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Top 23 Email Tracking Software for Gmail and Outlook to use in 2022

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Your search for the best email tracking tools ends here.

Consider this blog as an in-depth guide to understand email tracking tools & software, how it works, the benefits of email tracking, and much more. I believe that at the end of the blog, you will be able to make informative and smart decisions in your cold email outreach journey.

Let’s start with the basics and move to the advance.

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking means tracking your emails after you have hit the send button. This activity helps you monitor action taken on your email.

Pretty simple, right?

Various free and paid tools make it oh-so-easy to do. Below we have broken down the best tools and software based on the email service provider you use.

  1. SalesHandy
  2. LeadBoxer
  3. Yesware
  4. Bananatag
  5. MixMax
  6. Mailtrack
  7. Streak for Gmail
  9. Respona
  10. Cirrus Insight
  12. Docsify
  13. Autoklose
  14. Veloxy
  15. Right Inbox
  17. OpenedOrNot 

1. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is one of the most popular email tracking tools. It provides unlimited email tracking and scheduling free for lifetime. You can start tracking your emails in this 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up with SalesHandy

You can sign in using your Gmail account with just one click.

If you are an outlook user, you can sign up with your Microsoft account.

Step 2: Download the chrome extension

Step 3: Refresh your tab where Gmail is opened

And just like that, you are ready to get started with the best email tracker for Gmail. Track all your important emails and improve your productivity.

What do you get with SalesHandy Email Tracking feature:

  • Lifetime Free Email Tracking for Gmail
  • Instant Desktop Notifications
  • Double tick email open notification in Gmail inbox
  • Reply Tracking
  • Customized mute email notifications
  • Email open rate
  • Link Tracking

You can also export the email analytics report of tracked emails in a CSV file.

Apart from all this, the best thing about SalesHandy is that you can use it with any email client via SMTP configuration.

User review:

Saleshandy email tracking review

There is more to every tool we are mentioning, and hence we have added the section where we are highlighting the additional features of the tools. And here are some additional features of SalesHandy:

Additional Features:

  • Email Scheduling: You can schedule emails to be sent later using this feature as the name suggests. This feature also comes as a part of the FREE package. You can schedule unlimited emails using any time zone out of 240 time zones.
  • Email Templates: Using this feature of SalesHandy, you can store those daily emails that you have to shoot almost every day. This can save 20mins of your everyday schedule and helps you get more productive.
  • Link Tracking: If you are the curious one, then this feature is for you. You can track the links sent in the emails. A very useful feature to analyze your lead’s engagement.
  • Mail Merge: Mail merge is just the fancy name of mass emailing or bulk emailing. With this feature, you can send up to 5000 personalized emails in a day.
  • Automated Follow up: This feature is combined with mail merge and lets you follow up on those bulk emails by adding up to 9 follow up stages. Adding automation to your follow-ups will skyrocket the open and reply rate.

You can take all these functions to your favorite CRM like Salesforce via Zapier webhook integrations as well.

2. LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a lead generation and sales enablement tool that tracks your newsletters and emails. It has a chrome extension that you can integrate with your Gmail and track email opens, link clicks, and more.

The best thing about this email tracking software is that it qualifies and scores the recipients based on their behavior.

Additional Features:

  • Track & Identify your Leads: LeadBoxer helps you to find your potential leads and customers. You can capture the behavior of your prospects from sources like the website, email, advertising or social media using LeadBoxer.
  • Leadscore: It profiles potential prospects based on their behavior by providing a leadscore. They calculate this based on various criteria parameters (specific locations, industry, size, campaigns and more.) that you provide them.
  • Segmentation: LeadBoxer uses big data technology that allows you to configure custom filters and use them to segment your audience.
  • Alerts: Get real-time alerts when a certain event takes place.

Pricing Plans:

They offer a comprehensive online lead generation, sales intelligence and marketing campaign analytics platform which includes a feature for newsletter & Email tracking hence, they have custom pricing for the solution.

Leadboxer comes with two pricing plan:

  1. Basic ($195/month)
  2. Premium ($495/month)

3. YesWare

Yesware is a sales engagement platform that provides real-time open notification and tells you who opened your emails, clicked on your links and downloaded the attachments.

The feature that makes Yesware so efficient is its integration with your Gmail account. It seamlessly fits in with your Gmail account like shown in the image above.

You can access all the open rates, click rates, and reply rates right in your Gmail on Yesware dashboard. This helps you target the hottest lead at the perfect time.

