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20 Best Cold Email Service Providers (Features & Pricing)19 minutes read

Cold emailing is a tried and tested method for email outreach that is used by several Sales professionals and marketers. If you are someone that wants to scale your outreach campaigns, then investing in cold email software is a move in the right direction towards closing more deals.

Cold emails help you generate qualified leads, narrow down prospects and eventually aim for a conversion that turns a prospect into a full-blown customer! 

But with so many options out there, which software do you select? Especially software that fits within your budget and one that will help you reach your goals. 

This guide shares 20 cold email softwares with you, complete with features and pricing to help you make the best decision for your cold email outreach. 

Let’s begin!

  1. Saleshandy 
  2. Gmass 
  3. Woodpecker 
  4. Klenty 
  7. Mailshake 
  8. Lemlist
  9. Yesware
  10. Sendinblue
  14. Streak 
  15. Close
  17. MixMax 
  19. Salesloft 
  20. PersistIQ 

1. Saleshandy 

Key Features

  • Personalized email campaigns: The mail merge feature allows you to customize and personalize your email content in accordance with the needs of your customer. By importing your CSV file with up to 20 custom fields you can personalize each email in your campaign. This feature can also be used in templates so you can save time. Emails with hyper-personalization boost engagement rates.
  • Automated follow-ups: Follow-ups are an essential part of your cold email outreach. A follow-up sequence with 9 different cycles and various trigger events can be created. Saleshandy also offers the functionality to pause your automated email in between to trick the servers into thinking you are ‘human’; boosting deliverability rates. 
  • Email tracking: This feature works with the Gmail and Outlook extension that integrates into your inbox seamlessly. In the compose message window you can turn on the tracking feature. Open rates, link clicks, email replies can all be tracked.
  • Real-time notifications: You can enable real-time tracking notifications that can appear on your desktop. Take relevant actions as soon as you receive notifications and close deals faster. 
  • Email templates: Upload existing templates of your own, or use the unlimited template library to select relevant templates for your campaign. Templates can be used with merge tags to personalize content. HTML templates can be inserted to customize email design. 
  • Gmail and Outlook Plug-in: The plug-in integrates into your existing account seamlessly. All features show up within your inbox and can be controlled from there. SMTP connections to other email service providers are also available.
  • Bonus tool – LinkedIn Email Finder (Saleshandy Connect): Use this tool to build and refine your prospect list. This tool can be downloaded from the Chrome store and works as an extension. You need to simply enable the plug-in and go to the LinkedIn profile of the desired party and click on the icon to view the email of the individual. 
  • CRM Integrations: Saleshandy can be integrated into over 3000+ CRM software and services to automate your sales operations. 
  • Email engagement reporting: Through the use of this feature you can find out how exactly a user has interacted with your email to gain data-driven insights. 
  • Custom domain tracking: Track the links in your email via your own custom domain tracking. A custom domain tracking helps boost deliverability as well, ensuring you land in the recipient’s primary inbox. 
  • 24/7 Support and Live 1-on-1 demo: Our support team is always on call and ready to assist you as and when needed. Once you sign up, we provide a live 1-on-1 demo with a Q&A session to ensure you have a full understanding of the product. 


  • Regular $9 (User/Month)
  • Plus $22 (User/Month)
  • Enterprise (User/Month) 
  • Free forever version available
  • 14 days free trial available for all plans

This tool has changed how I interact with everyone. My marketing prospect outreach has become much more efficient. – Sean L.


2. GMass

GMass is a cold email software that works as a Chrome extension and your Gmail account. It helps you run sales and marketing email campaigns directly from your inbox. GMass is regarded as a tool that is simple to use with features that boost conversion rates. 

Key Features 

  • Mass email scheduling  
  • Automated follow-ups 
  • Detailed email analytics 
  • Mail merge 
  • Personalization
  • Email list builder


  • For Individuals 

Standard $19.95 (Per Month)

Premium $29.95 (Per Month)

Enterprise $49.95 (Per Month)

  • For Teams 

(Dependant on the number of users selected) 

5 Users $125 (Per Month)

10 Users $225 (Per Month) 

25 Users $495 (Per Month) 

40 Users $895 (Per Month) 

100 Users $1494 (Per Month) 

  • Free Version Available – 50 emails per day, all features included except automated follow-ups 

3. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a cold emailing tool that is used by B2B organizations for cold email outreach and inbound lead nurturing. The tool integrates with Gmail and Outlook seamlessly to allow you to send personalized emails automated follow-ups while simultaneously tracking them. 

