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How to send a mass email in outlook?

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Are you someone who wants to send a mass email in outlook? 

If yes, this complete guide is for you. By learning the best practice, techniques, and tips you can send email marketing or sales outreach campaigns(sequences) with the outlook in no time. 

Read the article till the end to find out how to send a mass email in Outlook using the two most efficient methods.

Let’s get started.

Send mass email in outlook using professional method (Saleshandy)

Using Saleshandy you can send mass emails with Outlook while sipping a cup of coffee – Yes, it’s that easy! Just follow the 6 simple steps explained below to send personalized mass emails in Outlook using Saleshandy.

Step 1: Signup with Saleshandy
Step 2: Create your Recipient’s List
Step 3: Upload your Recipient List
Step 4: Compose your Personalized Email
Step 5: Add follow-up steps to your email campaign
Step 6: Send or Schedule your mass email

Step 1: Signup with Saleshandy

Voila! Your Signup process is complete.

Step 2: Create your recipient’s list

  • List all your recipients in a spreadsheet
  • Add the first line in the spreadsheet as the particulars of the column (E.g.: Name, Email Address, Company). Adding the Email address field is mandatory.
  • Save the file as CSV

Pro Tip: If you want to use your Outlook contact, you just need to export the list from it by following the steps given below.

  • Log in to your Outlook Account
  • Click on File >>Open and Export
  • Click on Import/Export and choose “Export to a file”
  • Click Next and select Comma Separated Values
  • Choose the contact folder from the list and save the exported file
  • You can now directly upload the CSV file on Saleshandy

Refer to the article “How to create a CSV file”.

Step 3: Upload your recipient list

  • Go to Saleshandy and login with your credentials
  • Click on the create sequence tab from the top right side
  • In the prospects block, upload the CSV file created in the above step
  • All your contacts will be automatically uploaded for your mass email campaign(sequence)

Step 4: Compose your personalized email with follow-up steps

  • Draft your email body and the subject line 
  • Now after drafting let’s check how to send personalized mass emails in Outlook. Saleshandy provides you with all the attributes as merge tags that are available in the CSV file. You can just click on the merge tags and add them in your email body wherever required
  • With Saleshandy you can also add an unsubscribe link anywhere in the email which will help your recipients to opt-out of your emails and prevent you from getting spammed

Step 5: Add follow-up steps to your mass email campaign

  • If you wish to add follow-up steps, you need to click on the plus (+) button as shown in the image below. You can add up to 49 follow-up steps after the primary email.
  • You need to adjust the day of individual follow-ups(steps) and also categorize the type of recipients to whom you want to send it. Saleshandy categorizes the recipients into 5 types: opened, clicked, replied, bounced and unsubscribed.
    • Opened: These are the type of recipients, who have received the primary email and have opened it.
    • Replied: These are the type of recipients, who have opened the primary email and have replied
    • Clicked: These are the type of recipients who have received the email and clicked any link after receiving the primary email.
    • Bounced: These are the type of recipients who have not received the primary email.
    • Unsubscribed: These are the recipients who have received the primary email and have unsubscribed it.

Step 6: Send or schedule your mass email

  • After setting up your recipients list and drafting the email, you can comfortably schedule or send mass emails according to your convenience
  • You can schedule the date and time according to your preferred time zone, add an interval between two emails for more human-like sending.

Advantages of using the professional method

1. Advanced email analytics

While sending mass emails with Outlook using the professional method, we can also analyze our email’s productivity by tracking the email open count, read counts and other users’ behavior. We can also get an overall campaign(sequence) report in our email as well as in the Saleshandy account. 

2. A simple process on one screen

Unlike Microsoft Word, in Saleshandy we can easily send mass emails in Outlook from a single window without any restrictions or disturbances. It saves a lot of time and effort and turns your work into a smart manner.

3. Send up to 5000 emails per day

With Saleshandy, a user can send up to 5000 bulk emails from Outlook in a day (Enterprise Plan) depending upon the plan of your Email Service Provider. You can also pause your mass emails if your email quota is getting exhausted and resume it the next day. This Saleshandy feature helps in keeping your emails away from the spam filters.


