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10 Best Mailshake alternatives in 2023 (Features + Pricing)

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So you are not satisfied using Mailshake and looking for an alternative to it.

The thing is, you’re not alone. 

Many professionals are encountering common challenges that have led them to seek out alternatives to Mailshake.

The good news is that there are a few Mailshake alternatives available that can undoubtedly assist you in reaching your outreach goals and getting higher reply rates.

After reading this article, you’ll be equipped to identify the ideal cold email outreach tool for your needs. 

However, before we delve into the alternatives, let’s first get an overview of Mailshake and see what are the common challenges and drawbacks of using it (which, of course, you are also facing.)

Mailshake alternatives: Table of Contents

What is Mailshake? 

Mailshake is a popular tool for cold email outreach. Many people in Sales, PR, and blogging find it useful. With Mailshake, you can build relationships, promote your offer, and achieve your desired goal. 

One of the best things about Mailshake is It provides ideas for your email campaigns, like PR pitches or guest outreach. Plus, you can automate all your email outreach tasks in just a few minutes. You can personalize and track your campaigns and even set up automated follow-ups with different sending sequences. 

Also, you can customize the sending schedules for each recipient. However, despite all these great features, there are some key challenges that may make you want to explore other powerful alternatives.

What are the drawbacks of using Mailshake?

No doubt that Mailshake is a good platform for sending cold email outreach. However, there are four critical drawbacks that a majority of users complain about:

1) Expensive Solution:

  • Mailshake’s email outreach tools cost $44 per user per month, resulting in a significant expense.
  • Even with just five users, the monthly fee can reach up to $220, and it can increase to $375 if you require additional features like social selling or a power dialer.
  • Mailshake only offers annual billing, requiring a substantial upfront investment.

2) Lacks Personalization Options:

  • Mailshake falls short in providing auto-personalization features for cold email campaigns.
  • Users have to manually perform various tasks to ensure personalized campaigns, which can be time-consuming and less effective.

3) No Option to Manage Inbox and Replies:

  • Managing the inbox and responding promptly and efficiently is crucial for successful email outreach.
  • Unfortunately, Mailshake does not offer a solution to manage incoming replies.
  • Users have to manually monitor and handle all received replies, adding to the workload and potential for oversight.

4) Lacks Deliverability Features:

  • Custom tracking domains can enhance email deliverability by bypassing spam filters.
  • Mailshake lacks a straightforward process for creating custom tracking domains.
  • Users often skip this step, leading to potential issues with email deliverability and reaching recipients’ inboxes.

Now that we’ve explored the ins and outs of Mailshake and its drawbacks, it’s time to explore some top-notch alternatives that can help you take your email outreach to the next level. 

Best Mailshake alternative for cost-effective cold email outreach

1) Saleshandy (the best all-in-one alternative to Mailshake)

Saleshandy best all in one Mailshake alternative

Saleshandy is the best cold email tool that helps streamline your outreach efforts to get better results. The ease of use with high email deliverability, hyper-personalization, cost-effectiveness, and scalability makes it one of the best email outreach solutions available in the market. Using Saleshandy, various professionals can auto-pilot their outreach campaign and achieve the desired goal. 

Here are the key features that make it a powerful Mailshake alternative:

1) Personalization at scale: With Saleshandy, you can personalize your emails to a large number of recipients effortlessly. It provides merge tags, which allow you to insert dynamic fields into your emails, making them feel more tailored to each recipient. Additionally, Saleshandy offers spintax functionality, enabling you to create variations of words in your emails, further enhancing personalization.

Personalization Saleshandy

2) Easy inbox and reply management: Saleshandy simplifies the management of your inbox and replies by offering a unified inbox feature. This feature allows you to consolidate all your received emails in one place, making it convenient to categorize them and respond to them efficiently. You no longer have to switch between multiple platforms or folders to handle your email communications.

