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16 Best Email Deliverability Tools of 2024 (Free + Paid)

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When it comes to successful cold emailing, writing a perfect email is just one part of the battle. The other half, the more important one, is getting your emails delivered to your recipient’s inbox.

But unfortunately, The majority of email service providers have gotten smarter at filtering out spam emails. That means ensuring your emails land in the intended inbox of your recipients is now more difficult than ever.

If your emails are currently landing in the spam folder, affecting your overall outreach performance, don’t worry. – There is a solution!

Email deliverability tools can help to avoid spam filters and ensure your emails land in the Primary inbox of your recipients.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the 16 best email deliverability tools to help you to reach your recipients’ Primary inbox and generate more high-quality leads at scale.

Best Email Deliverability Tools : Table of Contents

Top 5 Email Deliverability Tools – At-a-Glance Comparison

Email Deliverability ToolKey FeaturesCustomer RatingsPricing (Starting at)
Saleshandy • Advanced Deliverability Toolkit
• Sequence Score
• Sender Rotation
• AI-Writing Assistant
• Email Ramp-Up
• Unified Inbox
• G2 – 4.6 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.5 / 5 ⭐
$25 per month
GlockApps • Email Testing
• Email Monitoring
• Spam Filter Testing
• DMARC Analytics
• G2 – 4.3 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.8 / 5 ⭐
$79 per month
MailMonitor • Real-time Email Tracking
• Email Preview
• Spam Filter Testing
• Advanced Reporting
• G2 – 4.8 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 5 / 5 ⭐
$49 per month
Folderly • Deliverability Monitor
• Deliverability Testing
• Spam Filter Testing
• Deliverability Placement
• G2 – 4.9 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.8 / 5 ⭐
$120 per month
MX Toolbox • Inbox Placement Analysis
• Email Delivery Reports
• Sender Blacklist Monitoring
• G2 – 3.9 / 5 ⭐
• Capterra – 4.4 / 5 ⭐
$129 per month

What is an email deliverability tool?

An email deliverability tool is a dedicated tool designed to provide you with valuable insights and features to ensure that your emails reach the intended inboxes without being marked as spam.

It helps to monitor and optimize your email outreach performance, increasing the likelihood of successful delivery and effective interaction with your prospects.

And that’s not all! These tools have much more to offer than just ensuring that your emails reach your recipient’s primary inboxes.

Let’s discuss more reasons why it is important to use an email deliverability tool.

Why do you need an email deliverability tool?

There are 3 primary reasons to use an email deliverability tool when running a cold email outreach campaign.

Improve sender reputation

Your sender’s reputation is like your online credibility. When you send emails, email service providers (ESPs) evaluate your sender’s reputation to determine if your emails are trustworthy or not.

An email deliverability tool helps you protect and enhance your sender reputation, increasing the likelihood of successful email delivery. It ensures that your messages are delivered to the Primary inbox.

Furthermore, they also help to keep track of important metrics such as bounce rates, spam complaints, and engagement levels. When you closely monitor these metrics, you can identify and resolve any issues that might harm your reputation.

Avoid spam filters

Spam filters keep recipients safe from unwanted and potentially spam/dangerous emails.

Sometimes, even the most carefully-written emails can trigger spam filters and end up in your recipient’s spam folder.

Using an email deliverability tool, you can check your emails’ content, subject lines, and sender details to make sure no spam filters are being triggered.

Inbox placement monitoring

Last but not least, email deliverability tools help to keep a close eye on the placement of your emails.

By monitoring inbox placement rates, you gain valuable insights into how well your emails are performing. In simple words, you can find out if your emails are hitting the mark and reaching the primary inbox or if they’re getting lost in the promotions tab or spam folder.

Based on these insights, you can take corrective measures to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Best part? – There are literally dozens of email deliverability tools out there that can help you do just that!

To save you time and effort, we’ve already evaluated all the tools in the market and compiled a list of top email deliverability tools you can consider using in 2024.

16 best email deliverability tools (2024)

1. Saleshandy
2. MailTester
3. GlockApps
4. MailMonitor
5. Sender Score
6. NeverBounce 
7. Spamcheck by Postmark
8. Folderly
9. MX Toolbox
10. Sendinblue
11. Everest
12. Warmy
15. SendForensics

1. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a leading cold email outreach software that empowers you to automate and send cold email sequences that successfully land in your prospect’s primary inbox.

