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20 Best Sales Closing Techniques of all time

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Every salesperson dreams about the closing part of a sale. It’s at that time that their product gets sold, hopefully. It’s their time to shine or fail, depending on how well they do their job. The benefits of a great selling closing technique are that it gives the prospect that last nudge, working on their minds to make them close the deal with you.

Sales closing techniques have a lot of core value, like overtime experience, personal inquiries, and so on, which makes them powerful and lasting over years and years. If you’re struggling to find just the right sales closing technique for you, here are our top 20 best selling closing techniques of all time.

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1. The Assumptive Close

The Assumptive Close

This technique starts way before the closing part because you’re beginning your selling cycle simply assuming the person in front of you will buy your service or product. All you do is deliver a successful sales pitch and let your client realize you are assuming he or she will close the deal in the end, subtly making remarks in this direction.

2. The Summary Close

The Summary Close

With this technique, all you do is summarise the benefits the person will receive after they buy your service. You have to be specific and tell them what their money is buying them. It has to sound impressive and attractive.

3. The Take Away Close

The Take Away Close

Tell someone not to buy something and guess what? That’s precisely what they do. This is how this technique works. If you’re getting nowhere with a prospect, start packing up your products. The interest will then peak and, 3 seconds later, the client is yours.

4. The Objection Close

The Objection Close

Once the client has agreed to buy your product, ask if he has any queries, questions, or doubts regarding the same. This gives them a chance to ask their final query and communicate their objections if any.

5. The Now or Never Close

The Now or Never Close

With this one, all you do is create a spontaneous offer that lasts for a few minutes and asks for a quick response. If they don’t want it, double the price for tomorrow’s offer, as the product stays the same.

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6. The Need Close

The need close

If you have a procrastinating client, tell them delaying this deal will come with no advantages for them, even maybe deliver some unwanted disadvantages. Tell them what they’ll miss if they’re not closing the deal.

7. The Scale Close

The Scale Close

Use this technique to show the client how you’re reducing the overall cost of a service to how much it costs per day or per week. This will make more sense financially for your client.

8. The Something For Nothing Close

The Something For Nothing Close

When the client almost reaches for the closing, offer them an extra that will delight them. Be careful as some people will want more and more, so use this only with reliable and clear-minded clients.

9. The Empathy Close

The Empathy Close

Empathize with your prospect. Let them know you feel them. Understand where they’re coming from. Then, decide as they would do. You can even use “I” instead of using “you” when talking to them. Show how your product brings value to a good customer that they are.

10. The Artisan Close

The Artisan Close

With this technique, the salesperson talks about the skills, the art, the abilities needed for their product to have come into existence. There is a thin line with this method so make sure you’re using it wisely and with the right people.

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11. The Ben Franklin Close

The Ben Franklin Close

Start by listing the pros and cons of the product, as in, the benefits and the costs. Surely, you have to show why the pros, or the reasons to buy, are better than the cons.

12. The Sharp Angle Close

The Sharp Angled close

Ask a counter question to your client’s question which will put him in a state where he has to make a deal if his requirement is fulfilled.

13. The Visual Close

The Visual Close

Talk about a visual interpretation of them in a story. Similar problems, concerns, simply make them visualize themselves in the story. Make them see how you’ve solved that person’s problem with your product.

14. The Alternative Close

The Alternative Close

This close works by you offering one extra, or even more extra closing alternative to your client. If the options are too many, the prospect will face the problem of dealing with all of them and choosing the right one might take too much time.

15. The Calculator Close

The Calculator Close

Don’t just quote your price, but get a calculator out of your bag and start typing on its keys for a few moments. Say things like “this could be discounted” or “yes, I can take 4% off here, but just this time”. Show the final price on the calculator.

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16. The Opportunity Cost Close

The Opportunity Cost Close

With this one, you can highlight the cost of your client not buying the product you’re presenting to them while showing them the actual cost is not that high as it might seem.

17. The Ownership Close

The Ownership Close

Owning the product, that’s how they should feel with this one. Act as if they are already the owners of the service. Say “your” product does this and that. Make them feel like they have it already, and it feels so great.

18. The Puppy Dog Close

The Puppy Dog Close

Although it’s a huge commitment to buy a puppy, if you break the acquisition down into smaller components, you can make your prospect sign an initial commitment, which is a great start. Tell your customers to give your product a try and without their knowledge, the sale has already taken place.

19. The Quality Close

The Quality Close

Talk about quality above anything else, mainly price. You can say their clients will be astonished by the quality of the product. Quality lasts, wears harder and needs no maintenance. Sell quality, not the low price.

20. The Repetition Close

The Repetition Close

Get the deal closed by repeating the closing a few times. Show off your product, compare it to other products, talk about the benefits, then come back and do it again for 2 or 3 times. Do this as many time as needed.

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Wrap up!

These techniques are not just black and white that one will work and another would not. There are no set rules related to the sales closing techniques. But you can mix and match all these techniques and find out the best combo that works for you. Implementing it will help you reach till the end of your sales cycle and make a successful sale.  The best selling close for you might not work for your colleague, so make sure you sort out, through trial and error, the best ones that work for you and get you a new deal every time.

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