Easy Inbox Management Saleshandy

3) A/Z testing for email optimization: Saleshandy stands out in the market by providing comprehensive A-to-Z testing for your email campaigns. With this feature, you can test up to 26 variants of your emails, allowing you to experiment and identify the most effective email content and strategies. By analyzing the results of these tests, you can optimize your email campaigns for maximum impact.

A-Z testing Saleshandy

4) Enhanced email deliverability: Ensuring that your emails reach the intended recipients’ primary inboxes is crucial for successful email marketing. Saleshandy helps you achieve better email deliverability through two key features. Firstly, it offers an email account warm-up powered by Trulyinbox, which gradually builds the reputation of your email account, increasing the chances of your emails being delivered. Secondly, Saleshandy provides sender rotation, which allows you to distribute your email sending across multiple sending addresses, further improving deliverability rates.

Email deliverability Saleshandy

5) Cost-effective and scalable solution: Saleshandy offers a cost-effective alternative to other email marketing solutions like Mailshake. It provides similar functionalities at a much lower cost, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, Saleshandy is highly scalable, meaning it can easily accommodate your growing needs as your business expands, making it a reliable long-term solution.

Saleshandy vs Mailshake pricing


Saleshandy presents three pricing plans, each tailored to meet distinct requirements:

  • The 7-day FREE trial offers all the features.
  • The basic plan is priced at $27 per month if you are just starting out with your outreach efforts.
  • The pro plan is priced at $79 per month. If you’re seeking to scale your sales efforts, this plan is ideal for you.
  • The scale plan is priced at $150 per month. It is designed for businesses aiming to enhance their outreach and achieve higher goals.
  • In addition, Saleshandy also offers a Custom plan that accommodates custom prospect limits.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (525 reviews)

Saleshandy reviews

9 other Mailshake alternatives to checkout

1) Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a tool for sending email campaigns and follow-ups to reach a larger audience. It is designed to make outreach easier. One unique feature of Woodpecker is the ability to split your agency and personal work. If you are an agency, you can use the agency portal to send campaigns and keep your data secure. Additionally, Woodpecker helps you generate leads and manage clients, saving you time.



  • A/B Testing and Follow-up Emails: Conduct A/B tests and effortlessly send follow-up emails to optimize your email marketing campaigns.
  • Email Verification and Validation: Ensure optimal email deliverability by verifying and validating email addresses right from your compose box.
  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Facilitate smooth collaboration among your team members with a centralized dashboard, enabling everyone to access client information efficiently.
  • Performance Insights: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your emails through comprehensive statistics such as open rates, reply rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates, empowering you to make informed decisions for your next steps.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies the process of managing your outreach, even for non-technical users.
  • Fast and Convenient Setup: Experience swift integration of your contact lists and efficient setup, allowing you to get started quickly and seamlessly.
  • Unlimited Team Members: Collaborate with an unlimited number of team members, enabling seamless coordination and productivity without restrictions.


  • Cost Considerations for Small Businesses: For small businesses requiring multiple slots and add-ons, there may be associated costs that could potentially be a burden on their budget.
  • Limitation on Follow-ups: The system restricts the number of follow-ups to a maximum of seven, which may pose limitations for your outreach.


Woodpecker has priced based on the prospect you contact monthly:

  • $40 per month per email slot to reach 1,500 prospects in a month.
  • $44 per month per email slot to reach 6,000 prospects in a month.
  • $48 per month per email slot to reach out to unlimited prospects in a month.

G2 Ratings: 4.3/5 (41 Reviews)

Woodpecker reviews

2) Yesware

Yesware is a good fit for sales professionals who actively use emails. You can do everything in your inbox, from prospecting and scheduling meetings to following up.



  • Yesware seamlessly integrates with both Outlook and Gmail inboxes, empowering you to maintain a smooth workflow.
  • Effortlessly connect your Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts for enhanced sales efficiency.
  • Gain valuable insights into the success of your email campaigns with comprehensive weekly email performance statistics.
  • Efficiently track your emails to gain a clear understanding of what strategies are effective and what needs improvement.


