer your organization value through {{skills}}. Currently, I am focused on {{goal}} and I believe that {{company name}} will be able to help me achieve it. {{Mention how your goal can be met by the company through the research you have done}}. I would love to schedule a time to discuss my suitability for this role. I have attached my resume and portfolio for your perusal. Waiting for your response. Sincerely, {{Your Name}} {{LinkedIn profile}}

2. The “Introductory” Email #2

Ex-{{Company}} & {{Company}} Marketing Exec Job Application

Hey there {{First Name}}, I found your email on LinkedIn. I am a former {{job title}} at {{company}} and {{company}} who has significant experience in the {{industry}}. I am passionate about {{role}} and would like to apply for it. Beyond attaching my resume, I have also quickly shared a few ideas on {{job function}} based on your website}}. This will hopefully provide you with an insight into my skills, and experience, and also why I would be a great candidate for the job. Please let me know what are the next steps in the hiring process. Looking forward to your response! Regards, {{Your Name}} {{LinkedIn Page}}

3. The “Introductory” Email #3

{{Name of position}} Job Application

Hello {{First Name}}, My name is {{Your Name}} and I would like to briefly introduce myself to you. I am applying for the position of {{title}}. I spent some time researching {{company name}} and I am very interested in this position. The job description provided a fantastic preview of what the role entails and what working at {{company name}} will be like. Safe to say, I am excited! I have enclosed my resume and portfolio for you to review. I am particularly proud of {{mention an achievement or accomplishment}}. I will be waiting to hear from you. Please do let me know about the hiring process, including the timeline. Best Regards, {{Your Name}} {{LinkedIn Page}}

4. Following Up #1

Re: Job Application for {{name of position}}

Dear {{First Name}}, I recently applied for {{name of position}}. I applied on {{date}} via email {{or any other channel/platform}}. I am just following up to see if there is any update. I am really excited about this opportunity, and I wanted to understand the next stage of the hiring process. Please do confirm if you have received my application and if you have any questions regarding my application. To make it easier for you, you can contact me directly {{phone number or LinkedIn page}}. Many thanks, {{Your Name}}

5. Following Up #2

Re: Job Application for {{name of position}}

Hey there {{First Name}}, Last week, I applied for the position of {{name of position}} via {{channel}}. I would love an update on my application and also the timeline of the hiring process. I am excited at the prospect of joining your company and using my skills, knowledge, and experience to help you {{value you will bring to the company}}. Please let me know if you need further information on my application or experience. I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you and share my ideas for this role. Kind Regards, {{Your Name}}

Cold Email Templates For Follow-Ups

Follow-up emails are inevitable in any cold email campaign (sequence). It is challenging to get the prospect’s attention in just one go. A good 1-2 follow-ups (steps) won’t cause much harm, but you need to keep the communication very light.

A simple nudge or polite reminder to reply. The following templates will help you to do this task.

1. Follow-Up Email #1

Hey! Remember me?

Hi {{First Name}}, I emailed you a few days ago about {{insert the content of email}}. I understand that you might be busy. Did I mention we offer a [14-day free trial] with no commitments whatsoever? You can sign up for our trial [here], in case you wish to try out our software to ensure you are making the best choice for yourself. Let me know how it goes. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Best Wishes, {{Your Name}}

2. Follow Up Email #2

{{First Name}}, any update?

Hi again, {{First Name}}, Hope you’re having a great day. I wanted to reach out to ask you if there were any updates in regard to the previous email I sent? I know this email has probably gotten lost in the shuffle, so I really hope you see this one. Just to reiterate, {add content shared in the first two emails but keep it short}. Let me know :) Best, {{Your Name}}

3. Asked to follow up later

Is this a good time to talk?

Hi {{First name}}, The last time we spoke, you wanted me to get back to you after a while. Our conversation ended on {{topic}}. I am just following up to know if it would be a good time to discuss this now. I am sharing the proposal file, and I would be happy to recap our previous conversation as well. Let me know a suitable time to connect with you. Thanks, {{Your name}}

4. After getting no response

I think it’s time to say goodbye!

Hey {{First name}}, I have tried to connect with you several times, and I haven’t heard back from you at all. I understand you may have different priorities at this given time, and thus I will be closing your file. In case you would like to connect in the future, don't hesitate to email me. Thanks, {{Your name}}

5. The “break up” email

{{First Name}}, let’s cut to the chase!