With this tool at your disposal, you can focus on delivering your sequences to the primary inbox.

Saleshandy Email Deliverability

Here are some of the features of Saleshandy that help to achieve and maintain the highest email deliverability:

1. Sequence Score


Cold email outreach can be a complex process, and it can be difficult for users to determine how well their sequences are performing and identify areas for improvement.

  • How does this feature help?

Sequence Score serves as a powerful tool that empowers users to assess, optimize, and track the performance of their cold email sequences, ultimately leading to more successful and impactful outreach campaigns.

2. Sender Rotation

  • Challenge:

When you send too many emails from a single account there is the likelihood of that account being flagged or experiencing deliverability problems.

  • How does this feature help?

Sender rotation is a potent technique for cold emailing success. It involves sending email sequences from multiple email accounts instead of relying solely on one.

This distribution of emails across multiple accounts effectively improves deliverability and mitigates technical problems.

3. Email Ramp-up

  • Challenge:

When you have a new email account and start sending emails to multiple prospects simultaneously, the risk of landing in the spam folder is high.

  • How does this feature help? 

The email ramp-up feature enables you to gradually increase your daily email sending limit by initially dispatching small batches of emails. This approach allows you to establish a solid domain reputation.

And once you’ve earned a favorable domain reputation, you can confidently increase your email sending volume without worrying about email deliverability.

Saleshandy Email Ramp up

4. Email health score

  • Challenge:

Missing essential steps like configuring SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records or neglecting an ideal email age can significantly impact your email deliverability.    

  • How does this feature help? 

The email health score evaluates your emails through various tests, providing a comprehensive health checkup. It assigns a score to each email, indicating its chances of optimal deliverability and generating a positive response rate.

The higher the score, the better the chances of your emails reaching your recipients’ primary inboxes.

Saleshandy Email Health Score

5. Real-time Email Writing Assistant

  • Challenge:

Certain words in your email copy or subject line, excessive use of links, or lack of personalization can trigger spam filters, leaving you clueless about what went wrong.

  • How does this feature help? 

Saleshandy offers real-time email writing assistance as you draft your emails. It provides valuable suggestions to enhance your email content, making it more deliverability-friendly.

With these insights, you can refine your emails to avoid potential spam filter triggers.

Saleshandy Email Writing Assistant

Additional email deliverability features

  • Saleshandy auto pauses a sequence when there are any chances of an email bounce.
  • Saleshandy verifies your email list before sending any sequence to avoid email bounce back.
  • Saleshandy sets a time interval of a few seconds between each email to make the process look more human-like so that it does not affect your email deliverability.

Pros and Cons of Saleshandy:


  • Offers automated sending of warm-up emails to gradually establish sender reputation
  • Provides real-time monitoring and reporting on warm-up progress
  • Provides flexibility to warm up multiple email domains or accounts
  • Detailed email tracking and analytics
  • Email personalization at scale
  • Auto follow-up email sequence
  • Library of pre-designed cold email templates
  • Connect unlimited email accounts
  • Strong community


  • No free plan (7-day free trial available)
  • Lacks the ability to auto-convert Excel files to CSV

Customer reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Saleshandy customer reviews

Pricing plans:

Here are the details of the yearly plan of Saleshandy:

Outreach Starter

$25 /Month
Start free trial

30% Annual Savings

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Warm-up
  • Sender Rotation Basic
  • Unified Inbox Basic
  • 2,000 Total Prospects
  • 10,000 Monthly Emails
  • 2,500 Email Verification Credits

Outreach Pro

$74 /Month
Start free trial

25% Annual Savings

  • Everything in Outreach Starter
  • Unlimited Teammates
  • Sender Rotation Pro
  • Unified Inbox Pro
  • 30,000 Total Prospects
  • 125,000 Monthly Emails
  • 10,000 Email Verification Credits

Outreach Scale

$149 /Month
Start free trial

25% Annual Savings

  • Everything in Outreach Pro
  • Sender Rotation Scale
  • 60,000 Total Prospects
  • 250,000 Monthly Emails
  • 25,000 Email Verification Credits

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.7⭐/5 based on 500+ reviews
  • Capterra – 4.5⭐/5 based on 100+ reviews

2. MailTester

MailTester is an effective email verification tool that ensures the accuracy of your email list. Whether you need to verify a single email address or a bulk list, MailTester has got you covered with its user-friendly dashboard.