  • Compatible with both Outlook and Gmail, catering to a wide range of users.
  • Ability to monitor the amount of time prospects spend on your attachments, providing valuable engagement metrics.
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, maximizing your sales productivity and effectiveness.


  • There may be a lack of automatic email campaign-saving functionality.
  • The app’s notifications when opening your own emails can lead to cluttered campaign data.
  • In cases where emails have multiple recipients, it may be challenging to determine who specifically opened them.


  • The pro plan, priced at $19 per month, offers unlimited email tracking, unlimited attachment tracking, unlimited email templates, a meeting scheduler, and response insights.
  • The premium plan, priced at $45 per month, offers everything in the pro plan plus unlimited campaigns, colleague calendering, unlimited shared campaigns, unlimited shared templates, and team reporting.
  • The enterprise plan, priced at $85 per month, offers everything in the premium plan plus the Salesforce inbox sidebar, Salesforce bi-directional activity sync, import leads/contacts to campaigns, and Salesforce reporting.

G2 Ratings: 4.4/5 (799 Reviews)

Yesware reviews

3) GMass

GMass is a cold email outreach tool that allows you to run campaigns inside Gmail. You can effectively run a mail merge campaign from your Gmail account. 



  • Send mass emails using Google Sheets without the need for CSV files.
  • Personalize your content by including the recipient’s first name, brand name, and more.
  • Schedule and automate follow-up emails for efficient communication.
  • Seamless integration within your inbox without the need for a separate user interface.
  • GMass includes a built-in email verifier to ensure optimal email deliverability.


  • Emails are automatically saved as templates for future campaigns, enabling easy reuse.
  • Ability to send email attachments in mass emails, enhancing your communication capabilities.
  • Integration with Zapier allows you to create automated email sequences for streamlined workflows.


  • GMass is limited to Gmail and G Suite accounts, restricting its usage to these platforms.
  • The desktop version of GMass is compatible only with Google Chrome, limiting its accessibility across different web browsers.


  • The standard plan, priced at $19.95 per month, offers basic campaigns and mail merge personalization.
  • The premium plan, priced at $29.95 per month, offers everything under the standard plan plus sequences and follow-ups, API access, A/B testing, and conditional content.
  • The enterprise plan, priced at $49.95 per month, offers basic everything in the premium plan plus high-priority support.

G2 Ratings: 4.7/5 (991 Reviews)

Gmass reviews

4) Klenty

Klenty is an easy-to-use email outreach tool that enables you to send personalized email campaigns at your chosen time. You can enhance the productivity of your campaigns by including follow-up stages.



  • Seamless CRM Integration: Klenty effortlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms such as Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and Pipedrive, enabling smooth data exchange and enhanced workflow efficiency.
  • Extensive Template Library: Benefit from Klenty’s comprehensive in-built template library, which operates directly within your inbox. Access template reports and review prospects’ activity history for improved campaign performance.
  • Real-time Tracking: Gain valuable insights with Klenty’s real-time tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor and optimize engagement levels effectively.
  • In-App Customer Support: Klenty provides in-app customer support, ensuring prompt assistance and guidance whenever you require it.


  • Streamlined Email Campaign Setup: Klenty simplifies the process of setting up email campaigns, making it remarkably straightforward for users to get started efficiently.
  • Seamless Integration with CRM and Slack: Klenty seamlessly integrates with CRMs and Slack, enabling effortless communication and efficient coordination across platforms.
  • Built-in Inbox and Direct Responses: With Klenty’s built-in inbox, users can conveniently manage their emails without the need to switch between multiple tools. Responding to replies directly from the tool streamlines communication and saves valuable time.


