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How SalesLink Closed 3 High Ticket Clients Every Week

About Company

SalesLink 360 to offer a complete sales solution using his unique experience and expertise. The company provides cost-effective solutions for SMB clients using innovative sales technology, proprietary training and management programs, and experienced professionals.


  1. Outreach management
  2. Low deliverability
  3. High cost of outreach


  1. Cold email automation
  2. Strategic cold emailing
  3. Unified Inbox for response management

About Company

Sedin is an IT Solutions & Consulting company that provides services and solutions to both startups and big businesses. They offer a wide range of services, from developing software to analyzing data.


  1. Ineffective traditional outbound methods.
  2. Poor output due to manual outreach.
  3. No framework to implement outreach strategy.


  1. Deliverability suite and personalized sequences.
  2. Strategic cold emailing framework.
  3. Cold email automation.

Helping SMBs is one of any sales agency’s most challenging business objectives. Due to the high competition and growth phase, you’ll likely get lost in a sea of mediocre agencies. It was Saleslink, however, that cracked the code by being persistent and understanding how to resolve their pain point.

Find out how SalesLink 360, led by Founder and CEO Jeff Karns, recognized its problems’ needs and addressed them with Saleshandy.

Challenges that SalesLink faced

It was time for SalesLink 360, a company that trains clients for sales, to scale up its efforts so it could compete more effectively and become more visible.

As the company scaled its sales efforts, it faced several challenges. As multiple clients grew year after year, the lack of automation made managing them difficult. Managing the accounts effectively required a substantial number of employees, which was costly and inefficient.

Poor cold email deliverability was another challenge. The campaigns could not reach their intended recipients, resulting in lower conversion rates. Although high-volume email sequences were sent, open rates remained disappointingly low.

The tasks were likely done manually, leading to decreased outreach quality.

Aside from that, it was a mess to handle a large number of email accounts. Responding to emails from 350 different mailboxes was highly unproductive and messy.

These challenges were obstacles to SalesLink 360’s business objectives. 

They needed a way to manage their clients more efficiently, improve their email deliverability, reduce their costs, and streamline their operations.

SalesLink 360 was chasing a solution that could:

  • Automate the outreach and client management process
  • Improve email deliverability
  • Reduce costs associated with staff
  • Streamline their outreach activities and reporting

Solutions to SalesLink's problems

SalesLink 360 recognized that traditional approaches couldn’t effectively address their challenges. 

They turned to Saleshandy for innovative solutions. Here’s how SalesLink 360 transformed its operations.

Cold email automation streamlined their operations

It was interesting to see SalesLink make a breakthrough with Saleshandy’s automation. Their outreach was able to be scaled, and they were able to stay organized.

Through sequences, they could set up highly personalized steps in advance and target prospects in bulk without expending more resources. It is more efficient to generate more at lower costs with Salehandy since they don’t need more staff.

Automated outreach and management of prospects through multiple email accounts with no manual work and, notably, at a lower cost than ever.

Strategic cold emailing helped with better deliverability

With Saleshandy’s cold emailing framework, they achieved astonishing deliverability.

By reducing the number of daily emails from 1400 to 70 per day per email account, SalesLink 360 improved open rates. Even though it increased the number of email accounts, it resulted in slightly higher ESP costs. The overall cost did not increase since Saleshandy offers unlimited email accounts, resulting in a significantly higher open rate.

Their visibility increased as a result of highly targeted outreach.

Manage all email accounts under one dashboard

SSaleshandy’s automation enabled them to manage all their outreaches with utmost organization in one place. Not only were the team members productive, but they also found solutions for underperforming sequences, giving feedback.

Additionally, Unified Inbox helped them keep track of all the mailboxes they connected to Saleshandy – switching between 300+ email accounts was a hassle.

Results achieved by SalesLink

SalesLink 360 achieved remarkable results with Saleshandy’s solutions.

Client Expansion: SalesLink 360 expanded its client base 10x, successfully closing 2-3 new high-ticket clients weekly through cold email outreach using Saleshandy.

Lead Generation: The company generated leads for its clients through cold email outreach using Saleshandy, showcasing the solution’s effectiveness.

By leveraging Saleshandy’s innovative tools and strategies, SalesLink achieved these impressive results, demonstrating its commitment to delivering excellence in sales solutions to SMB clients.


70% + open rate

Average 3 closure per week

Cost reduction due to automation

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