Hello {{First Name}}, I know this is probably getting a bit intrusive. I wanted to reach out to you one last time. Let me know if you are interested in {{mention what was offered}}. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume the timing wasn’t right or you have other better offers. If in the future, you would like to use our services feel free to reach out to me. Wishing you the best. Cheers, {{Your Name}}

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Cold Email B2B Lead Generation Templates

Writing the perfect B2B cold email for lead generation is both an art and a science. It should have a compelling subject line, strong CTA, and an engaging message all within 150 words or less. Balancing a friendly tone with getting straight to the point is tricky, use these templates to help you!

1. B2B Cold Email Template #1

10x your sales this quarter!

Hey there {{First Name}}, I have an idea that I would like to share that can help {{company name}} accelerate their sales this quarter. I recently helped another one of our clients {{SaaS company name}} almost quadruple their sales using this idea! Let’s schedule a quick call sometime next week, {{First Name}}, so I too can share this idea with you. Which day and time works best for you? Regards, {{Your Name}}

2. B2B Cold Email Template #2

{{First Name}}, quick question?

Hey {{First Name}}, Are you looking for a [[software]] that can {{the benefit of your product}}? I know you are a busy individual working {{a goal your product can help achieve}}, so I’ll make this email quick. I am {{Your Name}} working as a {{job title}}, and I’ve got a few suggestions that can help you generate more {{metric}} with {{area}}. Here you go: {{Suggestion 1}} {{Sugesstion 2}} It might be tough to do these suggestions manually, which is where {{your company}} can help! Would you like to hop on a 15-minute phone call sometime this week? I would love to give you a demonstration of these tips and take this forward. Let me know! Regards, {{Your Name}}

3. B2B Cold Email Template #3

{{First Name}}, we see you!👀

Hey there {{First Name}}, You recently visited our website and [[viewed the industries page]]. Are you interested in learning more about how [[cold emailing can benefit SaaS companies?]] If yes, then I highly recommend the following resources: {{resource 1}} {{resource 2}} If you are interested in scaling your business through [[cold emailing]], you’re in right place! {{Your company name}} offers {{the product or service you are offering}} which could help company’s like yours achieve this {{specfic result}}. Are you free for a quick conversation to discuss this further? Warm Regards, {{Your Name}}

4. Nudge in the right direction

I’m looking for the best contact at {{Company name}

Hi there {{First Name}}, I was wondering who would be the best person to contact from {{Company name}} with regards to {{issue}}? Have you been facing the same issue? I’m working at {XYZ} and I can tell you that numerous organizations have this problem. We’ve helped {names of companies you’ve worked with} in dealing with [email marketing - example solution] and they’ve all had a great time working with us. {Insert some numerical data if possible} My question is, are you the right person to talk to about this? If yes, then can we set up a quick call sometime? Or if not, can you message me the contact info of the right person? Thanks! {{Your Name}}

5. The “flattery” technique

Great Job {{First Name}}

Hi {First Name}, Congratulations on winning/publishing {{insert something they achieved/published}, I am so happy for you! {{Their company name}} is doing great things! I like how you {{something specific about their company that you like}}. I know you must be busy so I’ll make this quick! My team and I have spent over 2 hours creating a personalized demo on how {{their company name}} can achieve {{goal/result/overcome pain point}}. I would love for you to have a look and let me know if you think it’s something you find useful. Best, {{Your Name}}

Cold Email Templates For Internship

Internships are a great pathway to your career, but they aren’t easy to come by. If you’ve already created a contact list of opportunities, designed your resume, and optimized your LinkedIn profile then you’re all set to send cold emails! Use these templates to secure internships.

1. The inquiry email

Could I be your next intern?

