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100 Best cold email templates for effective conversions in 2023

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Finding the best cold email template is always a struggle. For example, a good cold sales email template can stand between you and your next successful business.

If you don’t write cold emails that get responses, you’re out of the game before it even begins.

The best email introduction template is hard to come by, which is why we’ve thought of a few cold email templates that will make it easier for you to break that first ice between you and hopefully your future client or partner.

Before we move any further, let’s just understand what a cold email template is.

What is a cold email template?

A cold email template, as suggested by the name, is an email template you can use over and over again to build a rapport with a potential prospect while getting in touch for the first time using cold emailing, with just a few modifications to personalize it for a specific prospect.

In order for the email template to be valuable, it has to pass a few checkmarks.

The email has to have an attractive subject line that makes the prospect click on it in the first place. Also, the content of the email has to be eye-catchy, simple to read, short, relatable, and sweet.

An email that’s too long will never be read by anyone. So, how do you write the perfect emails? Here are the best cold email templates that you can rely on. Check them out below!

100 best cold email templates to get a response

Direct approach templates

You will find a combination of direct and indirect templates that will help to connect with your prospects. It might be directly hitting their inbox or getting in touch through a mutual connection. 

Pro- tip: While writing your ice-breaking email, it is good to balance personalization and promotion. You don’t want to come across as too promotional in your emails.

1. The “startup” technique

{First Name}, do you need help with [email marketing - example solution]?

Hello {First Name}, Have your employees at {insert company name} been dealing with [email marketing problems] currently? I’m from {XYZ company} and I’m working with dozens of companies from your field, like [Examples of companies] to make sure their [email marketing issue] is resolved on a daily basis because of our [email marketing services]. Trust me, I know you might not have an easy day as the {Position of prospect} and your schedule might be as busy as it gets, but how about we settle for a quick call for later? We might get to the bottom of this and eradicate the problem forever. Cheers!{Your Name}

2. The “helpful” technique

{First Name}, are you dealing with [email marketing issues - example of the problem]?

Hello {First Name}, Have you been facing issues with [email marketing responses - example of the problem]? We’ve all been there, trust me! If you’re in the same boat, then lucky for you because I would like to help you out. Just send me an email and I’ll tell you about my ideas. Looking forward to your response! Have a great day! Regards, {Your Name}

3. Grabbing the prospects attention technique

You have to try this {insert name of solution/product} [Customize the subject line to your product or service and add your USP]
Note: Adding emojis to your subject line makes it attractive!

Hi {First Name} Did you know that {add exciting facts related to your business}? We found it hard to believe too when we first heard that! But it is possible. We here at {XYZ}, have crafted the perfect solution to {explain the problem}. If this is something that interests you, reply to this email. My team and I will be more than happy to set up a demo call to walk you through the process. Hope you have a great day! Best, {Your Name}

4. The “direct” technique

I have some exciting news!

Hey {First Name}, I am {Your Name} from {XYZ}, and we specialize in [email marketing services]. With the hustle and bustle of life, sending out emails manually has become a tedious task. With traditional [email marketing], tracking open rates and ensuring deliverability is not guaranteed. But, with {name of software}, all of these things are a dream come true! If this has piqued your interest, reply to this email and we’ll go from there. [Adding in your website and links to social media can prove to be beneficial and increase your chances of a reply] Regards, {Your Name}

5. The “short and sweet” technique

I only need 10 minutes!

Hi {First Name}, My name is {Your Name}, and I work as a {Job Title} at {XYZ}. I’ll keep this quick as I understand you might be busy. Our company specializes in [email tracking tools] and has over [100,000 users] to date. Companies like {insert name of prominent companies that have used your services} have been using our services for years now. Using our software, we can guarantee three things: a) Increased Open Rates b) Increased Replies c) Assurance that all Emails Land Up In The Inbox of the User [Over here, add your unique selling points (USPs) to entice the user]. I only need 10 minutes of your time to explain all of this to you. Let me know if you are interested. Best, {Your Name}

6. The “problem solver” technique

{First Name}, We have the answer to your problem!

Hey there {First Name}, Do you feel like you could use a break right about now? As a business professional myself, I can totally resonate with you. Our [email tracking tool has helped many entrepreneurs] like yourself save a lot of time and stay on top of things! I myself have saved around 5 hours per week by setting up email campaigns with automated personalized follow-ups. Do you want to save time as well? If you do, then we can set up a demo call. Regards, {Your Name}

7. The “flattery” technique

Great Job {First Name}

Hi {First Name}, Congratulations on winning the {insert something they achieved}, I am so happy for you! I am sure you must be busy preparing for the big award ceremony and speech. Your emails must be piling on! Why not automate your emails with [Saleshandy]? Each time someone sends an email to you, an ‘out of the office’ email will automatically send out. And yes, you can personalize this email too. Let me know what you think, I can assure you that this will help you manage your emails effectively. Best, {Your Name}

Pro tip: For a cold email template to work, you have to keep A/B testing. There is no perfect template out there. So, it is recommended to keep A/B testing using different template styles and formats.

8. The “content” technique

Your article about {insert article title they have written or any other notable piece of work}

Hey {First Name}! I happened to read your article on your blog about {title of the blog}. I loved the way you talked about it, mainly when you detailed {insert something you liked about the blog}. I work at a company named {XYZ} and we like to help other businesses in [email marketing] like [Examples of businesses] achieve their goals with our [email solutions]. If you’re also seeking some help in those areas, I have a few ideas for how you can get past your issues. How do you feel about a quick call this afternoon? Thank you! Regards, {Your Name}

9. Letting prospects know what makes you different from your competitors

{First Name}, we have just the thing for you!

Hello {First Name}, How are you doing? I recently visited your website and I noticed you were using {mention competitors product}. Our organization also specializes in {mention your product}. However, we have {mention features that make you stand out from your competitors}. I am sharing a few links with you so you can understand what makes us different from {competitors name}: {Link 1} {Link 2} What do you think? If you are interested, let me know and I can set up a demo call for you with my team. Have a great day! Regards, {Your Name}

10. The “throwing in a tailored solution” technique

{First Name}, this is specially made just for you!