And some other features that make Yesware one of the best email tracker for Gmail:

Additional Features:

  • Email Templates: Save your time and can your daily emails with Yesware email templates feature. You can A/B test and track the success rate of these templates as well.
  • Meeting Scheduler: Scheduling meeting is just a click away. You can create a customized link with times available, and people can book their meetings with you using Yesware meeting scheduler.
  • Automated Follow Up: Yesware also has Mail merge with auto follow up feature same as SalesHandy. But with Yesware you can integrate your sales calls as well.
  • Send Later / Reminder: You can set reminders to emails which you need to follow up and send them at the desired time as well. Make your inbox work for you.
  • Phone Dialer: This feature makes it damn easy to place a call to anyone from your inbox. You can even record notes based on the call summary.
  • Salesforce Integration: Best feature is that all of this information can be easily integrated with your favorite CRM Salesforce.

(Feature-wise comparison: SalesHandy vs Yesware)

Pricing Plans:

  • Pro Plan – $15 / Per user, Billed Monthly
    • Real-time email tracking
    • Personal templates & reports
    • Presentation tracking & analytics
  • Premium Plan – $35 / Per user, Billed Monthly
    • Includes Pro features
    • Mail Merge Campaigns
    • Role-based permissions
  • Enterprise Plan – $65 / Per user, Billed Annually
    • Includes Premium features
    • Salesforce inbox sidebar
    • Email and calendar CRM sync
    • Import Leads/Contacts to Campaigns

4. Bananatag

Bananatag is also considered in the top 10 email tracking tools. You can use Bananatag to know what happens to your emails after you hit that send button. Instead of waiting around for a reply, you can install Bananatag chrome plugin for Gmail. Besides this, Bananatag is also available for Outlook.

It easily integrates with your compose box and gives you an option of tracking the emails individually.

All the tracked emails are sent from Gmail or Outlook servers, so you won’t have to worry about your emails getting blocked or going to spam.

The email metrics are presented in a very precise manner which helps the user take a good look at all the interaction through emails and take the decisions when needed.

Some other features of Bananatag are:

Additional Features:

  • Email Scheduling: Just like every other tool mentioned here, Bananatag also provides email scheduling feature using which you can send emails at 1:30 in the morning and the recipient will still get the email at the right time when it’s most likely for him to open it.
  • Email Templates: You can store your day to day emails which you have to write almost every other day and save your tons of time. And this feature is also available right in your compose box.
  • Attachment Tracking: This feature creates a heat map for the attachments that you send to your recipients, and you can know which slide is the most engaging and what works best for your presentation.
  • Email Analytics: See the bigger picture with all the open, click and reply rates and decide which email pitches work the best for you.

Pricing Plans:

Bananatags offers customize pricing. You get request a quote based on your requirements.

5. MixMax

Know precisely when someone opens your email and get notified then and there. Take important actions accordingly. With Mixmax, if you are sending an email to a group then also you can track individual opens. This helps in following up with precision.

With Mixmax, you can quickly set the email tracking as a default option. You won’t have to worry about enabling email tracking every time you send an email.

Mixmax also provides real-time desktop notification and Mixmax email tracking feature also shows when your email was opened, how many times and soon they are launching Advanced Email Tracking which will give you an insight of recipient’s geographical information.

Additional Features:

  • Instant Meetings: Mixmax claims to have one-click meetings where you can avoid shooting emails to see your recipient’s availability and set meetings accordingly. With Mixmax Instant meetings, you can just share your multiple availabilities and then let the recipients choose.
  • Send Later: They have just added this feature to their tool. You can schedule the emails and hit the recipients inbox when the chances of them reading are the maximum.
  • Sequences: Again, a fancy name of sending the bulk emails. You can send the drip campaigns using Mixmax sequence feature from your Gmail, Google Inbox & Salesforce as well.
  • Polls and Surveys: This is one the unique features that you will find in these tools. You can send out polls and conduct surveys in the emails itself.
  • Salesforce Integration: All of these features and their results can be seen right in your CRM. All the data at one place to make decisions more quickly.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan – 14 days Free Trial
    • Track 100 Emails / Per Day
    • Schedule 10 Meetings Instantly
    • Automate 10 Templates Per day
  • Starter Plan – $12 / Per User, Billed Monthly
    • Unlimited open and per recipient tracking
    • Unlimited Meetings Instantly
    • Recommended send times
  • Growth Plan – $65 / Per User, Billed Monthly
    • Shared Templates
    • Mail Merge
    • Template and Sequence Stats
  • Small Business Plan – $29 / Per User, Billed Monthly
    • Personalized Sequences
    • Salesforce and Greenhouse Automation
    • Dedicated Account Manager

There is an Enterprise Plan as well for which you will have to contact their Sales Team.

6. Mailtrack

This is one of the most straightforward email tracking tools. Without any fuss and extensive features. This is perfect for small business owners, freelancers or solopreneurs who just want to track their emails and don’t want other shenanigans.

See? Simple double tick appearing in front of the sent emails to let you know if your recipient has opened their email or not.

Just like Whatsapp blue ticks work.

This is one of the best Free Email Tracking Tool and one of the favorite as well for the clean and sleek user interface seekers.