All you have to do to verify email addresses is upload your file, and their advanced algorithm will meticulously check and validate each email address.

Once the verification process is complete, you can easily download the file and kick-start your email campaign with confidence.

For seamless integration, MailTester also offers an API option. By copying and pasting the provided code, you can effortlessly prevent any invalid email addresses from sneaking into your list, ensuring high deliverability rates.


  • The Duplicate email remover scans your contact list and efficiently identifies and eliminates any duplicate email addresses.
  • The Spam Trap Removal searches for and eliminates spam trap emails from your email list.
  • The Risk Validator tool thoroughly examines your email list for high-risk keywords and suspicious Top-Level Domains (TLDs).

Pros and Cons of MailTester:


  • Quick and easy to check deliverability
  • Provides a simple pass/fail result for email address validity
  • Helps identify potential issues that may affect email deliverability
  • Offers straightforward user interface


  • Limited in functionality compared to other email deliverability tools
  • Limited options for bulk email verification
  • Does not provide important information such as email reputation and engagement metrics
  • Restrictions on the number of email verifications per user


  • $19 – 100 emails/day (1 user)
  • $39 – 1000 emails/day (Up to 2 users)
  • $79 – 5000 emails/day (Up to 10 users)
  • $139 – 10000 emails/day(Up to 50 users)

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.2⭐/5 based on 10 reviews
  • Capterra – 3.2⭐/5 based on 12 reviews

3. GlockApps

GlockApps is your one-stop solution for all your email deliverability needs. Whether you want to test your email deliverability or identify potentially risky content, GlockApps has got you covered.


With GlockApps, you can take advantage of their four main solutions: Inbox Insight, DMARC Analytics, uptime monitor, and email consulting.

These solutions cater to different aspects of email deliverability, providing you with valuable insights and tools to enhance your email campaigns.

One of the standout features of GlockApps is its email deliverability test. This test allows you to assess the spam score of your emails.

Thus, you can get a clear understanding of their chances of landing in the inbox, spam folder, or updates folder.


  • You can easily identify and address any “risky” content in your email templates. It scans your templates for potential issues that could trigger spam filters or affect deliverability.
  • Automatic inbox testing is an essential part of monitoring your email deliverability so you can promptly take action to rectify any deliverability issues and improve your email placement in recipients’ inboxes.
  • This monitoring feature sends you notifications via email, Slack, or Telegram if there are any problems with your email deliverability.

Pros and Cons of GlockApps


  • Comprehensive email deliverability testing and monitoring
  • Provides detailed insights into email placement
  • Helps identify and resolve potential deliverability issues
  • Offers spam filter testing to improve email deliverability
  • Provides actionable recommendations for improving email performance


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Complex user interface
  • Unreliable customer support service
  • May require technical knowledge to interpret test results
  • Testing large volumes of emails may require additional paid credits


  • Personal – Free
  • Basic – $79/month

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.3 ⭐/5 based on 13 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.8 ⭐/5 based on 37 reviews

4. MailMonitor

MailMonitor is an all-inclusive email marketing platform designed to enhance your email campaigns through advanced monitoring, deliverability, testing, and comprehensive reporting features.


The tool closely monitors and analyzes your sender’s reputation across multiple email platforms. This ensures that your emails consistently land in your customers’ inboxes, maximizing their visibility and engagement.

With the real-time email tracking feature, you can measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns in real-time, tracking crucial metrics such as delivery rates, opens, and clicks.

This valuable insight allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns for better results.


  • You can preview and address the destination of your emails before sending them.
  • You can effortlessly monitor and manage your sender reputation to maintain a positive email deliverability rate.
  • The tool brings together all the necessary tools for optimizing your inbox placement without compromising usability.