Hi there, {First Name} [Sending out individual emails in a campaign is outdated and time-consuming!] Beyond that, sending [follow-up emails and getting confused with all the minor details is unfavorable for anyone]. I understand that you run an {add detail about prospects business}, and to my knowledge professionals employed in this industry are always on the go. This can only mean one thing, you have no time to spare [for emails let alone follow-ups]. We have designed a tailor-made solution just for you that works perfectly with your hectic schedule, check it out here: {Link} What do you think? If you are interested, then let’s set up a quick call to discuss further. Best, {Your Name}

11. The “curious” technique

{First Name}, I have a question!

Hi {First Name}, Hope you are doing well. I am {Your Name} from {insert your company name} and I work as a {insert job title}. I just had a quick question for you: [How do you automate your emails and follow-ups?] [Are you using any particular tools for undertaking this process?] I would love to have a conversation with you about this. Let me know which time works best for you. Have a great day! Best, {Your Name}

12. The “elevator pitch” technique

{First Name}, this is perfect for you!

Hi {First Name}, I know you’re probably busy so I am going to make this fast. I want to ask you a simple question: {insert question pertaining to your services here}? Well, that is exactly what we at {XYZ} aim to resolve for our customers. The reason {insert product name} will be a perfect fit for you is because {mention all the reasons, but keep it short}. The majority of our customers have mentioned {add a specific metric that shows how customers life changed after using your product/service} after using our services. Do you think this is something you are interested in? Let me know and I will set up a personal product demo call for you. Have an awesome day! Best, {Your Name}

13. Connecting with an industry leader

{{First Name}, saw you on LinkedIn!

Hey {First Name}, I came across your profile on LinkedIn whilst {mention how you came across their profile and why you were searching up such individuals}. Your background and experience are extremely impressive and I truly believe I could learn so much from a professional like yourself. I am sure you are an individual that {insert pain point(s)}. Well, what if I told you that you could {insert a solution to the pain point}. Let’s set up a quick call so I can introduce {insert product/service name}. Have a great day! Regards, {Your Name}

14. The mutual connection

{First Name}, how do you know {mutual connections name}?

Hi there, {First Name} Hope you are doing well. I noticed that you and I are both connected to {mention mutual connections name}. How do you know them? {mutual connections name} was actually one of our first few customers when we first started out. Since then, they have been able to {mention metrics directly linked after the usage of your product}. We specialize in {mention product name and USPs}. I am attaching a few resources so you can understand what exactly we offer and if this could be of use to you. {Link 1} {Link 2} Let’s set up a quick call so I can walk you through our product at your earliest convenience. Have a great day! Cheers, {Your Name}

15. The common group

{First Name}, I need 5 minutes of your time!

Hi {First Name}, Both you and I are a part of {insert group name}. I have seen some of your comments on their posts and I must say you are quite knowledgeable in your field. I am {Your Name}, a {sales manager} at {XYZ}. I took a look at your LinkedIn profile and I feel like you would benefit greatly from our [email marketing tools]. The [sales field] is one that requires constant communication with clients and prospects. Automating your emails will do you wonders! Trust me on this one! If you are interested, let me know and we can have a quick chat about this. I can walk you through how exactly {insert solution offered} will help you and boost your profits. Cheers, {Your Name}

16. The “I saw your website” technique

{First Name}, love your website!

Hi {First Name}, Greetings! I am {Your Name}, from {XYZ} and I am a [Digital Marketer]. I happened to come across your website through {mention source}, and I absolutely loved the [UI and UX] of it. I was wondering if you would be interested in {mention your services}, as I think you could double your sales with {mention the benefits of using your services}. I am attaching a few links that will help you understand how exactly we do this: {Link 1} {Link 2} Let’s schedule a quick call so I can further explain this to you. I will make it worth your while! Best, {Your Name}

17. The “dormant customer” technique

{First Name}, we miss you!

Hey {First Name}, How have you been doing? We miss you here at {insert company name}. It’s been quite a while since you’ve used your account (or product/service). Since we last saw you, we have added so many exciting new features! {New feature 1 explained} {New feature 2 explained} {New feature 3 explained} Log into your account using the link below and let’s get this party started again! Looking forward to seeing you back on {insert product/service name}. Cheers, {Your Name}

18. Reaching out to an old customer

Long time no see, {First Name}!

Hey there, {First Name} How are you doing? It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. Hope everything is going well. What are your goals for this year? Can we perhaps help you with this? The reason we’re writing this email is to tell you that WE MISS YOU! We had an amazing experience working with you (optional line, in case they worked closely with you). We trust you had an awesome experience using our {product/service}. Since we last saw you, we have {mention all the new things that have happened in your organization. You can even mention new features or products that have been launched} Waiting to hear from you. Best, {Your Name}

19. Sharing valuable ideas

Do you want to boost your productivity?

Hi {First Name}, My name is {Your Name}, and we work with organizations like yours to boost their productivity. I looked at your website and I have a few ideas on how exactly you can increase productivity within your organization by using our tools. For example, {add how you can help with an existing issue}. This is just one of the many ideas I have to help {insert company name} undertake this. Let’s set up a meeting and discuss further. Cheers, {Your Name}

20. Personal message from the Founder/CEO

{First Name}, we see you!

