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20+ Best Business Development Tools to Close Deals in 2024

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Business development is undoubtedly a challenging task. The constant pursuit of finding new customers, nurturing relationships, and ultimately closing deals can often feel like an uphill battle. 

It can be time-consuming and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools, you can streamline your business development process and make it more efficient. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best business development tools on the market. But before that let us understand what are business development tools, and how they can help you grow your business.

Best Business Development Tools – Table of Contents

What are business development tools?

Business development tools are essential for growing your business and achieving your goals. They provide you with the necessary resources to identify new opportunities, expand your customer base, and increase revenue. 

These tools come in various forms, such as prospecting tools, outreach tools, curl proxy tools, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and sales intelligence tools, among others. By leveraging these tools, you can streamline your sales processes, enhance productivity, and make informed decisions. 

Whether you’re a small startup or an established company, investing in business development tools can give you a competitive edge and pave the way for long-term success.

Now, with curiosity piqued and determination ablaze, it’s time to get on a closer exploration. Let us discuss the benefits they offer.

What are the benefits of using business development tools? 

Did you know that businesses leveraging the power of business development tools experience quite a growth? Here are the benefits of using these tools and how they are the catalyst for your sales success. 

  • Improved efficiency: Business development tools automate various processes, saving your time and effort. When manual tasks are eliminated, you can focus on high-value activities and increase overall productivity.
  • Effective lead generation: By leveraging advanced techniques such as data analysis and prospect profiling, these tools generate quality leads and drive business growth. This allows you to identify and target potential customers with precision.
  • Data-Driven decision making: With robust analytics and reporting capabilities, business development tools offer valuable insights into your sales and marketing efforts. So you can analyze key metrics and performance indicators to make informed decisions and optimize your strategies. 
  • Better customer relationship management: Business development tools that include CRM functionality allow you to manage and nurture customer relationships effectively. These tools centralize customer data, track interactions, and facilitate personalized communication, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Scalability and Growth: As your business expands, these tools can easily scale to accommodate your evolving needs. They provide flexible features and integrations that support your growth initiatives, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing your business potential.

Now that we’ve explored the numerous benefits of utilizing business development tools, it’s time to delve into a comprehensive list of the best tools available.

Without further ado, let’s discover the top business development tools that can revolutionize your organization’s growth strategy.

Must have business development tools for sales success in 2024

When you begin your sales journey, it’s essential to recognize that each stage presents its own unique challenges. Whether you’re trying to identify prospects or planning to reach out to them, there are numerous tools available that combine your manual efforts with technology. 

Here are some of the tools dedicated to different stages of sales:

Beginning with prospecting, we have listed the best tools that you can use for business development. 

Business development tools for prospecting

Prospecting tools are not limited to basic lead generation; they provide a holistic approach to the prospecting process. These tools integrate data analysis and automate tasks like prospect contact discovery, personalized list generation, and seamless synchronization with 3rd party tools. With prospecting tools, you can begin the complex process of customer acquisition more effectively.

1) Saleshandy Lead Finder: Find verified leads easily

saleshandy lead finder

Saleshandy Lead Finder is one of the largest B2B lead databases with 700 million+ B2B contacts from 60 million+ company profiles globally. It lets you search company profiles, find key decision-makers, and get their contact info like emails and phone numbers. It also has an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to use the tool even for novice people.

Once you find the prospect data from Saleshandy Lead Finder, you can directly import them to Saleshandy’s sequence, and automate cold email outreach in the same platform.


  • Access to a database of 700 million+ B2B leads across 60 million+ companies worldwide.
  • Advanced filters let you filter your prospects based on their company, company size, revenue, and many more aspects.
  • Real-time verified leads from frequently updating database.
  • Data quality verification makes sure you get valid data.
  • Includes both personal and work email addresses.


  • Lead Starter – $39/month (billed annually): Includes 1,000 Lead Finder Credits
  • Lead Pro – $79/month (billed annually): Includes 2,500 Lead Finder Credits
  • Lead Scale – $159/month (billed annually): Includes 5,000 Lead Finder Credits
  • Lead Scale Plus – $249/month (billed annually): Includes 10,000 Lead Finder Credit

2) Hunter: Extensive Domain Search Database


Hunter offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline and automate the task of discovering email addresses for potential prospects. The software features an Email Finder tool that simplifies the process by allowing you to enter a prospect’s name and website. Within seconds, the tool swiftly generates their email address. 

