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Introducing Prospect Outcome

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Effective lead generation demands staying on top of every sales conversation with prospects. However, managing multiple conversations can be challenging and may result in missed opportunities. 

The arrival of Unified Inbox made it easier to handle all your conversations in one place. With all the positive responses from the community and users asking for depth, Saleshandy is taking a step further by enhancing its capabilities. It will empower you to manage the conversations and monitor your efforts on valuable deals.

We’re introducing Prospect Outcome in Saleshandy. It is a powerful update to enhance deal flow management. Now you can focus on high-value sales through a synchronized workflow.

In this blog, you’ll discover everything about the Prospect Outcome feature and how it helps you in your lead-building process inside Saleshandy.

What is Prospect Outcome?

We’ve made exciting improvements in the Unified Inbox by introducing Prospect Outcome to focus on lead stages. These outcomes replace the previous “Categories” and offer an intuitive way to organize conversations with the prospects. Now, you can utilize the power of Unified Inbox to the fullest.

prospect outcome (formerly categories)
Previously: “All Categories” in the Unified Inbox.

Before, the “Categories” helped you sort and manage prospects based on their interests, filter conversations, and focus on the potential leads genuinely interested in your offer. Now you’ll see it with the extended capabilities.

This update renamed “All Categories” to “All Outcomes” in the Unified Inbox. But why this change?

The simple answer is to manage your workflow for prospect outreach better and define stages for your sales pipeline. The ‘outcome’ refers to the intent of the replies made by the prospects. 

You can also assign specific outcomes to the prospects inside your sequences (discussed later in the blog). 

prospect outcome in unified inbox
Now: “All Outcomes” in the Unified Inbox

But that’s not the only change.

Prospect Outcome offers more than just filtering tags. Each Outcome creates a journey for every prospect, providing valuable insights into their deal size and status in your sales pipeline. Let’s see how!

How Outcome Enhances Prospect Workflow?

Prospect Outcome helps you set up a leak-proof lead generation funnel using a synced workflow between different functionalities of Saleshandy.

The AI capabilities make it easy for you to track your prospect’s responses and intent. It automatically assigns a tag based on the intent received in the reply to the email, which is also directly updated at the sequence level. So you don’t need manual categorization of prospects; 

Let’s see the benefits you get from the synced workflow.

Assign outcomes to prospects

Prospect Outcome helps easily track the status of a prospect in the pipeline, such as whether the prospect has booked meetings or shown interest in any offers, based on the replies received in the Unified Inbox.  

The outcomes available in the Unified Inbox are: Interested 😃, Not Interested 😞, Meeting Booked 📅, Automatic Response 📧, Closed ✅, Not Now ⏰, Do Not Contact 🚫

prospect outcome in prospect status

Automatic updates in the prospect workflow

Prospect Outcome eliminates confusion and manual workflow by providing a comprehensive view of prospect status synced across the Unified Inbox and at the sequence level.

When you assign an Outcome to a conversation in the Unified Inbox, it automatically syncs and updates at the sequence level. This dynamic status change provides a broad view of your prospects’ progress, streamlining your workflow.

prospect outcome in sequence dashboard

Conversely, any changes to Outcome statuses at the Sequence level will instantly reflect in the Unified Inbox. This capability allows you to easily track the different stages of your sales pipeline, assess deal sizes, and prioritize your efforts effectively.

prospect outcome in sequence

By managing Outcome assignments and tracking changes in real-time, Saleshandy helps you stay on top of the deals and maximize their value.

How does it help to manage deals and value? Let’s read further.

Effective deal flow management

When generating leads and managing conversations, monitoring your deals is crucial—helping you align your efforts with the right target audience. It provides a clear view of your pipeline. 

However, an excessive number of conversations can complicate manual deal management. This might require you to prioritize your efforts with the highest chances of success. 

set deal value

We’ve introduced a deal assignment feature alongside Prospect Outcome to address this. 

Now, you can assign values to deals when reaching out to prospects. Understanding that deals and negotiations vary, we’ve also included the option to set custom values based on specific outcomes. 

modify deal value in the unified inbox

Assigning deals keeps you motivated to boost revenue. You can focus on prospects ready to pay for your services, directing leads toward revenue generation.

Dashboard for analyzing wins (coming soon)

After each outreach, assessing how many opportunities you’ve successfully closed and how many got lost for various reasons is vital. Combining your outreach data with Prospect Outcome makes your analysis more robust.

prospect outcome in reporting

The Reports dashboard enables you to assess your efforts’ success and track the rates at which your emails are opened and replied to.

By delving deeper into the data, you can move away from vanity metrics and focus on driving business through informed decision-making. This analytical approach will assist you in understanding the factors behind the outcome of various deals. 

You can examine the win-loss ratio, the count of opportunities that were either won or lost and the reasons behind these outcomes. It will further help to optimize your outreach strategy.

Steps to use Prospect Outcome

To leverage the newly launched Prospect Outcome effectively and enhance your lead generation, follow these steps:

  • Create a Sequence and include personalized follow-up messages.
  • Add your prospects and link multiple email accounts.
  • Choose a schedule, and assign a deal value to prospects in Sequence Settings.
  • You have the flexibility to modify Prospect Outcome before or during outreach. For instance, if you no longer wish to contact a prospect, assign the outcome as ‘Not Now’ or ‘Do Not Contact.’
  • Your Unified Inbox automatically assigns Outcome to incoming emails through AI, which you can change later. These changes get automatically synchronized with your sequences.
  • During sales or negotiation, if you need to adjust a prospect’s deal value, you can use the Unified Inbox profiler, with instant updates at the sequence level.

You can track prospects’ stages, closed deals, and their total value in the Prospects tab of any sequence.

It helps fine-tune your cold emailing process, prioritize potential leads, and refine your strategy for better outcomes after every outreach.


Get ready to optimize your deal flow and amplify lead generation using Prospect Outcome in Saleshandy. It takes you closer to achieving effective revenue growth.

For any queries, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section to better grasp the various features of Prospect Outcome.

We’re here 24/7 at [email protected] to answer your questions. Share your thoughts and feedback on the new release and its impact – we’d be thrilled to showcase your experiences as case studies to help our community thrive.

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