[The content of this email can be customized to the vision and mission of your organization as seen from the CEOs POV] Hey there, {First Name} I am {Your Name}, the CEO and founder of [ActiveWear360]. We founded this company with the sole purpose of providing activewear to women of all shapes and sizes. Today, our company has around 300,000 customers after only a year of being in the market. We are proud to have helped women find the perfect activewear at affordable prices. Recently, we launched our kid’s activewear line and have since been considering expanding our market reach to further horizons. Are you someone that wants to look their best whilst working out? Looking good and feeling good do indeed go hand in hand! We would love for [Activewear360] to be a part of this transformative journey. Check out our website and start shopping today! {Link to website} [First-time users receive a flat 20% discount on all products.] Let me know if you have any questions. Best, {Your Name}

21. Setting up a phone call email

A call that can fix your {subject matter}

Hey {First name}, I hope you’re doing well. I am {name}, I came across your write-up regarding {subject matter}. I have been working in the same industry for {number of years} and have helped various organizations and professionals who have faced similar issues. Let’s connect over a call and see how our solution can help you grow? I promise to make it brief and crisp. Thanks, {Your name}

22. Book a demo call by telling a story

Are you using the right tool?

Hi {First name}, What you will read is no secret but a fact, that without all the right ingredients it's not possible to make a yummy meal. We can prepare it, but the taste might not be exactly how we want it to be. Similarly, without using the right tool, you might be missing out on being more productive or gaining the desired results. Our tool {name of your brand} might be among the right ones that work with your product. I would love to show you how. Let’s connect this week and discuss this in detail? Thanks, {Your name}

23. Suggestions for website changes

{First name}, your website needs some changes.

Hey {First name}, Greetings of the day. I was going through your website, and I had some suggestions for your page. Many of my clients have found my suggestions quite helpful, and I hope you, too, have a similar experience. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks, {Your name}

24. Offering a sales plan

Give me 15 minutes & get a plan to achieve {X number} of sales.

Hey {First name}, I hope this email finds you well. I have an idea that could enhance your companies’ sales to {X number}. And to explain this to you I will need only 15 minutes of yours. Let’s connect this week whenever you’re free. Thanks, {Your name}

25. Introduce yourself

Hey {Your name} here!

Hey {First name}, I came across your {post/blog/article}. The topic was quite relatable, and {write one/two lines describing the post}. I am {Your name}, working for {company name}. We excel in providing {product/solution}. Reading the {post/blog/article}, I thought we could connect and discuss some pain points you mentioned like {mention the problem area or pain points}. Let me know when it will be a good time to connect. I am looking forward to connecting with you. Thanks, {Your name}

26. Call summary

Our call summary

Hey {First name}, Thank you for giving me your time and discussing the {problem and solution} in detail. Here are the topics and actionable we have discussed: {Mention the discussed points here} {Mention the discussed points here} {Mention the discussed points here} {Mention the discussed points here} {Mention the discussed points here} If there is anything that I might have missed out on, please let me know. Have a great day ahead! Thanks, {Your name}

27. Benefits of using your platform

3 ways we can benefit {Prospect’s company name}

{First name}, Thank you for connecting and giving me your time last week. After our conversation, my team and I have drafted some ideas on how we can benefit your brand: {mention the benefits} {mention the benefits} {mention the benefits} I would love to chat with you and help you deeply understand each one of them. Let me know when it will be a good time to connect again. Thanks, {Your name}

28. Cold email

We can make your {task} easier!

Hi {First name}, I am {Your name} from {Company name}. Our company helps platforms like yours to {one liner about your product}. I want to connect with you to understand how you operate in this area and how our solution can simplify the process. Would you like to connect tomorrow around {time}? Looking forward to our meeting. Thanks, {Your name}

29. Website visit

{First name}, do you need our help?

{First name}, Hi, I am {Your name} from {Your company name}. We noticed you had visited our website. I was wondering if I could help you understand our platform better and also know your business needs. Would you like to connect over a call and talk about it? Thanks, {Your name}

30. The “PAS” (Problem, Agitate, Solve) Method

We have a solution to your {negative review} problem.

Hi {first name}, I am {Your name} while conducting my market research, I noticed some {negative reviews} on your {mention the platform. Ex: social media platform, website, etc.} Managing and resolving the issue can become troublesome without using the right tools, and I am sure you must be putting in your best efforts to fix it ASAP. I want to introduce you to {your product/service} {write one or two lines regarding your product}. Would you like to know more about our solution and how it can work the best for you? I would love to connect and explain it to you. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks, {Your name}

31. The “AIDA” method template (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) 

Our solution can be a solution to your problem.

Hi {first name} from {Your company}, What if I told you that we could help you improve your {mention the problem} by {X} number? Sounds too much? Over the past few years, we have closely worked with companies and helped them achieve this number. Here is social proof of that {add a link to any case study/report} {Our tool} helps to achieve this number and cancel out the unwanted steps in the process, making it easy and effective. I would like to connect and explain how our solution can be a solution to the problem you’re currently facing. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks, {Your name} Thanks, {Your name}

32. Connecting after an event

It was great meeting you, {First name}.

Hey {First name}, I am {Your name} working in an organization called {Company name}. We met for a short time at the {event name} and discussed {point of discussion}. I hope you can recall. I want to take the opportunity to connect and continue our conversation. I was amazed by your insight! Let’s connect this week over Zoom. If that fits in your calendar, you can let me know which time works the best for you. It was great meeting you personally, looking forward to our virtual meet. Thanks, {Your name} Thanks, {Your name}

33. Connecting with the competitor’s clients

{First name}, can I help you achieve your desired results?

Hi {First name}, I came across your profile and had a look at your website. I noticed you’re using our competitor’s platform for your {mention the product/service. Ex: Customer service, Email marketing, etc.} I was just wondering what kind of results you have seen till now? I have seen a few of our current clients show concern over {problem/glitch in the competitor’s platform}. Are you facing any similar issues? Would you like to connect this Friday and I will help you understand how our solution can help you in a much better way? Thanks, {Your name} Thanks, {Your name}

34. Cold email with statistics

{First name}, Did you know {highlight the statistics}?

Hey {First name}, I hope this email finds you well. I thought of sharing some exciting statistics with you as it is related to the area of your expertise. {Mention the statics} The market seems to be booming. And it becomes imperative for service providers to use tools that ease the process {give a little brief about the process}. And I have a handy tool for you! Would you be free to talk this week for just 10 minutes? I can explain {your service} to you. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks, {Your name}

35. Three-sentence format

{First Name}, I’m impressed with your writing skills.