Mailtrack perfectly works within Gmail and Google inbox. It also tells you exactly when someone opened your email and from which device.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan
    • Unlimited tracking
    • Mailtrack signature
  • Pro Plan – $1.99 / Per Month
    • Unlimited tracking
    • No Mailtrack signature
    • Real-time notifications
  • Advance Plan – $2.49 / Per Month
    • Includes Basic Features
    • Full tracking history
    • Support within 24 hours
    • Link tracking
    • Reminders
    • Daily report
  • Team Plan
    • Includes Pro Plan Features
    • G Suite compatible
    • CRM Integration
    • Unified billing
    • Account Manager
    • Multiple recipient tracking

7. Streak

After a simpler option, here’s an advanced one. Streak for Gmail comes with improved features and detailed email tracking. With Streak, you will be able to know when and where your emails were opened. Not just when but “Where” as well.

A feature that Mixmax and other email tracking tools are still getting around and trying to implement.

Here’s how email tracking report looks like:

Streak Email Tracking answers every “W.”

Streak claims to be a CRM inside your inbox with its improved features like:

Additional Features:

  • Integrated with Email Sidebar: Streak for Gmail provides a sidebar in your inbox for better email tracking and shows you a visual history of your messages so that you can cram down the information easily.
  • Sort By Response: You can sort your emails by the type of responses you get. They can be categorized under Recently viewed and awaiting replies. You can even use syntax “has:tracking” to see all the tracked emails at one place.
  • Viewable From Inbox: Everything is visible right in the inbox, and you get real-time notifications as well. It is effortless to access, and the information is available in a snapshot.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan –
    • Basic CRM Features (500)
    • Mail merge (50)
    • Unlimited email tracking
  • Solo plan – $19
    • Unlimited email tracking
    • Boxes (5000 per day)
    • Mail merge (800 per day)
    • Core CRM
  • Professional Plan – $59 / Per User, Billed Monthly
    • Unlimited Email Tracking
    • Advanced Reporting
    • API Access
    • 900+ Integrations (via Zapier)
  • Enterprise Plan – $159 / Per User, Billed Monthly
    • Custom Permissions
    • Data Validation
    • Priority support

8. Mailtag is another great email tracking extension. Other than being a great email tracker, it also has the features like email scheduling, link tracking and notification of the same. It works only with Gmail as they are focused to make it the best email tracker for Gmail.

Additional Features:

  • Email Scheduling: Schedule your emails to arrive in your recipient’s inbox at the right time by email scheduler by
  • Link Click Tracking: With this feature, you can find out whether the recipient clicked on the link that you sent with your email or not. Just hover your mouse over your mailtag icon to view your link clicks.
  • Real-Time Notifications: This feature enables you with the notifications of your email tracker in real time. So if you are doing some other work on another tab of chrome, mailtag will notify you the second your recipient engages with your email.

Pricing Plans:

Mailtag has only one plan that charges you 25$ if paid monthly and 18$/month if paid annually.

  • Email Tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Unlimited Ping Sequences
  • Link-click Tracking
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Auto-BCC To CRM
  • Executive Support

9. Respona

Respona is an all-in one email outreach platform. Whether you need email outreach for marketing, link building, sales, Respona can help you streamline and simplify all of the most tedious processes associated with it.

It comes with a built-in search engine for prospecting, an integrated contact information finder and helps you save time on customizing pitches by utilizing helpful variables like {first_name} and {day_of_week} that automatically change for every opportunity in your campaign.

A nice bonus is integration with Help A Reporter Out, allowing you to reply to media queries right inside the tool.

Most prominent features:

  • A built-in search engine for prospecting
  • Personalization automation
  • An integrated email address finder
  • Integration with HARO
  • Easy to use and saves a lot of time.

If you rely on cold outreach for any of your business goals, Respona is a great tool that will help you boost your performance.

Pricing plan

  • $99/month (if billed monthly)
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Unlimited users
    • 1 email account
    • $49/mo for additional email accounts
    • 250 monthly person lookups

10. Cirrus Insight

It is another good email tracker in the list. Cirrus Insight helps you increase your sales productivity with its features like email tracking, follow-up reminders, template previews, and much more. It is available as an extension in chrome and firefox for Gmail users and as an outlook plugin for outlook users. Also, they have an app available on Andriod play store and IOS app store.

Additional Features:

  • Follow-up reminder: You can set a reminder about taking a follow-up in the future just in case a person does not reply to you sent emails. This will give you a quick reminder on the top of your screen and you can take the follow-up then.
  • Email Templates: If you have some regular email templates that you send on a daily basis, save it. With Cirrus Insight, you will be able to share pre-saved email templates readily.

