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10 Effective B2B Cold Email Templates to Grow Your Campaigns

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Your B2B cold emails can open the door to many successful business connections.

These emails are your first impression, and if you get them right, you can open up many opportunities.

But let’s be honest; it’s not easy.

Writing B2B cold emails that grab attention, sound professional, and get a response can be a real challenge, especially if you’re not a seasoned writer.

In just 3-4 lines, you need to make the reader curious about you and what you have to say. But you can’t be too pushy or too vague.

That’s where our B2B Cold Email templates can come to your rescue.

All you have to do is pick the right one, make it a bit personal, and you’re on your way to writing effective cold emails. It’s like having a cheat sheet for success!

B2B Cold Email Templates – Table of Contents

4 Best Practices to Write a B2B Cold Email 

Before we check the templates, let’s take a quick look at some of the things you should keep in mind while writing B2B cold emails. 

So, even if you customize any of our B2B cold email templates, you can keep these best practices in mind. 

1. Understand Your Audience’s Pain Points

For B2B cold emails, it is important to understand what troubles your target audience the most.

When you understand their pain points, you can suggest solutions that make your emails more interesting and convincing.

It helps you connect with them better. 

Here’s how to figure out your audience’s pain points:

  • Look things up: Read about the industry they work in, like news, reports, or blogs. This can tell you what issues they often face.
  • Meet your audience in person: Go to events, online meetings, or places where people in your audience gather. Talk to them to understand what’s bothering them.
  • Ask your customers: You can also directly ask your customers about the challenges that they face through feedback or survey forms.
  • Check out the competition: See what your rivals are saying to the same audience. Look at how they talk about problems and solutions.

This should give you a good picture of what’s bothering your prospects. In turn, you can write emails that resonate with them.

2. Write an Engaging Subject Line

Your email subject line is the first thing that recipients see when they open their inbox. Based on that, they decide if they want to open your email or not.

If you want your recipients to check your emails, your subject line needs to be enticing. It should make them want to learn more about what you have to say.

That brings us to the question:

How do you create engaging subject lines for cold emails?

Here are some tips you can follow to create email subject lines that make readers want to check your emails:

  • Keep it short: Short subject lines grab your recipient’s attention quickly. People are more likely to open emails when the subject line is concise and to the point.

    On average, you can add a maximum of 60 characters in your subject lines.

    Anything beyond that gets cut off by the email service provider. Ideally, you should aim for 40 characters or less so that it is easily visible even on mobile devices. 
  • Add personalization: By including the recipient’s name and addressing their specific pain points, you show that you’ve taken the time to understand their needs. This kind of personalization makes it more likely that they will open your email.
    • Example: “John, can we discuss [XX]?”
  • Avoid spammy words: Stay clear of words and phrases that can trigger spam filters. Words like “earn money fast” or excessive use of exclamation points can make your email appear untrustworthy and end up in the spam folder.
    •  Some spammy words and phrases that you should avoid using include “free”, “urgent”, “guaranteed”, “earn money,” and “prize.”

  • Ask specific questions: Write subject lines that ask questions directly related to your recipient’s industry. This demonstrates your genuine interest in their specific challenges and encourages them to engage with your email.
    • Example: “Did you hear about [industry trend]?”

  • Add exclusivity: With the help of the right words, you can make your recipients feel special. And when people feel special, it builds loyalty and drives action in your emails.
    • Example: “You’re invited to [XX]”

  • Use action-oriented verbs: Think of your email subject lines as invitations to click. Starting with action verbs makes them more appealing, adding urgency and excitement to your emails, which encourages more clicks.
    • Example: “Join us on [XX] tomorrow”

Remember, the key to writing effective subject lines is to connect with your recipient on a personal level and provide them with something exciting or valuable. 

3. Write Short, Personalized Copy

If your engaging subject line gets a click, the next step is to keep their attention to your email content. 

Keep in mind – that you’re writing your cold emails for B2B professionals who have very busy lives. Long emails are likely to be overwhelming. So, keep your emails short and crisp.

Start by using their name and a friendly greeting to make it personal. 

Tell them why you’re reaching out briefly, and touch upon their main pain point. Then, explain what you offer and how it can help them. Keep it simple, so they can understand it easily. 

4. Provide a Clear CTA

In every email you send, you want the reader to do something specific after reading it. This could be setting up a meeting, giving a reply, or buying something. 

Make sure to be very clear about what you want them to do. For example, if there’s a link, tell them to click it. If you want them to reply, say so. 

Remember, it’s important not to have two different things you’re asking for. Keeping it focused on one action helps avoid confusion.

The success of your cold email campaigns often depends on how easy it is for the reader to know what to do next. 

So, make sure your request is clear and matches what you want to achieve.