Additionally, you have the option to upload a list of prospects to obtain their email addresses in bulk. The tool ensures the authenticity of the email addresses by searching through publicly available sources on the internet.


  • Comes with an Email Verifier to minimize bounces and improve email deliverability
  • Offers a Google Sheets add-on to find and verify email addresses from within Google Sheets
  • Email Verifier checks the format, MX records, SMTP server, and more.


Free $0- 25 Email searches & verifications

Starter at $49– 500 Email searches & verifications

Growth at $149– 5000 Email searches & verifications

Business at $499– 50,000 Email searches & verifications

3) BuiltWith: Comprehensive website technology profiling


BuiltWith is a sales prospecting tool that helps identify the right person to contact by analyzing a company’s technographic profile. It categorizes websites based on specific technologies, categories, locations, traffic rankings, and their expenditure on web technology. 

It searches for specific keywords on a website’s homepage, making it a powerful tool for finding targeted prospects. Moreover, you have the flexibility to generate customized export reports, tailoring them to include only the desired fields. It also provides comprehensive data that can be exported in CSV and XLS formats.


  • Advanced Filtering on Lead Lists allows you to drill down to relevant results
  • Provides you with an insight into your existing leads technology usage, spend and history
  • Predict leads based on 23 years of technology usage history. 


  • Basic at $295– Suits fixed scope requirements.
  • Pro at $495- Fully featured most popular plan.
  • Team at $995– Unlimited Enterprise Access.

4) Find anyone’s email address

Build targeted prospect lists, find emails on LinkedIn with a single click, or conduct bulk searches from your lists— is your ultimate email finding toolbox, unlocking the potential of your outreach efforts. Grow your business and prospect seamlessly with verified email addresses, all while guaranteeing a 98% guaranteed deliverability rate.


  • Unmatched user experience for an intuitive email lookup dashboard.
  • Efficiently manage leads and tailor data exports to your preferences.
  • Empower large-scale prospecting with user-friendly bulk processing.


  • Free – 75 credits/month
  • Starter –  $39 / month – 1000 credits
  • Growth – $99 / month – 5000 credits
  • Pro – $199 / month – 20,000 credits
  • Business – $369 / month – 50,000 credits

Business development tools for effective outreach

When you want to connect with people who can truly benefit from your offerings, how do you efficiently reach out to them without getting lost in the noise?

An outreach tool can streamline and automate your sales efforts, saving you valuable time and energy. You can describe it as a virtual assistant at your side that helps you identify and engage with your prospects efficiently.

5) Saleshandy: Drive results with a personalized cold email campaign 


Saleshandy is one of the best cold email software to send personalized cold email campaigns at scale with high email deliverability. It allows you to connect unlimited email accounts and execute outreach campaigns seamlessly by verifying your emails and sending them one by one.

Saleshandy also allows you to connect multiple email accounts in a sequence. It also allows you to schedule your sequences based on different time zones and time slots, improving email deliverability, engagement, and conversions. 

You also get detailed analytics which allows you to check reports on open rate, reply rate, clicks on links, bounce rate, etc., which can help you optimize your sequences and increase your conversion rate.


  • Unlimited Email Accounts: Connect unlimited email accounts for high deliverability and scalability at no additional costs.
  • Invite Unlimited Team Members: Invite and collaborate with unlimited team members for the organized execution of your cold email campaigns.
  • Personalization: Use Spintax & Merge Tags feature for creating hyper-personalized email versions for each recipient. This allows you to create unique copies for each recipient and scale your outreach to the next level with high deliverability.
  • Automated follow-ups: Automate and schedule your campaigns in advance and set up multiple follow-ups for high response rates and meeting closures. Send cold emails in your prospect’s time zone for better results.
  • Deliverability Suite: Saleshandy provides essential and highly effective deliverability tools to safeguard your outreach and always land into the targeted inbox.
  • Unified Inbox: Unified Inbox allows managing responses from all your prospects in one place. Get rid of switching between multiple email accounts. Apart from managing conversations, assign outcomes and deal values to every prospect.
  • Sender Rotation: Connect multiple email accounts to get high deliverability and intact sender reputation using Saleshandy’s Sender Rotation. Connect up to 50 email accounts per sequence to scale your outreach volume and improve performance.
  • Sequence Score: The Sequence Score helps you determine the health of your email campaigns in advance. It guides you through the right parameters to ensure high deliverability and better results.


