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Send Mass Email
Things to Consider Before Sending Mass Email
Points below will ensure that your emails don’t end up in the recipients spam folder
Check your Spam Score
A higher spam score means, the chances of your email ending up in the spam folder are high. Some factors included: Domain blacklist, domain configuration like DKIM, SPF & MX record, and text to image ratio. You can check your email spam score from tools like Mail-tester
Warm-up email id
If your email account is new or has never been used to send bulk email in the past, then do not start sending mass emails on a full daily sending limit capacity, right from the start. Start with a certain amount, let’s say 100, and increase it gradually. It will increase the deliverability rate significantly.
Quality of Email List
Check whether contacts in your email list are valid or not. Verify all the emails before putting them into your list. Update your email list regularly & make sure that it has a low bounce rate. Getting a high number of bounces, flags spam filters and increases the chances of your emails to be delivered into the spam box.
Avoid Sending Emails at Once
Any account that sends a bulk email at a non-human rate will be flagged as spam. Hence, it is advisable to keep a short time interval between two consecutive emails to enact human-like behavior. SalesHandy uses the Drip method to automate your campaign, which enables you to set the same.
Avoid Using Old Email Templates
Many old email templates are available online. Never use such templates as it is. These templates might have been used by many in the past, so using them without editing will be a red flag to spam filters. Instead, create a new template according to your requirements.
Text to Image Ratio
Maintain a low image to text ratio in your emails. Image only emails directly go to the spam folder. Your email should contain at least 80% text and 20% can be dedicated to images. Make sure you optimize the images before putting them into your email.
Avoid Spam-Triggering Words
If you’re using spammy words in your emails then you are making spam filters work easy. Avoid words like Free, Cheap, Guarantee, etc.
Here islist of words that you should avoid in your email subject lines
Use Proper Grammar
Believe me or not, grammatical errors will also affect your spam score and lead your emails into spam folders. Use proper grammar and write creative content that provides value to your recipient.
Analyze Links in Your Email
Do not use links that redirect to low-quality landing pages. Low-quality links will hurt your spam score. Moreover, use full links instead of shortened URLs and avoid outward-facing links that redirect to different pages.
Get data for Email Opens, Replies and Link Clicks from your bulk email campaigns
Personalized Bulk Emails
One can send mass email up to 5000 recipients using custom mail merge fields.
Email Verification
Verify the authenticity of email addresses with our smart filter. Delete the invalid, fake and duplicate email addresses from your list.
Link Tracking
Track how many times a link in your email gets clicked. Get insight into the recipient’s engagement level.
Follow-up up to 9 stages
Set-up up to 9 stages of automated follow-ups for your mass email campaign. Set conditional triggers like “Not Opened”, “Not Replied” and “Been Sent”.
Reply Tracking
Track the number of recipients who have replied to your email. Revamp your email if you are receiving a low reply rate as compared to the open rate.
Bounce Tracking
Have an idea of How and Why your emails fail to deliver. Also, get information on false email addresses.
Send as Reply
Send automated follow-up emails, to your mass email campaign, as a reply to the previous email in the same thread. Improve email response rate.
Add Unsubscribe link
One can add an unsubscribe link in the email body at each stage of the email merge campaign so that the recipient can opt-out from further emails.
Domain Blocking
You can block sending emails to a given domain. Just upload a CSV file containing domains that you want to block or add a single domain to the blocklist.
Link your account with saleshandy
Before sending mass email you need to connect your email account with saleshandy

  • To send a mass email Gmail campaign, first Sign-up into SalesHandy.
  • Then login to, go to profile under settings, and link your Gmail account with the application.
  • All your emails will now go through this linked email account.
  • After linking your account with SalesHandy, follow the below steps to send mass emails.

  • Download Outlook email tracking plugin from here.
  • Before Installing SalesHandy, sign-up and create a new account by clicking on “Sign-up For Free”. Now, install SalesHandy, open your Outlook app, and you will be able to see SalesHandy’s plugin icon in it.
  • Click on it, fill the login details and you’re all set to send mass email in Outlook.

  • After Gmail & Outlook, the question is how to send bulk email using SMTP with SalesHandy Web Application.
  • To start, sign-up with SalesHandy and then open the SalesHandy app. Go to “Email Accounts”, click on “Connect New Account” and select SMTP.
  • Enter your email address and its password, select your email service provider and our system will automatically fill up the required SMTP details.
How to send mass email from SalesHandy app


  • After linking your account with SalesHandy, fill-in the mass email campaign title. It is just for your reference, and you can name it according to the purpose of the campaign. For example – Cold Emailing November, Send Mass Email.
  • There are two options to upload a recipient list. 1) Upload a CSV File by selecting “Choose File” or 2) Import previously used mailing list from other email campaign.
  • After uploading the CSV, there will be a pop-up for email verification. Click Ok to verify your list. This will delete inactive, invalid, and spammy addresses saving you a lot of time and effort and also reduce your bounce rate.
choose file
Send mass email field


  • You can add personalization to your email subject line and body by selecting or typing Mail Merge fields from the CSV file shown at above the subject line of every stage.
  • Once you upload the CSV file, you can see all mail merge fields above the subject line at every stage. You can add up to 20 Mail Merge fields.


With SalesHandy, you can set-up 9 stages of automated follow-ups to your mass email campaign. There are three trigger conditions you can select, upon completion of which, your follow-up emails will be sent.

  • Not Opened – If the recipient has not opened the previous email.
  • Not Replied – If the recipient has not replied to the previous email.
  • Been Sent – All recipients added to the uploaded email list.
Send mass email camapign trigger
send as reply


  • You can select if you want to send follow-up emails as a new email or as a reply. “Send as Reply” feature makes the recipient feel like you have manually typed the follow-up email, increasing the chances of getting a response.
  • You will find a toggle button to allow link tracking on the links included in the email. By tracking link clicks, you can get insight into the engagement levels of the recipients on your mailing list.


  • After completing all the steps mentioned above, you can fill in CC and BCC fields of email as per your requirement and then send a test email to any desired email address.
  • You can also check your campaign’s email spam score by sending a test email to a spam testing website.
Send Test Email
Send mass email save and schedule


It is the final step in sending your mass email campaign. Click on “Save and Schedule” under preference and your campaign would be set-up to be sent.


Here is a short video tutorial on how to send bulk email using SalesHandy


Checkout FAQ on sending Mass Email

What is the number of mass emails that I can send using SalesHandy?

Using the Enterprise plan, one can  send mass email to 5000 recipients in a day. However, the limit is 1600 emails and 200 emails per day for Plus and Regular plans, respectively. For your reference, here is a blog that we have written specifically about Gmail: Gmail Mass Email sending limit.

Will my mass email Gmail campaign extract signature from my Gmail account?

If you want to add a signature in your mass email campaign, you need to update your SalesHandy profile with it as the Mail Merge feature does not extract it from your Gmail account.

Does mass email Gmail campaign feature support email templates?

Yes, one can frame an email template and use it while sending their bulk email campaign. This feature saves lots of time.

Will my mass email campaign recipients see the names of other recipients that I have included?

Each recipient of your mass mailing from your campaign, will receive the email as an individual email. One recipient would not be able to see other recipients included in the list of your mass email campaign.

Why my email mass campaign stopped?

It can happen if you exhaust your daily limit quota. Daily sending limit is based on the number of emails you send in a time frame of 24 hours. Hence your daily limit will be reset in 24 hours.

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