  • Limited Personalized Design Options: If you require a template with a personalized design, Klenty currently requires coding elsewhere to achieve the desired customization.
  • Challenging Reporting and Analytics: Klenty’s reporting and analytics may pose difficulties in terms of readability. The information can become cluttered, making it challenging to analyze campaigns separately and extract meaningful insights.


  • The startup plan, priced at $35 per month, offers email cadences, API, Zapier integration, Gmail plugin, and mail merge.
  • The growth plan, priced at $60 per month, offers all in the startup plan plus cadence playbooks, multi-channel outreach, CRM integrations, hot prospects (beta), and website tracking.
  • The enterprise plan, priced at $100 per month, offers everything in the growth plan plus IP-based login, monthly customer success review, and monthly deliverability reports.

G2 Ratings: 4.6/5 (287 Reviews)


5) Lemlist

Lemlist is a cold email outreach tool that comes with features like email automation, email scheduling, and follow-up. But apart from these features, Lemlist is also known for its special feature, lemwarm, which helps you to automate the warm-up email process for new emails. 



  • Personalize your emails by including the recipient’s first name or brand name, as well as images.
  • Automate follow-ups and conveniently schedule your emails.
  • Ensure high email deliverability with Lemlist’s lemwarm feature, minimizing the risk of your emails ending up in spam folders.
  • Seamlessly integrate Lemlist with your preferred email service provider and other CRM tools.


  • Create customized email sequences that are triggered by specific actions taken by your subscribers.
  • Leverage the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify and connect with potential prospects on the platform.
  • Effortlessly integrate Lemlist with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot.


  • There is a daily limit on the number of emails you can send.
  • The software may pose some initial challenges for first-time users.
  • It is not possible to send files as email attachments using Lemlist.


  • The email warm-up plan, priced at $29 per month, offers warm-up for any email domain and email deliverability booster.
  • The email outreach plan, priced at $59 per month, offers personalization, automated follow-ups, team member invites, integration with Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce, and API access.

G2 Ratings: 4.2/5 (129 Reviews)


6) Instantly is an email outreach tool for sales and marketing. Its purpose is to help you expand your cold emailing campaigns by providing unlimited sending accounts, smart email warm-ups, and powerful automation tools.



  • The software includes automation tools that replicate optimal email-sending patterns, execute follow-up sequences, and warm up emails.
  • Smart features like smart send and email rewriting enhance outreach by adding uniqueness and minimizing the risk of spam.


  • The software provides built-in email merge tools, enabling personalized messaging at scale.
  • It allows users to add an unlimited number of sender email accounts.
  • The software includes email bounce detection and offers powerful analytics for better insights.


  • The pricing is slightly higher considering the range of features provided.
  • As a relatively new software, it may lack certain advanced functionalities.
  • Completing tasks may take longer compared to other software options.


  • The growth plan, priced at $30 per month, offers unlimited email accounts, unlimited warm-ups, 1000 active leads, and 5000 emails monthly.
  • The Hypergrowth plan, priced at $77.6 per month, offers unlimited email accounts, unlimited email warm-up, 25,000 active leads, 100,000 emails monthly, and premium support.

G2 Ratings: 4.7/5 (232 Reviews)

Instantly reviews

7) Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales engagement platform designed for the entire revenue team. It’s super easy to use. You can start more conversations with prospects and customers using engaging sequences on email, phone, and social media. You can track open rates, replies, clicks, and attachment performance for each message, recipient, or campaign.



  • Receive real-time alerts when prospects or customers engage with your content.
  • Streamline the hand-off process between sales and customer service with automated messages and updates to your CRM.
  • Create customized rules to optimize your business’s proven processes.
  • Save time and minimize errors by implementing personalized rules for Salesforce updates.


  • The reminder feature ensures that important items resurface at a more convenient time for you.
  • Stay informed with immediate notifications when someone opens or clicks on an email.


