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Introducing Salesforce Native Integration

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Salesforce is the leading CRM, helping sales teams secure major deals across industries. But to truly unlock its potential, you must explore its wide range of features.

While Salesforce’s native features are great, the real power lies in its integrations. These add-ons allow customizing Salesforce to your needs for a smooth, efficient workflow.

But, with so many options, it’s hard to know which workflows with which tools will lead to successful workflows.

That’s where the Saleshandy Salesforce integration comes in. We’ve designed it to create super-powerful workflows to turbocharge your sales process within Salesforce.

This blog will discuss powerful workflows you can create to boost your sales processes with this integration.

How Does This Integration Simplify Your Sales Processes?

With the Salesforce integration inside Saleshandy, you can manage leads and prospects efficiently.

Now, when you create leads in Saleshandy, they automatically sync to your Salesforce CRM. So, it eliminates the need for you to manually export and import data between the two platforms. 

Although juggling two tools might seem a bit tedious task, integrating Saleshandy with Salesforce simplifies your processes in the following ways:

Smooth Lead Management: Easily create and update leads directly within Salesforce from Saleshandy. When emails are opened or links clicked, lead statuses are automatically updated, reducing manual effort and ensuring accurate lead tracking.

Easy Opportunity Tracking: With the integration, opportunities are automatically generated in Salesforce when links are clicked. This simplifies converting leads into opportunities, ensuring that potential deals are swiftly identified and managed.

Automated Data Sync: Enjoy the benefits of auto-syncing your data between Salesforce and Saleshandy. This eliminates the need for switching platforms for manual data entry and ensures that your lead information remains current and consistent across platforms.

Real-time Prospect Engagement: The integration automatically logs prospect engagement activities from Saleshandy into Salesforce.

This provides your sales team with real-time insights into prospect interactions. These include email opens, link clicks, replies received, outcome changes, unsubscribes, and bounced emails. It helps them tailor their approach accordingly and prioritize leads effectively

Effortless Workflows: By leveraging Saleshandy automation within Salesforce, you can streamline workflows and optimize deal management processes. This enables your team to engage, organize, and close deals faster, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Now let’s see how you can connect Saleshandy with Salesforce.

How to Create Workflows For Sales Success

Creating a workflow is quite easy with Saleshandy X Salesforce native integration. Follow these steps to create a sales workflow:

Step 1: Log in to Saleshandy and create your email sequence. Add leads to your sequence. You can also find your ideal customers inside Saleshandy Lead Finder.

Write a copy of your email or choose from our template library.

Step 2: Go to “Integrations” in Saleshandy and choose Salesforce integration. Click on “Connect Now” to connect your CRM to Saleshandy.

Step 3: Once you’re logged in, go inside Field Mapping in Saleshandy, and sync the type of fields you want to map between the two apps. The fields could be leads, contacts, or accounts.

It could be anything like this:

Step 4: Once you have mapped the fields, go to trigger and activity, set which action you want inside Salesforce for a particular trigger in Saleshandy, and save.

Step 5: Once you have mapped the fields and set the trigger now is the time to import the prospects. Simply go to prospect import and choose the list you want to import from CRM. You can also choose the sequence you want the list to be imported to.

Integrate Salesforce with Saleshandy Now!

So, try the integration and sync all your activities for effective workflow management!

Read more about it here and start integrating your leads.

Happy Sending!

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