10 Types of B2B Cold Email Templates

In this guide, we’re sharing seven practical B2B cold email templates to assist you in building valuable connections, capturing interest, and achieving your goals. 

These templates are ready-made; so you can simply customize them and use them to connect with potential clients, partners, and leads. 

You don’t need to be an expert; just use these templates to reach out and start meaningful conversations that can benefit your business.

B2B Cold Email Template for the Initial Introduction

When your recipients read cold emails, they don’t know who you are or what your business does. So, you need to give them a solid reason as to why they should read the content of your email.

One of the best ways to draw their attention is to address the recipient by their name and then acknowledge their main pain point. 

This shows them that you understand what they need.

Then, briefly introduce your company and explain how you’ve helped others in similar situations. If you have tangible results, include them. It makes your messaging more effective. 

At the end, propose a next step, like a call or meeting, to discuss how you can assist them.

B2B Cold Email Template for the Initial Introduction

[Prospect’s Company] x [Your Company]

Hello [First Name], I know you’ve been facing issues with [Add pain points] at {{Insert company name}}. At [Your Company Name], we specialize in helping companies like yours with [add relevant services]. We've successfully assisted businesses similar to yours, including [mention a few examples of companies]. Here's how we helped them: [Add results] We can do the same for you. Cheers, [Your Name]

This cold email template is nearly prepared for you to send. You can simply copy and paste it, and then insert your specific details.

But if you want more control over the content, ChatGPT can be your go-tool email writing tool too. 

We want to start with a disclaimer though. 

ChatGPT is an AI tool that generates different responses for the same prompt. 

So, the emails it creates using the prompts below may not be the same as we’ve shown in the screenshots. That said, it can still produce relevant results for you.

We recommend you use the given ChatGPT prompts but still make minor tweaks if you want more personalized results.

ChatGPT Prompt to Write Initial Cold Emails

Write a personalized cold email along with a subject line to reach out to cold prospects. The email should address their [pain points]. Keep the tone conversational and wrap up the content in under 100 words.

Write initial cold email template

B2B Cold Email Template for Follow-Ups

If you’re sending out cold emails, chances are you will have to send a few follow-up emails to get your prospects’ attention. 

In fact, 80% of sales require five or more follow-up emails before you close the deal. With so many emails in people’s inboxes, your initial message may be missed. 

So, follow-up emails serve as polite reminders that allow you to address questions, provide more information, and build trust.

Ideally, your follow-up email should include, a quick reminder of your previous interaction, the value you offer, and a clear action request.

B2B Cold Email Template for Follow-Up Emails

Re: Same as the original email

Hello {{First Name}}, I wanted to check in again about how we can help {{Prospect’s Company}} with [pain point]. Previously, we've helped the following companies: [Add company] ── [Show results] [Add company] ── [Show results] [Add company] ── [Show results] We can do the same for you. Could we set up a quick call to discuss your [Add pain points]? Let me know your availability, and we'll make it work. Let's chat soon, {{First Name}}. Cheers, {{Your Name}}

You can use this template as the first follow-up email after your initial cold email.

We also have more follow-up templates with specific use cases in our post on, “How to Write a Follow-Up Email.”

Check it out — it includes follow-up email templates for sales, marketing, proposals, meetings, and more.

ChatGPT Prompt to Write B2B Follow-Up Email Templates

Write a personalized follow up email that will be sent 3 days after the first cold email. Keep the tone conversational and wrap up the content in under 100 words.

follow up email template

B2B Cold Email Template for Lead Generation

Even if your purpose is to generate leads through cold emails, your content should focus mainly on pain points. 

You want to offer a solution to your prospects’ problem, not sell your product directly. This approach makes your solution seem more relevant and can grab their attention.

Here’s a B2B cold email template for lead generation that you can use for your cold email campaigns:

B2B Cold Email Template for Lead Generation

Boost Your Quarterly Sales!

Hi {{First Name}}, I've got an exciting idea that can significantly increase {{company name}}'s sales this quarter. Just recently, I helped {{Company name}} nearly quadruple their sales with this very strategy! Could we arrange a brief call next week, {{First Name}}, to discuss this opportunity? What day and time suits you best? Cheers, {{Your Name}}

In this lead generation email template, try to show how you have helped their competitors. And if you’ve got solid numbers to back your claims, add them.

It tells the recipient that your idea is solid and worth looking into to make their business grow.

ChatGPT Prompt to Write B2B Cold Email Templates for Lead Generation

Write a personalized email template with placeholders to generate new leads. Show how you have done the same for other companies. Keep the tone conversational and wrap it up in under 100 words.

B2B Lead generation email template

B2B Cold Email Template for Lead Nurturing

When you have a lead who’s showing interest and you want to deepen the engagement, using a content-sharing template can work well.

