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11 Email Deliverability Tools to Land In The Primary Inbox

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Email deliverability tools are a go-to pick for many marketers and salespeople when it comes to their cold email outreach. These tools help you reach the primary inbox and check your email deliverability as well.  

There are many email deliverability tools in the market, but finding the right one needs a little more research. You don’t need to look any further if you’ve reached here.

This blog will go through the 11 best email deliverability tools to keep your email deliverability intact.

Let’s begin.

Why use an email deliverability tool?

An email deliverability tool is essential in any email campaign that you send. It helps to understand the chances of your email landing in the primary inbox. Besides this, an email deliverability tool helps you:

  • Understand actions that trigger the spam filter
  • Make changes in your email campaign so that it is more ESP-friendly
  • Gives timely suggestions to keep your email deliverability to the optimal

It’s fairly easy to use all the tools we’re going to look at here, and they’ll help you understand where your emails are landing and how you can improve them.

11 best email deliverability tools

1. Saleshandy
2. MailTester
3. GlockApps
4. Sender Score
5. NeverBounce 
6. Spamcheck by Postmark
7. Folderly
8. MX Toolbox
9. Sendinblue
10. Everest
11. Warmy

1. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a cold email outreach tool that lets you send automated cold email sequences and successfully land them in your prospect’s primary inbox. Any sequence you send using Saleshandy, delivering them to the primary inbox is always their focus.

Saleshandy- Email deliverability tool

How can you achieve higher email deliverability using Saleshandy?

The following features of Saleshandy help to maintain good email deliverability. 

1. Email Warm-up 
  • Problem:

Your domain reputation plays a very important role in your email deliverability. You need to show your authenticity to your ESP. If you fail to build that reputation and authenticity, you will most likely be marked as a spammer.  

  • How does this feature help? 

The best way you can build that is by gradually increasing the number of emails you send each day. Saleshandy sends out a number of emails per day and gradually increases the number to build your domain reputation.

On your behalf, Saleshandy sends these emails to genuine email addresses, so none of them lands in the spam folder, and as a good email engagement. 

This activity helps to create a positive impact in front of your ESP when they view your profile and consider your domain safe.

Saleshandy email warmup feature

You can also check the performance of your email warm-up activity from the report dashboard. You can easily see the number of emails that were sent and received in 30 days. You can also switch between different email accounts to check their warm-up status.

Saleshandy email warm up report
2. Email Ramp-up
  • Problem:

If you have a new email account and you directly start sending your email to multiple prospects at once. The email will most likely land in the spam folder.   

  • How does this feature help? 

The email ramp-up feature helps you increase your daily sending by sending small batches of emails first. And then gradually increasing the number.

Using this feature, you can build a good domain reputation, and once you’ve achieved a good domain reputation, you can send emails to multiple prospects without affecting your email deliverability. 

Saleshandy- Email Ramp-Up
3. Email health score
  • Problem:

Suppose you’ve missed taking the necessary steps like setting SPF or DMARC records, not having an ideal email age, etc. And you start sending your campaign ignoring these essential elements. In that case, it increases the chances of having low email deliverability.    

  • How does this feature help? 

The email health score performs multiple tests and gives a score to your email. In simple words, a health checkup of your email. The better the score, the better your email’s chances of optimal deliverability and a good response rate.

Saleshandy email health score
4. Real-time Assistant

  • Problem:
  • Sometimes, some words in the email body copy or subject line, use of too many links, and lack of personalization can trigger the spam filter. Leaving you clueless about what might have gone wrong. 

    • How does this feature help? 

    Saleshandy offers real-time writing assistance while you’re drafting your email. It gives you suggestions to make your email content more deliverability-friendly.

    Saleshandy- AI writing assistance

    Additional email deliverability features

    • Saleshandy auto pauses a sequence when there are any chances of email bounce 
    • Saleshandy verifies your email list before sending any sequence to avoid any bounce back 
    • They set a time interval of a few seconds between each email to make the process look more human-like and not disturb your email deliverability.   

    Customer review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Saleshandy customer reviews

    Pricing plans:

    • Outreach Basic – $27/Month
      • Unlimited Email Accounts
      • Unlimited Team Members
      • 2,000 Total Prospects
      • 10,000 Monthly Emails
      • 2,500 Email Verification Credits
    • Outreach Pro – $79/Month
      • Unlimited Email Accounts
      • Unlimited Team Members
      • 25,000 Total Prospects
      • 125,000 Monthly Emails
      • 10,000 Email Verification Credits
    • Outreach Scale – $150/Month
      • Unlimited Email Accounts
      • Unlimited Team Members
      • 50,000 Total Prospects
      • 250,000 Monthly Emails
      • 20,000 Email Verification Credits
    • Custom plan
      • Unlimited Email Accounts
      • Unlimited Team Members
      • Higher total Prospects Limit
      • Higher Monthly Emails Limit
      • Higher Email Verification

    2. MailTester

    MailTester is an email verification tool that accurately checks and verifies your emails. You can verify a single email or bulk emails effectively from its dashboard. 

    You just need to upload your file, and their algorithm will verify the list of valid and invalid emails for you. You can download the file and start running your email campaign. 

    You can also use the MailTester API. You can simply copy and paste the code and prevent yourself from getting any invalid email id in your list.



    • $19 – 100 emails / day / 1 user
    • $39 – 1000 emails / day/ Up to 2 users
    • $79 – 5000 emails / day/ Up to 10 users
    • $139 – 10000 emails / day/ Up to 50 users

    3. GlockApps

    GlockApps is a place to meet all your email deliverability needs, from testing your email deliverability to identifying risky content. 