Pricing Plans:

  • Starter- $27 Per user / Month
    • Email templates & open alerts
    • Follow up reminders
    • Mail merge email campaigns
    • Attachment tracking
  • Closer – $45 Per user / Month
    • Attachment tracking for teams
    • Personal scheduling pages
    • Document management
  • Rainmaker – $72 Per user / Month
    • Email nurturing campaigns
    • Save and share telephone scripts
    • Individual and team metrics

11. who used to specialize in the email finding and verification area has now taken upon the opportunity to serve in email tracking as well. They provide drip email feature where you can effectively track all the emails that you sent through Gmail.

Additional Features:

  • Email Verification: You can verify the mailing list before sending the emails. They have an algorithm which will give your email one of this three status.
    • Valid email address – The email is correct and exists.
    • Catch-all email address – The email might or might not exist.
    • Invalid email address – The email address does not exist or is inactive.

Pricing Plans:

  • S- $39 Per user / Month
    • 1,000 credits
    • Email Drip Campaigns
    • 1,000 unique recipients
    • Verify 2,000 email addresses
  • M – $79 Per user / Month
    • 5,000 credits
    • Email Drip Campaigns
    • 3,000 unique recipients
    • Verify 10,000 email addresses
  • L – $169 Per user / Month
    • 25,000 credits
    • Email Drip Campaigns
    • 10,000 unique recipients
    • Verify 50,000 email addresses
  • XL – $289 Per user / Month
    • 50,000 credits
    • Email Drip Campaigns
    • Unlimited recipients
    • Verify 100,000 email addresses
  • XXL$578 Per user/ Month
    • 100 000 credits
    • 100 000 unique recipients
    • Unlimited users

12. Docsify

Docsify is an email tracking software for Gmail and Gsuite that helps the sales team streamline email and work more efficiently. It tracks the recipient’s behaviors on email open as well as link clicks, device, OS and geolocation. It’s not just limited to track emails but gives you flexibly to compose and schedule the email as per the preferred timezone.

As the name suggests, Docsify started just to track documents, gradually moved into the complete email tracking tool. Having said that it provides good insights on document view, download and time spent on each page by the recipients.

Additional Features:

  • CRM Integration: CRM integration streamlines the sales process. With the help of Zapier, you would be able to integrate your email activates along with your recipient’s behavior into your favorite CRM software to work smarter and faster.
  • Email Templates: If you are sending similar emails quite frequently, you don’t need to draft it all the time. Write it once and use it as many times as you want. In the email template, you would be able to add media files like pictures and GIFs.
  • Document Tracking: Docsify provides document tracking. You can know how many times the document is viewed, get page by page insights on how much time your recipient has spent on viewing your PDF document and if he or she has downloaded the attached document. 

Pricing Plans:

  • Free
    • Unlimited Email Tracking
    • Real-Time Notifications
    • Text Shortcuts
    • Docsify watermark
  • Premium: $12 Per user / Per month
    • Includes Free Plan features
    • Link Tracking
    • Document Tracking
    • No Docsify watermark
    • Zapier Integration

13. AutoKlose

AutoKlose is one of the most easy-to-use email tracking tools which comes with Gmail and Outlook integration. If you are someone who is reaching out to a wider audience, email tracking becomes essential. You cannot stay ghost once you send your email campaign. Autoklose’s amazing features lets you understand your customer behavior better with realtime tracking of email opens, clicks, replies.

Additional Features:

  • Pre Installed Data: AutoKlose comes with million of already verified B2B contacts, which will help you to identify more prospects.
  • Email Sequencing: Once you send the email campaign, your work doesn’t stop there. In fact, it actually starts now. You don’t want to miss any of the leads. Email sequencing helps you send auto follow up emails, so you don’t have to keep an eye on your screen every now and then.
  • Email Scheduling: If your prospects are in different time zone and you want maximum email opens from your campaign, then email scheduling works best for you. You can select from multiple time zones and schedule your email campaign accordingly.

Pricing Plans:

  • Starter Plan: $59.99 per user billed monthly
    • 1 Email Automation account 
    • Unlimited Campaigns
    • Unlimited Follow-up and Tracking
  • Small Business Plan: $249.95 billed monthly
    • 5 users can use per month
    • 5 Email accounts 
  • Enterprise Plan: Customised Pricing
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Unlimited downloads

14. Veloxy

Veloxy Email Tracking empowers salespeople with more visibility into their buyers’ interests and intent. Track more than open rates—track each contact’s inbox behavior, account-based forwarding, geolocation, device use, and more.  You’ll also receive real-time email tracking notifications so you can follow up with your contacts when they’re engaging with your content—closing more deals, faster and easier.

Additional Features:

  • Email Tracking Sidebar / Salesforce Sidebar: Achieve full visibility into every contact from the comfort of your inbox. With Salesforce, you can also automate and one-click sales automation from your inbox.
  • Email Templates and Campaigns:  Gain access to dozens of text/HTML email templates, or create your own, and share them across the sales organization with one click. Send email campaigns to Salesforce contacts, Excel lists, or use our proprietary sales map to target specific territories.
  • Email and Sales Analytics: View email analytics from the comfort of your inbox, and if you use Salesforce, you can also one-click access sales analytics to further optimize outreach.
  • Veloxy Mobile App: View all of your email tracking activity from the comfort of your favorite smartphone. You’re always one tap away from engaging with your most engaged contacts.