Pros and Cons of MailMonitor:


  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of email delivery
  • Helps identify and diagnose deliverability issues
  • Offers spam filter testing and feedback loop monitoring
  • Offers advanced reporting and analytics features


  • Lack of options for customization of reports
  • Occasional technical issues and glitches
  • Poor customer support service
  • Lacks advanced reporting and analytics features


  • Starter – $49/month
  • Pro – Custom pricing
  • Advanced – Custom pricing

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.8 ⭐/5 based on 5 reviews
  • Capterra – 5 ⭐/5 based on 19 reviews

5. Sender Score, a free tool from Return Path, offers valuable insights and assistance in tracking and enhancing your email deliverability rates.

Sender Score

Developed by the same experts behind numerous other deliverability tools, Sender Score assesses IP addresses on a scale ranging from 1 to 100, with 100 indicating a flawless score.

Here is the scoring breakdown: 

  • 0-70: Your sender’s reputation needs improvement 
  • 70-80: A good score. Just keep optimizing for better results 
  • 80+: An excellent sender reputation 

To access the tool, simply visit the homepage and enter your email domain or IP address. The next step involves providing some basic information such as your first and last names, work email, monthly volume, and country.

Upon clicking the ‘What’s my score’ button, you will receive a comprehensive overview of your Sender Score results. This includes details about DNS records, SSL certificates, and a list of sending IPs, along with their corresponding sender scores.

When evaluating your score, a rating of 80 or higher is already considered commendable. However, if your score falls below this threshold, find out the issue and resolve it otherwise it will directly affect your email delivery rate.


  • You can identify areas for enhancement and take appropriate measures to boost your email deliverability.
  • Simplify the process of setting up and managing feedback loops with the Universal Feedback Loop tool.
  • Enhance your outreach strategy by gaining insights into the predominant mailbox providers (MBPs) within your email list.

Pros and Cons of Sender Score:


  • Free to check the sender’s reputation
  • Provides a reputation score that indicates the sending reputation of an IP address or domain
  • Offers insight into how email receivers perceive the sender’s reputation
  • Provides historical data and trends for tracking reputation changes over time


  • Limited in providing detailed insights into specific deliverability issues
  • Does not provide real-time data and may have a delay in updating reputation scores
  • Limited visibility into factors beyond reputation
  • Limited options for resolving reputation issues directly through the platform
  • The reputation score may not fully reflect the actual deliverability performance


  • The tool is free of cost.

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – No reviews
  • Capterra – No reviews

6. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is a robust email verification tool designed to safeguard your sender reputation and maximize inbox deliverability.

Using a proprietary cleaning process consisting of over 20 steps, the tool employs both real-time and hybrid verification methods to ensure the accuracy and validity of your email addresses.


Depending on the email systems you use, NeverBounce can also identify and flag unsafe addresses, further optimizing your email lists.

By reducing bounce rates and enhancing your sender reputation, the tool equips you with high-quality email data. This will empower you to connect with a larger audience of potential prospects and customers.


  • NeverBounce allows you to easily upload and clean it, offering seamless integration with over 85 platforms.
  • With their convenient wrappers, such as cURL, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Java, and .NET, you can start using NeverBounce within minutes.
  • When you sign up, you’ll even receive free credits to get started with optimal deliverability and maintain a good sender reputation.

Pros and Cons of NeverBounce:


  • Offers real-time verification for immediate results
  • Helps reduce bounce rates and improve email deliverability
  • Offers bulk email verification capabilities
  • Provides various levels of verification
  • Helps identify and remove invalid or risky email addresses
  • Offers API integration for seamless integration with other systems


  • Verification results may not be 100% accurate due to external factors
  • Verification process may take longer for larger email lists
  • Does not provide additional data beyond email address validation
  • Does not offer features for email campaign management


Their pricing is designed to cater to your specific needs, with costs calculated per email.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing tiers:

  • For volumes of up to 10,000 emails, the price is $0.008 per email.
  • For volumes of up to 100,000 emails, the price is $0.005 per email.
  • For volumes of up to 250,000 emails, the price is $0.004 per email.
  • For volumes of up to 1,000,000 emails, the price is $0.003 per email.

