Mail Merge For Gmail With Attachments
Send personalized bulk emails from Gmail with Mail merge

mail merge gmail


Step 1 :

Upload a .csv file of your recipient’s Email Id and Personalized Data. You can download an example .csv file to know the format.

Step 2 :

Select sender id integrated with google so that all your replies end up in your Gmail account.

Step 3 :

Customize your email template using custom fields and add your attachments with just one click. SalesHandy automatically set it up when you shoot your email campaign.


Track Email Opens :

You can see detailed analytics of email open rate of your email campaign. In addition, SalesHandy provides you email open statistics of all recipients with their name and email id.

Track Attachments :

Attachment tracking is the most important metrics to know because based on this data you can predict the no. of interested recipients out of total contacts. You can target these contacts for further process to close more deals.

Click Tracking :

Again same as attachment tracking, Click tracking analytics helps you to understand engagement score of your email campaign.

mail merge gmail

mail merge gmail

Detailed Email Campaign Reporting

The Detailed report provides a list recipients who have opened an email, whether these recipients have clicked on your links/documents or not? You can see the list of recipients who have not opened the email, so that you can send another email campaign to these recipients.

Export Report

Besides this you can download this report in excel sheet and can leverage the benefits of filters and again send a targeted emails to those who have been active on your email.


Sales Team :

Salespeople can save lots of time per day by sending personalized email to multiple recipients. In addition, they will get higher response rate and ultimately the closing rate using mail merge gmail.

Recruiting & HR :

With the mail merge process, send custom emails to candidates. It will give a pace to your recruiting process.

Customer success :

Customer Success team can update their prospects about new feature updates, product improvements and common queries by sending single document via mail merge, ultimately saves lots of time.

mail merge gmail


Checkout FAQ on mail merge gmail to send bulk emails in gmail

How many email messages can I send per day?

SalesHandy sends emails directly through your Gmail, and Gmail limits the number of emails one can send at once. This is to prevent people from sending spam. If one send too many messages too quickly, Gmail may temporarily lock out the account — and we want to protect user from this! So we limit it to 200 recipients. To learn more, read about the  Google Apps email sending limits.

I am a Google Apps user, yet my daily limit for premium edition is only 100 per day?

Yes, it can happen if your account is less than few months old or if you are google apps domain has more than 5 users. Google will increase your limits to 1500 if you match the above criteria.

I’ve sent only 10 emails yet my daily email quota was reduced by 20. Why?

This can be happen if you have add another recipients in BCC or CC. Your email quota count BCC & CC as well. Because, the daily gmail limit is in terms of recipients so if you are sending an email to one person with two more people in CC, it will count total limit usage three.

What is your privacy policy?

To send emails using your gmail account, SalesHandy mail merge never access your gmail account, we just use your account to send email, we never get any access to your contacts nor email or any other google services. Hence, all your data always remains secured by using SalesHandy. While using any other mail merge tool, they need to access your google spreadsheets & contacts to import data from contact to google sheets.

How do I track email opens with Mail Merge Gmail?

You don’t have to enable or disable any functionality if you are sending email via SalesHandy mail merge gmail, if you are sending email to a single recipient from either gmail or outlook plugin you have to enable or disable it. SH Mail merge tracks all your email opening, document opening and clicks tracking. You can see the report of any campaign from SH campaign reports page. Moreover, you will get a report on no. of recipients and unsuccessful deliveries in your mailbox. Once the campaign has been finished, it is advisable to export an analytics report of your email campaign to know no. of email openings, clicks & document openings.

I sent a merge but the variable {{First Name}} didn’t substitute correctly in the outgoing email. Why?

This can happen in case you have any formatting errors in the variable inside your mail body or it might be not matching the headers of your columns in the CSV file. In this case, we recommend you to use the selection section given above the editor section over manual typing.

Do I have to keep my computer open for the scheduled emails to go at specific time?

No, you don’t need to keep your system on. Saleshandy server works in the background even if you close the browser or computer.

I am running Mail Merge Gmail but it is simply not sending the emails. Why?

This can happen in case you have exceeded your email quota. In case of using gmail servers, you have to make sure that your quota is reset i.e daily counter of google server is reset. Because it’s not possible every case that google servers resets at your day reset timing. I.e if you are working from Australia, then Google server will reset your limits during the day time & not at 12 in the night.

I need to send an email blast to 10,000 email contacts. Can SalesHandy Mail Merge handle this?

In such case we recommend users to use the dedicated mass email marketing software like Elastic Email or Amazon SES or Mailchimp for sending bulk emails.

I need help with Mail Merge Gmail. Do you offer one-on-one support?

Yes we offer one-on-one support over skype calls, phone calls or google hangouts. There is no extra fee for getting support. You can book a Live Call or Demo Call from here here.

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