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BraevenSolutions doubled its sales quota within a year

About Company

BraevenSolutions is a sales company that partners with Information Technology and corporate Performance Management companies.


  1. Low sales meetings
  2. Unproductive SDR training
  3. Lack of scalability


  1. Cold email automation
  2. Advanced A/B testing
  3. Responsive support

About Company

Sedin is an IT Solutions & Consulting company that provides services and solutions to both startups and big businesses. They offer a wide range of services, from developing software to analyzing data.


  1. Ineffective traditional outbound methods.
  2. Poor output due to manual outreach.
  3. No framework to implement outreach strategy.


  1. Deliverability suite and personalized sequences.
  2. Strategic cold emailing framework.
  3. Cold email automation.

BraevenSolutions provides business solutions. It recognizes that its core competency is not sales, marketing, and business development. 

The business requires additional cost-effective direct sales capacity.  Therefore, they planned to train the new sales teams by introducing a cold outreach program. 

Their BDM wanted an easy outreach tool with effective results to double the sales revenue within two years. Their goals were: 

  • INCREASE SALES QUOTA: Improve quota per SDR through cold outreach.
  • SET UP OUTREACH TECH: Establish and grow basic outreach to a scaled sales process.
  • DOUBLE-DOWN SALES: Set up the pipeline from sales outreach to double-down revenue.

Challenges that Braeven faced

Braeven was already using an outreach tool to establish healthy outbound sales. The existing tool didn’t offer active support and use case guidance. Coaching SDRs with a high product learning curve became challenging and, at the same time, meeting the sales quotas.

  • AVERAGE RESPONSE & BOOKINGS: Poor adoption of the tool resulted in a poor response rate and deliverability for the outreach.
  • TRAIN NEW SDRs: With the lack of customer success, it was difficult for new SDRs to adopt a new sales framework.
  • LOW SCALABILITY: Low sales quota and poor outreach performance hampered the scale of the sales process.

Solutions to Braeven problems

It hardly took a couple of days for Braeven to set up Saleshandy and SDRs to start with high-velocity outreaches. Automated prospecting and active support enabled high productivity and response rate from prospects.

Saleshandy coached the sales on building a healthy email list with best practices.

  • OUTREACH AUTOMATION: Braeven grew outbound from basic outreach to a scaled process using Saleshandy’s automation.
  • ADVANCED A/B TESTING: Saleshandy’s hyper-personalized A/B testing with deliverability toolkit achieved high open and response rates.
  • RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Saleshandy’s success team trained Braeven’s team with the tool and guided them on strategic cold emailing.

Strong results

Saleshandy positively impacted Braeven’s sales team, unlocking business growth and driving increased sales.

With Saleshandy, BDRs doubled the sales quota in a year. The team consistently booked more meetings per BDR by 40%. Sales automation, scaled personalization, and advanced A/B testing resulted in 30% of our overall email reply rate.‍

Increase booked meetings by 40%

30% increase in reply rate

Doubled down sales quota

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