Hi {First Name}, I hope this email finds you well. Recently, during my study, I came across your article, and it felt like you just read my mind there. I sincerely followed the steps you had mentioned, and I see the improvement in my management skills. I had written about this topic earlier; you can read that here: {Link}. I hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks, {Your name}

36. Connecting with the prospect via blog/articles

{First Name}, I’m impressed with your writing skills.

Hi {First Name}, I hope this email finds you well. Recently, during my study, I came across your article, and it felt like you just read my mind there. I sincerely followed the steps you had mentioned, and I see the improvement in my management skills. I had written about this topic earlier; you can read that here: {Link}. I hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks, {Your name}

37. Humourous email

Can you guess the missing word?

Hi {First name}, Can we just t_lk? If you guessed it right, you know what I mean. Can we just talk about the previous email I had sent you? We haven’t connected since our last call. Let me know when will be an appropriate time to connect. Thanks, {Your name}

38. The before-after-bridge email

We noticed an error and it needs to change!

Hi {First name}, I noticed your {mention the issue Ex. The website is not mobile-friendly}, which might affect the complete user experience. But don’t you worry, our tool perfectly works to solve such {issue} without you having to do much. Do you want to see a quick demo? Here is a link to our product demo video {link}. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Thanks, {Your name}

39. Social media email

{First name}, Your post caught my attention!

Hey {First name}, Your recent social media post on {mention the subject/topic} caught my attention. I was wonder if {insert your thoughts or questions around the topic}. Few of my clients have used our solutions for their {mention the concerned area} and are now seeing the expected results like: {mention the positive numbers/review}. It would be interesting to see how we can help you achieve your desired targets using our platform. How about we connect this week and discuss this further? Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks, {Your name}

40. Direct and to the point

I have a valuable piece of information for you.

Hi {First name}, I came across your profile and thought of sharing this valuable piece of information with you. We have built a tool called {Your company name} which {mentioned about your product in one or two lines}. You can know about us here: {Your website link} If you are interested to know more about us, do let me know. Thanks, {Your name}

41. Social media tool finding requirement

We got what you've been looking for!

Hi {first name}, I read about your requirement for a {mention tool Ex. automation tool} on {mention the social platform Ex. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter}. Our company perfectly offers the solution that you’re looking for. How about we connect and discuss this in detail? Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks, {Your name}

42. Sending an email to someone who has been on your website

{First Name}, we have just the thing for you!

Hi {First Name}, I am {Your Name}, the founder of [Saleshandy]. You recently visited our website and {insert action taken}. I am guessing you are interested in {insert topic}. I am sharing a few valuable resources encompassing {insert topic}, that will help you understand things better: {Additional resource 1} {Additional resource 2} Let’s set up a quick at your convenience if you have any further questions. Best, {Your Name}

43. Using your prospects’ imagination skills to your advantage technique

Do you want more free time?

Hi there {First Name}, Imagine [having all your emails automated with daily analytics]? Can you imagine how much time you will free up to do other tasks? With {name of your software/service}, [you can automate your emails and personalize each and every one of them]! If you are interested in knowing more, let’s set up a quick call. Let me know. Best, {Your Name}

Follow up email templates

Follow-up emails are inevitable in any cold email campaign (sequence). It is challenging to get the prospect’s attention in just one go. A good 1-2 follow-ups (steps) won’t cause much harm, but you need to keep the communication very light.

A simple nudge or polite reminder to reply. The following templates will help you to do this task. 

44. The follow-up (step)

Hey! Remember me?

Hi {First Name}, I emailed you a few days ago about {insert content of email}. I understand that you might be busy. Did I mention we offer a [14-day free trial] with no commitments whatsoever? You can sign up for our trial [here], in case you wish to try out our software to ensure you are making the best choice for yourself. Let me know how it goes. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Best Wishes, {Your Name}

45. The second follow-up (step)

{First Name}, any update?

Hi again, {First Name}, Hope you’re having a great day. I wanted to reach out to ask you if there were any updates in regards to the previous email I sent? I know this email has probably gotten lost in the shuffle, so I really hope you see this one. Just to reiterate, {add content shared in the first two emails but keep it short}. Let me know :) Best, {Your Name}

46. The third & final follow-up (step)

{First Name}, let’s cut to the chase!

Hello {First Name}, I know this is probably getting a bit intrusive. I wanted to reach out to you one last time. Let me know if you are interested in {mention what was offered}. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume the timing wasn’t right or you have other better offers. If in the future, you would like to use our services feel free to reach out to me. Wishing you the best. Cheers, {Your Name}

47. The follow Up (step) after leaving a voicemail 

{First Name}, I tried calling you.

Hi {First Name}, I just wanted to let you know that I tried contacting you just now and left a voicemail. I understand that you might be busy so let me know what time works the best for you. We are a {explain what you do} and our services could benefit you. In the meantime, you can check out our website to understand more about our services. {Link 1} Best, {Your Name}

48. The “unanswered call” follow up (step)

Tried calling you.

Hey {First Name}, I tried calling you today. I wanted to reach out to {mention the purpose of your call}. You can call me back on this number 123828221. Or you can reply back to this email and let me know which time works best for you and I will call you. Have a great day! Cheers, {Your Name}

49. Following up after a phone call email

{First name}, the blueprint needs your green signal.

{First Name}, Firstly, thank you for giving me your time and connecting with me. After our conversation, my team and I brainstormed ideas that would work for you. I have made a blueprint, and I would like to discuss that with you. Let's connect this week and discuss the actionable or any other input you would like to add. I am looking forward to connecting. Thanks, {Your name}

50. Follow up after a call

Hello {First name}, {Your name} here.

Hey {First name}, I tried to call you, but it seems you were busy. Let me know when it will be a suitable time to call you again. You can drop a text anytime. Thanks, {Your name}

51. After getting no response

I think it’s time to say goodbye!