Saleshandy presents three pricing plans, each tailored to meet distinct requirements. Here are the details of Saleshandy’s yearly plan.

  • Outreach Starter â€“ $25/Month
    • 2,000 Total Prospects
    • 10K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Pro â€“ $74/Month
    • 30K Total Prospects
    • 125K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale â€“ $149/Month
    • 60K Total Prospects
    • 250K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale Plus â€“ $219/Month
    • 100K Total Prospects
    • 350K Emails per Month

6) AirCall: Ultimate integrated business phone system


Aircall is a powerful cold calling platform designed specifically for business development representatives who engage in regular phone conversations with prospects and potential partners. With Aircall, you can easily upload a list of contacts and efficiently work through them using a power dialer. After each call, you have the option to make detailed notes in Aircall, which can be reviewed later by yourself or your team members.


  • Facilitates seamless integration with sales automation tools for effortless call-making and data synchronization between your lead generation tools.
  • The power dialer feature allows rapid calling through a prospect list, eliminating any obstacles in the process.
  • Offers integrations with CRM platforms, ensuring that your prospect records are always up-to-date and readily accessible.


  • Essential Plan priced at $30 per user per month: A versatile voice solution that offers ease of setup, integration, and management. It provides the necessary features to meet your communication requirements efficiently.
  • Professional Plan priced at $50 per user per month: An advanced solution designed to enhance productivity and performance. This plan offers additional capabilities to optimize your operations and maximize results.
  • Custom Plan: A tailored package designed specifically to align with your unique business needs. This plan can be customized to provide a comprehensive voice solution that perfectly suits your requirements. 

7) NeverBounce: Efficient email verification automation


NeverBounce is a business development tool that employs checks to validate email addresses and confirm their ability to receive emails, delivering an impressive accuracy rate of over 98%. The hybrid verification combines all detection and real-time verification, resulting in the most accurate results in the industry. 

By incorporating this tool, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of email bounces in your campaigns and enhance overall email deliverability. With NeverBounce, you can get up and running in just minutes using their wrappers for popular programming languages such as cURL, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Java, and .NET. 


  • Minimize email bounces in your outreach campaigns with ease
  • Effortlessly format your lead list and eliminate high-risk emails
  • Seamlessly integrate with QuickMail for a streamlined email verification workflow


NeverBounce offers Pay As You Go Rates

  • $0.008 up to 10,000
  • $0.005 up to 100,000
  • $0.004 up to 250,000
  • $0.003 up to 1,000,000

Business development tools for effective sales intelligence 

If you want to equip yourself with a deep understanding of your target market, a sales intelligence tool is a must have business development software. These tools provide a wealth of information and data-driven insights to help you understand your target audience, identify promising prospects, and navigate the sales process with precision.

8) Gong: Sales Intelligence Platform

Gong is a powerful sales intelligence platform that uses AI to analyze sales conversations. This tool is particularly useful to enhance sales team performance by providing insights into customer interactions. 

Gong records, transcribes, and analyzes both virtual and phone-based sales meetings, offering valuable insights into customer needs, market trends, and effective sales strategies. Doing so will help your sales team to perform better and smash their sales goals.


  • The Conversation Intelligence feature records and transcribes sales calls, then uses AI to analyze these conversations to identify patterns, trends, and areas of improvement.
  • Deal Intelligence monitors customer interactions to provide real-time insights on deals, helping sales teams understand what works and what doesn’t in their sales approaches.
  • Market Intelligence analyzes customer conversations to glean insights into market trends, competitors, and customer needs, helping businesses stay ahead in their industry.
  • Coaching and Training utilizes AI-driven insights to coach sales teams, offering personalized feedback and training based on actual sales interactions.


Gong offers customized pricing based on the specific needs and scale of your organization. You need to contact their sales team for a personalized quote.

9) LinkedIn Sales Navigator:  Targeted prospect searching for sales

linkedin sales navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an indispensable tool that enhances your overall LinkedIn experience and optimizes it for prospecting and outreach activities. With Sales Navigator, BDRs can leverage advanced search functionalities, offering more filters and options compared to standard LinkedIn searches. This enables you to conduct precise and targeted searches, swiftly creating lists of qualified prospects for your sales initiatives or partnership-building endeavors.


