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10 Best Cold Email Courses Available Online – 2024

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Creating a cold email campaign that generates results is no less than a skill. Successful cold emails are never an outcome of luck but a good knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.  

A complete understanding of cold emailing allows you to skip the guesswork and create effective frameworks that help you scale. 

If you’re someone new to cold emailing or have been around for a while but failing to see results like having a low response rate, generating few leads, or facing a deliverability issue, then a cold email course can act like a roadmap that will help you take constructive actions and ditch the traditional ways of doing cold emailing. 

In this blog, you will find a list of the 10 best cold email courses available across the internet. Each cold email course is value-driven, filled with proven strategies, and created by experts in the industry whose words you can trust. 

And to make it easier for you, we have divided the blog into two parts: Free cold email courses and Paid cold email courses. So you can directly jump to the section you are interested in and find the apt course for yourself. 

Free Cold Email Courses

Paid Cold Email Courses 

Free Cold Email Courses

1. Saleshandy’s Cold Email Masterclass 

Saleshandy is a cold email outreach tool that has come up with its cold email masterclass to help you generate leads and make cold email a reliable channel for your growth. 

If you are reading this, then you are probably. 

  • Looking to generate quality leads and close more deals via cold emailing 
  • Not getting the expected results from your current outreach 
  • A newbie who wants to learn about cold emailing to its core 

The experts at Saleshandy have designed this masterclass keeping these scenarios in mind. After completing this email course, you will leave with answers to your questions and plenty of proven practical techniques that can be instantly applied to your outreach. 

At the end of this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to generate recurring leads using cold emailing 
  • How to avoid the spam folder and improve your email deliverability to always reach the primary inbox 
  • How to write prospect-friendly cold email copies that convert.
  • How to develop a follow-up strategy that provides value and acts as a reminder
  • How to perfectly optimize your outreach before hitting the send button

The masterclass will walk you through the entire cold emailing process, from finding your ideal prospects to delivering your email safely to their inboxes. 

You will also find suggestions of handy tools that will make the process much smoother without costing much money. 

The cold email masterclass heavily focuses on B2B lead generation, making it ideal for professionals looking to make cold emailing their revenue-generating channel. 

You pretty much don’t need anything to get started. Just get grab your notepads and start learning.

Explore the complete outline of the cold email masterclass

Course details

  • Total number of lessons: 5 lessons
  • Duration: 1 hour 60 minutes 
  • Price: Free


One of the best cold emailing courses I have taken. After taking the course, I felt very confident with my outreach and was able to clearly see some mistakes I was doing before – Thank you Saleshandy for this!

2. The Cold Email Masterclass by Mailshake

Mailshake - Cold email masterclass

As the name suggests, this course helps to become a master in cold emailing and uncover ways to find sales leads, grow your network, or build your own brand. The masterclass is loaded with practical steps you can apply to your campaign at any time. 

Course details

  • Total number of lessons: 8 lessons
  • Duration: 50 minutes 
  • Available on: and YouTube 

3. Cold Email Course by Woodpecker

Woodpecker - Cold email course

Woodpecker Academy provides this email course – Woodpecker is a popular tool for cold emailing and sales automation. The course focuses on helping you optimize your outreach campaign by better understanding topics like follow-up strategies, quality prospect lists, writing spam-free emails, and more.

Course details

  • Total number of lessons: 5 lectures
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Available on: Udemy and Woodpecker Academy

4. Cold Email Marketing Mastery | Sales Emails by Coursenvy

Coursenvy - Cold email mastery

Cold Email Marketing Mastery by Coursenvy is a free cold emailing course that works for anyone looking to grow their business online. The course covers the basics of cold emailing with proven strategies by the instructor that will help you to get started. 

Course details

  • Total number of lectures: 7 lectures
  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Available on: Udemy  

5. Hunter’s Cold Email Course

Hunter - Cold emailing course

Hunter’s cold emailing course is designed for anyone willing to generate quality leads or grow website traffic. The course starts with addressing the roots of cold emailing, which is identifying prospects and heads to the advanced techniques for sending successful campaigns. 

Course details

  • Available on: 

You can easily access the above courses from the mentioned platform completely free of cost. You might have to sign up or share your email Id to access the course, nothing more. Now, let’s move ahead and see the paid cold email courses available online. 

1. Cold Email B2B Sales Master Course

B2B sale email master course

This course will teach you how to generate leads consistently with proven strategies and methodology. The course is suitable for individuals like yourself and also your team members. This way, you and your team can stay aligned toward your cold emailing goal.   

Course details

  • Price: Original price $139.99 (Currently offering at $19.99)
  • Total number of lectures: 59 lectures
  • Duration: 4 hours 3 minutes 
  • Certification: Yes
  • Available on: Udemy  
  • Downloadable resources are available 

2. The Complete Cold Email Course 2023 – B2B Lead Generation

Paid cold email course

A high-rated B2B cold email course on Udemy that gives you an eagle-eye view of cold emailing. The course offers fresh techniques skipping the traditional approaches behind with proven strategies by the instructor (Joshua George).  

Course details

  • Price: Original price $139.99 (Currently offering at $19.99)
  • Total number of lectures: 57 lectures
  • Duration: 5 hours 47 minutes 
  • Certification: Yes
  • Available on: Udemy  
  • Study materials like articles and downloadable resources are available. 

3. Cold Email Outreach Masterclass by Quickmail

Quickmail cold email course

This course is designed by industry experts who deeply understand the nature of cold emailing. The B2B cold email course focuses on helping to improve your reply rate by providing actionable steps to achieve the same. 

Course details

  • Price: $497
  • Total number of modules: 8 modules 
  • Available on: 

4. Multichannel Cold Outreach Masterclass by Lemlist

Lemlist cold email masterclass

All is in the name here. A complete multichannel outreach course by Lemlist for professionals looking to scale their outreach or are stuck between getting no response from countless efforts. Currently, the course is available for free. Otherwise, it is chargeable. 

Course details

  • Price: $1594 (Currently free) 
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Available on:

5. Email Mastery by Salesfolk 


The course is designed keeping the salespeople in mind, but anyone can reap the benefits if done correctly. They offer sales hacks, templates, and campaign strategies to align your goal to achieve the result. This is a paid course, but you can access the first lesson for free. 

Course details

  • Price: $2299 (installment option available)
  • Available on: 


We hope that this list of cold email marketing courses will teach you the perfect way of doing cold emailing and unlearning some old techniques that don’t drive results. 

As mentioned earlier, each course is value-driven, so feel free to return to this list and consider the mentioned courses whenever required. 

It is ideal to start with free courses first, as it doesn’t cost you a penny but offers some profound insights that will help you become a pro in cold emailing in no time. 

Pick the one from you the free cold email courses list and start your journey today! 

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