Hey {First name}, I have tried to connect with you several times, and I haven’t heard from you positively. I respect your time and will close the file. In case you would like to connect in the future, don't hesitate to ping me. Thanks, {Your name}

52. Asked to follow up later

Is this a good time to talk?

Hi {First name}, The last time we spoke, you wanted me to get back to you after a while. Our conversation ended on {topic}. I am just following up to know if it would be a good time to discuss now. I am sharing the proposal file, and I would be happy to recap our previous conversation as well. Let me know a suitable time to connect with you. Thanks, {Your name}

53. Break up email

Is this a good time to talk?

Hi {First name}, I am {Your name} from the organization {Your company}. I am following up on the previous mail I had sent. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if you would be interested in our {product/service}. If you’re interested, let’s take the conversation ahead and discuss the actionable? And if not, should I connect with you after a couple of months? Let me know what works for you. Thanks, {Your name}

Get here: 50+ Best Follow-Up Email Templates To Get Faster Replies!

The link building and link exchange are perfect for you to connect with marketers within the same niche. Below are handy templates that you can use to build your network.

54. The “link builder” technique


Hey there {First Name}, I am {Your Name} from [Saleshandy]. I work as a {Job title} and, much like yourself, write well-researched and in-depth articles. I recently had the opportunity to read your {insert title}, and thought it was very interesting and intricately put-together. As I was reading your piece, I noticed a couple of {anchor texts} that didn’t exactly fit. It can be tough finding an article to link to your piece; trust me I’ve been there. Hence, I suggest adding the link to {insert title of blog} to help your readers better understand the message you’re putting forth. This can enhance your overall article piece by adding in key information for your readers. This will in turn decrease your bounce rate and increase the average session time (and so many other metrics that we’re happy to discuss with you!). We’re more than happy to add links from your blogs/website to our blogs too. Let me know if you are open to this collaboration. Best, {Your Name}

55. The “backlink” exchange technique

Hi {First Name}, Love your latest piece!

Hey there {First Name}, I am a [Content writer] at [XYZ], and much like yourself, I write well-researched blogs about various topics. I recently read your blog post about {insert title}, and thought it was absolutely amazing! I loved how you described {add something you liked}. I was wondering if you would be interested in adding a link from my blog, {insert title}. It would fit perfectly contextually in this section {add anchor text or section}. In exchange, I am willing to add a link from your organization’s website to any of our blog posts you want. Let me know if you are interested. I am wishing you all the best! Regards, {Your Name}

56. The “newsletter” reply technique

Hey {First Name}, did you hear about this?

Hi {First Name}! Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and reader to our monthly newsletter. I recently discovered this {insert resource/link} and thought it was extremely helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Best, {Your Name}

57. The “influencer outreach” technique

{First Name}, LET’S COLLAB!

Hey there, {First Name} Hope all is well with you. I am {Your Name}, and I am the [brand marketing manager] at {XYZ}. I have been following your social media accounts, namely Instagram for quite a while now. I absolutely love how you {mention something you liked from their page}. I am reaching out to you because I want {insert your company name here} and you to work together to market {product name}. I think you are the right person to market our product because {mention reason}. And yes! In return, we will feature you on our page as well. We can discuss all the details if you are interested. Happy [Friday!] Best, {Your Name}

58. Backlink from an article

Your article + Our blog = Great insight

Hi {first name}, I hope you’re doing well. I know you might be busy, so I’ll make this quick. Our recent blog is in tune with the services you are offering. We think our blog will provide your reader a great insight about the {topic/something related to the blog}. It would be great to link our blog {your blog link} to your latest article {their article link}. Let me know your thoughts about this! Thanks, {Your name}

Best contact templates

A little confusion never hurts anybody. This approach shows the prospect you might not be perfect because you’re simply asking for directions. Yet, once you’ve picked their interest, you can slam the speech further and start selling away. All you have to do is get a response, and you’re 90% there.

59. Nudge in the right direction

I’m looking for the best contact at {ABC}

Hi there {First Name}, I was wondering who would be the best person to contact from {insert name of the company} with regards to {insert issue}? Have you been facing the same issue? I’m working at {XYZ} and I can tell you that numerous organizations have this problem. We’ve helped {names of companies you’ve worked with} in dealing with [email marketing - example solution] and they’ve all had a great time working with us. {Insert some numerical data if possible}. My question is, are you the right person to talk to about this? If yes, then can we set up a quick call sometime? Or if not, can you message me the contact info of the right person? Thanks! {Your Name}

60. When you want an introduction


Hi {First Name}, I am {Your Name} from [XYZ], and I work as an {insert job title}. I would love to be introduced to {insert person’s name}, from {insert company name} as I believe this person could be a valuable prospect. I saw that you are connected to them on LinkedIn. I am unsure of your relationship with them but would love for an introductory conversation with them. Let me know if this is alright with you. Thanks in advance! Best, {Your Name}

61. The “are you the right person?” technique

{First Name}, are you the right person?

Hi {First Name}, I am {Your Name}, and I am in charge of the sales team here at {XYZ}. I was looking at your website, and I think your organization could really benefit from using our services. {insert USPs} I have been scrolling through LinkedIn trying to find the right person to get in touch with about this, but I have not been able to find them. Are you the right person to have a quick conversation with in regards to this? If not, please point me in the right direction. Have a great day ahead! Best, {Your Name}

62. Getting past the gatekeeper

{First Name}, quick question!

Hey {First Name}, I am {Your Name}, from {ABC} and we specialize in [email marketing solutions]. I was going through your website and I feel like your organization would benefit greatly from using our tools. Can you direct me to the right person that I can speak to further about this? Thanks in advance for your help! Have a great day! Best, {Your Name}

63. Contacting a lower-level employee

Can I help you with [reaching a specific goal?]