Pricing Plans:

  • Veloxy Lite – $25 per user/per month:
    • 15+ features that include Email Marketing, Sales AI, Email Templates and Campaigns, Compliance, and more.
  • Veloxy – $49 per user/per month:
    • 35+ features that include Email Marketing, Templates and Campaigns, Salesforce Automation, Sales AI, Compliance, Salesforce Caller ID, Geolocation Prospect Discovery, and more.

15. Right Inbox

Right Inbox levels up your email efforts with its easy-to-use tool. Their Gmail chrome extension works the best for sales, recruiting, marketing, and customer support professionals.

Additionally, it lets you know who opens your email, how often they click on the link, when they opened it, from what location, and on what device. This comprehensive information helps you to plan your follow-up email strategically.

Additional Features:

  • Mail Merge The mail merge feature removes all the unnecessary steps and allows you to send personalized emails to multiple users. It makes the cold outreach process much quicker.
  • Send later & Reminders A much-needed feature for everyone. It helps to schedule your email if your user is in a different time zone. It also keeps you on track by reminding you of important emails and deadlines.
  • Private notes & Signatures Right Inbox lets you add notes to your email that only you can see. Eliminating the risk of you missing out on important points. You can also add a personalized signature to your emails.
  • Sequence & Templates This feature lets you send a follow-up email if your prospect doesn’t reply. You can also pick emails from the best performing ones

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan
    • Reminders 10 emails / month
    • Private Notes 10 emails / month
    • CRM Sync Unlimited
    • Recurring Emails Not included
  • Yearly Plan – $ 5.95 / Per month
    • Send Later Unlimited 
    • Reminders Unlimited
    • Private Notes Unlimited
    • CRM Sync Unlimited
    • Recurring Emails Unlimited
  • Monthly Plan– $7.95/ Per month 
    • Send Later Unlimited 
    • Reminders Unlimited
    • Private Notes Unlimited
    • CRM Sync Unlimited
    • Recurring Emails Unlimited is a handy tool that lets you integrate with Gmail and track your emails easily.

You can not only track but automate your follow-ups, add reminders, share templates and do much more using this tool. 

Additional Features

  • Accurate tracking exactly tells you who opened your email, when they opened it, and how. You receive real-time notification when a specific action is taken.
  • Automate your follow ups No need to wait for your recipient to reply to write an email. Set automatic follow-ups based on various conditions and focus on your next task.
  • Share and re-use template No need to write a text over and over again. With customized automatic expand the keyword feature, you can quickly write the phrase using a slash(/). 
  • Attach reminders  Never miss out on any opportunity. Attach reminders with micro notes to your emails. If your recipient responds to the email, the reminder automatically goes off.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic – $5
    • Email tracking 
    • Templates & Snippets
    • Shared Email Templates
    • Send later & Snooze
    • Automated followups (50 followups)
    • Salesforce & CRM integrations
  • Starter – $10
    • Email tracking
    • Template & Snippets
    • Shared Email Templates
    • Send later & Snooze
    • Automate followups (100 followups)
    • Salesforce & CRM integration
  • Professional- $20 
    • Email tracking 
    • Templates & Snippets
    • Send later & Snooze 
    • Automated followups (500 followups)
    • Salesforce & CRM integrations

17. OpenedOrNot 

500apps’OpenedOrNot is an email tracking Chrome extension that keeps users on top of emails until the recipient opens them. It also offers timely notifications so that users don’t miss any important events. Users can better understand the number of emails sent and opened using daily reporting.

Users receive read receipts (green for opened and grey for delivered) each time the recipient opens or reads the email, ensuring that their message is delivered to the intended recipient.

Because of its adaptable platform, OpenedOrNot is compatible with all Chromium-based browsers. Users may get started right away by joining up or logging in after downloading the Chrome extension from the Chrome web store

Additional Features:

  • Gmail email tracking- Get all information about an email till it is opened with this seamless Gmail email tracking. With the OpenedOrNot email tracking chrome extension, you can monitor link clicks and much more.
  • Read Receipts- You’ll see two green ticks if your email is opened, and two grey ticks if it’s delivered, so you’ll know when your emails are successfully delivered and opened.
  • Real-time Alerts – Get real-time notifications whenever your email is opened or links are clicked. Get the recipient’s information if OpenedOrNot is installed.
  • Email Analytics – To maximize email marketing efforts, sum up your sent emails and get analytics on how many emails are opened, undelivered, and delivered. Improve the accuracy of follow-ups- With smooth and dependable email tracking, you may get more accurate and timely follow-ups.