Key Features 

  • AI-backed functionality (interest level can be gauged)
  • Automated campaigns 
  • Email verification
  • Multi-channel outreach 
  • Email tracking 
  • Agency features for managing individual organizations 


  • 7 Day Free Trial Available (All features available) 
  • Starting price $39 (Per Month) 

4. Klenty

Klenty is a sales engagement platform designed for sales and marketing teams to automate their outreach processes. This tool allows you to send personalized emails with automated follow-up messages at scale. 

Key Features 

  • A/B Testing 
  • Mail merge
  • Native CRM integrations – Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho and Freshsales
  • Auto-import from Google sheets, CRM software, or CSV file 
  • Duplicate and forward email detection 
  • Cadence and team reports 
  • Prospect activity history 


  • Startup $55 (Per Month/User) 
  • Growth $85 (Per Month/User) 
  • Enterprise $145 (Per Month/User) 
  • 14 days free trial available 

5. is a cold email platform that helps you manage your prospects, automate email campaigns, design workflows for your team all in one single dashboard. 

Key Features

  • Prospect management 
  • Team collaboration 
  • Email automation 
  • Campaign warm-up 
  • Spam tests
  • API Integrations


  • Standard $24 (Per Month)
  • Pro $39 (Per Month) 
  • Ultimate $59 (Per Month) 
  • 14 days free trial available for all packs  

6. is a cold outreach tool used for email marketing campaigns. The email automation tool helps you scale your email outreach efforts to increase conversions and warm up cold contacts. 

Key Features

  • Email list validation 
  • Email template builder
  • Linkedin sales navigator prospector 
  • Automated email follow-ups and drip campaigns
  • Spintax



  • Starter $19 (Per Month) 
  • Pro $49 (Per Month)
  • Premium $99 (Per Month) 
  • 14 days free trial available for all plans 


  • Enterprise A $825 (Per Month) – 3 Dedicated IP Accounts 
  • Enterprise B $1375 (Per Month) – 5 Dedicated IP Accounts
  • Enterprise C $2200 (Per Month) 8 Dedicated IP Accounts

7. Mailshake

Mailshake is a cold emailing tool that lets you create personalized campaigns at scale and automate the sales process. The integrated phone dialer allows you to add cold calling into sequence if needed. The tool works as a plugin with Gmail, Outlook, and various other email providers via SMTP. 

Key Features

  • Mail merge
  • A/B testing 
  • Lead catcher 
  • VOIP calls 
  • Automated email campaigns 
  • Multi-channel outreach sequences 


  • Email outreach $59 User/Month
  • Sales engagement $99 User/Month 

8. Lemlist

Lemlist is a cold outreach tool that is big on personalization. Anything can be personalized using lemlist, text, videos, or images; they can all be designed within the tool itself. SaaS organizations use lemlist to streamline their lead generation activities and boost conversion rates.

Key Features 

  • Automated follow-ups and email sequences 
  • CRM Integrations
  • Text, image, and landing page personalization
  • Inbox warm-up 


  • Email warm-up $29 (Per Month) 
  • Email outreach $59 (Per Month/User)
  • Sales engagement $99 (Per Month/User) 

9. Yesware

Yesware is a simple and effective cold emailing tool for email tracking for prospecting teams. It is regarded as the ‘all-in-one toolkit’ for a salesperson. The tool is useful for automating email campaigns making your sales prospecting efficient. 

Key Features 

  • Multi-channel campaigns 
  • Email tracking 
  • Gmail and Outlook extension 
  • Meeting scheduler 
  • Email templates 
  • Detailed analytics 
  • LinkedIn and CRM integrations 


  • Pro $15 (Per User/Month)
  • Premium $35 (Per User/Month)
  • Enterprise $65 (Per User/Month)
  • 14 days free trial available 

10. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an effective cold email software generally used by SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses). This software is best suited for those that have a limited budget for their outreach campaigns.