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.4 ⭐/5 based on 131 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.4 ⭐/5 based on 42 reviews

7. Spamcheck by Postmark

SpamCheck by Postmark is a convenient online tool that analyzes your email and provides a score. By simply pasting your code directly onto the website, the system thoroughly analyzes your email and gives a score on a scale of 0 to 5.

Spamcheck by Postmark

The closer your score is to zero, the higher the probability of your email being successfully delivered without being marked as spam.

Overall, this tool helps you gauge the effectiveness of your email content in terms of avoiding spam filters and reaching your recipients’ inboxes.


  • The tool offers a simple and intuitive interface that requires no manual or guide to navigate. You can start using it right away without any hassle or confusion.
  • You will also get valuable suggestions to enhance deliverability.
  • The tool identifies areas for improvement, such as link quality, image optimization, and HTML integrity, helping you optimize your email content for better results.

Pros and Cons of Spam Check by Postmark:


  • An easy-to-use tool for checking the spam score of an email
  • Offers insights into potential spam triggers and issues that may affect deliverability
  • Helps identify and address potential problems before sending emails to recipients
  • Provides a detailed breakdown of the spam score and associated factors


  • Limited in providing insights into specific deliverability issues beyond spam filtering
  • May not cover all aspects of spam filtering criteria used by different ESPs
  • Limited options for resolving spam-related issues directly through the tool


This tool is available for free and can be accessed by anyone, including through APIs.

With API integration, you can automate the process of spam scoring for all your outgoing emails.

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.6 ⭐/5 based on 24 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.9 ⭐/5 based on 33 reviews

8. Folderly

Folderly is a one-stop platform for your email deliverability needs. It offers a comprehensive email deliverability audit that examines critical components such as health scoring, domain analysis, and long-term recommendations.


One of the standout features of Folderly is its email deliverability audit solution. This powerful tool conducts a thorough examination of all the critical components affecting your email deliverability.

It assesses the overall health of your email-sending patterns, conducts a detailed analysis of your domain and mailboxes, and provides long-term recommendations to improve your deliverability.

The email deliverability audit generates a comprehensive report that highlights key insights and recommendations to help you optimize your email campaigns.

As a result, it enables you to identify any weaknesses or areas for improvement in your email deliverability strategy.


  • You can resolve the highlighted issues in the report and boost your sender’s reputation.
  • Gain complete visibility into the placement of your emails (inbox, spam, or other folders) with Folderly’s Deliverability Placement feature.
  • Folderly Enable allows you to safeguard your email campaigns and consistently achieve predictable results with every email sent.

Pros and Cons of Folderly:


  • Email deliverability monitoring and testing
  • Helps identify and diagnose deliverability issues
  • Offers spam filter testing
  • Supports testing of email authentication and DNS configurations
  • Provides mailbox health monitoring and alerts


  • Poor analytics and reporting
  • Initial setup is quite complex
  • No team or manager access
  • Higher pricing


  • Cold email campaigns– $200 per month
  • Email Marketing– custom pricing

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 5 ⭐/5 based on 66 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.9 ⭐/5 based on 32 reviews

9. MX Toolbox

MxToolbox is specialized email deliverability software that prioritizes authentication in the delivery process. This platform is specifically designed to identify and resolve authentication errors related to SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records.

MX Toolbox

By examining your domain, the tool offers comprehensive insights into sender identification, sender score, and overall DNS performance.

With MxToolbox, you have access to crucial information about the sources of emails sent from your domain and can address any issues affecting your authentication measures.


  • Gain valuable insights into who is sending emails from your domain. Identify any potential issues and take proactive measures to maintain a strong sender identity.
  • Stay informed about the reputation of your senders’ IPs. Mx Toolbox keeps a close eye on your IP reputation, allowing you to address any concerns promptly.
  • Get a detailed overview of how your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records are performing. Ensure that these authentication protocols are properly configured to maximize deliverability and protect your domain.

Pros and Cons of MX Toolbox:


  • Seamless user experience
  • Helps troubleshoot email delivery issues
  • Offers a straightforward interface with minimal complexity
  • Reliable customer support team


  • Limited in functionality compared to more comprehensive email deliverability tools
  • Does not provide insights into other aspects of email deliverability
  • May require additional tools or services to fully evaluate email deliverability
  • Limited options for troubleshooting or resolving DNS configuration issues


  • Free – $0/month
  • Delivery center – $129/month
  • Delivery center plus – $399/month

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 3.9 ⭐/5 based on 20 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.4 ⭐/5 based on 5 reviews

10. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing and sales tool designed to fuel the growth of your business.