To whom it may concern, I am writing this email to see if {{company name}} has any internship opportunities. My name is {{Your Name}} and I am a {{recent graduate/student}} at {{university name}} with a degree in {{Major or degree name}} and I have achieved {{mention grades}}. I have relevant coursework in {{area}}. I was also a part of the {{student committees/volunteering}} and {{add an achievement}}. I am interested in your firm because {{mention a personal or professional connection}}. In case you are interested, I have attached my resume and relevant references. I would love an opportunity to grow at {{company name}}! Best, {{Your Name}}

2. The initial email

Application for Internship - {{position title}}

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is {{Your Name}} studying {{degree name}}, at {{university name}} and I am in my [final year]. I saw on [[LinkedIn]] that {{company name}} is looking for [[Social Media]] interns that are in their final year. I would like to apply for this opportunity as part of my degree requirements. I am interested in working in the [[marketing field]] further down my career path, and I think this internship will provide me with valuable experience and skills. I am a quick learner, able to work independently, and always think outside the box. {{Mention any achievements as a student such as being part of a committee, or volunteering—anything that would enhance your application}}. I am attaching my resume and cover letter for your reference. I hope I will get this opportunity! Thanks in advance for your time. Best, {{Your Name}} {{LinkedIn Page}}

3. Internship email

Hire me as an intern!

Dear {{hiring manager}}, My name is {{Your Name}} and I emailing you to ask about a potential internship opportunity at {{Company Name}}. I am currently enrolled in {{university name}} pursuing a degree in {{major}}. Your company’s work on {{mention why you are interested}} is something that piqued my interest. I believe I could learn a lot from the esteemed individuals working there. Any information you can give me about how to intern at {{company name}} would be greatly appreciated. If you have any internships or other opportunities, kindly let me know. You can get in touch with me by email or on my mobile at {{phone number}}. Warm Regards, {{Your Name}}

4. Internship Follow-Up Email #1

Re: Internship Application - {{name of position}}

Hi {{Hiring Manager}}, My name is {{Your Name}}, and I applied for the internship position of {{title}}. I wanted to check in to see if you received my materials for the summer internship that I sent out on {{date}}. I'm eager to find out more information about your business. Please let me know if you require any other details. Kind Regards, {{Your Name}}

5. Internship Follow-Up Email #2

Re: Internship Application - {{name of position}}

Hello {{First Name}}), My name is {{Your Name}}, and I applied for an {{position title}} intern position {{when you applied}}. I'm following up with you to ask what the next stages are in the application process and to ask if you've received my application. I am ecstatic about the chance and think I may be of great benefit to {{company name}}. If you have any questions about my application, please let me know. I would appreciate hearing from you at this email address or at {{insert details}}. Kindest regards, {{Your Name}}

Cold Email Templates For Meetings

Whether you’re writing a cold email to schedule a meeting or following up after a meeting, you must provide the recipient with: the reason for emailing, get straight to the point, add a CTA, attach any documents/resource if discussed in the meeting, and end professionally.

1. Meeting request

Let’s chat {{First Name}}!

Hello {{First Name}}, My name is {{Your Name}} and I am working as {{job title}} at {{Company name}}. Here we specialize in {{activities related to the prospect}}, and we’ve helped {{clients}} with {{pain points resolved through solutions offered}}. This is how we helped [[Company X]] reach their quarterly goals {{Add relevant examples of your work if possible}}. Since you are the [[Marketing Manager]], I believe we could collaborate to achieve similar goals for {{Company name]]. {{add specific goals related to their pain points if possible}}. I’d like to invite you and your team for a meeting at {{address or online meeting location}} to discuss this further. To schedule a meeting please click on the calendar link below: {{calendar link}} If you have any questions, please call me: {{number}}. Best Wishes, {{Your Name}}

2. Informal meeting request

Bagels & Coffee on me!

Hey there {{First Name}}, How is your week going? I am {{Your Name}} at {{Company Name}}. I’ll get straight to the point, I specialize in {{activities relevant to your prospect}} and I am looking for new clients dealing with {{pain points}}. {{Your company name}} aims to {{value you provide}}. We’ve helped {{relevant examples of clients and the pain points you helped them resolve}}. I’d like to invite you over to our main office at {{address}} to discuss how we can help you achieve {{goals}} over some bagels and coffee. If you want we can have a quick chat over the phone first, here is my phone number, {{number}}. Let me know when you want to meet! Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, {{Your Name}}

3. Reaching out to someone you’ve met

It was nice meeting you {{First Name}}!

Greetings {{First Name}}, We met at {{event}} on {{day}} and I had a great time chatting with you about {{topic}}. If I recall correctly, you expressed an interest in {{your services}} that we offer. Do you want to book a quick meeting with us this week to see how we can help each other out? We’ll keep the meeting short, I know you are busy! {{calendar link}} Let me know when you are available. Sincerely, {{Your Name}}

4. Follow Up After No Response

Re: Let’s chat {{First Name}}!

