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How to Write a Sales Email for Sureshot Conversions

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Sales professionals spend a lot of time and effort to set up their email outreach campaigns. 

Still, the buyers open only 23.9% of sales emails. 

The low open rate is due to the unappealing emails that make the prospect perceive as another trifling junk in the inbox. The low email engagement affects the entire sales process which ultimately hits hard to revenue of the company.

A high-quality sales email can be drafted if you make yourself goal-oriented and follow its best practices being in the shoe of your prospects. 

In this article, we will help you know how to write a sales email and also share some secret sauce that will get you an instant reply.

How to write a sales email?

Sales emails are always intended to build relations with the prospect and generate revenue for your business. Every SDR’s, AE’s and other sales professionals send lots of email to prospects expecting a positive response. The sales professionals need to learn how to draft an engaging sales pitch to get an expected response. It’s not the same as writing a leave application to the HR or to the admin for a reimbursement. It’s a totally different ball game.

Writing an actionable sales email is a step by step process. Every sales email has 5 parts. Each part has its importance, make sure your prospect engages with it and takes the desired action.

5 Important parts of sales email

1. Subject line

2. Opening line

3. Email body

4. Closing line and CTA

5. Email signature

1. Subject line

The most important part of your email! 

47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. Make it catchy and get your recipient to the next level or else stay forever in the inbox untouched. 

To make your subject line actionable you need to understand your recipient’s pain and perception. 

Write a personalized subject line that creates interest and excites the recipient to open it. The subject line should be well focussed on the content inside as well as relevant for the recipient. Do not add any SPAM triggering words in your subject line or else it will land in the SPAM box.

You need to create curiosity in prospects’ minds by adding questions or providing relevant information of their interest in the subject line as shown in the examples below. These factors serve as a hook for the prospect to open the email as soon as they see.

- How do you manage to tackle the email bounces?
- John, There is an idea for getting more leads
- Dr. Mark recommended me to get in touch with you
- Quick questions about your growth analysis
- Peter, Got a second?
- Alfred, Got to know about your recent achievement at UNO
- 11 Growth hacks for SalesHandy

Check the detailed article on Email Subject Lines on Sales

2. Opening line

The opening line of the email is not just about you, but it’s also for your prospect too.

A recipient looks at the sales email opening line from the display panel itself.

Be careful with your words in the opening line. Add some value in the first line to influence the prospect to open the email. Never start your email like “Hi, My Name is XYZ and I work for ABC”.  Write an actionable phrase that actually refers to the content of the subject line. Make sure you know enough about your prospect before writing to them.

For better understanding let’s check the example below.

Hey Bruce,

Don't you wish that you head a feature where you can just schedule emails according to different time zones? Well, say no more. We have designed a new email scheduler just for you.

Bruce is introduced to new software that can help him to schedule emails differently. This will create eagerness in Bruce’s mind and make him inquire more about the tool. 

Get 10 Best Sales Email Templates to send it to your prospects instantly.

3. Email body

Now your prospect has an idea about the content of the email. He will look for your offerings in the email. This is the place where you can shower empathy with your prospect to build a connection.

Add a question relevant to your prospect’s pain. Provide an assuring solution which will be helpful to him.

You can add some flattery in the email but never make it look like a salesy pitch.

Keep your email short and up to the point. Use simple and appealing words to improve the email readability.

Following the above practices will improve the engagement level of the email. Ultimately it will create interest in the prospect’s mind to start the conversation.

4. Closing line and CTA

It’s time to do something for yourself. The whole email was dedicated to helping your prospect but the closing line should be your goal-oriented. Add a proper CTA to get the customer in your base. It can be a reply request, calendar booking, or appointment for a call.

The closing line should be of a single statement with a single CTA. Adding more than one CTA makes the email multi intend and gives a negative impact on its efficiency. Your CTA should be clear and concise, and should not confuse the prospect.

A CTA at the required position can provide you instant success. You just need to hit the right note at the right time.