In addition to its comprehensive features, Sendinblue also provides a powerful email deliverability solution to ensure that your emails reach the primary inbox of your recipients, maximizing their visibility and impact.


By leveraging Sendinblue’s email deliverability solution, you can optimize your email campaigns, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive business growth.

Rest assured that your emails will have the best possible chance of landing in the primary inbox, increasing their visibility and maximizing your marketing efforts.


  • With their dedicated IPs, you gain greater control over your email deliverability, enhancing your chances of reaching your audience’s inbox effectively.
  • When you send a campaign using Sendinblue, they actively assist you in managing your SMTP server, a critical component for successful email delivery.
  • Sendinblue helps you actively manage your SMTP server, which is crucial for ensuring the successful delivery of your emails.

Pros and Cons of Sendinblue:


  • All-in-one marketing platform
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools
  • Offers advanced automation features
  • Provides a drag-and-drop email editor
  • Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics


  • Limited template options
  • Occasional reports of deliverability issues
  • Limited options for A/B testing
  • Limited options for customer support
  • Pricing plans may become costlier as the email volume increases


  • Free – $0/month
  • Lite – $25/month
  • Premium – $65/month
  • Enterprise – Request a quote

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.5 ⭐/5 based on 613 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.5 ⭐/5 based on 1,723 reviews

11. Everest

Everest offers valuable insights and expert guidance to enhance your email engagement and deliverability.

It equips you with an actionable roadmap for identifying and addressing areas that may be affecting your email performance.


One of the standout features provided by Everest is its competitive intelligence tool. With this feature, you gain access to valuable information about your competitors’ sending patterns and strategies.

This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and fine-tune your email campaigns accordingly.


  • Gain comprehensive insights into your sender reputation and unlock valuable email marketing metrics to enhance your deliverability.
  • Obtain a clear understanding of your audience and ensure your content is timely, captivating, and seamlessly optimized for any device.
  • Proactively shield yourself from blocklists and spam traps by receiving timely alerts about potential issues that could impact your email performance.

Pros and Cons of Everest:


  • Ability to test dynamic content
  • Email deliverability reporting
  • diagnose deliverability issues
  • Offers integration options with popular ESPs
  • Provides email rendering previews for various devices and clients


  • Pricier than other tools out there
  • A/B testing functionality works OK but not great
  • Hard to navigate between multiple organizations
  • Slow customer support


  • Elements – $20/month
  • Elements Plus – $525/month
  • Professional – Custom Pricing
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.2 ⭐/5 based on 182 reviews
  • Capterra – 5 ⭐/5 based on 1 review

12. is an advanced email deliverability tool that harnesses the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure your emails reach their intended destination.

With Warmy, you can effortlessly automate your email campaigns while the AI takes charge of vital tasks such as email account warm-up, mailbox analysis, and continuous learning for ongoing improvements.

A standout feature of Warmy is its ability to check your email deliverability across various email providers. By evaluating the performance of different providers, Warmy identifies the optimal option that offers maximum deliverability for your specific needs.

With, you can leverage the power of AI to optimize your email deliverability, streamline your campaigns, and enhance your overall email marketing effectiveness.


  • Boost your sender reputation by automatically having your messages opened, marked as important, and removed from spam folders.
  • Ensure optimal deliverability by checking if your emails are landing in the spam folder of specific email providers.
  • Compare email deliverability across various providers to identify the best option for maximizing deliverability and meeting your specific needs.

Pros and Cons of Warmy:


  • Simplifies the process of email warming for improved deliverability
  • Offers a user-friendly interface and easy setup process
  • Provides customizable warming schedules and settings
  • Helps improve email deliverability and inbox placement rates
  • Good customer support


  • Does not offer in-depth reporting or analytics beyond basic progress monitoring
  • May require additional monitoring or adjustments to optimize warm-up results
  • Limited options for warm-up of non-traditional ESPs
  • Limited integration options


  • Starter – $49/month
  • Business – $129/month
  • Premium – $189/month
  • Expert – $279/month

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 4.9 ⭐/5 based on 10 reviews
  • Capterra – 4.9 ⭐/5 based on 7 reviews

13. is an email testing and fake SMTP service that allows developers and testers to easily test and debug email workflows without sending real emails.

