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How to improve your Sequence Score?

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Using the Sequence score feature is like a breeze. Once you have crafted an email sequence in Saleshandy, the platform automatically calculates the sequence score for each sequence

Here is how you can check your sequence score in Saleshandy. 

  1. Log into your Saleshandy account.
  1. As you create any sequence, your sequence will be reflected in the sequence tab along with the status, active, finish, etc.
  1. Once you know your sequence score, you can go to the Sequence Score tab in Sequence and check what is affecting it and why it is low. 
  1. Alternatively, you can directly go to Sequence>> Sequence score tab to check it.

Factors affecting your sequence score calculation

The score is the calculation of 3 major factors:

  1.  Email Account Set-up Score

 Email account set-up scores depend on your account setup and helps you check whether the sender’s reputation of all your email accounts is up to mark and if all your domain authentication is done.

It ensures that everything from account setup to all deliverability technical setups is up to industry standards for the best deliverability.

The calculation of this score is based on the following parameters:

  • SPF
  • Custom Tracking Domain
  • Email Age
  • Daily sending quota
  • Sending intervals between two emails

When a sequence has multiple email accounts, the system calculates and displays the email account set-up score for all the parameters separately for each email account and if any of the linked email accounts are not up to the mark corresponding score would be 0. 

In case of no email account linked to a sequence, the email set-up score would be 0.

  1.  Sequence Set-up Score

This score is dependable on the sequence steps and quantifies the essential parameters of the sequence for better performance and results.

The calculation of this score is based on the following parameters:

  • Link tracking on/off 
  • Open tracking on/off
  • Disconnected email accounts in the sequence
  • Number of active email accounts linked in the sequence
  • Sequence Status (Decrease the score by xx if the system pauses the sequence) 
  • Unverified prospects (% of prospects left to be contacted)
  • Number of follow-ups added
  • Number of variants used

3.  Email Writing Score

Email Writing score depends on the sequence of steps, structure, and content of the email, quantifies the email writing skill, and gives feasibility to rectify any possible blunder in email writing and the email structure.

Here are the factors on which the writing score is calculated: 

  • Merge tag used in the subject line
  • Number of merge tags used in the email body
  • Spintax used
  • Number of spammy words used
  • Plain text vs newsletter/HTML content
  • Merge tags used that don’t exist in the user’s account. 
  • The number of words the email body contains


That’s all folks check your email sequence score every time before activating your sequence, increasing the chances of higher conversions from your cold email campaigns. For any queries, visit FAQs.

Till then, happy sending!

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