Michel Liben, Founder of ColdIQ, considers this to be a highly effective approach in getting more responses.

Here is what his content-sharing template looks like:

This content-sharing framework has already been proven to be effective.

Based on his insights, we’ve created a similar content-sharing email template that you can easily copy and customize.

Content-Sharing Email Template

Here’s a guide for you, {{First Name}}

Hi {{First Name}}, Our strategies have helped companies, including [Add similar company names], achieve [Add something you've helped with]. Recently, we compiled these proven strategies into an easy-to-follow guide. Since you are in the same industry, we believe this guide can help you [Add benefit]. Can I send it to you? Cheers, {{Your Name}}

This template tells the recipient what’s in it for them and gives them a useful resource. 

In return, all they have to do is reply. 

Without putting in much effort, they can gain access to valuable insights, while you keep them engaged. 

ChatGPT Prompt to Create Content-Sharing Template

Write an email to a potential client in the same industry, sharing a guide that contains proven strategies your company has used to help similar businesses. Write it in a conversational tone and use placeholders. Wrap it up in under 100 words.

lead nurturing email template

B2B Cold Email Template to Book More Meetings

If you want your prospects to book a meeting, here’s what to do: Start by explaining what you can offer. Then, give them a clear way to contact you for a meeting. 

But don’t overwhelm them with too much info. Just share your phone number or meeting link/address. 

Keep it simple!

B2B Cold Email Template to Book More Meetings

You’re Invited to Tackle {Pain Point}

Hey [Prospect's Name], I noticed that you might be dealing with [Prospect's Pain Point], which can be a real headache. But here's the good news - at [Your Company], we're experts at solving this issue. Just ask [Client Example], who saw [Result] after working with us. I'm confident we can do the same for you. We can discuss all the details over a quick meeting. Click this [calendar link] to select a time that suits you best. Looking forward to connecting with you. Cheers, [Your Name]

We’ve covered a generic B2B cold email template to book meetings here. 

However, if you want more specific templates for meetings, you can check out our post on, “55 Cold Email Templates to Generate Responses.”

ChatGPT Prompt to Create B2B Cold Email Template to Book Meetings

Create a brief and friendly B2B cold email template (less than 100 words) to encourage more meeting bookings. Start by acknowledging the recipient’s challenge or problem (mention it in the beginning), introduce your company and its strengths in simple terms, share a success story (if applicable), and end with an invitation to set up a meeting using a provided link. Ensure the email remains easy to understand and maintains a conversational tone.

book more meetings email template

In cold emails for link building, it’s important to convey why the partnership is a win-win for both parties involved. 

You can highlight how the partnership can boost website rankings, increase visibility, and support mutual growth. Share specific details about your website’s key metrics so that you can win your prospects’ trust.

B2B Cold Email Template for Link Building

Let's Help Each Other Online 🚀

Hi [Recipient's Name], I'm [Your Name], and I'm really impressed by your website's content quality and the impact, especially the [Specific Metric 1] and [Specific Metric 2]. I've got a blog titled "[Your Blog Title]" that could really interest your audience. By placing it in {{Insert Anchor Text or Section}}, we can offer additional insights. In return, we'd be thrilled to showcase your website on our blog, exposing it to a wider audience. Here are our website metrics: [Add website metrics]. Together, we can strengthen our online presence. How does that sound? Cheers, [Your Name]

For cold emails on link exchange, here’s a pro tip: Don’t directly use phrases like “Link Exchange” in the email subject line. 

Instead, mention how you’ve read their latest post or how this partnership could benefit both parties. 

This is a smart way to avoid spam filters

ChatGPT Prompt to Write B2B Cold Email Template for Link Building

Create a brief, personalized, and friendly B2B cold email template (less than 100 words) for link exchange. Use placeholders. Add a reason as to why the partnership would be beneficial along with metrics for my website.

Link exchange email template

B2B Cold Email Template for Sales

B2B sales emails are about showing what you can do for your recipients. 

Besides telling them, it’s vital to back it up with real numbers. Share stories or examples of how you’ve helped others to prove your worth.

Here is a B2B cold email template you can use for sales:

B2B Cold Email Template for Sales

Quick Intro - [Your Name] from [Your Company]

Hi [Name], I'm impressed by [Mention Company’s achievement] in [Add relevant metrics]. While you’re doing great, we have a solution that can take these metrics even further. With our [service/product], businesses similar to yours have boosted growth by [XX%]. We integrate with tools like [Add name of relevant software/tools] and provide tailored support. Can we schedule a 30-minute chat next Tuesday or Wednesday to discuss your how we can help you? Please share your availability, and I'll accommodate your schedule. Looking forward to connecting! Cheers, [Your name]

If you want more B2B sales email templates for pitches, proposals, and other use cases, check out our post on, “How to Write a Sales Email that Books Meetings and Closes Deals.”