  • Uses over 40 advanced search filters to pinpoint and target the most relevant leads and accounts accurately.
  • Identifies and rectifies outdated CRM data, seamlessly adds key contacts to your CRM, seamlessly integrates your existing book of business with Sales Navigator.
  • Discover accounts and individuals with a strong likelihood to make a purchase, enabling you to uncover compelling opportunities for meaningful engagement.


Upon request, their sales team will give you a quote.

10) ZoomInfo: Real-time Sales Intelligence Updates


ZoomInfo is a B2B database platform with a user-friendly interface. It simplifies the process of conducting searches based on various criteria. Whether you’re seeking companies of a specific size, revenue figures, or the technology employed on their websites, ZoomInfo allows you to refine your search parameters accordingly. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll have a meticulously curated list of qualified prospects, complete with comprehensive contact information for each entry.


  • Allows you to collect and examine customer interactions across key communication channels.
  • You can access no-code data management and orchestration tools to effortlessly handle and deliver data that is ready for engagement.
  • You can boost conversion rates by utilizing website chat that is enhanced with data-driven capabilities.


There are three pricing models- SalesOS, MarketingOS, and TalentOS. You can get a quote upon filling in your details. 

11) Cognism: Automated sales engagement sequences


Cognism is yet another sales intelligence tool that empowers you to engage confidently with accurate data, leverage buying signals, connect with key decision-makers. It offers 98% accurate, phone-verified data, ensuring the reliability of your prospect information. With its intent data, you can identify prospects and accounts that are actively ready to make a purchase. Thus, focus your efforts on high-potential leads. 


  • Provides comprehensive company and contact-level data, including email addresses and mobile numbers, facilitating seamless connections.
  • With the exclusive dataset, known as Diamond Data, you can expect an impressive accuracy. Every Diamond number is manually verified.
  • Gain unlimited views and unrestricted exports at both individual and page levels.


Cognism tailors their price specific to your requirements. 

Business development tools for marketing efficiency and automation

Marketing automation software simplifies and optimizes the marketing processes involved in supporting digital marketing campaigns. It encompasses various functionalities such as campaign management, audience segmentation, behavioral analysis, website monitoring, and lead scoring. 

12) Hubspot Marketing Hub: Comprehensive suite of marketing and sales automation features


HubSpot’s marketing automation tool stands out as one of the most robust marketing automation tools available. It offers a comprehensive growth suite comprising sales software, marketing software, and support software, all seamlessly integrating with HubSpot’s CRM. By centralizing your processes, HubSpot enables you to explore automation opportunities that would be challenging or even unattainable when using separate tools. With HubSpot, you can harness the full power of automation to streamline your operations and drive exceptional growth outcomes.


  • Allows you to create leads from your website using a robust online form builder.
  • Assists your website visitors with personalized welcome messages and automated chat.
  • Establishes a seamless, efficient, and two-way authentication between HubSpot and Salesforce without needing any technical expertise.


  • Free- $0/month
  • Starter- $45/month
  • Professional- $800/month
  • Enterprise- $3,600/month

13) SendPulse: Streamline sales, start to finish


SendPulse is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that offers you ways to engage both current and prospective customers. Its visual chatbot builder stands out for its versatility, enabling users to develop chatbots for popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber. SendPulse seamlessly integrates ChatGPT delivering a remarkably human-like and captivating interaction for users.


  • Allows you to automate the process of pushing new contacts to your CRM for seamless integration and efficient contact management.
  • Enables seamless integration of your CRM with other SendPulse products for smooth data synchronization.
  • Allows you to collaborate, communicate, and share access to customer information with your team members by bringing all team members onto a centralized platform.


  • Free– Contains all of the core features you need to get started with email marketing.
  • Standard at $6.40/month- An expanded suite of essential tools for growing businesses.
  • Pro at $7.68/month- Full access to every feature email marketing pros need.
  • Enterprise at $10.75/month– Maximum advanced features for large companies.

14) Moosend: Behavior-based email automation triggers


Moosend is a versatile email marketing automation platform designed to serve a wide range of industries, including ecommerce and SaaS. With its advanced website tracking and trigger capabilities, Moosend empowers you to precisely target your email campaigns. By leveraging these features, you can deliver the perfect email content to contacts who have shown interest in specific products or services, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement.