  • The Mixmax web app may initially appear cluttered for new users, requiring some time to familiarize oneself with its layout and features.
  • The inability to schedule sequences at specific times limits the options to general time frames.
  • Limited CRM integration options are currently available, restricting compatibility with all companies.


  • The free plan offers instant scheduling, unlimited event types, email tracking, email templates, and email polls & surveys.
  • The SMB plan, priced at $29 per month, offers mail merge, scheduling on shared calendars, shared email templates, CRM auto BBC, and no “sent with Mixmax” signature.
  • The growth plan, priced at $49 per month, offers sequence personalization, round-robin calendaring, custom branding, reporting, and analytics.
  • The growth + Salesforce plan, priced at $69 per month, offers Salesforce integration, sequence personalization, round-robin calendaring, custom branding, reporting, and analytics.

G2 Ratings: 4.6/5 (1,230 Reviews)

8) Quickmail offers a user-friendly email outreach tool with straightforward email automation and sales engagement features. It aims to enhance your team’s email productivity by facilitating collaboration. The tool seamlessly integrates with popular email services like Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, and others, making it effortless to send emails.



  • Quickmail automates the email warm-up process, optimizing your email deliverability, and it does so completely free of charge.
  • It offers seamless integration with Google Sheets, enabling automatic updates of your prospect list whenever changes are made in the sheet through authorized access.


  • Efficiently send personalized bulk cold emails to each prospect on your list.
  • Enhance your response rates by incorporating automated follow-up emails and phone call steps.
  • Benefit from native integration with an email warm-up tool, ensuring that your bulk cold emails consistently reach the primary inbox.


  • The initial setup of your account can be somewhat time-consuming and may appear confusing.
  • Unlike some competitors, Quickmail does not provide bulk discounts for power users.


  • The free plan offers 3000 emails sent per month, free auto warmer with MailFlow, ten email addresses, and 1000 prospects storage.
  • The basic plan, priced at $49 per month, offers 40,000 emails sent per month, 10,000 prospect storage, Zapier integration, and blacklist monitoring.
  • The pro plan, priced at $97 per month, offers 100,000 emails sent per month, 50,000 prospect storage, Hubspot & Pipedrive CRM, and API access.

G2 Ratings: 4.6/5 (78 Reviews)


Read more : 10 Best Quickmail Alternatives

10) Postaga

If you want a single platform for your backlinks outreach, Postage is here to assist you. Postage can analyze your website and content to suggest outreach campaigns for you to execute. It helps you find relevant websites, bloggers, podcasters, and businesses to connect with. It also retrieves and verifies their email addresses, allowing you to build and send personalized outreach email sequences.



  • SMTP Integrations: Seamlessly integrate your email campaigns with SMTP for efficient delivery.
  • Campaign Generator: Generate impactful campaigns effortlessly with intelligent suggestions and templates.
  • Instant Campaigns: Launch campaigns instantly, saving you time and effort.
  • Content Intelligence: Harness the power of AI to optimize your campaign content for better engagement.


  • AI-driven campaign ideation: Benefit from the power of artificial intelligence to generate creative campaign ideas tailored to your specific goals.
  • Goal-oriented opportunity finder: Find valuable opportunities that align with your email outreach campaign objectives.
  • Contact finder: Quickly locate email and social media information for key prospects, enabling more effective communication.


  • Outdated user interface: Some users have reported that the user interface could be more modern and user-friendly.
  • No personal prospect database: Currently, Postaga does not include a personal prospect database, but it is a planned addition for the future.


  • The pro plan, priced at $84 per month, offers All campaign types, 2000 contacts, unlimited campaigns, 10,000 emails, five users, a campaign generator, and more.
  • The agency plan, priced at $250 per month, offers all campaign types, 15,000 contacts, unlimited campaigns, 100,000 emails, unlimited users, a campaign generator, and more.

G2 Ratings: 4.4/5 (11 Reviews)


These are by far the best Mailshake alternatives to streamline your cold emailing efforts. But how can you choose the best one from the list that perfectly aligns with your goals and needs?