Have a look at a simple email template of SalesHandy that can help you with the email body and CTA.

sales email sample with email body and CTA

5. Email signature

The endnote is to provide some extra bit of details and authenticity to your email. Use a simple email signature with your name, designation and company details. Add your contact number and social links if necessary. This will make the job easy for your prospect if they are looking to verify you.

Don’t add too many details in the email signature as it makes the footer look unpleasant.

You should also restrict using images and quotes as every ESPs doesn’t support it.

email signature sample of a sales professional

Following the simple process, you can write a great sales email. But here’s the thing, how do you write a professional sales email that delights your prospects beyond just giving you a business?

Check out the tips below to redraft your sale email to an actionable one. 

Tips and tricks for drafting a perfect sales email

Remember, we spoke about some secret sauce to write a sales email to make your outreach powerful.

Here it is!

15 best practices to boost your sales email outreach

1. Keep your email short and simple

2. Personalize every email

3. Be formal with a pinch of humor

4. Add curios questions

5. Use the words your audience speak

6. Be catchy with numbers

7. Avoid spam triggering words

8. Provide a due date

9. Track your emails

10. Firstly, focus on selling to decision maker, then company

11. Show benefits rather than features

12. Offer what you claim

13. Get feedback on your emails

14. Recheck every links and CTAs

15. Proofread before hitting send

1. Keep your email short and simple

No one loves to read lengthy emails with a lot of theories. Hit to the point fast and directly. A study by Boomerang says the ideal length of the email should be 75-100 words.

Make sure you convey your whole message, hit the prospect’s pain point and influence them in a short and simple tone. This will increase your response rate by considerable standards.

ideal length of email statistics

2. Personalize every email

Personalized emails make the recipient perceive the email as dedicated to them. Do proper research on the prospect and add personalization in the email. Emails with proper personalization tend to have 14% more CTRs. What can be a better boon for a sales email than this.

Personalization becomes difficult while sending bulk sales emails. Tools like SalesHandy helps you to send personalized mail merge emails to a group of prospects in a single click.

[Name], Increase your customer base with these strategies

This is Shane and I take care of Sales at Superoffice.

I see that you shared a concern on a forum regarding how you are not able to increase your customer base with your new venture [company name].

We at SuperOffice provide a full suite of tools that will help you grow faster and see results in the next 3 months.

Can you describe your concern at [email] so that our team can get in touch with you.

You can check our testimonials in [page].

Thanks and take care


3. Be formal with a pinch of humor

The books say sales emails should be formal. But formal is boring. To make your pitch interesting and catchy, you need to add some humor. Try adding GIFs or witty sentences between your black lettered words.

It won’t affect the goal of your email but your recipient will go through it for sure.

4. Add curios questions

The email body is the place where you can do your experiments. Try to make it as captivating as you can. Dig into your research and find the problem they are facing. Focus on the problem — ask them about their current methods, results or what other benefits they are looking for in the product.

These questions will create curiosity in their mind, which will start a great conversation and you can take it to the next stage.

5. Use the words your audience speak

Using the right jargon is very essential while writing sales emails. You need to use the perfect words, statements and terminologies used by your prospects to make sure they understand your email.

A pitch to a sales professional should consist of words like leads, prospects and nurture. In the same way, HR people can be emailed with words like hiring, recruitment and interview.

Using your prospect’s word will create more empathy, build better relationships and increase your conversion rate.

6. Be catchy with numbers

Numbers always play a great role in your emails. Especially sales emails should have statistics, growth rates, examples to attract the prospect. Numbers make your emails more authorized and provide a sense of clarity. It obviously increases the chances of a response.

While you write the sales email, make sure you add the numbers in numerical form (e.g. write 5 instead of five). That looks way more catchy.

Hi Tony,

Did you know that 47% higher purchases are generated by nurtured leads? In order to nurture these leads, you need to constantly engage with your customers. If you want to learn more about how to nurture leads, please free to give us a call.

