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3 Stage Proven Recruitment Strategy to Boost Results

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What is the most preferred mode of communication for professionals? Emails!

86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. A major reason why a majority of Recruiters opt for emails to communicate with potential candidates.

Conducting a recruitment email outreach campaign is an effective recruitment strategy but there are certain facets that need to be taken care of to ensure results, especially if you are sending out a few hundred emails to potential candidates. Your campaign needs to be personalized, to the point and automated to ensure maximum productivity. Hence you would require a few management tools to be most successful. In this blog, we will guide you on how to execute and make the most of this recruitment strategy.

The above hiring strategy has three major stages:

  • Build a list of email address of potential candidates to hire. (Using LinkedIn)
  • Send email outreach and auto follow-up campaign. (Using SalesHandy)
  • Schedule Interviews. (Using Calendly)

Build an email list of potential candidates

There are many effective methods you can use to find and build an email list of potential hires. The most effective method will be using LinkedIn. For example, to hire a Marketing Manager we used LinkedIn profile and data from our existing Marketer’s LinkedIn profile. You can do the same using these steps:

Step 1: In LinkedIn’s Homepage, Go to Me and then Go to Settings and Privacy.

Step 2: In settings, scroll down and select “Getting an archive of your data”

Step 3: When you will click on the option as mentioned above, it will look something like this:

recruitment strategy

Always use the default option of “Fast File only” and then select “Request archive” option. When you select that option, LinkedIn will ask for your account’s password.

Step 4: After typing in your password, You will just have to wait.

Step 5: Check after some time, it will be ready, and you just have to click on download button.

Now, using these steps, you will have a list of names, email addresses and other public information of the profile’s LinkedIn connections. You can then put in filters and bifurcated the data into small batches according to the Skills and Position of the people required.

To get the email address of prospective candidates who have not connected with you on LinkedIn you can use a tool like

Recruitment Strategy - Email finding tools

Send email outreach and auto follow-up campaign

While outreaching hundreds of candidates, sending emails and taking follow-ups of individuals becomes challenging and time-consuming. Hence, using an Email productivity tool like SalesHandy helps.

It helps you send personalized mail merge campaign to potential candidates using Gmail, G Suite, Outlook or any other email service provider and also lets you track engagement level of each recipient individually by providing their real-time data related to the number of times an email was opened, the number of link-clicks and if the person has replied or not.

To automate your recruitment email outreach campaign, all you need to do is:

Step 1: Sign-up into Saleshandy and then log in to, go to profile under settings and link your email account with the application. All your emails will now go through this linked email account.

Step 2: Click on “Create Campaign” option inside the app and then upload your email list in the form of a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, with fields/column that you want to add for personalizing the email.

Step 3: You can add personalization to your email subject line and body by selecting or typing Mail Merge fields from the CSV file shown at the right side of central Mail Merge page, above the settings section.

Recruitment Strategy - Merge Tag

Step 4: With SalesHandy you can set-up up to 9 stages of automated follow-ups to your mass email campaign. There are three trigger conditions you can select, upon completion of which, your follow-up emails would be sent.

  • Not Opened – If the recipient has not opened the previous email.
  • Not Replied – If the recipient has not replied to the previous email.
  • Been Sent – All recipients added to the uploaded email list.

This ensures a high response rate to your campaign.

Step 5: Click on “Save and Schedule” under settings and your campaign would be set-up to be sent.

Note: As Saleshandy sends emails through your linked email accounts’ mail server using drip method (placing a set time difference between sending two consecutive emails), it reaches the recipient’s inbox, avoiding promotional tab or the spam folder. Moreover, the potential candidate sees the email coming from your official email address which build’s trust.

Schedule Interviews

I am sure if you read the whole blog, you must be wondering what if you are able to actually get 20-30 people appearing for interviews but then how will you manage their interview timings, dates and days. For that purpose, we recommend and use Calendly. It is a SaaS product which lets you create an event and invite your candidates for the interviews and the second and third rounds too. Using Calendly you can keep everyone in the recruitment process in the loop as Google Calendar is synced with it which is very easy to share and maintain. Here’s how our recruiter’s calendar looks like:

recruitment strategy - Saleshandy recruitment Calender

We have used this method to hire an experienced Marketing Manager in record time ourselves! Here is an infographic depicting the process that would help you see the benefits of the strategy:

Recruitment Strategy - SalesHandy Recruitment

We are sure that you will find this recruitment strategy very useful and effective.

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