Hi again {{First Name}}, I emailed you last week about {{topic of email}}, and wondered if you had the chance to think about it? If it makes sense, let me know what your calendar looks like, and we can work something out. If not, then could you please direct me to the appropriate to talk to regarding this? Thanks for your help, {{Your Name}}

5. Following Up After Meeting

Great Meeting! (or you can share the minutes of the meeting too)

Hey {{Everyone or First Name}}, Thanks for a great meeting! It was great discussing {{topic}} and I really appreciate your {{specific feedback}} on {{topic}}. As discussed in the meeting, we are moving forward with {{topic}} by {{details}}. I am attaching the minutes of the meeting for recap purposes. Additionally, as promised I am also attaching essential resources needed for {{action items}} as well {{resources}} {{MOM - minutes of meeting}} We have a meeting scheduled for {{time and date}} where we can regroup and review the progress of {{activity}}. Please let me know if you are unclear on something. Best, {{Your Name}}

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Cold Email Templates For Recruiting

Sending excellent cold recruiting emails may be the difference between hiring or losing out on a top applicant. But how do you successfully approach numerous passive candidates (candidates that did not apply)? Similarly, how do you cold email referred candidates? You must have a solid recruitment strategy for the same. The solution can be a straightforward cold recruiting email template. Don’t worry the templates include emails for candidates that have actively applied as well.

1. Passive Candidates

{{Your Company Name}} wants you {{First Name}}!

Hi {{First Name}}, I am {{Your Name}} and I am the [[recuriting manager]] at {{Company name}}. We are looking for someone with your qualifications and experience to join our team. I came across your profile on [[LinkedIn]] and I thought you would make a great fit! We have a team of {{describe the team}}. I understand you aren’t currently pursuing job opportunities. However, if you are open to hearing more about this vacancy as {{job title}}, I would love to discuss it further. I think you will like what we offer. You can check out our company website here: {{link to the company website, social media channels}} Let’s talk! Best, {{Your Name}}

2. You found them on LinkedIn

{{First Name}} + {{Company Name}} = ?

Hello {{First Name}}, How are you doing? We are currently hiring [[content writers]] at {{company name]]. I came across your profile on LinkedIn while browsing for suitable candidates. I reviewed your experience and I thought you would be valuable to our company. Here are three reasons why I think this opportunity is a good fit for you: [reason 1] [reason 2] [reason 3] I would love to tell you more about the role, are you free to chat [[tomorrow]]? Regards, {{Your Name}} [[Hiring Manager @ Company Name]]

3. Referred Candidate

{{mutual connection’s name}} said we should talk!

Hello {{First Name}}, My name is {{Your Name}} and I work with {{company name}}. {{Mutual connection’s name}} recommend we get in touch and forwarded me your details. They shared your impressive experience at {{company}} and I was impressed! We currently have an open position for {{job title}} here at {{company name}}, and I think you would be a great addition to our team. Here is a link to the job posting which has more information about the role. {{link}} I am also attaching a link to our company website and social media channels for you. {{links}} If you are interested, reply to this email, and let’s set up a call sometime this week. Kind Regards, {{Your Name}}

4. Follow-Up After No Response

Re: Hiring {{name of position}}!

Hello again {{First Name}}, I understand that you must be busy, but I thought I would quickly follow up with you regarding my previous email. We are looking for {{name of position}} at {{company name}}. I found your profile on {{source}}, and I think you make a great candidate. Here is a link to our website: {{link}} You can find out more about the role here: {{link}} We would love to have a quick conversation with you, let’s schedule a short interview at your time of choosing? {{calendar link}} Thanks, {{Your Name}}

5. Recruiting Email

Interested in joining {{company name}}?

Hello {{First Name}}, How are you doing today? I am sure you get many emails like this! I recently saw your [[design]] published on {{platform}} and it really caught my attention! I am part of the recruiting team at {{company name}} and I am reaching out because we have a vacancy for {{job title}}. Given your skills and experience, I know you will be a great fit at {{company name}}. Here is a link to the job description: {{link}} I am also linking our company website: {{link}} Are you interested in this? Let me know. Thanks, {{Your Name}}

The link building and link exchange are perfect for you to connect with marketers within the same niche. Below are handy templates that you can use to build your network.