Hey {First Name}, I recently talked to {name of your contact from the company} and he mentioned that your salespeople have been struggling with acquiring new clients. {Mention how your product/service/company can resolve their issue} Let me know if you are interested in this, and together we can reach your end-of-the-year target. Have a great day! Regards, {Your Name}

Offer templates

Giving some freebies and offers to your prospect doesn’t only capture their attention, but move them to take action and try your product. In this section, we have also mentioned some appreciation templates as well that you can send to your prospects. 

64. The “exclusive offer just for you” technique

50% off just for you!

Hey {First Name}, [Our labor day sale is live!] (You can mention any event or festival here pertaining to your offer) All of our products & services are 50% if you sign up today. This is an exclusive offer that is valid till {add date}. Don’t believe us? Sign up right now and find out yourself {Link 1} If you have any questions, feel free to reply back to this email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Best, {Your Name}

65. The “gift card/freebie” technique

{insert gift card/freebie name over here} just for you!

Hey there, {First Name} [Email marketing is a tried and tested method that has had guaranteed results]. {Add some stats about customers that have used your product/service and what they were able to achieve}. This is exactly why we recommended using {name of tool}! When you sign up you get a [$10 Free Amazon gift card], this offer is for a limited time only. So what are you waiting for? {Link to sign up page}. Best, {Your Name}

66. Discount offer

We have a special offer for you.

Hi {First name}, Firstly, thank you so much for being a part of our journey. It fuels us with motivation to know our product is creating value in your business. We have a special offer for you today. {Mention the offer with start and end date}. You can claim the offer by replying to this email or connect with us over the telephone to get more details. I hope you enjoy the complete benefits of this offer. Thanks, {Your name}

67. Offer a free trial to customers

Ready. Set. Go: Here is an exclusive offer for you!

Hi {Name}, Happy {Mention the day}. I have a very exclusive offer for you, and I hope you like it. As our team has developed an updated version of our current services, we are offering you 7 days of free access to our updated version of the platform. You can use the platform in your best interest, use all the newly added features, and share any ideas/loopholes. We would love to hear it. Your time is ticking. Take action now! To get access, reply “I am interested” to this mail. Thanks, {Your name}

68. Congratulating on funding

You guys did a great job!

{First name}, Big congratulations on the funding you have received. Super excited for the future of your company. I recently studied your website, and I discovered new opportunities to add more value to the platform. And after such significant funding, some changes will be much needed, right? Why don’t we hop on a call and discuss this in detail? You can know a little more about me here! {Link to your LinkedIn/any other work profile} Thanks, {Your name}

69. Congratulating someone on their new role

Congratulations from {Your name}.

{First Name}, Big congratulations on your new role! I think you’re perfect for the position. I got to know about your achievement on {mention the platform}, and I am super excited as you unfold your new journey. Happy to see you thrive. Thanks, {Your name}

70. Post/blog/article appreciation email

{First name}, you’re such an insightful writer.

{First name}, While doing my market search, I came across your {blog/post/article}, and I must tell you it's well written. You very well covered the topics, especially {any particular point you liked that most} was very insightful. Lately, I have been working around the same subject. I would like to connect and have a healthy conversation around it. Let me know if you will be interested in a quick meeting! Thanks, {Your name}

71. The “personal touch” technique

{First Name}, so excited for you!

[The content of this message can be tailored to any recent successes or news the recipient has shared with the public] Hi {First Name}, I recently heard that you would be speaking at the {name of event} as the main speaker! I am so excited and can hardly wait to hear what you will share with us. Wishing you all the best and break a leg as they say! Let me know if I can be of any help in any way. Best, {Your Name}

News templates

These templates will be useful when you are looking to strike a conversation over industry news or your company news. This opens the door for breaking the ice based on a common interest and slowly building a relationship with your prospects.

72. The “new product launch” technique

{Name of product} IS HERE! IT’S LIVE!

Hi there {First Name}, We have some exciting news to share with you! We have been working on this product tirelessly for months on end now. Our software engineers have literally been burning the midnight oil to come up with the new and improved state-of-the-art {insert name of software}. We want our users to have the best experience possible when using our software. Keeping in mind all the feedback we have received from previous customers, we have put together a new and revamped version of {insert name of software}. You can use your previous account’s email address to log onto this one. We aim to continuously provide our users with top-notch services, so any feedback from your end is welcome. Best, {Your Name}

73. Sharing news about your organization

{First Name}, did you hear about this?

Hey there, {First Name}! How’s it going? Cue the drumroll!!!! We have some exciting news to share with you! {mention your news over here} We have been eagerly waiting to share this with everyone! (If your news can be propelled in the direction of a prospect/customer using your product then add the line below) We are beyond thrilled and can’t wait for you to try out our new feature! {Sign up link} Or {Log in page link} Let us know what you think! Would love to hear your feedback. Best, {Your Name}

74. The “good cause” technique

Did you know {insert fact related to your cause}?

[Note: The content of this email is dependent on your cause/campaign] Hi {First Name}, [Saleshandy] believes in giving back to the community. With the upcoming Diwali celebrations, we have decided to give food hampers to the lesser privileged families. Diwali is a festival of lights, and we would like to ignite their paths with a little something from our side. With every purchase you make on our website, $2 will be put towards this cause. If you would like to directly donate without making a purchase you can click here {link}. Best, {Your Name}

75. Asking a prospect for their review on an article you published

{First Name}, need your opinion on this.

Hey {First Name}, How are you doing today? I recently published an article entitled {insert title}. It covers a variety of sub-topic and is backed with facts and research. Since you are a professional in the industry with over 30 years of experience; I would love for you to review my article and share your honest thoughts with me. Here is the link to my article {link}. Have a great day ahead! Best Wishes, {Your Name}

76. Connecting over industry news

{First Name}, need your opinion on this.

Hey, I am {Your name} from {Your company}. We connected over {event/social media/call}. I hope you can recall. Did you hear about the latest changes [in the market]? I feel such changes have a significant impact on us. Being in the same industry, I would love to know your views regarding it. Let's discuss it over a Zoom call. You can pick your convenient time here [link] Thanks! {Your Name}

77. Invite them for a research

{First name}, your inputs will help us get better.

