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Mail merge in Outlook is very different from outlook broadcast. When you broadcast an email, it sends that message to a group of people. But if you send a mail merge email with Outlook, it will consider each recipient as an individual recipient. You can play around a lot and give a personalized touch to all your emails. You can personalize the subject lines, their names and their businesses in your emails. The sky is the limit on how much you can experiment if you know how to send mail merge emails in outlook.

Imagine your name is Matt and you receive an email that says ‘Hey Matt’ instead of ’Hey guys’. It gives you a feeling of personalization. This is a long process if done manually. But if you use outlook mail merge, it is a cakewalk.

Let’s learn about the two methods that you can use in order to send mail merge with Outlook.

  1. Traditional Method
  2. A modern and effective method

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Traditional Method

The traditional method is when you use Outlook and MS Word and nothing else to send your mail merge email. This method is longer than the modern one thus, eats a lot of time.

This method relies highly on Microsoft Word so make sure you have the latest version of it.

Step 1: Prepare your email document

  • Type the body of your email in Microsoft Word that you want to send to your recipients.
  • Go to Mailing tab>>Start Mail Merge >> E-mail messages.

Step 2: Setup your Mailing list in MS Word

  • Go to Mailing tab>>Select Recipients >> Type a New List
  • Enter the details of your recipients like their First name, Last name, Company name, the industry they work in, etc.
  • Click Ok

Step 3: Prepare your Merged document

Add customized content to the email message

  • Go to Write & Insert Fields group>>Mailings tab>>Address Block.
  • In the Insert Address Block dialog box, choose a format for the recipient’s name as it will appear in the email.
  • Click OK to insert the merge field.
  • In the Write & Insert group, choose Greeting Line.
  • Choose the greeting format you want to use from the Greeting line dialog.
  • Click OK to insert the merge field.
  • Click on File >> Save to save your email.

Step 4: Send your Mail Merge Message

  • Choose Preview Results, and then choose the Next or Previous record button to make sure the names and addresses in the body of your letter look right.
  • Choose Finish & Merge >> Send E-mail Messages.
  • In the To box, choose the name of the email address column in your list.
  • In the Subject line box, type a subject line for the message.
  • In the Mail format box, choose HTML (the default setting) or Plain text to send the document as the body of the email message.
  • Choose OK to run mail merge.

That is the end of the traditional method. After all these steps, you would be able to send the personalized email to your recipients

Modern and Effective Method

You do not have to go through a long and tiresome process of setting your mail merge campaign with outlook when you use this method. You have to simply follow these 5 steps:

Step 1 – Connect your Outlook account with SalesHandy. 

Step 2 – Open SalesHandy web-app.

Step 3 – Go to Email Campaign>>New Campaign in the top right corner of the screen (Upload the list of recipients in a CSV format).


Step 4 – Write your email with merge tags that you have in your mailing sheet.


Step 5 – Write follow-ups and schedule the campaign according to your preferred time zone.


This is it. That is all you have to do in order to send a mail merge campaign with SalesHandy. With this modern method, you can save hours of your time and be more productive. If you are in doubt whether this works or not, we assure you it does. You can take a 14-day free trial and try it out for yourself. No credit card or payment information required.

Benefits of mail merge

  • Effective and efficient

If you send a mail merge campaign with the modern method, it will take around 15 – 20 mins depending upon your mailing list. If you send the same email manually it will take you around a whole day or maybe more.

  • Personalization

The reports of our white paper study showed that emails with personalized subject lines received 33% open rate and 6% reply rate as compared to 17% open rate and 3% reply rate for the emails without a personalized subject line.

In short, if you personalize your subject lines and emails, it doubles the chances of it being opened.

  • Automated Follow-ups with conditional triggers

When you use the modern method and a tool like SalesHandy to send your mail merge campaign, you will get an option to automate your follow-ups up to 10 stages with conditional triggers.

So, you do not need to write and attach the same mailing list with the emails and go over the whole process again when you want to send follow-ups. You can automate it.

Conditional triggers are behaviour-based triggers that you can create. You can choose what follow-up email will go to the people who opened your email but not replied and to the ones who didn’t open it at all.

  • Data and Reports

SalesHandy provides recipient engagement data like open rates, reply rates, template success rate, etc in its dashboard after you finish your campaign. You can analyze these reports and get a perfect sense of what kind of emails work for your target audience.

Limitations of Mail merge from outlook

  • Number of emails per day

One and only limitation that you will have while using mail merge campaign in outlook is that there will be a limited number of emails that you will be able to send in your campaign. It depends on your email service provider. Also, it is adviced not to send a lot of emails in a day as it might trigger the attention of spam filters. You should always know how to avoid spam filters. This will help you to land in the primary inbox of your recipients.

  • Mailing list

This, technically, does not fall under the con category but it depends. When you send a mail merge campaign to your recipients, you might need a mailing list that consists of information about your recipients. Information like their names, email addresses (of course), business name, the industry that they work in, the problem that they might have, etc. The more the merrier. You might have to dig hard for this kind of data and sort it out according to your requirement. This is a small effort you have to do to make your business grow and expand boundaries.

Also, we recommend building your own mailing list instead of just renting or buying email lists from third party seller. They are full of spam email ids and false data.

Video on setup mail merge in Outlook


You must have read both the methods and understood the pros and cons, you would have decided what works best for you. Whichever method you choose to follow, make sure it gets the most out of you and makes you more productive. If you have any doubts or queries regarding mail merge and email campaigns in outlook, you can send an email to We have a team full of experts who will be ready to help you with your problems.

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