ChatGPT Prompt to Write B2B Cold Email Template for Sales

Create a brief, personalized, and friendly B2B cold email template (less than 100 words) for sales. Use placeholders. Add outcomes.

B2B sales email template

B2B Cold Email Template for Partnership

In a partnership email, the focus should be on how both companies are a great match and how they work well together. 

It’s important to explain how teaming up can benefit both sides. 

Highlight how your strengths and theirs align, and how this partnership can make your joint offering more powerful and competitive.

B2B Cold Email Template for Partnership

Let’s Partner Up🚀

Hi [Recipient's Name], I've been following [Recipient's Company] and love what you're doing in [mention a specific area, e.g., software solutions]. I believe combining our strengths could be mutually beneficial. Our [Your Product/Service] complements your offerings seamlessly and can help you [mention the specific benefit, e.g., expand your client base]. Let's schedule a quick call to explore how we can create something amazing together. How about a 20-minute chat next week? Looking forward to the possibilities! Cheers [Your Name]

This is a basic partnership cold email template. You can also customize for influencer partnerships, corporate partnerships, or shoutouts. 

While the writing may differ, the basic aim remains the same ── you want to focus on mutual benefits. 

ChatGPT Prompt B2B Cold Email Template for Partnership

Write a B2B cold email template for a potential partnership with placeholders in under 100 words. Mention why the partnership would be mutually beneficial. Keep the tone conversational.

partnership template email

B2B Cold Email Template for Press Mentions

When someone gets mentioned in the news, they usually expect to hear from people. That’s why a well-written cold email about the news mention is likely to be opened.

You can use this chance to show how you can help them succeed.

B2B Cold Email Template for Press Mentions

Noticed Your Feature in [Publication]!

Hi [Prospect’s first name], I saw [Prospect company name] in [Publication], and it's impressive. You're tackling [Complex problem] in [Industry], aiming for [Major milestone]! With [X years] of experience in the same industry, I've helped others overcome similar challenges. So, I suggest keeping an eye on [potential issue #1] and [potential issue #2]. If you need advice, feel free to schedule a chat here: [your calendar/meeting scheduler URL]. Best, [Your name]

In emails related to press mentions, it’s crucial to mention some details from the article.

This shows that you’ve actually read the news feature and that you are genuinely interested in them. It makes your message more authentic and engaging.

ChatGPT Prompt B2B Cold Email Template for Press Mentions

Compose a concise cold email for a B2B prospect who was recently featured in a publication, offering support and guidance for potential challenges they might face. Wrap it up in under 100 words and keep the tone conversational.

press mention email template

B2B Cold Email Template for Product Launches

Launching a new product is an exciting chance to grow your business, and sending emails can help you connect with potential clients effectively. 

When writing these emails, make sure to talk about how your product can really help them. Explain how it can solve their problems and make things easier for them.

B2B Cold Email Template for Product Launches

Introducing [Your Product] - [Mention Benefit]

Hi [Prospect’s First Name], We're excited to introduce our latest product, [Your Product], which can really make a difference for businesses like yours. With [Your Product], you can [Mention a key benefit, e.g., save time] and [another benefit, e.g., boost sales]. It's made to fit your needs. We'd love to chat about how [Your Product] can help your business. Can we talk next week? Looking forward to helping you succeed! Warm regards, [Your Name]

You can also give more specific examples or explain the different parts of your product in these emails. This way, you show exactly how your product can be useful and make things easier for them. 

It’s like painting a clear picture of how your product works in real situations, so they can see why it’s a good fit for them.

ChatGPT Prompt to Write B2B Cold Email Template for Product Launches

Write a B2B cold email template for a product launch with placeholders in under 100 words. The email should introduce the product, mention key benefits, and request a conversation. Keep the tone friendly and concise.

product launch email template

Try Any of These B2B Cold Email Templates Now!

Whether you want to send initial cold emails, follow-up emails, or sales emails, these B2B email templates have got you covered.

You don’t need special skills to use them effectively. Just fill in your details, hit send, and see the results! Try these templates and see how they can benefit your business.

Take that first step, and you might be surprised by the opportunities that come your way. Happy emailing!


1. How do you write a good B2B email?

To write a good B2B email, you should:

  • Have a catchy subject line to get your email opened.
  • In your message, quickly mention how you can solve a problem they might have.
  • Clearly explain what you’re offering and why it’s great.
  • Tell them clearly what you’d like them to do next (like replying, calling, or visiting a link).
  • Wrap up the content in under 100 words.

2. How long should a B2B cold email be?

Your B2B cold email should ideally be under 100 words.

3. How often do you send a B2B cold email?

You can send between 3-5 B2B cold emails per week.

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