OpenedorNot is a free chrome extension.

Email Tracking For Outlook Users

Even though Outlook has an in-built read receipt available but some of the features are outdated for nowadays entrepreneurs. So, you might want to switch to a better email tracking service. Hence, a separate list of Top Outlook Email Tracking Tools.

  1. SalesHandy
  2. ContactMonkey
  3. Hubspot
  4. Bananatag
  5. Cirrus Insight
  6. Yesware

1. SalesHandy

SalesHandy’s Outlook email tracking works same as Gmail email tracking. Get instant and real-time desktop notification as soon as someone opens your tracked emails. Get detailed analytics on tracked emails and use the insights to take better professional decisions.

Saleshandy outlook plugin

SalesHandy outlook email tracking button gets incorporate into outlook toolbar where it’s easier to access for the user.

And for outlook as well, there are many other useful features that SalesHandy offers to make it a power packed tool.

Additional Features:

  • Email Templates: In Outlook as well you can use a canned response and get rid of those tedious small tasks like using CTRL + C and CTRL + V every time you send those daily reports or weekly reports to your manager.

Just imagine you get to see the amount of engagement your presentations are getting from your bosses.

  • Email Scheduling: Just imagine. You get to send an email in your timezone, and still it will reach your recipient in their timezone. That’s right. With only a click, you can be in Canada and still be able to send an email to your client in New Delhi at their time.
  • Mail Merge with Auto Follow up: You can now send personalized bulk emails to your possible prospects and follow them up like a pro with automated follow up emails.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan – 14 days Free Trial
    • Unlimited Email Tracking for Forever
    • Unlimited Email Scheduling for Forever
    • Email Support
  • Regular Plan – $12 / Per User, Billed Monthly
    • Unlimited Email Tracking & Scheduling
    • 200 Mail Merge Emails per day
    • Shared Email Templates
    • Custom Domain Tracking

2. ContactMonkey

Always wondered what happens to your emails after you hit that send button? ContactMonkey is here to answer those questions. Now with ContactMonkey Email Tracking feature, you will be able to know the aftermath of your sent emails. You will just have to download ContactMonkey Outlook Plugin, Install and then you are good to go.

ContactMonkey Outlook email tracker

Very easy to use. With excellent user interface, ContantMonkey can fit right into your Outlook mail.

You get a detailed report of your tracked emails like who opened it, where it was opened and on which device as well.

Now, this is an advance email tracking report.

ContactMonkey has some of the additional features which can power boost your Outlook and take it to the next level.

Here are the other features provided by ContactMonkey for Outlook as well as Gmail.

Additional Features:

  • Delay Send: Delay send is a simpler name for Email scheduling. ContactMonkey also offers the feature of delaying your scheduled emails. You can just hit a Send Later button and just forget about it. The email will get delivered to on the time selected while scheduling.
  • Salesforce Integration: You can use all of your salesforce right from your outlook inbox. No need to switch from this app to that app. Everything at one place with ContactMonkey Salesforce integration.
  • Mail Merge: Small business owners will be elated to get their hands on this mail merge feature of ContactMonkey. This feature lets you send those bulk emails but make it more personalized to catch your recipient’s attention.

Pricing Plans:

  • Professional Plan – $10 / Per User, Billed Annually
    • Single User
    • Unlimited Email & Link Tracking
    • Deep Analytics Dashboard
  • Team Plan – $15 / Per User, Billed Annually
    • Multi-User
    • Create a Team
    • Team Performance Reports
  • Salesforce Plan – $25 / Per User, Billed Annually
    • Salesforce Templates
    • Logs Calls, Tasks, Events & Cases
    • Auto BCC to Salesforce
    • Salesforce Sidebar

3. Hubspot

If you are in Sales or Marketing field, then you must have heard about Hubspot. It’s an ocean of tools for all the marketers and salesperson.

And in this ocean of tools and software, Email tracking is one of their most popular tool.

Worried what happens when you pitch your possible customers/leads? Can’t track if they are interested or not? Then HubSpot email tracking is what you need.

Know the second your prospects open your email with Hubspot real-time notifications. Target when the lead is hot and as a result close more deals than ever.

Turn your prospects into your customers when the chances are the highest with Hubspot email tracking tool.

Moreover, Hubspot provides an inbuilt activity stream which helps you to scan the email exchanges between you and your prospect and what made your prospect turn into a customer.

Email tracking is available for Gmail as well as for Outlook.