  • Allows you to send the right email campaign to those in your contacts who are interested in a specific product or service.
  • Offers A/B testing for subject lines so that you can send the most optimized email.
  • Provides you with holistic reporting.


The tool offers a full range of features with a 30-day free trial. The Pro plan starts at just $9. You can always purchase credits based on your specific requirements.

Business development tools for Customer relationship management

In a sales journey, every interaction, every detail, and every opportunity must be carefully organized and easily accessible. This is exactly what CRM tools do – providing a centralized platform to manage and nurture your customer relationships. They also track and manage interactions with your customers across various touch points starting from initial lead generation to post-sale support.

15) ZenDesk: Customer Service CRM

Zendesk is a widely used CRM tool, particularly known for its focus on customer service and engagement. It provides a seamless, integrated platform for businesses to interact with their customers across multiple channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media.

Zendesk is designed to improve customer relationships by providing efficient, personalized, and accessible support. Overall, Zendesk’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it a trusted go-to and trusted for businesses looking to enhance customer interactions and build lasting customer loyalty.


  • ZenDesk offers a unified agent workspace, enabling agents to communicate with customers through various channels like chat, email, social media, and phone, all in one place.
  • It streamlines customer inquiries and issues into a manageable ticketing system, allowing for efficient tracking, prioritization, and resolution of customer requests.
  • It utilizes AI-driven chatbots for initial customer engagement, providing quick responses to common inquiries and gathering information before escalating to human agents.
  • It delivers in-depth insights into customer interactions, agent performance, and support process efficiency, helping businesses continuously improve their customer service strategies.
  • ZenDesk enables businesses to tailor the platform according to their specific needs, including customizable workflows, views, and integration capabilities with other tools and systems.


  • Sell Team – $19/agent/month (billed annually)
  • Sell Growth – $55/agent/month (billed annually)
  • Sell Professional – $115/agent/month (billed annually)

16) Salesforce: Customizable CRM for Distinct Workflows


When it comes to CRM providers, Salesforce is an undisputed industry leader. It offers a highly acclaimed essentials-level platform that caters to your sales needs. The tool boasts impressive integration capabilities, seamlessly connecting with a wide array of platforms. 

Salesforce seamlessly integrates with a multitude of platforms, including Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and Google Workspace. This allows you to effortlessly streamline your sales and service processes while achieving your objectives.


  • Allows real-time integration of data from any source, empowering you to make informed decisions and take immediate action.
  • Ensures secure and reliable delivery of Salesforce apps across major public clouds.
  • Allows seamless management of daily Salesforce tasks with Slack integration.


  • Essentials plan at $25/user/month– maximum of 10 users and provides access to essential features.
  • Professional plan at $75/user/month– offers advanced capabilities to enhance your CRM experience.
  • Enterprise plan at $150 /user/month- extensive range of features beyond the previous plans.
  • Unlimited plan at $300/user/month- unlimited access to all features and maximum flexibility.

17) Pipedrive: Intuitive sales pipeline visualization


Pipedrive is an excellent CRM solution if you are seeking a robust visual sales pipeline that offers concise information and data visualizations. Its visual tools provide a clear understanding of each opportunity, while the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enables team members to efficiently address crucial tasks highlighted on the dashboard. 

By using customizable pipelines and fields, you can enhance your current workflow systems and streamline processes across various departments. Additionally, Pipedrive’s robust mobile app empowers you to engage with customers and team members seamlessly, even while on the move.


  • Allows you to effortlessly capture hot leads through personalized chatbots and web forms.
  • Stay organized by tracking calls, emails, and contact history in a centralized location, giving you complete visibility and control over your schedule.
  • Eliminates tedious administrative tasks as this system automates repetitive workflows, and its artificial intelligence capabilities enable it to learn and adapt.


  • Essential Plan at $14/month/user-  24/7 support and offer over 275 integrations.
  • Advanced Plan at $24/user/month– Additional workflow automation and enhanced email capabilities.
  • Professional Plan at $49/user/month- In-depth forecasting and one-click calling.
  • Enterprise Plan at $99/user/ month: Unlimited feature use, custom user permissions, and advanced visibility settings.

All plans come with a 30-day free trial that provides full access to the platform without requiring a credit card.