1. The “link builder” technique


Hey there {{First Name}}, I am {{Your Name}} from [Saleshandy]. I work as a {Job title} and, much like yourself, write well-researched and in-depth articles. I recently had the opportunity to read your {insert title}, and thought it was very interesting and intricately put together. As I was reading your piece, I noticed a couple of {anchor texts} that didn’t exactly fit. It can be tough finding an article to link to your piece; trust me I’ve been there. Hence, I suggest adding the link to {insert title of blog} to help your readers better understand the message you’re putting forth. This can enhance your overall article piece by adding key information for your readers. This will in turn decrease your bounce rate and increase the average session time (and so many other metrics that we’re happy to discuss with you!). We’re more than happy to add links from your blogs/website to our blogs too. Let me know if you are open to this collaboration. Best, {{Your Name}}

2. The “backlink” exchange technique

Hi {{First Name}}, Love your latest piece!

Hey there {{First Name}}, I am a [Content writer] at {{XYZ}}, and much like yourself, I write well-researched blogs about various topics. I recently read your blog post about {{insert title}}, and thought it was absolutely amazing! I loved how you described {{add something you liked}}. I was wondering if you would be interested in adding a link from my blog, {insert title}. It would fit perfectly contextually in this section {{add anchor text or section}}. In exchange, I am willing to add a link from your organization’s website to any of our blog posts you want. Let me know if you are interested. I am wishing you all the best! Regards, {{Your Name}}

3. Backlink from an article

Your article + Our blog = Great insight

Hi {{First Name}}, I hope you’re doing well. I know you might be busy, so I’ll make this quick. Our recent blog is in tune with the services you are offering. We think our blog will provide your reader with great insight about the {{topic/something related to the blog}}. It would be great to link our blog {{your blog link}} to your latest article {{their article link}}. Let me know your thoughts about this! Thanks, {{Your Name}}

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4. The “influencer outreach” technique

{{First Name}}, LET’S COLLAB!

Hey there, {First Name} Hope all is well with you. I am {{Your Name}}, and I am the [brand marketing manager] at {{XYZ}}. I have been following your social media accounts, namely Instagram for quite a while now. I absolutely love how you {{mention something you liked from their page}}. I am reaching out to you because I want {insert your company name here} and you to work together to market {{product name}}. I think you are the right person to market our product because {{mention reason}}. And yes! In return, we will feature you on our page as well. We can discuss all the details if you are interested. Happy [Friday!] Best, {Your Name}

5. The “newsletter” reply technique

Hey {{First Name}}, did you hear about this?

Hi {{First Name}}! Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and reader of our monthly newsletter. I recently discovered this {{insert resource/link}} and thought it was extremely helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Best, {{Your Name}}

Cold Email Templates For Agencies

If you’re an agency owner looking to try cold emailing to get new clients, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ve included industry-specific cold email templates for digital marketing agencies and creative firms.

They provide a solid starting structure.

During your outreach, you can customize these cold email agency template on a case-by-case basis so that your core messaging resonates with the recipient.

Cold Email Templates For a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

When reaching out to potential clients for SMMA, it’s important to start the conversation off on a friendly note.

You can open by complimenting the quality of their social media content and mentioning that you are a follower. It shows your readers that you have done your homework and are familiar with the recipient. 

Then, you can politely make suggestions for areas of improvement and offer your services as a solution. 

The key is to frame your recommendations constructively by providing helpful tips. At all costs, avoid harsh criticism or blame. 

You need to show that you have insight into their issues and can fix problems based on experience with similar companies.

Referencing past success stories helps build credibility and trust in your outreach right from the initial pitch. 

This approach shows you know to solve their specific problems and strengthen their social media presence. 

The goal is to gain an opportunity to discuss working together.

SMMA Cold Email Template #1

{First Name}}, I have a quick tip!

Hey {{First Name}}, I’ve been tracking {{Company Name}} on social media for a while—solid content! While browsing, I noticed that a few changes could take your growth forward. For instance, consider this free tip: [Provide a concise, actionable suggestion]. Want more insights? I've got plenty. How about a quick call this week? Let me know. Cheers, {{Your Name}} [Agency Name]

SMMA Cold Email Template #2

Let’s grow your social media together!

