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10+ Best Buyer Intent Tools: Boost Your Sales in 2024

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Are you tired of spinning your wheels chasing leads that never convert into paying customers? You’re not alone. 

With traditional sales and marketing methods losing their effectiveness and customer behavior evolving rapidly, businesses need to stay ahead of the game. Relying solely on existing customer data won’t cut it anymore.

To increase sales efficiency and drive business growth, you need to identify customers who are ready to buy. That’s where buyer intent tools come in.

In this blog, we’ll be showcasing 10+ buyer intent tools that can help you identify potential customers with ease. These tools provide invaluable insights into potential customers’ online behavior, allowing you to pinpoint those who are actively searching for products or services like yours.

Now that we know the importance of gathering buyer intent data, let’s take a closer look at what exactly it is so that it’s easy to understand your customers better.

Best Buyer Intent Tools – Table of Contents

What is buyer intent data?

Buyer intent data is a set of information based on user behavior on the internet. By leveraging this data, you gain a deeper understanding of your target audience’s buying journey and can determine the most effective approach to engage them and maintain their interest in your offering. 

This all-round information is essential to make informed decisions and optimize your sales strategies for better results. Not just that, the data also gives you a better understanding of how to convert highly qualified leads into paying customers. 

Buyer intent data typically includes several key indicators, such as:

  • Content consumption, like  whitepapers or webinars
  • Demographic information, such as job title or seniority level
  • Firmographic data, such as company size, industry, and location
  • Social media activity and engagement
  • Queries and terms used
  • Event attendance or registration
  • Purchase history and intent
  • Buyer Intent signals, such as RFPs or budget changes.

With access to high-quality and predictable buyer intent data, you can project the right information, proactively ensuring they buy your offerings.

Thus, buyer intent data is paramount for your sales outreach success. But did you know that the buyer intent data are of two types? Let’s discuss them in detail for a better understanding.

Types of buyer intent data for getting more leads

As with any other data, buyer intent data also requires a tailored approach to attract the right kind of customers. In other words, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to buyer intent data.

To effectively use buyer intent data, it is important to understand that there are two types of intent data: first-party and third-party.

First-party buyer intent data: 

First-party buyer intent data is the data collected from the tools that you own and use. 

For instance, you sell employee management software and have a landing page with lead capture. When a potential customer fills out the form and requests more information about the software, this information is the first-party intent data. 

You can use this data to understand the specific product or feature that the customer is interested in and follow up with targeted messages for your sales outreach.

While you can easily access first-party intent data from your own website, it’s NOT enough to gain a comprehensive understanding of your buyers. With third-party buyer intent data,  you can get a better view of your prospects’ intentions and behaviors. 

So, let’s see what third-party buyer intent data is.

Third-party buyer intent data:

Third-party intent data refers to information about a buyer’s intent that is collected from external sources, offering a broader perspective compared to first-party data.

There are several methods for collecting third-party intent data, including:

  • Behavioral actions and interests gathered from a cooperative of publishers, websites, and apps across the digital environment.
  • Bidstream data originating from a publisher’s website or app that passes on-site visitor and page-level data during the real-time bidding process for programmatic advertising.
  • Behavioral data is collected by a publisher’s owned and operated network of websites and apps.

To help you better understand, here’s an example:

Let’s say you are providing IT services and want to generate leads for your business. For that, you can use third-party buyer intent data providers to identify companies that are actively searching for IT solutions or services. 

The third-party provider collects data from various sources, such as online searches, job postings, and social media activity, among others, to create a profile of companies that intend to purchase IT services. By leveraging third-party buyer intent data, you can more effectively and efficiently reach new prospects and generate more business opportunities.

Now that we know what buyer intent data is and what are the types of buyer intent data, let us see some of the best buyer intent tools that can help you tap into valuable insights about your target audience.

10+ best buyer intent data tools

There are numerous buyer intent data tools available that can help you identify and target qualified leads. After conducting thorough research, we have handpicked the top intent data providers available in the market:

1) Bombora

a screenshot of the bombora's website

Bombora is a B2B buyer intent data tool that provides you with high-quality, consent-based buyer intent data. With a cooperative system that doesn’t involve siphoning or scraping data, the tool tracks a prospect’s digital journey across a vast network of 4000+ B2B websites. Moreover, Bombora’s unique dataset includes 70% of exclusive data, which considers a prospect’s typical content consumption. If there is any significant increase in content consumption, Bombora indicates it as a potential intent signal.

The Topic Surge feature in the tool provides insights on how the prospect is modifying their search habits depending on their stage in the business lifecycle. Apart from that, you can also avail of features like topic and keyword filtering options to make your data more focused.    


  • Shows trending topics that your target accounts are actively researching
  • Integrations with an extensive list of sales and martech tools
  • 8,000+ topics that you can filter to find your ideal searchers


Bombora’s pricing is available upon request, so you can easily obtain a quote tailored to your specific needs.

2) G2 Intent

a screenshot of the g2's website

G2, well-known for its comprehensive B2B software directory, has expanded its services by using website visitor data to provide valuable intent data. The segmented data is highly actionable and can notify you when an existing customer is considering switching to a competitor. With this information, you can retain the at-risk client by finding out why they are considering switching and improving your relationship with them. 

G2’s directory also provides information on common competitors your prospects are considering, allowing you to personalize your sales pitches and prepare for potential objections. You can also integrate the tool with your sales stack, allowing for automation such as retargeting warm buyers with LinkedIn ads or syncing intent data with your HubSpot CRM. 