And besides email tracking, there are many world-class features that Hubspot has to offer. Some of them are listed below:

Additional Features:

  • CRM: Hubspot CRM is everything you will ever need. You can organize, nurture and track your leads and customers. You can manage your pipeline and can accelerate your sales with Hubspot CRM.
  • All-in-one Marketing Software: Anything you need to market your product, Hubspot’s got it. Be it website, content, Lead generation. You can do everything with this software.
  • All-in-one Sales Software: Email Tracking is a part of Hubspot Sales Software. This software lets you automate your outreach, follow up seamlessly and track your entire sales pipeline.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan
    • Gmail and Outlook Integration
    • Email Scheduling and Templates
    • Meetings
    • Canned Snippets
  • Starter Plan – $50 / Per Month
    • Includes features of Free Plan
    • Live Chat
    • Email Sequences
    • Phone and Email Support
  • Professional Plan – $400 / Per Month
    • Includes features of Starter Plan
    • Sales Automation
    • Predictive Lead Scoring
    • Smart send times and Notifications

4. Bananatag for Outlook

Bananatag is available for Gmail as well as Outlook. Bananatag Email Tracking tool sends you a notification to your outlook when a contact opens your email or clicks any link.

Outlook is one of the most important email client servers for prominent organizations. The bigger the organizations, the more the requirement of automation.

Bananatag Outlook Extension

And Bananatag offers just that. Besides Email Tracking, other features that boost the productivity of your Outlook are:

Additional Features:

  • Email Templates: Bananatag helps you with your outbound emails and optimize it to get the best out of them. Send 100 emails in place of 10 with Email templates feature and track which emails are doing most of the work.
  • Email Analytics: This feature provides you with detailed reports and performances of your emails and templates and gives you a comprehensive data on your open, reply and click-through rates.
  • CRM Sync: This is the feature everybody loves. Nobody likes data at 10 different places, and Bananatag knows this pain point and gives you a feature where you can BCC everything to your CRM.

Pricing Plans:

We have list down Bananatag pricing when we mentioned Bananatag for Gmail. You can directly navigate to Bananatag Pricing from here.

5. Cirrus Insight for Outlook

Along with being one of the best email tracker for Gmail, Cirrus Insight is another great email tracking software for outlook to keep an eye on your recipient’s behavior. It is easy to set up and use on outlook. It gives you to track email open as well as link clicks. For every action taken by your recipients, you get a browser notification. Cirrus Insight gives you the flexibility to set auto follow-up reminders as well as save custom email templates. 

Cirrus Insight gives you a key matrix on how your emails are performing on the tracking tab. You can select a particular date range to see tracking information such as how many emails have been sent, opened and replied also the numbers of linked clicked. 

Not just numbers you also get to see what was the email, when was an email sent, what was it the subject line and how well is it performing. 

Cirrus Insight for Outlook

Additional Features:

  • Salesforce integration: Cirrus Insight gives direct integration with Salesforce. The Salesforce contact and calendar are instantly synchronized with the app. As per the rules set in the SalesForce, the action and replies of your email recipients have logged automatically. You can blast a 500 email campaign straight from the Salesforce reports.

Pricing Plans:

  • Starter- $27 Per user / Month
    • Email templates & open alerts
    • Follow up reminders
    • Mail merge email campaigns
    • Attachment tracking
  • Closer – $45 Per user / Month
    • Attachment tracking for teams
    • Personal scheduling pages
    • Document management

6. Yesware

Yesware is considered a powerful email tracking tool that works both for Gmail and Outlook. It is a perfect tool for sales professionals.  

yesware email tracking

One of the most useful features that Yesware delivers is that the emails perfectly in your prospects inbox folder. Let us know more about the additional benefits of Yesware.

We have listed down Yesware features & pricing when we mentioned Yesware for Gmail. You can directly navigate to Yesware features & pricing from here. 

For other email services using SMTP Settings

1. SalesHandy

Apart from Gmail and Outlook, SalesHandy also provides email tracking feature for all other email service providers like Yahoo mail, AOL mail, Zoho mail etc through SMTP set-up. You can easily set your email account with SalesHandy using SMTP details of your email service provider. Follow these three simple steps to connect and track unlimited emails:

Step 1: Sign up with SalesHandy

signup for saleshandy
  • You can sign-up with SalesHandy by filling up the simple form as shown in the screenshot.

Step 2: Connect SMTP Account

Connect smtp account
  • Open SalesHandy web app, click on “Email accounts” and then click on “Connect New Account” as shown in the screenshot.

Step 3: Fill Required Information

smtp settings
  • At last, fill-up the sender information, choose your email service provider as shown in the screenshot (For example: Zoho) and Saleshandy will fill other data automatically based on your selected service provider.
  • Finally, click on “Test & Save” to send a test email after which you are all set to start tracking your emails.

Additional Features & Pricing Plans

We have listed down additional features & pricing plans of SalesHandy when we mentioned SalesHandy for Gmail. You can directly navigate to SalesHandy Pricing from here.

2. Bananatag

Bananatag email tracking tool is not limited to Gmail and Outlook, it also supports email tracking through SMTP relay service. You can connect any of your email service provider with Bananatag with it’s SMTP relay service and track emails same as Gmail and Outlook.

