How to send 10,000 emails using Gmail at once (Updated 2019)

send 10,000 emails

You must be wondering, how is it even possible. We all know that Gmail has certain restrictions when it comes to sending Emails. Gmail loves its customers, hence the limits as it doesn’t want you to exploit its services or harass its customers by sending bulk emails.

If someone is promising you that you can learn “how to send 10,000 emails at once using Gmail” or “how to send unlimited of email from your own Gmail address” at one go, they will definitely put your email deliverability rate at risk.

We won’t do that to you. If you really want to send 100 emails or 1,000 emails or 10,000 emails or even a larger number of emails at once without getting your email domain blacklisted, read the steps we have listed in this blog.

The solution to send 10,000 emails at once:

SalesHandy’s mass mailing feature with automated Follow-up lets you schedule as many emails as possible and yes, we are talking more than 10,000 emails too.

We have mentioned here that we let you schedule all these emails to be sent at one go but the sending will be programmed as per your email service provider’s daily email sending limit. As it is not recommended to send multiple emails at one go as it may damage your email account reputation and result in your emails ending up in recipient’s spam box.

Using SalesHandy one can send Mail Merge Campaigns from Gmail or Outlook or any other email service provider without decreasing their email domain reputation.

Additionally using SalesHandy, you can set up automated follow-ups to the bulk email campaign that you are sending, freeing you up from taking email follow-ups manually and also increasing the reply rate of your campaign.

It might take a day or two to send all those emails scheduled, depending on your email service provider’s daily email sending limit. But this and the drip frequency optimization technology (automatically placing short random time intervals between sending two consecutive emails of a campaign) that we use while sending your campaign ensures that your emails dodge recipient’s spam filters and get you higher email deliverability though you are sending more than 10000 emails from your email account.

So without further ado let’s get to the 4 simple steps you need to take to set-up your mass email campaign:

4 Steps to send bulk emails from Gmail

Send bulk email campaign


Step 1: List down the email addresses

Before you want to send bulk email from Gmail or Outlook at once, you must have your list of email addresses ready. Something like this:

Create CSV for sending 10000 emails at once

Step 2: Upload the list in CSV format

You would have to divide those email addresses into batches of 2000 email addresses in each batch, depending upon how many emails you want to send in each email campaign every day.

After the batches are done, you simply upload the CSV. Once you’ve uploaded the CSV you get an option to verify and clean the email list, if you want, to ensure a lower bounce rate using SalesHandy itself.

Step 3: Frame your email and subject line

Find the perfect email content to pitch your ideas or message. As well as write the followup emails too, which you want to send later if the recipient did not reply or not open your previous email.

Step 4: Configure the Campaign

Configuration for sending 10000 email


Hit the send and schedule button to set your email live.

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Video guide on how to send a bulk email campaign:

You must be thinking that is this the best possible way to send 10000 emails at once and isn’t it really possible to do it in a days’ time? The reality is that it is impossible to send 10000 or more emails from a single email address on the go in a single day without triggering spam filters.

But with the process that we have covered above, one of our customer schedules and sends 10,000-50,000 emails every day.

In fact, his goal is to schedule 1,000,000 emails in a year. He has 20 accounts with us and schedules 20,000 emails every single day using all the accounts.

Our recruitment team also follow the same. Here is how the dashboard looks like:

send 10000 emails at once report

In the above picture, you can see 5 scheduled campaigns with 3-4 followup emails scheduled. In our case, we have scheduled only 3 follow up stage, but that is an individual choice. You can easily schedule up to 9 follow stages using SalesHandy.

Important Note: SalesHandy also gives you an option to add Unsubscribe link within your email campaign. You can add Unsubscribe tag at each stage of the email campaign so that the recipient can opt-out from your email list.

Important Notes:

  • Using this feature, you can send 200, 1600 or 5000 emails in a day depending on your SalesHandy plan type.
  • SalesHandy uses drip method to sending mass emails by putting time interval between two consecutive emails and respects Gmail’s daily sending limit hence giving you a guarantee that any email sent using SalesHandy won’t end up in the Spam box.
  • It doesn’t matter how many campaigns you do in a day SalesHandy will track each and every one of them.

Remember, it will take half an hour or so to get the hang of it and the advantage of it will last lifetime.

Here is the detailed guide on “How to use Mail Merge and Automated Follow Up”.

Bonus Features:

You can Install SalesHandy’s Chrome plugin for individual Email Tracking, Scheduling, Link tracking from here.

SalesHandy chrome extension

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