18) Monday Sales CRM: Seamless sales and project integration


Monday Sales CRM is an ideal solution for businesses that deal with numerous sales tasks and intricate projects. It serves as a comprehensive project management tool, offering essential features to save time and enhance organization. You can benefit from its user-friendly interfaces and the ability to create unlimited project boards for streamlined organization. Whether you require a personalized dashboard or you seek advanced analysis through customer data visualization tools, Monday Sales CRM provides intuitive technology to achieve them.


  • Revise the deal stages, include additional columns as desired, simultaneously handle multiple pipelines, and much more
  • Effortlessly record sent emails, track interactions, and utilize personalized email templates for time-saving convenience
  • Automatically allocate leads to representatives, schedule reminders for upcoming tasks, receive notifications upon lead email openings, and more


  • Basic CRM at $10/seat/month- Organize all your team’s leads, contacts, & deals.
  • Standard CRM at $14/seat/month- Automate sales processes and streamline communication.
  • Pro CRM at $24/seat/month- Gain insights into your entire sales cycle and forecasting.
  • Enterprise CRM at a custom price– Manage pre-to-post sales with enterprise-level features.

19) TestBox: Deliver a better experience when selling B2B software

Tired of lackluster demo calls over Zoom that fail to engage or convert your potential buyers? Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all demos and empty free trials. TestBox demo automation software accelerates your sales cycle by providing your buyers with a live, fully functional product playground that allows them to actually use and experience your product during a demo period without having to sign up or set anything up.


  • Embed testing playgrounds on your website and on review websites such as G2 profiles.
  • Send testing playgrounds in outbound emails or retargeting ads.
  • Ability to repopulate sample data into testing playground so buyers can use all of your features and view reports without having to populate data or or upload protected data.
  • Send testing playgrounds as a follow up. after demos. Leads can evaluate your product quickly which speeds up the sales cycle.


  • 20% of revenue share or $27K per year

Business development tools for meeting efficiency

With sales meeting tools, you can effortlessly plan and schedule meetings, ensuring that all participants are informed and prepared well in advance. These tools offer features like shared calendars, automated reminders, and agenda management, enabling seamless coordination and maximizing attendance. With sales meeting tools at your disposal, you can create engaging and productive sales meetings.

20) Demodesk: Interactive screen sharing & collaboration


Demodesk is a cutting-edge platform designed to facilitate professional customer meetings with instant accessibility for all participants. With their revolutionary interactive screen-sharing technology, real-time collaboration becomes effortless and engaging. The platform also allows you to establish trust, foster rapport, enhance customer retention, and drive activation. By creating a virtual space tailored to your needs, you can meet with your customers.


  • Allows you to effortlessly incorporate the ideal playbook into each meeting with automated loading.
  • You can captivate potential clients with interactive content and customized pitches that leverage comprehensive insights synchronized to and from your CRM.
  • Allows you to deliver an interactive and seamless meeting experience that leaves a lasting impact.


  • Assist at €9/user/month- Includes browser extension, unlimited card, unlimited trigger, instant search, group cards into topic, and snooze cards
  • Scheduling at €29/user/month- Includes unlimited event types, booking links & pages, website embed, lead routing & distribution, meeting handoff, reminder notifications, and calendar & CRM sync
  • Meet at €79/user/month- Includes scheduling plus playbooks, virtual meetings & notes, shadowing, battle cards, CRM field updates, custom branding, interactivity
  • Enterprise at a custom price- Includes Assist and Meet, meeting analytics, tailored onboarding, premium support, and API & webhooks

21) Dialpad: Live transcription and sentiment analysis


Dialpad is the ultimate sales meeting tool that combines advanced intelligence with seamless functionality. Within minutes, you can have your new business phone set up, complete with AI-powered tools such as live transcription and sentiment analysis. The cloud platform is designed to grow alongside your business, ensuring scalability from your initial phone line to expanding offices. 

With Dialpad, you can easily establish custom routing rules and effortlessly forward calls to your smartphone or designate specific teams, ensuring that every customer reaches the right person every time.


  • Meet with a click straight from your browser or the app. No downloads, no PINs.
  • Get more done during and after meetings with Ai tools like live transcription and call summaries.
  • Share your screen, whiteboard new ideas, and collaborate on files together.


  • Standard at $15/user/month– Includes Unlimited calling, SMS & MMS, AI-powered call and voicemail transcriptions, Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integrations, Unlimited video meetings, Web and chat support.
  • Pro at $25/user/month- Includes features of Standard plan, with local number support in 70+ countries, multiple phone numbers per account, 25 ring groups (departments), and more.
  • Enterprise at a custom price- All the features of the Pro plan with 100% uptime, unlimited office locations, unlimited ring groups (departments), and more. 

