How to Write Sales Follow-Up Emails To Get Higher Response?

Writing successful Sales Follow-up emails is tougher than you think! You know pretty well that first email has been ignored. So, you already feel like you just sliced open an avocado only to be faced with the ultimate betrayal.

You are already in a defensive position.

But, what you may not know is that many sales people face these kind of challenges all the time. Unfortunately, 70% of sales emails stop after the first attempt.

But, why are many sales people giving up so quickly? Most of the times, it has to do with the fact that writing these mission critical emails isn’t as easy. Besides, toeing the lines between persistence and pushiness is tough. And, many email marketers and salespeople find themselves on the extreme ends of the divide.

Sales Follow-Up Email 1: Just checking in

Sometimes, needy follow-up emails like ‘Am I bugging you yet?’ Or ‘i didn’t receive your email?’ can get you in trouble. Following up with missing points or just checking in – kind of emails can be more effective than sounding needy.

For instance, It’s a basic sales psychology that “You should not allow yourself to be associated with a negative or needy image, ever”.

Usually, you can’t say something like “Hey, we are not scammers “, or, “we don’t want to sound like lazy loudmouths out to squeeze from you. That would be outright murder for your brand. According to the basic idea of human nature, the prospect will take you as a scammer, lazy, and have nothing worthwhile to offer. But, brilliant sales genius knows when and how to inject ‘negativity’ to compel unresponsive contacts to action.

“Am I bugging you yet?”

I hate pushy salespeople, at the same time I’d hate to think I gave up on trying to help you when all you needed was one piece of helpful information I’d forgotten.”

Takeaway – Most of the times, it’s recommended to follow-up with the missing points or if you think your straightforward game is strong. You can directly approach with the above template.

Sales Follow-Up Email 2: Observe their actions

  1. Now, this is one dead simple, yet highly effective follow-up email strategy. If you implement it well, it will not only help you quickly capture the attention of your prospects but will also result in about 50% reply rate.
sales follow up emails

Do not just sit there. Fire a quick note whenever you notice a pattern of link clicks within a particular email or simply email opens on, let’s say, you are using Saleshandy email tracking.

  • It will allow you to know recipient’s interest level and act accordingly.
  • You can also keep a record of who is opening your email and how many times it has been opened to pitch a short email on basis of their behavioral actions.

For instance, you could do a short email like this:

Hi Kent,

I noticed that you opened the email that I sent you on Friday and checked out our site But, I never heard back from you.

I was simply wondering if these actions mean you’re interested in learning more about Saleshandy and how we can provide value to your online businesses similar to yours at [name of the business].

As someone who is constantly reaching out to numerous prospects up and down San Diego, I wanted to follow up today to see if you have any questions about Saleshandy or any of our products. I think you’re the perfect person to discuss Saleshandy with.

Do you have 10 minutes for a brief phone call next week?


Takeaway– Always know where your limits are. You don’t want to sound needy or creepy to your prospects.  It’s always suggested that you pitch a polite and subtle follow-up email that doesn’t violate anyone’s ‘right to think’ privilege.

Sales Follow-Up Email 3: [Your Company] Call summary.

Remember to keep adding value when you’ve just hung up after a sales call. Now, one of those follow-up emails you furiously cranked out in retaliation when your espresso broke down – just worked perfectly. So, the good news is you got your prospect on the phone for a sales call But following up to confirm the talk points is a good approach to get the deal going.

Here is the sample:

Hi Jones,
It was great speaking you today, Jim. I’m glad we agree Saleshandy would be a great fit for your team.

Here the top value adds we went over:

  • Saleshandy email and presentation tracking will give you( or any sales rep) the confidence and insight they need to focus on prospects who are most interested in their services.
  •  Saleshandy templates allow sales representatives to respond quicker and gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns through the open and reply rate data.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
P.S You can watch these videos to see how Saleshandy makes helps sales reps to make data-driven decisions that optimise their sales process.

Takeaway– To keep the deal moving forward, you need to follow up with a note thanking them for their time. Plus, giving them a quick recap of the call can fix talk points in their mind. Above template can ensure 50% +response rate.

Sales Follow-Up Email 4: Sorry, I couldn't reach you

Now, this type of template works best if you had left a voicemail to increase chances of hearing back.

Hi [Prospect’s name],

I just called to [give the purpose of your call] but I could not reach you.

In my voicemail, I mentioned that I’ll try you again on [date and time], but feel free to reach me whenever works best for you at [phone number] or shoot me any questions via email. I will be glad to respond.

[Your Name]

Takeaway– You realise clients are not always ready to get calls. But, they might be able to answer a quick email from their mobile devices. The email is easy to read and respond to because it’s short, directive and requires only a quick answer. This email gave us a whopping 80% response rate within 24 hours!

Sales Follow-Up Email 5: Permission to close your file?

Now, if you are not sure whether the prospect is interested or need confirmation, you can try this email:

[Prospect’s name],

We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically when we haven’t heard back from someone it either means aren’t interested or are really busy. If you aren’t interested, do I have permission to close your file?

If you’re still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?

Thanks for your help.

Takeaway– Why is this email powerful? It puts the ball squarely in the prospect’s court. They will be compelled to tell you whether they would like to proceed or not. Also, by asking the buyer to suggest the next step, you’ll be able to gauge a level of commitment of the prospect.

Summing it up

After a while, how we performed is put behind us. We are forced to either look for more prospects or begin our cadence of follow up emails. But, the process of contacting a prospect doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This post has provided a handful of tidbits and templates you may find helpful next time you’ll contacting your prospects.

Now over to you.

We’ll be glad to hear from you. Which follow up email templates have you had success? Let us know in the comment section.

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