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Key Features Of SalesHandy Mail Merge With Gmail

Send mail merge campaigns from any email account using SMTP settings. Be it Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other.
Set time interval [pause] between 2 emails while sending in bulk which prevents you from appearing as a spammer.
Send personalized emails upto 200 recipients using custom mail merge fields from your uploaded CSV.
Schedule your campaigns and send them at the right time when they are more likely to get opened and replied.
Know how many and why some of your emails failed to get delivered along with details about which emails addresses were false.
Send follow-up emails in the same thread with the previous emails, to be seen as a response to the earlier messages.
Know what happens to your links in the emails and how many times they get clicked on.
mail merge gmail

How to Mail Merge in Gmail

Upload a CSV file of your recipients’ email addresses and personalized data to send mass email gmail. Please note that ‘Email’ column is compulsory, and you can add total up to 10 columns having personalized data used as variables in your email.

Select sender’s email address integrated with Google so that all your replies end up in your Gmail account. Know your gmail mail merge limit.

Customize your email using variable fields like First Name, Company and others. SalesHandy automatically set it up in your message body when you send mass email from gmail. SalesHandy allows you to send mass email from gmail up to 200 recipients at one go and total 1600 in a day.

Advanced Mail Merge Gmail Report

Track Email Opens
Get open rate of your email campaigns. Also, SalesHandy provides you email open statistics of all the recipients.

Track Replies
Know how many recipients have replied to your email. You can improve your email if you are getting very low reply rate compare to open rate.

Click & Attachment Tracking
Know no.of recipients who have opened your attachments if you have created mail merge with attachments.

mail merge gmail
mail merge gmail

Detailed Report of Mail Merge with Gmail
The Detailed report of Gmail mail merge provides you the list recipients who have opened/replied to your email. Also, know how many recipients have clicked on your links and documents.

Export Report
Export campaign performance report in a CSV file. Get details of each recipient’s response to your email campaign.

Set Automated Follow-Up Emails in Mail Merge with Gmail

Set Automated follow-up emails to keep your conversations on track if no response from your recipients. 

SalesHandy allows you to schedule up to 9 stages of follow-ups after first email under  three conditions.i.e., “Not replied to,” “Not opened” and “been sent.” 

Get insights of every follow-up stage.i.e., Open rate, Reply rate, No. of recipients.

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Checkout FAQ on mail merge gmail to send bulk emails in gmail

How many mass email can I send from gmail per day? OR What is Gmail mail merge limit?

SalesHandy uses your Daily Gmail sending limit to send mass email from Gmail. Gmail officially claims that with a regular Gmail account you can send 500 emails/day. And with Google Apps account you can send 2,000 emails/day. Know more – Gmail mail merge limit

Why SalesHandy allows 200 recipients at one go even Gmail’s daily limit is 500 or 2000?

If you send mass emails from gmail, there’s a possibility that your emails may go to spam. To prevent this, SalesHandy divides total recipients and sends your email to 200 recipients at a time every three-hour to increase your deliverability rate.

Why my recipients didn’t receive personalized email even, I have added variable fields into my email body?

This can happen if you have any formatting errors in the variables inside your email body or it might be not matching the headers of your columns in the CSV file. You need to download example CSV file while creating a mail merge to know the CSV format.  

Can I use mail merge template?

You can create templates in SalesHandy and use them while creating a mail merge gmail. Also, you can make a duplicate of your previous campaigns if you want to repeat the campaign. This mail merge template saves lots of time.

Can I create mail merge with attachments?

Yes, you can send mail merge with attachments. Make sure that all your documents/files are uploaded in SalesHandy in order attach them to your email in mail merge gmail.

How to send mass email in gmail without showing addresses? OR How to hide email addresses when sending to multiple recipients?

Each recipient will get your email as an individual email. No recipient can see each other’s email addresses when you send mass email from gmail using mail merge.

Why mail merge in gmail stopped sending emails after sending few emails?

This can happen if you have exceeded your daily Gmail quota. The daily sending limit is based on how many messages you send in a 24 hour period. It is unrelated to time-of-day or time-zones. So your daily limit will reset in 24 hours.

How to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted?

There are many things which need to consider to send mass email in gmail without spamming. Out of all, One thing SalesHandy does itself by dividing total recipients into 200 every three hours.

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