22) GoToMeeting: HD Video conferencing solution


GoToMeeting is the ultimate sales meeting tool that brings flexibility without complexity to your virtual interactions. Designed to cater to the demands of modern, flexible work environments, it offers a range of features to enhance your web conferencing experience. With GoToMeeting, you can enjoy a fully loaded suite of tools and functionalities meticulously crafted to deliver the best possible virtual meeting experience. With an impressive 99% uptime, you can always ensure that your meetings are always dependable.


  • Simplify the hosting, management, monitoring, and support of users with unified administration across all GoTo products.
  • Guarantee that attendees catch every word with background noise suppression and integrated audio for VoIP and toll.
  • Join the ranks of over 80 million annual online meetings, each backed by enterprise-grade security for the utmost protection.


  • Professional at $12/organizer /month- 150 Participants.
  • Business at $16/organizer /month- 250 Participants.
  • Enterprise at a custom price- features based on requirements.

There you go! Each of these tools is purpose-built to cater to the specific needs of various sales stages.  Now, it’s time for you to take the reins and choose the tools that will guarantee you success and growth.

23) Zoom: High-quality video conferencing

Zoom is a popular tool for video and web conferencing, webinars, and screen sharing. It is popular for its ease of use, high-quality video and audio, and some really good features for online communication.


  • HD video and audio: Zoom offers high-definition video and audio for your conference.
  • Built-in collaboration tools: Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously and collaborate for a more interactive meeting.
  • Meetings and Chat: HD video, audio, collaboration & chat. Rooms and Workspaces.
  • Video Webinars: Lets you arrange seamless and engaging webinars.
  • App Marketplace: Integrations and bots to use with Zoom.


  • Basic: Free – Host up to 100 participants in a meeting and hold unlimited one-on-one meetings.
  • Pro: $14.99/host/month – Includes all features in Basic and includes features like user management and admin feature controls.
  • Business: $19.99/host/month (starting at 10 hosts) – Includes all features in Pro and includes features like dedicated phone support, an admin dashboard, and vanity URL.
  • Enterprise: Includes all features in the Business plan plus, it allows upto 1000 attendees in a meeting. You need to contact their sales team to know its pricing.

Other Business Development Tools

24) MyOperator: Business Communications, Simplified

Backed by advanced AI analytics, WhatsApp Business API, and smart IVR, MyOperator enables sales and support teams to manage calls efficiently without the need for hardware installations.

Integrating MyOperator into your business development will help you with efficient communication, operational flexibility, and utmost customer satisfaction.

Trusted by 10000+ brands, MyOperator stands as the pioneer in an integrated cloud-based + WhatsApp management system thus making it an ideal tool for remote work setups and scalable operations.


  • Cloud-Based System: Easy setup and scalability without additional infrastructure. Extremely scalable and flexible.
  • Comprehensive Call Management: Features like live call transfer, IVR, call recording, toll-free number, detailed analytics, and customized reports, help optimize customer interactions and internal processes.
  • 100% Remote Work Friendly: Ensures team connectivity and business continuity by smartly routing calls to mobile devices, facilitating a distributed workforce worldwide.
  • Privacy and Security: Call masking and multi-factor authentication protect customer and employee privacy. 100% compliance with frameworks such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Reliable Support and Uptime: Offers 24/7 customer support and boasts a 99.9% uptime, guaranteeing reliable service and data security.


  • Free Trial with access to all features – $0
  • Office IVR (Mobile Number + Toll Free Number )- $62 
  • Cloud Call Center Management:
    • Small Businesses (Incoming Only) – $15
    • Growth Plan (Incoming + Outgoing) – $24
    • Enterprise Pan (Incoming + Outgoing) – Custom pricing
  • Whatsapp Platform – $12

Concluding Lines

The business development tools effectively address the challenges and limitations of manual business development processes, revolutionizing how you drive their sales journey. By recognizing the gaps in your existing approach and taking action to choose the right tools, you can make your sales efforts more effective and efficient.  

Remember, the journey to sales excellence begins with recognizing the need for change and taking action. The right business development tools are here, waiting to empower you and your sales strategy to new heights.

Skyrocket your conversion rates with cold emailing

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