Mail merge with Auto follow-up emails

Send personalised mail merge campaign to improve your engagement and conversion.

Reach your recipient’s inbox at a specific date and time when the message is more likely to get read

Send personalised mail merge campaign
mail merge with auto followups

Mail merge in 3 simple steps

Your business is unique and so should be your emails. Below are three simple steps to use mail merge.

Upload a CSV file of your recipients’ email addresses

1. Add Recipients

Upload a CSV file of your recipients’ email addresses. Verify these email addresses to reduce bounce rate & personalized data to send mail merge campaign(sequence). One can add up to 20 personalized data fields used as variables in your email content.

personalize emails with various datafields

2. Personalize email with variables

Customize your email using recipient’s data fields like first name, last name, company, or any other. It will automatically place the content from the respective row in the email body. When you send mail merge campaign(sequence) from Gmail it will look as personalized email sent to the individual recipient.

configure the campaign as per your requirement

3. Configure campaign and launch

Finally, configure the campaign(sequence) as per requirement like time interval between two individual email sent to ensure email deliverability in an inbox, enable or disable link tracking, set CC or BCC email address.


Select the campaign(sequence) schedule time and timezone. Voila!

Sending mail merge campaign

Here’s a short video guide on how to create email sequences using Saleshandy.

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FAQs for Mail merge

Saleshandy uses your Daily Gmail sending limit to send mail merge campaign from Gmail.

Gmail officially claims that with a regular Gmail account, you can send 500 emails/day. And with Google Apps account, you can send 2,000 emails/day.

This can happen if you have any formatting errors in the variable inside your email body or it may not match the header of your columns in the CSV file. You need to download example CSV file while creating a mail merge to know the CSV format.  

You can create templates in Saleshandy and use them while creating a mail merge gmail.  Also, you can make a copy of your previous campaigns if you want to repeat the campaign. This mail merge template saves lots of time.

Upload your CSV and click on verify email addresses to clean your contact list. We’ll test all the email addresses from your list and find out the ones that are inactive/invalid and might harm your email deliverability and increase the campaign’s bounce rate.

Each recipient will receive your email as single email. No recipient can see email addresses of another person when you send email campaign from Gmail using mail merge.

This can happen if you have exceeded your daily Gmail quota. The daily sending limit is based on how many messages you send during time period of 24 hours. It is unrelated to time-of-day or time-zones. So your daily limit will reset in 24 hours.

There are many things which needs to be considered when you send mass email in Gmail without spamming. Out of all, One thing Saleshandy does itself is dividing total recipients into 200 every three hours.

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