Without the need of any additional software, you can track your sent emails through your existing email service provider.

You can use SMTP relay service in email campaign as well.

banana tag smtp

Additional Features

  • Email Scheduling: Along with Email tracking service, Bananatag provides email scheduling feature that helps you to schedule your email to be sent later. It helps you to reach your recipient at the right time that will increase the email open rate and reply rate significantly.
  • Attachment Tracking: Not only email, you can also track attached files using Bananatag. You can get detailed engagement heatmaps of your attached file whether it is a document, presentation, spreadsheet or any other file types.

Pricing Plans:

This SMTP relay tracking is available for all Bananatag plans including the free plan.

We have listed down pricing plans of Bananatag when we covered Bananatag for Gmail above. You can directly navigate to Bananatag Pricing from here.

Why should you track your emails?

The way we communicate, connect, and contact people are changing overnight. Time and again. But Email is the one constant in professional communication, and it is here to stay.

On the other hand, the way we send emails is changing, and now the technology has developed to that stage where we can track who all opened our emails and when.

But why do you need this?

The reason is simple. Nowadays, you want everything happening at Godspeed, and you can’t wait around forever for a simple reply to take your decisions or move forward with your process.

Hence, email tracking.

We track our website visitors, their actions, behaviors, and what not.

And all these insights help you make your website better in terms of user experience and enables you to sell your products better and effortlessly.

In the same way, tracking your emails can help you know the success of your email pitches and marketing campaigns.

Emails are also used to send invoices, invitations, contacts and what not. And to track these emails can be very beneficial for the businesses.

Also, tracking the open rates of your marketing campaigns, sales pitches and presentations can help you filter out the best and worst ones.

Who will be most benefited by Email Tracking?

If you are a Marketer, Sales Professionals, Executives, Recruiters or Customer Support where your emails hold a great value and where your deals depend on your emails and where you are just on the verge of hiring someone that’s where Email Tracking tools jump in.

These best email tracker can help Marketers, Sales Professionals and Executives take those crucial decisions at the perfect time.

How does email tracking work?

Email tracking is no rocket science. By now, everyone knows how it works.

These email tracking software place a transparent image inside your emails which is of 1*1 in dimension and is invisible to a naked eye.

When the recipient opens the email containing tracking pixel, the sender gets notified of the same.

This is the usual way of tracking an email, and every tool works the same way.

There are limitations to these email tracking software which we are going to mention later in the post.

Email Tracking Limitations

Every coin has two sides, and so does Email Tracking. There are cases where your tracked emails won’t give you read receipt and you won’t get any notifications when they get opened.

Here are some of the cases where email tracking does not work:

  • When your recipient uses any Adblock extensions like AdBlock or AdBlock Plus.
  • When your recipient has enabled “Ask before displaying external images” option. In this case, the pixel won’t be loaded and you won’t get a notification when they open the email.
  • When your recipient uses some security system that prevents the images from being loaded.
  • All of these limitations have no way around it. You can’t do anything to fight these restrictions.

Is spying on your recipients good?

If you are doing it with the good intent where it is affecting your sales or some executive decisions, then tracking your emails is legit.

But if you are doing it to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend or your boss then all of these reasons are wrong, and this is where email tracking gets unethical.

Tricks to save yourself from Email Tracking Tools

We have talked so much about Email Tracking software in this post but if you want some privacy and don’t want anyone to track your email opens then here are some of the ways you can block email tracking pixel:

Some of the tools that help in blocking email tracking pixel are:

1. Ugly Email

This is a chrome extension and works like magic. It shows an eye before tracked emails and tells you which email tracker they are using as well.

ugly email

2. Pixel Block

As the name suggests, this chrome extension also blocks the pixel that is trying to know if you have opened the tracked email or not.

Pixel block

Pixel block displays a red eye when it finds and blocks a tracking attempt.

Pro Tip: You won’t be able to use email tracking tool and these pixel blocking tools together. So, in case if you want to track emails but don’t want your emails to be tracked then follow the below instructions according to your devices.

Few Other Methods:

On Gmail:
  • Select the settings option on the right-hand side of your desktop.
  • Go to the general tab, scroll down to “Images” option.
  • Select “Ask before displaying external images.”
  • Then, don’t forget to save these changes.
On iPhone:
  • Select settings option
  • Tap on Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • Swipe left on “Load Remote Images” to turn it off.
On Android:
  • Open the Gmail app.
  • Select your account.
  • Tap on Images.
  • Select “Ask before showing.”
Apple Mail (Desktop):
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Mail.
  • Switch off the “Load Remote Images” option.

Wrap up

We have mentioned all our tricks, tips and methods we use at SalesHandy when it comes to email tracking. 

Before summing up, If you are sending emails using above mentioned tools and extensions and want to track and increase email deliverability then email testing checklist can help you get most out of it.

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