Hey {{First Name}}, I am really impressed with the content that you create on your social media channels. I’ve some fresh ideas that could help you increase your reach by 5x. In the past, I have helped companies like [Add Names] grow their social media presence. I’d love to discuss in detail all the tips that have worked well for the others. When could we connect for 20 minutes this week or next? I'm confident I could offer value to help you grow. Cheers, {{Your Name}} [Agency Name]

Cold Email Templates For a Lead Generation Agency

As a lead generation agency, numbers (results) is the name of the game.

Prospects want evidence your lead gen agency has successfully generated leads in their particular market or niche with companies similar to theirs. 

Plus, vertical expertise carries weight.

Your cold emails should highlight concrete results you have achieved for clients. For example, specify the number of leads generated within a certain time period and how this lead growth boosted the client’s business.

If your client base spans multiple industries, organize results data by industry. Then, you can include only relevant stats in emails and personalize messages for industry-specific recipient lists. 

This level of personalization and segmentation will strengthen your outreach.

You can also include links to case studies or client testimonials to build more credibility and win their trust.

Lead Generation Agency Cold Email Template #1

Grow your leads by 3x this quarter!

Hey {{First name}}, I'm [Add name] from [Add agency name], a lead generation agency that fuels SaaS growth through inbound and outbound campaigns. In Q3, we generated [Add number] leads for SaaS clients, leading to [Add number] new revenue. For [client name], leads increased XX% in Y months via targeted content and PPC. Would [company name] be interested in rapidly expanding its pipeline using our proven lead gen strategies? If yes, please let me know when you'd like to connect this week. Best, {{Your name}} [Agency Name]

Lead Generation Agency Cold Email Template #2

Want to get XX leads this quarter?

Hey {{First name}}, I'm {{Your name}} from [Add agency name], a [Add niche is relevant] lead generation agency. In Q2, we helped [client] generate XX net new leads through persona-based social media ads. This influx drove $YY in closed business for them. I’m confident we could attain similar high-converting results for {{Company Name}}. Would you be open to a quick intro call this week to discuss your customer acquisition goals and how we can generate more qualified leads? I have availability on [Add date] and [Add time]. If that works, please book a meeting here: [Calendar Link] Best, {{Your name}} [Agency Name]

Cold Email Templates For a Web Design Agency

Many small businesses may not dedicate resources for regular website analysis. But if you’re willing to offer a quick free review, they might be interested in what you have to say. 

You can use this strategy to create cold emails for your web design agency that get more opens.

In your cold email, you can offer a quick review of their website or give high-level suggestions that get your prospects interested. Keeping the preview high-level builds curiosity for more details without overwhelming readers initially.

The goal is to start a conversation and get them to want to discuss more. So, the focus should be on what value they can get from you. 

If you provide tidbits of real value tailored to their needs first with a soft CTA, you can develop community goodwill that pays long-term dividends.

Web Design Agency Cold Email Template #1

Quick Website Review For {{Company Name}}!

Hey {{First Name}}, [Add Your Agency Name] has selected {{Company Name}} for a complimentary website review! It’s a part of our weekly process to help other businesses like yours create more engaging websites. For [Add website name], my team put together an optimization plan for improvements like: [Improvement 1] [Improvement 2] [Improvement 3] Would you have 30 minutes to discuss some quick changes to better convert your site traffic? Just let me know what time and day works best for you. I'm confident we can find small tweaks with big conversion impact! Thanks, {{Your name}} [Agency Name]

Web Design Agency Cold Email Template #2

Let's Give Your Site an Upgrade

Hey {{First name}}, I noticed someone from {{Company Name}} visited our web design site. I value any viewer, so I took a look at your site to understand your business better. I have a few quick suggestions on how we can help improve user experience and conversions: [Improvement 1] [Improvement 2] [Improvement 3] I'd be happy to elaborate on these ideas more in a quick call. When are you free this week or early next week? Best, {{Your name}} [Agency Name]

Even for an SEO agency, the basics of cold emailing remain the same: Focus on solving your reader’s problem or need.

For instance, you could point out a broken link or show them scope for improvement with ranking for a few keywords. Then, softly pitch your services as the solution to fix these errors. 

This approach is soft, yet can hook the recipient because it points out a specific point about their website. 

Alternatively, you can also offer free website audits to get more clients for your SEO agency. Providing an SEO audit for free can help start the conversation with your prospects. After the audit, you can pitch paid services based on what they need.