{First name}, Would you consider filling up a survey for us? Your input in our {name of the survey} would be very beneficial. As a token of participation, we will share the survey reports with you. I am sure it will be a helpful resource. Click to fill the survey here {Link} Thanks in advance, {Your name}

78. Sharing the research results

The results are here!

{First Name}, Remember the survey you had filled regarding {the survey topic}. The results are now out. You can use the survey results in multiple ways in your marketing pitch, social media posts, and internal decision-making process. The survey results have benefited us in so many ways. We hope it is beneficial to you as well. Thank you for your participation. Thanks, {Your Name}

79. New feature launch

Reaching right from our desk to yours!

{First name}, We are so thrilled to inform you that our new feature {explain the feature} is live now! Using this feature, you can: 1. {Mention benefits} 2. {Mention benefits} 3. {Mention benefits} You can log in to your account with us and start using this feature. Let us know if you face any difficulty. We would be happy to help you. Thank you, {Your name}

80. Sharing a case study

Here is a tool to help you in your decision-making.

Hey {First name}, I hope you’re having a great day. As discussed on the call, how our solution {mention the platform} can solve the issue you are currently facing. I want to share a case study of our platform. A similar business model like yours used our platform, and you can see how they found it beneficial. You can read the case study here {link} I hope it helps you in your decision-making. Thanks, {Your name}

81. Getting their opinion

Our team needs your help!

{First Name}, We are currently working towards the development of our {product/feature}. With a lot of brainstorming happening around, our team is facing difficulty picking the best from the available options. So, we decided who better to ask than the one who uses our product. Here are few options that came after our brainstorming session: {Option 1} {Option 2} {Option 3} Feel free to share your views, and if you have a different approach or ideas, don't hesitate to share. Thank you in advance. Thanks, {Your name}

82. Invitation for an event

Book your seat for our upcoming event.

{First name}, We are hosting a virtual event on the {subject} on {date}. It will be a three-day event, and we will be having various guest speakers, interactive QnA, and much more. Since you’ve been a part of our journey, I would like to invite you and make the most of it. Your response to this mail will confirm your attendance. Thanks, {Your name}

83. Sneak peek of a new feature/product

Something new coming your way!

We are sneaking our developer desk for you. Here is something new coming up soon. We will be rolling out a new {feature/product} that will help you {mention some benefits}. We’re excited to see how this idea pans out and update you regarding this soon! Thanks, {Your name}

84. Download our exclusive e-book

Here is an insightful tool for you!

Hey {First name}, I came across your profile on {mention the platform} and thought of sharing an insightful tool with you. We have created an ebook around the {topic name}. And I think the ebook will be worth reading based on your profile. You can download the free version of the ebook from here:{link} Thanks, {Your name}

85. Sales and marketing guide

Turn your prospects into leads with this plan!

{First name}, Time to land quality leads using our sales and marketing plan. We have crafted a plan for you that will help you strategize and implement your sales and marketing efforts. While preparing this plan, our goal was to cut down the prolonged processes and offer simple steps to achieve the actionable. Sounds like something that can be helpful to you? You can click here and get access to the guide. {link} Thanks, {Your name}

86. Learn more about a blog topic

Are you interested in knowing more about {topic}?

Hi {First name}, I am {Your name} from {Your company name}. I wanted to reach out and know if you would be interested in joining an online session on {topic}. As we noticed, you had shown interest in learning about it. We believe this would be an insightful experience for you. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, {Your name}

87. Using recent news as an opener!

Hey {First Name}, can you believe this?

Hey {First Name}, I hope you had a great weekend. Did you hear about the recently announced news by Google? {Insert news and links to articles} This is a game-changer for the marketing industry! What do you think of this? I would love to hear your two cents about this. Have a great week ahead! Regards, {Your Name}

88. The “event” technique

{First Name}, how was the {event name}?

Hi {First Name}, I really hope you liked {event name} as much as I did. How did you like the {insert specific thing that happened at the event}? I especially loved that myself! I managed to stop for a few minutes at your booth and, honestly, I think {XYZ} is going to grow big in your field, as the {insert industry name} needs guys like you around. I’m {Your Name} and I’m working as a {insert your job title} which means my job is to make people from {insert industry name} happy and help them grow and get [the best email marketing - example solution] through [our email services]. How about we set up a quick call and talk about how you guys at {XYZ} can handle these issues now? Have a great day, {Your Name}

89. Invitation to be a guest on your podcast

Would you like to be our guest?

Hey {First name}, Greetings for the day! I am {Your name} from {Your company}. Recently, we started a podcast on {mention the niche}. By continuous efforts, we have received {X} number of listeners. This coming week, we’re planning a podcast on {topic}, and instantly we thought of connecting with you. Your experience and your knowledge in this field speak for themselves. And we believe having you would be an insightful experience for us as well as the audience. Let us know if you’re interested! Thanks, {Your name}

90. Product/Service review

Will you help us get better?

Hey {First name}, I hope you’re having a great week. I wanted to thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us grow. We’d love to hear about your experience using our {mention the product/service}. If you could spare some time this week and write a review for us, that would be great. I am thanking you in advance. Thanks, {Your name}

91. The “webinar invite” technique

You’re invited! [The subject line can be tailored to something that encompasses the topic of the webinar. For example: If the webinar is about customer experience hacks then you can entitle the subject line as, “Do you want to double your profits in 2 weeks?”]

Hey there, {First Name} I have some exciting news to share with you. My team and I will be hosting a webinar on {insert title of the webinar}. The webinar will be held on {insert date and time}. I will be speaking with my long-time colleague and friend {insert name} about {insert topic}. Besides that, we have a guest speaker, {insert name} that will be sharing some exclusive industry secrets with us! {add some more exciting details about the webinar} I’ve been told these are growth hacks you cannot miss! Here is the signup sheet: {Insert link} Ps: The first 50 sign-ups will be receiving a goodie bag that will be couriered to you. Hoping to see you there. Best, {Your Name}

92. Sharing valuable resources with prospects technique

You’re gonna love this!