Our support team works 24x7 to provide you with distinguished and best in the market services/help.

Think about it.

Thank you 
Tony Stark

7. Avoid spam triggering words

SPAM is a major issue nowadays. According to the email benchmark report by Returnpath in 2018, 88% of sales and marketing emails land in the primary mailbox whereas the other 12% are moved to the SPAM box.

Avoiding overuse of nonessential SPAM triggering words like FREE!, SALE, DISCOUNT. By doing so you will build a good sender reputation and successfully pass through the email filters.

8. Provide a due date

Due dates always help you to be more accountable. Some sales professionals think providing deadlines to prospects might become rude. But it’s absolutely fine if done correctly.

You can always ask your prospects to get back within a certain date or fix an appointment at a particular time.

Providing a date helps your prospect prioritize their task and pulling out some time for you. Adding deadlines to offers or coupon code also helps them in making quick buying decisions.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for being a part of the SalesHandy family.

We have received your feedback and glad to know that you loved our personalized email campaign feature.

Do you know personalized emails deliver 6x higher transactional rates?

Yes it is. To know more about these benefits, reply back to us.

We are also running a promotional campaign where you can avail FLAT 20% discount on the yearly subscription. Use coupon code LOVESH before 15th June 2020 23:59 PST to avail the exclusive offer.


9. Track your emails

Email tracking is considered as one of the best practices of sales email. When you track your emails, you can know about your recipient’s behavior. It helps you in deciding your sales email follow up and next actions. Email tracking is also considered as an analytical approach to evaluate your email’s performance.

You can use tools like SalesHandy to track your emails, get read receipts and analyze the email performance for free.

10. Firstly, focus on selling to decision maker, then company

Sales emails follow various stages. You reach out to the prospect, then to the decision maker and finally close the deal. To get the final stage easily, you need to delight the early stage prospect.

Try to connect with the decision maker fast, and apply your best nurturing strategies.

Make sure the decision maker gets satisfied with your product/services for which he can refer it to their team or higher authority. 

11. Show benefits rather than features

Great features add more distinguishable value to your product or service. But the prospects look for benefits and your problem solving ability. They look at how easily their demands can be fulfilled. So always try to express the benefits of your offerings rather than listing down the features.

Explaining the benefits in a sales email makes the prospect believe that you understand their problem and can actually help.

12. Offer what you claim

False hope is the worst tool for a sales team. Never try to manipulate your prospect in your sales email. Just write what you provide. Anyhow,  your prospect is going to research you.

Providing the right solution as you claim will get you loyal customers who will help in the long run. Wrong or exaggerated information will decrease your customer retention rate and affect your brand value negatively.

13. Get feedback on your emails

Once you are ready with your sales email, send it to your teammates. Get it reviewed. Feedbacks from different minds will help you in improvising your email standards.

Rechecking your email copy with your colleagues can also help you find minor mistakes that you might have gone unnoticed.

14. Recheck every links and CTAs

Links and CTAs are directly associated with your email goals. Before scheduling your sales email, you must check the links manually, if they are working properly. Also, check your calendar or meeting links if they are active.

Emails with broken or ineffective links are a waste of time and money.

15. Proofread before hitting send

After drafting your sales email copy, you are just one step away from your goal. Still, there’s more to do before clicking send. Read the email copy aloud to check for any grammatical errors or low engaging statements. If needed use any professional writing services like Ivory research for the high quality content. Recheck your database for the typos in your prospect details. Your prospects should receive the best sales email ever.

Hit the send button only when you feel, it’s good to go.

Good luck with your next sales email.


Creating engaging content, adding value and helping your prospects are combined answers to how to write a sales email that effectively increases your conversion rate.

With constant A/B tests and improvement, you can find a few more key elements that will help you escalate your sales productivity and boost your revenue.

If you have any other sales email tips that help you in booming your sales, please share it in our comment section to get mutual benefits ahead.

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