    GlockApps has it all for you. They offer 4 main solutions: Inbox Insight, DMARC Analytics, uptime monitor, and email consulting. 

    Using their email deliverability test, you can check the spam score of your email and understand the chances of your email landing in the inbox, spam folder, or update folder. 

    They also run various email deliverability tests to help you pick the best email provider for your email campaign.

    Glock Apps


    • Personal – Free
    • Basic – $79/month

    4. Sender Score

    The best way to describe this email deliverability tool is in its name. Sender score gives a score to your email to check its creditability and reputation. 

    Once you get your email score, it is easier to understand the areas of improvement and make changes accordingly to improve your deliverability. You get a score between 0-100. 

    Here is the scoring method: 

    • 0-70: Your sender reputation needs improvement 
    • 70-80: A good score. Just keep optimizing for better results 
    • 80+: An excellent sender reputation 


    • Free

    5. NeverBounce

    NeverBounce is a good real-time email verification and email cleaning tool. They offer three solutions: bulk email list cleaning, real-time email verification, and automated list cleaning. 

    Enterprises, startups, and nonprofits can easily use this tool. It can be integrated with tools like Freshsales, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. 



    Here the pricing is as per your requirements. Price per email

    • up to 10,000 $0.008
    • up to 100,000 $0.005
    • up to 250,000 $0.004
    • up to 1,000,000 $0.003

    6. Spamcheck by Postmark

    Spamcheck by Postmark lets you check the spam score by going through your email content and header. The lower the score, the better the email deliverability. So, you should aim for the lowest score here. 

    After giving you the spam score, they offer suggestions to improve your score.

    Spamcheck by Postmark


    • Free

    7. Folderly

    Folderly is a one-stop place to meet your email deliverability needs. The tool offers solutions to get your email deliverability right and make you an authentic sender. 

    Their email deliverability audit solution runs a complete audit over all the email deliverability components and offers a report on the same. It covers components like overall health scoring, Domain and Mailboxes Analysis, and Long-term recommendations.



    • Premium $200/month

    8. MX Toolbox

    Mx Toolbox is a tool to check email deliverability and especially your domain. It works to help you improve your domain reputation. They provide you with information like: 

    • Who is sending email from your domain
    • What is your senders IPs reputation 
    • How are your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC performing

    Besides this, it also takes care of the blacklist domains, email health, analyze headers, and more.  

    MX Toolbox


    • Free – $0/month
    • Delivery center – $129/month
    • Delivery center plus – $399/month

    9. Sendinblue

    Sendinblue is a marketing and sales tool that helps you grow your business. They also offer an email deliverability solution to land your email in the primary inbox of your recipient. 

    When you send a campaign, they help you actively manage your SMTP server and offer dedicated IPs to have more control over your email deliverability.  



    • Free – $0/month
    • Lite – $25/month
    • Premium – $65/month
    • Enterprise – Request a quote

    10. Everest 

    Everest provides important insights and guidance to help you have a better email engagement and deliverability. It provides you with an actionable guide for identifying the problem areas. 

    They offer an exciting feature called competitive intelligence. Using this feature, you can understand your competitors sending patterns and make changes to your campaign accordingly. 



    • Elements – $20/month
    • Elements Plus – $525/month
    • Professional – Custom Pricing
    • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

    11. is an email deliverability tool that uses the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to deliver your email to the right place. You can easily automate your email campaign, and the AI will do the needful: warm-up your email account, analyze the mailbox and continuously learn to make improvements.

    One of the key features of Warmy is that it checks your email deliverability with your different email providers and sees which one offers maximum deliverability.


    • Starter – $49/month
    • Business – $129/month
    • Premium – $189/month
    • Expert – $279/month

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is email deliverability?

    Email deliverability refers to your emails’ ability to reach your recipient’s primary inbox. 

    2. What are the best practices for email deliverability?

    Here are the four best email deliverability practices:

    1. Authentication (SPF/DKIM/DMARC)
    2. Sender reputation
    3. Email content
    4. User engagement

    Read about each one in detail here: 21 Email deliverability best practices you must follow in 2022

    3. What causes issues with email deliverability?

    Some of the most common reasons that cause issues with your email deliverability are  high bounce rate, your emails landing in the spam box continuously, and low sender reputation. 

    4. How can I achieve maximum deliverability? 

    The best way to achieve maximum email deliverability is to keep your ESP happy. As long as you’re following the below factors, you can achieve a good email deliverability : 

    • Maintaining a good senders reputation by authenticating your email (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Custom Domain)
    • Not exceeding your daily sending limit 
    • Using spam-free content in your email subject line and body copy 
    • Testing your email deliverability before sending it across

    5. Why is email deliverability important? 

    Your email deliverability is important for two main reasons: To show your Email Service Provider that you are an authentic sender and to deliver your email right to the primary inbox of your prospects to capture their attention. 

    6. How can I check my email deliverability?

    One of the ways to check your email deliverability is by using Saleshandy. The email age feature gives you a perfect idea if sending a high volume of emails is safe to get maximum deliverability. If you dont have an ideal email age, they offer suggestions to improve it accordingly. 


    Picking the right email deliverability tool can never be easy as each tool is unique and has some extra features. We recommend you try one or two tools. After that, you will be able to get a hold of which tool works well with your exact requirements.

    If you’re new to email deliverability and want to understand it to its core, read our detailed guide on it here: Cold Email Deliverability: Comprehensive Guide 

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