Key Features 

  • Email and SMS marketing options 
  • Personalization
  • Custom forms creator 
  • Landing page generator  
  • Real-time statistics 
  • Email heat map 
  • A/B testing 


  • Free version (Unlimited contacts, Up to 300 emails per day)
  • Lite $25 (Per Month) 
  • Premium $65 (Per Month) 
  • Enterprise (quotation required)


QuickMail is a powerful cold email software with automation and delivery capabilities. QuickMail lets your teamwork through the sales process efficiently. This tool highly focuses on deliverability, and thus its auto-warmer feature and built-in deliverability tools ensure your emails land in the primary inbox. 

Key Features

  • Auto-warmer
  • Automated follow-ups 
  • Out of office reply detection 
  • Email tracking (open and click rates, reply detection, bounce detection, etc.)


  • Free $0 
  • Starter $49 (Per Month) 
  • Pro $69 (Per Month) 
  • 14 days free trial available 

12. is a multichannel sales engagement platform that has cold email automation, email finder, LinkedIn outreach, and other features for your campaign. This tool allows you to build a prospect list within the platform and then upload that list to your personalized campaign.

Key Features

  • Multichannel outreach 
  • APIs – Messenger API, Email API, Email Warm Up API, AI Assistant API, etc. 
  • Calendar for meeting booking 
  • AI email assistant 
  • AI-powered technology 
  • Email validation and finder 
  • Dialer


  • Business 

$70 (Per Month/User) – Starts at 3 users 

$60 (Per Month/User) – Starts at 5 users 

$50 (Per Month/User) – Starts at 10 users 

  • Individual

$70 (Per Month/User) – Contact 1000 people per month

$90 (Per Month/User) – Contact 3000 people per month

$120 (Per Month/User) – Unlimited contacts per month 

  • Agency 

Consultation required 

  • 14 days free trial available 

13. is an AI-powered engagement and intelligence platform for sales teams. This email outreach tool uses machine learning to improve sales performance.

Key Features 

  • Multi-touch sequences 
  • Detailed email analytics 
  • Unique sales cadences 
  • Automated sequences 
  • Integration of all sales tools and CRM activities on one platform 


14. Streak

Streak is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed entirely for Gmail users only. The main aim of streak is to minimize the switching back and forth between your inbox and other tools. This CRM software works as a plug-in for Google Chrome that can be accessed through your Gmail account. 

Key Features

  • Mail merge 
  • Automated emails and follow-ups
  • In-depth email tracking reports 
  • Gmail Plug-in 
  • Task/Activity management 
  • Lead management 


  • Free version available 
  • Solo $19 (Per Month/User)
  • Pro $59 (Per Month/User) Free 14-day trial available for this particular plan 
  • Enterprise $159 (Per Month/User) 

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15. Close

Close is a sales CRM tool with cold emailing features. The sales enablement tool has a calling integration that allows you to include cold calls as a part of your campaign. It is an effective tool for personalized cold emails and includes features that support all your sales efforts. 

Key Features 

  • All CRM features 
  • Import your existing inbox into the platform 
  • Automated follow-ups with sequences
  • Drip automation 


  • Starter $29 (Per Month/User)
  • Basic $69 (Per Month/User)
  • Professional $99 (Per Month/User) 
  • Business $149 (Per Month/User)
  • 14 days free trial available 

16. is a combination of sales CRM and cold outreach automation platform. The software helps you identify quality leads and engage with them through cold emailing. collects data on companies and accounts to help select the best prospects and import them to your campaign. 

Key Features 

  • Automated email responses 
  • A/B testing 
  • Drip campaigns 
  • Email tracking 
  • Email finder and verifier 
  • Integrations 


  • Email campaigns $28 (Per Month) 
  • Freemium plan available 

17. MixMax

Mixmax is a great tool if you are someone that is regularly booking meetings with prospects. Its built-in scheduling feature integrates your calendar into your email to enable the prospect to quickly book a meeting. MixMax has all the standard features of cold emailing software. 