It provides a fake SMTP server that captures emails sent to any inbox created on the platform rather than actually delivering them.

Put it simply, Mailtrap provides you with a fake email environment to safely test email sending without spamming the real users (a.k.a. your prospects).


  • You can view emails in a simple web-based inbox and search through them easily.
  • You can create unlimited email inboxes to capture test emails.
  • Team collaboration features like shared inboxes allow you to test email workflows together.
  • You can see detailed analytics on the number of emails received, opens, clicks, etc. to debug issues.
  • It fully supports capturing email content including images, attachments, HTML formatting, etc. to thoroughly test how your emails will appear.

Pros and Cons of Mailtrap:


  • Mailtrap helps you to prevent sending test emails to real users and avoid unintentional spamming.
  • You can separate the testing environment from the production environment to make it easier to manage testing email spam.
  • It provides you with a safe environment to test emails without risking sensitive information leakage.
  • You can see the history of email messages for reviewing previous tests.


  • If you’re not technically skilled, you may find the user interface and features complex and difficult to understand.
  • Mailtrap cannot simulate real-time delays and delivery times that you can do in live environments.
  • The tool cannot fully emulate how different email clients and devices render emails.


  • Free — $0 per month (100 monthly test emails)
  • Individual — $14.99 per month (5,000 monthly test emails)
  • Team — $34.99 per month (15,000 monthly test emails)
  • Business — $64.99 per month (50,000 monthly test emails)
  • Premium — $129.99 per month (100,000 monthly test emails)
  • Enterprise — $399.99 per month (10,000,000 monthly test emails)

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 — 4.8/5⭐ (Based on 46 reviews)
  • Capterra — 4.9/5⭐ (Based on 30 reviews)

14. is an email testing tool that helps you to test your email deliverability and rendering.

The tool provides insights into whether the sent emails are likely to be marked as spam, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to improve deliverability.

Additionally, also lets you view how their emails will appear in various email clients and on different devices, and resolve any rendering issues before you send emails to your prospects.

In a nutshell, you can use to identify issues related to email content, design, and sender reputation which might affect the email deliverability.


  • evaluates emails to identify elements that could trigger spam filters, which helps to adjust their emails to avoid being marked as spam.
  • provides detailed reports on email tests, including spam scores and rendering issues, and offers insights for optimization.
  • analyses the email header for issues that can affect deliverability and provides corrective actions when necessary.
  • provides real-time alerts for any issues detected during the email testing so that you can take immediate action.
  • Pros and Cons of


  • helps identify potential spam triggers in your emails.
  • It allows users to see how emails will look on different devices and email clients.
  • It provides insights into the sender’s reputation, affecting email deliverability.
  • It keeps track of various email blacklists to ensure your domain or IP isn’t listed.
  • integrates with different email platforms and providers for streamlined testing.


  • There are some restrictions on the customization of tests and reports.
  • The tool might not be able to identify all potential deliverability and rendering issues.


  • Free — $0 per month (3 spam tests | 3 inbox tests)
  • Basic — $9 per month (50 spam tests | 10 inbox tests)
  • Business — $19 per month (200 spam tests | 50 inbox tests)
  • Agency — $29 per month (500 spam tests | 250 inbox tests)

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 — 5/5⭐ (Based on 2 reviews)
  • Capterra — No reviews

15. SendForensics

SendForensics is a sophisticated email deliverability and optimization platform that helps to enhance the performance of your email campaigns.

It provides a suite of tools and features designed to analyze and optimize emails. This helps to ensure that your emails reach the intended prospects’ inboxes and are presented as intended.

This platform provides in-depth analysis and diagnostics on email content, sender reputation, and other essential elements affecting email deliverability. You can leverage these insights to fine-tune your email strategies and content.

This, in turn, can help you improve your email deliverability rates and minimize the chances of landing in the spam folder.

