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Saleshandy’s cold email automation lets you scale your outreach and

lead generation efforts with high deliverability and response rate.

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Saleshandy is used by top-performing revenue teams

Why Saleshandy?

Here’s why top-performing revenue teams use Saleshandy

Effortless automation on follow-ups

Autopilot your cold email outreach with the help of automated follow-ups. Schedule multi-stage sequences in advance to receive high open rates and generate more conversations to improve your conversion.

Deep personalization, more replies

Standardize your outreach strategy with the power of personalization. Saleshandy helps to personalize your email and subject lines with merge tags to get more replies with improved results.

One-click integration with your Email Service Provider

Set up cold emailing without interrupting your workflow. Easily integrate Saleshandy with your email service provider to save time on switching between apps and improve your productivity.

High Email deliverability for better conversions

Maximize your outreach conversion rate with high email deliverability. Saleshandy sends human-like emails to prevent spam filters and help deliver to the target inboxes.

A/Z testing to get your best playbook

Analyze multiple variants of your email copies with A-Z testing and choose the most effective one for maximum results.

Start multiplying your cold email outreach conversion rates now

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Advanced cold emailing features

LinkedIn Prospecting

Find & add leads directly from
LinkedIn to your prospect list in a snap

Email Ramp-Up

Build sender’s reputation with gradual email ramp up and maintain high deliverability

Bounce Guard

When the sequence detects bounces it auto-pauses. Allowing you to filter your recipient's list

Writing Assistance

You can follow the real time suggestions while writing your templates to make your cold emails successful

Email Preheader

Let your prospects preview your email to get a high open-rate

Email Health Score

Email health rates your delivery performance and keeps you from sending spam

4.7 out of 5 on G2

4.5 out of 5 on G2

  • If you’re looking at an automated cold emailing system, dip your toes in the water with Saleshandy, because it’s really awesome.

    Kevin O.

    Group Manager, SmartSource

  • Saleshandy helped me close clients, three times more than before. I look up Saleshandy as important part of my growth.

    Julien Ostrowsky

    Founder, JNU Media

  • My Emails are on autopilot! Saleshandy does work for me, while I spend my time generating leads, generating more clients!

    Gerard Hendrix

    Owner, Spicy Real Estate Leads

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7-day free trial - No Credit-card required - Set up in 1 minute