SEO Agency Cold Email Template #1

Your site can convert more

Hi {{First name}}, I noticed {{Company Name}} ranks on page 2 for [relevant keyword]. With some on-page tweaks, we can get that to position 1-3. Our SEO agency creates customized campaigns to get companies ranking higher through technical fixes, content creation and link building. Would you be open to reviewing an audit? Best, {{Your name}} [Agency Name]

SEO Agency Cold Email Template #2

{First Name}}, I have a quick tip

Hey {{First name}}, I was browsing your site and noticed a broken link under the X section that redirects to a 404 error. My SEO agency can fix issues like this to improve site health. We also optimize technical elements onsite so your business shows up higher in search engines. Let me know if you’d like a quick audit for other quick fixes! Best, {{Your name}} [Agency Name]

Cold Email Templates For a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a crowded industry, so prospects often receive many pitches from agencies making similar promises. This makes it challenging to stand out and be trusted.

When crafting an outreach email, it’s important to immediately demonstrate these things: 

  • A genuine focus on driving client results rather than just making a sale
  • An understanding of the prospect’s specific industry.

Whether you are a freelancer or an established agency, you can tailor this email template to showcase what makes your services unique.

The goal is to give prospects a reason to open the door to further discussion by highlighting your reliability, knowledge, and commitment to their success above all else. 

This approach can help you stand apart from all the other digital marketing clutter in their inbox.

Digital Marketing Agency Cold Email Template #1

Let’s Increase Your Traffic and Revenue

Hi {{First name}}, I recently checked your website and found the content to be quite useful. That said, I believe it has the potential to get better and draw in more traffic. Our digital marketing agency recently helped [Client] boost organic traffic 64% in 9 months through tailored digital marketing strategies. Their new leads led to a 23% jump in revenue. If [Prospect Company] needs more qualified visitors to scale growth this year, I'd be happy to explore campaign options. Please let me know when we can connect over a quick 10-minute call. Thanks, {{Your name}} [Agency Name]

Digital Marketing Agency Cold Email Template #1

Boost Conversion Rates by Y%

Hi {{First name}}, I recently visited your website and noticed your site takes 10+ seconds to load. Our digital marketing agency specializes in SEO and conversion optimization for small businesses like yours. We helped Company X increase landing page conversions by Y% through page speed fixes, layout changes, banner tweaks and more. I’m confident that we can do the same for your business as well. If you’re interested, we can discuss some changes in a quick meeting. You can book a slot that suits you here: [Add calendar link] Thanks, {{Your name}} [Agency Name] [Agency Name]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to send a cold email?

Doing this process manually will take a lot of productive hours that can be utilized to chase the interested leads, plan your outreach strategy, and get a hold of other important stuff.   

For this task, you can use a cold email outreach tool like Saleshandy that not only helps you automate your cold email outreach but also sends a highly personalized cold email with follow-up emails.   

Using Saleshandy, you can

✔️ Send personalized cold email outreach

✔️ Easy access to the template database in compose window

✔️ Add condition trigger action-based follow-ups 

✔️ Easily mass-personalize all merge tags of templates by importing data

✔️ Save email templates 

✔️ Create template shortcuts and folders

✔️ All templates in your database can be accessed by your team members

✔️ Get detailed analytics of each template performance 

✔️ A/Z using different templates

2. How to write a cold email?

To write a successful cold email keep the following things in mind: add personalizing elements, include how your product/solution will resolve the pain points of a prospect, add follow-up steps, and automate your cold outreach campaigns.

Ready to Send Cold Emails?

Writing the very best cold email template is not an easy task. These are the most common situation-specific cold email templates. Make sure to change them to your personal liking wherever you see fit. 

In the end, choosing the right cold email template is a game of trial and error. It depends on your field and also your prospect’s field of interest. You have to keep your eyes open for that aspect or detail that will simply make your recipient respond. 

Ensure you’re choosing the right time of day or week in the first place. Also, nobody likes three or four emails in one day. Be patient. Learn patience even with emails and you’ll do great. 

Practice more than one template, make them your own and, when the response comes back, enjoy the new connection and possible new client you’ve been able to catch for your enterprise.

Make the most of these templates as they’re hand-picked by our experts.

Skyrocket your conversion rates with cold emailing

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