How to Schedule an Email in Outlook: A Step by Step Guide10 minutes read

Do you want to schedule an email in Outlook to send it later?

Well most of us want it. Mostly, we want to schedule our emails when we are not available to send at the desired time, or at particular time when our recipient is more likely to open the message. Obviously, these increase the email open rate and response.  

But scheduling email is tedious job in Outlook due to its complex functionality. The users face difficulties when they have to schedule an email to send later in Outlook.

In this article, we will be explaining two methods for scheduling your emails in Outlook

Schedule an Email in Outlook using Traditional Method

The traditional method is the basic technique provided by Outlook. Microsoft has named it as Outlook Delay Delivery. The whole process is executed over Outlook desktop application.

Follow the detailed steps below to schedule an email in Outlook 365, Outlook 2016, and 2013 by the traditional method.

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on the New Email button present in the top left corner of your Outlook ribbon. It will open a new compose box window
  • Add your recipient’s email address in the To section. You can also add multiple recipients in CC and BCC fields
  • After adding the recipient’s, write a fantastic subject line followed by your email message body
  • Next, you need to start with your scheduling process. Click on Option button in the Outlook ribbon
  • Click on Delay Delivery which will provide you all the email scheduling functionalities
  • You will get a pop-up on your screen.Under Delivery Options section. Select the date and time beside Do not deliver before as shown in the image below
  • Close the pop-up, and you will be back to the compose box
  • Click the Send button to schedule your message

Once you schedule the emails, it gets saved in the Outbox folder. These emails are sent according to the set time.

Although you can schedule an email to send later in Outlook by the above method. However you have to take care of certain factors to ensure delivery.

  1. Your system should be switched on during the scheduled delivery time
  2. You need to have an active internet connection during the scheduled time
  3. Your Outlook is synced with your system’s date and time. Make sure, the date and time is running properly

To overcome these day-to-day problems, email professionals prefer to schedule an email in Outlook differently that is more productive.

Check the step-by-step process below for scheduling an email in Outlook by professional method.

How to schedule an email in Outlook by professional method

In the professional method, we are using SalesHandy to schedule the email from Outlook. It’s been used by various business professionals to schedule their emails and overcome the horror of Outlook Delay Delivery.Let us learn a simple step-by-step process of how we can schedule an email in Outlook with SalesHandy.

1. Signup with SalesHandy

  • To start with SalesHandy, you need to download the SalesHandy Outlook Plugin
  • Install it on your system and refresh your Outlook
  • You will receive a SalesHandy Login Pop-up on your screen
  • Click on Create New Account as shown in the image below
login pop-up
  • Since you want to schedule an email with Outlook, you need to choose the SignUp with Microsoft account.
  • You will be redirected to the Microsoft Open Authorization Page. Here you have to add your Outlook user id and password in the respective fields.
  • After adding your credentials, you have to provide the required access to SalesHandy by pressing the Allow button
  • As the next step, SalesHandy will create your account and you will be redirected to the SalesHandy’s Dashboard
  • You can set a new Password by clicking on the My Profile Tab >> Set Password
set Password

2. Compose your email

  • Switch to your Outlook application and login to your SalesHandy account.
  • Click on the Schedule Email button in the Outlook Ribbon.
  • A compose box will pop-up in your SalesHandy webapp.
  • Enter the receiver’s email address
  • Select your Outlook email account in the FROM section
  • Add a Email subject line and draft your email body

3. Schedule your Email

  • After drafting your email, click on the Schedule Email button (Calendar icon) below the compose box
  • Set your desired date and time for sending your email according to your convenience
  • You can also choose your desired time zone
  • Click on Send later to schedule your email in Outlook

Just three steps and you are all set to send your delayed messages. The professional method is way more efficient and productive than the traditional approach to schedule an email in Outlook.

Moving further let us learn the key benefits of scheduling an email in Outlook with SalesHandy.

Benefits of email scheduling in Outlook by professional method

1. Send emails even when your system is turned off

Once you schedule an email in Outlook with SalesHandy, you can turn off your systems and focus on other works. SalesHandy helps you in automating your emails according to your desired time and sends it accordingly.

2. Send emails even when you are offline

After scheduling your emails with SalesHandy, it is the responsibility of SalesHandy to send your emails. Even when you don’t have an active internet connection or go for a trip to the woods of Belarus, your emails will get delivered to the recipient right according to the time scheduled by you.

3. Easy to use

SalesHandy makes sure you schedule your emails conveniently and also allows you to do all the email activities on one screen.

No complications, No switching from one screen to another, simply add date and time of your convenience, and focus on your more valuable works.

4. Email open tracking

You can easily track your email open rate to know whether your recipient has checked your email or not. 

You also receive a real-time email notification on your desktop when your recipient opens your email.

5. Schedule multiple emails

Along with individual email scheduling, SalesHandy also allows its users to schedule emails to multiple recipients. With SalesHandy’s email campaign feature, you can schedule email campaigns, add follow-up stages, personalize the emails, and check detailed analysis for improving email productivity.

Check How to Send a Mass Email in Outlook for scheduling an email to multiple recipients at once.

6. Maintain your email activities in your CRM

Every business professional needs to add all his email activity in their CRM. Saleshandy is one of the best tools which can add your activities automatically in your favorite CRM.

Just add your CRM ID in the BCC section of SalesHandy, and all your email activities get automatically added to your CRM.

7. Template management

If you are one of them who is frustrated by writing the same email again and again to different recipients, You can add the email template in SalesHandy and use it directly.

You don’t need an external document editor to save your templates and repeat your copy-paste activities. Add your email templates to your compose box in just one click.

You can also evaluate the performance of your email templates with SalesHandy by checking its reply rate.

Final Words

No more waking up at 3 A.M. just to send an email. Simply schedule an email in Outlook with SalesHandy and make yourself stress-free.

SalesHandy email scheduling feature has proven itself to be the most beneficial tool for all the sales professionals, Marketers, and even recruiters to delay their messages according to convenience. Its other benefits like email open and reply tracking, email campaigning and email analytics are like a boon for all the email users. 

If you still face any issues with Outlook scheduling, add your questions in the comment section below, and we will help you with it.

By Rajendra Roul

Rajendra Roul is the content marketer at SalesHandy, where he writes and edits the sales guides and articles. He is an avid researcher, learner, and an analytical guy. After flipping the coin, he loves to read books, play social games, travel around, and is a joyful party creature. He believes knowledge is the only source to achieve victory.

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