Furthermore, SendForensics also helps to understand how your emails interact with different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate email systems and give a clear picture of where improvements can be made.


  • The tool provides detailed insights into factors affecting email deliverability and helps to identify and solve issues that may lead your emails to the spam folder.
  • You can assess and monitor your sender’s reputation and give helpful recommendations to improve and maintain a positive sender’s reputation.
  • You can see how your emails interact with different ISPs and gives tips to enhance your deliverability.
  • You can segment your email lists to launch targeted email campaigns and improve your engagement rates.

Pros and Cons of SendForensics:


  • SendForensics offers in-depth analysis and diagnostics on email deliverability.
  • It helps you to optimize content to improve email deliverability and engagement.
  • You can actively monitor blacklists to safeguard your sender’s reputation.
  • You can see insights into how your prospects interact with your emails.


  • The customization options for reports and tests are limited.
  • You cannot retain historical data for extended periods, limiting retrospective analysis.


  • Brand — $39 per month
  • Company — $63 per month
  • Agency — $159 per month
  • Enterprise — $279 per month

Customer Reviews:

  • G2 – 3.8/5⭐ (Based on 3 reviews)
  • Capterra – 4.3/5⭐ (Based on 3 reviews)

16. (formerly MessageBird) (formerly known as MessageBird) is an email management tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns through email verification and deliverability analysis.

Compared to other email deliverability tools, stands out for its precision in cleaning email lists, ensuring high deliverability rates, and providing detailed analytics to optimize your email outreach strategy. goes beyond basic email verification to ensure your mailing list is optimized for deliverability. The tool checks each address for activity level and analyzes additional metrics to identify potential pitfalls before you send. 

Not just that but by preemptively detecting and removing inactive and invalid addresses, can help safeguard your domain’s sender reputation and prevent damaging bounces.


  • Real-Time Email Verification: Quickly validates email addresses as they are added to your list, ensuring that only valid, active emails are included.
  • Deliverability Analysis: Offers in-depth insights into factors affecting your emails’ journey to the inbox, including sender reputation, content analysis, and more.
  • Engagement Tracking: Monitors how recipients interact with your emails, providing valuable data to refine your content and strategy.
  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with popular email marketing platforms and CRMs, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

Pros and Cons of


  • Advanced email verification and deliverability insights
  • Helps in improving email engagement and open rates
  • User-friendly interface with a comprehensive analytics dashboard
  • Supports integration with a wide range of marketing tools


  • Limited customization options for reporting and analytics
  • It may have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with email analytics


  • Need to contact their sales team

Customer Reviews:

  • G2: 4.5⭐/5 based on 12 reviews

Final Verdict!

The tools mentioned above bring a plethora of powerful features and capabilities to the table, ensuring that your emails land in the right inbox at the right time.

But solving email deliverability is just the beginning. If you want to take your cold outreach to the next level and streamline your entire process, you must use a comprehensive cold outreach tool.

In other words, Saleshandy is the tool you want. With Saleshandy as your trusted ally, you can automate your cold outreach like a pro, saving time and effort while achieving remarkable results.


1. What are email deliverability tools?

An email deliverability tool is a specialized software that offers valuable insights and features to ensure your emails land in the desired inboxes, avoiding spam folders. It aids in monitoring and optimizing email performance, increasing the chances of successful delivery and meaningful engagement with your audience.

2. How can I enhance email deliverability?

If you want to email deliverability, you need to implement the following best practices:

  • Implement email domain authentication.
  • Ensure proper allocation of IP addresses.
  • Craft subject lines that are not spammy.
  • Maintain clean email lists.
  • Send valuable and engaging content.

3. What defines good email deliverability?

A delivery rate of 95% or higher is considered good for a mass email service provider. The bounce rate, including both hard and soft bounces, should not exceed 2%.

4. What is the purpose of an email deliverability test?

An email deliverability test determines whether an email was successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox or diverted to the spam folder. It assesses the level of inbox placement and ensures effective email delivery.

5. What is an email deliverability score?

An email sender reputation score is assigned by an Email Service Provider (ESP) to determine if the email is legitimate. It plays a vital role in email deliverability. A higher score indicates a greater likelihood of emails being delivered to recipients’ inboxes within the ISP’s network.

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