The next section outlines some critical factors you need to consider while choosing the best Mailshake alternative. Let’s dive in.

How to choose the right Mailshake alternative?

When it comes to selecting the ideal alternative to Mailshake, there are several key factors you must consider. Let’s dive into some of them that you should definitely consider making the right choice:

  • Personalization and Customization: The alternative tool should provide robust features for personalizing and customizing your emails. Look for options to insert dynamic variables, merge tags, or placeholders to tailor your messages to individual recipients.
  • Scheduling and Automation: It’s crucial to find a tool that offers convenient scheduling capabilities for sending your emails at the right time. Additionally, follow-up automation features can save you time and effort by automatically sending subsequent emails based on predefined triggers or conditions.
  • Deliverability Setup: Ensure that the alternative tool allows you to set up and configure email deliverability settings effectively. Look for features like DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) authentication, as they can help improve email deliverability and reduce the chances of your emails being marked as spam.
  • Easy Inbox Management: The tool should offer a user-friendly interface for managing your inbox efficiently. Look for features like email threading, sorting options, and search functionality to help you stay organized and locate specific messages quickly.
  • Analytics and Reporting: It’s important to track the performance of your email campaigns. Look for an alternative tool that provides detailed analytics and reports on open rates, click-through rates, and response rates. These insights can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your emails and make data-driven improvements.

By considering these factors, you can choose the right Mailshake alternative that aligns with your cold emailing needs and empowers you to reach your ideal customers effectively. What if we made choosing your ideal Mailshake alternative even easier? That’s where Saleshandy comes into the picture.

Why is Saleshandy the best alternative to Mailshake for your cold email outreach needs?

Saleshandy is one of the best cold email automation tools, allowing you to send highly personalized emails at scale with the highest email deliverability. 

It sends out cold emails one by one, making them appear to be sent manually, mimicking human-like sending approaches. Also, you can easily manage the number of replies on the email sent using Saleshandy and respond to them from a single place in a unified inbox.


Here’s why you should choose Saleshandy for your cold email outreach:

1) Personalization: With Saleshandy, you can easily personalize your cold email using merge tags like recipient name, company, and job title. This increases engagement and response rates.

2) Automation: Saleshandy offers powerful automation features, including automated follow-ups and email tracking. These features save you time and effort when sending emails in large quantities.

3) Deliverability: Saleshandy employs advanced email deliverability techniques such as email warm-up and custom domain tracking. This ensures that your emails are delivered to recipients’ inboxes and not flagged as spam.

4) Easy Inbox Management: With Saleshandy, you can conveniently keep track of all email responses in one central location. The unified inbox feature allows you to manage and respond to replies with ease.

5) Cost-Effective and Scalable: Saleshandy is a cost-effective and scalable solution that offers flexible pricing plans suitable for businesses of all sizes. You can send hundreds of emails daily without the risk of being marked as spam.


In conclusion, the aforementioned tools stand out as the top Mailshake alternatives. Each tool possesses its own distinct qualities and presents a range of fascinating features to explore. 

What sets these platforms apart is their generosity in providing free trials, unlike Mailshake. This allows users to test and experience the benefits firsthand without any financial commitment. 

So, if you’re seeking an alternative to Mailshake, consider giving these tools a try and discover a new level of efficiency in your email outreach endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some limitations of Mailshake?

The main limitations of Mailshake are lack of advanced features like email warm-up and unified inbox, and it doesn’t offer a free plan. Furthermore, it also lacks certain integrations and the pricing is on the higher side for small businesses and  startups.

2. What should I consider when looking for a Mailshake alternative?

While Mailshake is a popular tool for cold email outreach, it has some limitations. These include a lack of advanced features like email warm-up and unified inbox, and it doesn’t offer a free plan. It also lacks certain integrations and its pricing can be high for small businesses or startups.

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