Key Features 

  • Email tracking 
  • Meeting scheduler 
  • Polls & survey creator 
  • Phone dialer 
  • Templates
  • Integrations – Pipedrive, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Giphy, SMS, Twitter, Dropbox, etc 


  • Free Plan $0 
  • Starter $9 (Per User/Month)
  • SMB $24 (Per User/Month) (14 days free trial)
  • Growth $49 (Per User/Month) (14 days free trial)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing (demo available)

18. is an all-in-one solution cold outreach tool for Gmail. This tool works as a Chrome extension and can be used directly from your inbox. 

Key Features 

  • Personalized email campaigns with automated follow-ups 
  • Detailed shareable reports 
  • Message scheduling 
  • Link tracking 
  • CRM integrations 
  • Email tracking 
  • Vocus calendar 


  • Basic $5 (Per Month) 
  • Starter $10 (Per Month) 
  • Professional $20 (Per Month)
  • 30 days free trial available (no credit card required)

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19. Salesloft

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that is used by B2B sales teams to manage prospects and track activities across their team. The tool is well-rounded and includes features required for large teams. 

Key Features 

  • Templates with dynamic tags 
  • A/B testing 
  • Email deliverability checks 
  • Gmail and Outlook integration 
  • Automated cadences with engagement triggers 
  • Timezone detection 
  • Email tracking 


  • Consultation required for quotation 

20. PersistIQ

PersistIQ is an outbound automation solution designed for small teams. It helps salespeople launch personalized cold email campaigns and secure qualified leads.

Key Features 

  • Gmail plugin 
  • Template manager
  • Semi or fully automated email cadences 
  • Detailed analytics 
  • Phone 
  • Salesforce integration


  • Essentials $59 (Per User/Month) 
  • Premium $99 (Per User/Month) 
  • Teams $59 (Per User/Month) 

Must-have Features In a Cold Email Software 

  • Automated Follow-Ups: Sending a follow-up email is extremely important for your campaign. Often, you don’t receive a reply to your initial email, which is where the follow-up emails’ role comes in. Follow-ups are a part of a much bigger picture. But when you have so many prospects to catch up with, sending a manual follow-up and keeping track of replies/opens can be a tedious task. Thus, having automated follow-ups with different trigger events in place is a great way to be efficient. You need a tool that will allow you to create your own unique cadence for automated follow-ups. 
  • Campaign Scheduling: Scheduling your campaigns saves you time and effort. Having a tool that allows you to schedule your entire campaign with different functionalities will help keep things on track. You also want to have software that allows you to edit or pause your campaigns in case of any changes that may arise.
  • Mail Merge: Personalization goes a long way in email marketing. But personalizing each and every email? That sounds like a hectic task. This is why the mail merge is important to have in your tool as it helps you customize and personalize your emails, resonating with the customer. With mail merge, you can import your CSV file with custom fields and into your template, speeding up the process and closing deals at an accelerated pace.
  • Integrations: If you are using CRM software and wish to integrate your cold email tool into it then look for software that allows third-party integrations. This will help you save time and unify the efforts of your team to a single platform. 
  • Gmail and Outlook Plug-In: This is an essential feature that you must be on the lookout for. Having a plug-in that directly integrates into your inbox maximizes your efforts. Switching between applications or tabs can be time-consuming and tedious.  
  • Email Finder: This feature helps you build and refine your prospect email list. This isn’t a necessary feature, but one that comes in handy to build your database. You can of course use an external app, but having a cold email software with this feature built-in helps your outreach effort tremendously. 
  • Email Tracking: Email tracking helps businesses keep track of content that is working. Gathering data from email tracking such as link clicks, time spent reading the email, open rates, reply rates, and bounce rates help you make data-driven decisions.
  • Real-time Notifications: Getting notified as soon as someone opens or clicks on the link in your email can propel you to take immediate action to secure the deal.


When selecting a cold email software, list down all your goals and targets that you wish to achieve. Once you are clear on those, then browse through this list and think of the features that will help you reach the goals you have listed. 

All of the software listed above offer a free trial, so before locking in on one tool, test out all the tools before making your final decision. 

Happy cold emailing! 

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