4. Add contacts in a single click

With Saleshandy, you can upload the complete recipient list as a CSV format and the automated tool sorts the list smoothly. This is also a value gaining feature which saves time and effort. To prevent your emails from SPAM filters, you can use our email verification feature which tells you which email is good, risky and which email is verified. When you are looking to send bulk emails from Outlook it is suggested to use only good contacts for maintaining the sender score and staying away from SPAM flags.

Send a mass email with outlook (Traditional method)

To send a mass email in Outlook you will have to use Microsoft word. However, it’s a tedious process and gets complicated if multiple mass email campaigns(sequences) are created simultaneously.  To make the most out of this method, it is highly recommended to use the latest version of Microsoft Word as the whole process of sending a mass email with Outlook depends on Microsoft Word. 

Let’s quickly jump to the steps described below to send mass emails in Outlook using the traditional method.

Step 1: Start with writing the email draft
Step 2: Add your recipient’s list in Microsoft Word
Step 3: Personalize your merge tags
Step 4: Send your mass email in Outlook with personalization

Step 1: Start with writing the email draft

  • Draft your email message in Microsoft word
  • Click on Mailing Tab >> Start Mail Merge >>  E-mail messages
  • Your email will be automatically drafted as an email

Step 2: Add your recipient’s list in Microsoft Word

  • Click on Mailing tab>>Select Recipients >> Type a New List
  • Click on New Entry and enter the details of your recipients like their First name, Last name, Company name, the industry they work in, etc.
  • Repeat the above process for adding every individual recipient
  • Once you have added all the recipients, Click Ok

Step 3: Personalize your merge tags

  • Go to Write & Insert Fields group under Mailings tab and click on the Insert Merge Field
  • Add the respective merge tags in the email body, wherever you want
  • Click OK to insert the merge field
  • In the Write & Insert group, choose Greeting Line
  • Choose the greeting format you wish to use from the Greeting line dialog
  • Click OK to insert the Greeting Line accordingly
  • Click on File >> Save to save your email

Step 4: Send your mass email in Outlook with personalization

  • Choose Preview Results, and then click on Next and Previous Button to recheck your emails
  • Choose Finish & Merge >> Send E-mail Messages
  • In the To box, choose the email address option
  • Add the Subject line in the respective column
  • In the Mail format box, choose between HTML (the default setting) or Plain text to send the document as the body of the email message
  • Choose OK to run the mail merge

In today’s tech-savvy world, following the traditional method will impact your efficiency and hinder your growth.

Limitation of using the traditional method

1. Tedious process

The process with Microsoft word for sending a mass email with Outlook is very lengthy and all the works are to be done at differently. You need to draft the email in the editor, add the recipients in the mailing tab and then merge it together.  Along with that, it is also difficult for a person to add all the contacts one by one in separate columns to create a mailing list. 

As everything is done manually, it becomes a complex and error-prone process which may eventually lead to campaign failures. 

2. A limited number of recipients

While sending a mass email in Outlook, you can send emails to a limited number of recipients according to the plan provided by Microsoft. Exhausting the daily limits, pulls the attention of the SPAM filters which ultimately lands your email in the SPAM box. This is a major problem while sending cold emails.


3. Building a mailing list

Building a mailing list is a tedious task and also a major issue which restricts users from not sending mass email in Outlook. While adding recipients details, the user has to fill a form with necessary details for each recipient individually. It cannot be imported from any source other than Outlook contacts. Basically, this whole process becomes time consuming and hectic.

You have seen the long path of sending a mass email with the outlook traditional method, let’s dive in and check the professional method to make your life easy.


Now, you have a complete understanding of how to send mass emails in Outlook. So, no need to worry if you’re a salesperson trying to reach out to your prospects, or a business developer connecting to present your business pitch. Following the above two methods, you can easily do this task. If you are opting for the professional method, it will be more effective and less time-consuming than the other. So, now try it yourself and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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