Hi {First Name}, I am {Your Name}, from {XYZ} working as a {insert job title}. I have been in the marketing industry for around 20 years. Through the course of my career, I have come across a variety of different people and resources and have learned so much from them. I recently wrote a blog about {Marketing Growth Hacks That Guarantee Success}, and thought it would be of interest to you. I share some interesting hacks that have personally helped me achieve milestones in my career. Do give it a read when you have time. {Link} I would love to hear your thoughts about it and exchange thoughts with you. Have a great day ahead! Regards, {Your Name}

Referral templates

The friends/colleagues who recommend are the best people, right? Here are the email templates you can shoot when you get a recommendation or a reference. Make sure you mention your friend/colleagues who gave the recommendation. 

93. Recommendation given by a friend

You have got good friends!

Hey {first name}, Your friend {friend’s name} whom I recently /connected {event/social media} recommended that I should connect with you. He/she mentioned some concerns you’re facing currently {concern areas} and how our solution can bridge the gap for you. I would love to connect and closely understand the concern areas and how I could help you out. Let’s connect over a Zoom call this week {link}. Let me know if any other time works for you. Thanks, {Your name}

94. Thanking someone for the recommendation

{First name}, we got a friend in you!

{First name}, Indeed, we have a friend in you. We want to thank you for recommending {Friend’s name}. We contacted {him/her} and had a healthy conversation regarding the issue the company was facing. Now, we are working together on the solution using our platform. Your recommendation was really useful. If there is any way we could help you out, let us know. Thanks, {Your name}

95. The “word of mouth” intro technique

{First Name}! Let’s talk!

Hey {First Name}, I recently attended the [annual entrepreneurs summit on Friday]. I bumped into an old colleague of mine {insert name of person}. We were having a conversation about {insert topic}, and he mentioned that your organization is experiencing some issues in this area. {Your organization’s name}, works with individuals and organizations to resolve this exact issue. We deal in [email marketing solutions] that can help you save a lot of time and money. I would love to have a conversation with you about this. Let me know which time works best for you. Have an awesome day! Regards, {Your Name}

96. The “referral” technique

{First Name}, let’s talk!

Hey there, {First Name} {Name of person that referred them}, gave me your contact information during our conversation {add some details about why the initial person shared their contact information}. {Introduce yourself} I understand that you might be facing issues with email marketing, and I am the right person that can help you out with this. We specialize in email marketing tools that are used by thousands of business professionals like yourself. I am sharing some resources with you to help you understand what exactly we do: {Resource 1} {Resource 2} Let’s set up a quick call to walk you through how exactly we can help you. Have an awesome day! Regards, {Your Name}

Other templates

These are situational-based templates that can be used in your daily communication.

97. Answering an inquiry

{First name}, I have got the answer to your question.

Hi {First name}, I came across your inquiry regarding our platform. Thank you for showing interest. To make sure all your questions are answered, I would like to connect with you over a call. Will that work for you? You can call me at {Your phone number}, and I’ll make sure your queries are answered. Thanks, {Your name}

98. Customer discontinuing your services

Your feedback will help us get better!

Hey {First name}, Thank you so much for giving us your valuable time and using our platform. We feel sorry that we couldn’t meet your expectations and you no longer want to continue with us. Before you go, would you let me know the reason for not continuing with us? Your answer will help us get better. You can reply to this email and let me know your answer. I appreciate your efforts! Thanks, {Your name}

99. Feedback on your free trial

Did our platform help your business?

{First name}, Firstly, we are so glad that you signed up for our free trial. I would personally like to know if our platform was able to solve your problem? If yes, let’s connect and discuss the next actionable item. Or, if you have found some loopholes or faced some issues, I would like to address them. You can let me know your feedback in this mail chain. Thanks, {Your name}

100. The “after webinar feedback” technique

{First Name}, thanks for joining us!

Hey {First Name}, Thanks for being a part of our [sales] webinar yesterday. I hope that the tips and techniques shared are of value to you. I hope you had a great learning experience. I’d like to continue the conversation and tell you how we at {insert company name} can help you implement the tips shared. Do you have 15 minutes to spare? Let me know which day and time work best for you. PS: Here is the recorded video of the webinar in case you would like to watch it. {Link} Best, {Your Name}


Writing the very best cold email template is not an easy task. These are our personal favorites to use that work for us on a daily basis, but you can feel free to change them to your personal liking.

In the end, choosing the right cold email template is a game of trial and error. It depends on your field and also your prospect’s field of interest. You have to keep your eyes open for that aspect or detail that will simply make your prospect want you on their team.

Every detail counts when you’re doing cold emails to a new prospect. Make sure you’re choosing the right time of day or week in the first place. Don’t go all out and send your email on a Saturday morning. Who does that?

Also, nobody likes three or four emails in one day. Be patient. Learn patience even with emails and you’ll do great. Practice more than one template, make them your own and, when the response comes back, enjoy the new connection and possible new client you’ve been able to catch for your enterprise.

Make the most of these templates as they’re hand-picked by our experts.

Get started here!

Using these templates, you can run an effective cold email outreach that can work wonders for you. But before starting your cold email outreach, you need to keep 3 things in mind: 

  • Personalize your email
  • Add follow-up steps  
  • Automate this process 

Doing this process manually will take a lot of productive hours that can be utilized to chase the interested leads, plan your outreach strategy, and get a hold of other important stuff.   

For this task, you can use a cold email outreach tool like Saleshandy that not only helps you automate your cold email outreach but also sends a highly personalized cold email with follow-up emails.   

Using Saleshandy, you can

✔️ Send personalized cold email outreach

✔️ Add trigger-based follow-ups 

✔️ Save email templates 

✔️ Get detailed analytics of each template performance 

✔️ A/B using different templates 

Skyrocket your conversion rates with cold emailing

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