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How Is Mailshake Alternative “SalesHandy” Different?

SalesHandy is not a mere mail merge tool or an outreach tool. It is much more than that. SalesHandy provides solutions in and around Mail Merge. With SalesHandy, a person can not only send emails in bulk but can set upto 9 stages of automated follow up too. Along with these features, it also provides Email Scheduling, Email Tracking, Email Templates and Attachment Tracking making it a productivity, engagement, and outreach tool.

Probably THE World's Most Cost Effective Solution !!

SalesHandy is a Sales Engagement Platform made for all types of teams as well as an individual. One can send mail merge campaigns and set automated follow-ups like MailShake and in addition to this, it also lets you track and schedule email and set email templates so that you don’t have to write the same email again and again. It also track your documents and help you make decisions regarding prospects.

We know how it affects the pockets of those entrepreneurs who are just starting out and can’t afford to pay for such huge amounts for 10 different tools. But with Saleshandy, one gets all the above-mentioned in a single tool in just $7 / Month. No restriction over notifications. No restriction over number of documents. No restriction over number of sharable links.

Isn’t that something awesome !! Worth Paying Now !! It’s Just $7/User/Month when compared to $50($25 + $10 + $15).

Don’t just send emails, track them. Know what happens when you send an email. Get real time notification as soon as some open you emails. Track emails outside of mail merge campaigns too. Track unlimited number of emails for FREE.
Its not just about Mail Merge, we provide Individual Email tracking and scheduling with data analytics on prospects activity & behavior to know the engagement level & help close deals faster.
Send tracked attachments / files directly from gmail or outlook interface. In Mailshake, for sending Mail Merge Campaigns from your Outlook account, you have to have an alias in Gmail 🙁 Welcome! Outlook Lovers.
Schedule every email you send. Land in your prospect’s inbox at the perfect time to get more open and reply rate. You don’t have to go through the pain of sending emails in a bunch when you want to schedule a single email.
Track the files / documents attached and know when your recipients open the attachment. Track page by page time spent on your documents by your recipients and track decisions based on the analysis.
At SalesHandy we don’t just sell features; User gets to enjoy supreme experience & support with it. We provide instant email & telephonic support.
Tap Into Your Productivity

Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.


Take your Emails and Documents to the Next Level. Increase your Productivity 10 folds Overnight.

one-on-one comparison
Check out an exclusive one-on-one comparison between Mailshake and SalesHandy
mailshake alternative

$19 / Per User / Month

$20 / Per User / Month

Free Trial

Mail Merge Campaigns

Automated Follow Ups

Send as Reply

Link Tracking

Gmail Integration

Outlook Integration

Gmail and Outlook Plugin

Instant Notifications

Real-Time Tracking

Email Templates


Documents Tracking(Unlimited)

Page-by-Page Analytics

Geo Tracking

Device Tracking


Individual Email Tracking

Individual Email Scheduling


Email Support

Phone Support

Custom Training & Onboarding

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