  • Access to G2’s extensive database of B2B information 
  • Allows you to track when prospects are searching for your competitors
  • Gives visibility into accounts that are actively researching and comparing various solutions in your industry.


You can ask for the price of the tool after a demo call.

3) ZoomInfo

a screenshot of the zoominfo's website

ZoomInfo is a global leader in providing actionable business intelligence with exceptional data quality and coverage. Its platform offers timely intent data combined with seamless, automated action, resulting in reduced sales cycles and business growth. With the use of orchestration, software, and easy integration, ZoomInfo provides visibility and access to reach the desired audience. It has partnered with more than 300,000 content publishers to gather more than a trillion intent signals from B2B buyers per month. This makes ZoomInfo one of the largest intent data networks available in the market.

In addition, you can also use the tool to boost your current customer records with firmographics and intent data. The tool’s integrated approach also helps in making the most of your outreach efforts and unifying  sales. 


  • Offers robust email checking process to ensure a high level of accuracy
  • Ensures you receive fresh data by testing, updating, and monitoring every data point
  • Offers a wide range of data access solutions, including APIs, Webhooks, and its Data Brick


ZoomInfo provides a range of customizable packages that cater to various data-driven solutions and premium applications. To get the pricing, you have to provide them with your business address. 

4) Cognism

a screenshot of the cognism's website

Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that incorporates Bombora’s intent data to help you identify organizations within your ideal customer profile. It then enhances this intent data by dynamically adding the key decision-makers and their contact information, resulting in highly targeted prospecting. With the integrated intent data, you can develop buyer personas and create lead lists. Cognism also offers a database of phone-verified mobile numbers so that you can directly contact specific decision-makers.

You can integrate the platform with your existing sales tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Zapier to build custom workflows to help your team gather information on prospects more efficiently and enrich the contact records you have with actionable intent data.


  • Unlimited access to individual and company data
  • 98% precision in mobile phone numbers
  • Provides you with global coverage, including EMEA, NAM, and APAC


The price of this tool is not publicly available, so you have to request them to get the exact price. However, you can get 25 free leads as a trial.

5) KickFire

a screenshot of the kickfire's website

KickFire is a buyer intent data tool that leverages first-party data to gather information on companies that engage with your marketing website or content. By cross-referencing data in your Analytics tools with a company IP database, it can identify the companies visiting your website and provide reports on actively engaged accounts and the pages being viewed by in-market accounts. With a B2B database of contact details, KickFire also helps speed up outreach and allows for targeted communication with engaged prospects. 

The tool also provides location information to help identify the specific employee who visited your website, making it useful for sales purposes. KickFire can also be utilized by customer support teams to monitor when customers are visiting your website and identify signals that suggest they may need additional support.


  • Allows you to connect to your analytics platform swiftly using KickFire’s native integrations or API. 
  • You can identify which key decision-makers are actively visiting and engaging with your website
  • Enables you to quickly find contact details for the key decision-makers linked to the company IP addresses identified through website visits and engagement.


The pricing for KickFire is not publicly disclosed, so you can request it directly from the company. The cost may vary depending on the specific analytics platform that you are using.

6) DemandScience

a screenshot of the demandscience's website

DemandScience is a B2B data platform with integrated intent data supply. Its vast database allows you to search for prospects based on technographic, demographics, and firmographics. It can help you discover companies that are actively searching for topics related to your industry. The platform is updated in real-time, allowing you to receive notifications when key prospects are making decisions and ensuring your pipeline is always filled with prospects who are ready to convert.

Besides, the tool also seamlessly integrates with most sales tools and enables you to easily transfer data from the platform into your CRM, ensuring that you stay on top of your sales pipeline at all times.


  • Quickly track intent signals and get immediate access to verified B2B contact records
  • Monitor over 6,000 topics that indicate purchase intent
  • Seamlessly add the collected data directly to your CRM for easier management and tracking


To get their pricing list, you can get in touch with their sales department.

7) Lead411

a screenshot of the lead411's website

Lead411 is the popular B2B buyer intent data provider that offers inbox response verified emails with a remarkable accuracy rate of 96%, as well as the highest number of B2B Direct Dial Phone Numbers available in the industry. The tool also integrates Bombora Intent Data into its platform, allowing you to identify companies and potential customers who are actively seeking services or solutions like yours.

With this tool, you can choose specific topics relevant to your business, such as industry-related topics, competitor names, or specific technologies. After selecting at least five and up to twenty-five topics, your search results will display companies that are actively seeking services or solutions that align with what you offer.


  • Its chrome extension easily integrates Lead411 data into your normal workflow
  • All the direct dial numbers are verified and available for most of our contact records
  • Allows setup for their API according to your needs  


  • Basic at $900/year/user- ideal for single users
  • Pro with Bombora intent at $4500/year/user- ideal for companies aiming for more growth
  • Enterprise at custom plans- ideal for users who need tailored services

The tool also offers a seven-day trial period that provides you with verified email addresses and allows you to test up to 50 B2B direct-dial unlocks.

8) 6Sense

a screenshot of the 6sense's website

The 6sense Intent Data platform consolidates buyer intent signals from various sources, including 6sense’s own intent network and other B2B sources like Bombora, G2, TrustRadius, and PeerSpot. This comprehensive approach provides valuable insights into prospects’ genuine interests and active research. With this tool, you can gain deeper insight into the buying journey with predictive models fueled by intent data to speed up the sales cycle.


  • Setup various branded keywords to track relevant research related to your competition
  • Leverages national language processing and AI to recommend additional keywords
  • Matches anonymous web traffic and intent signals


To know the price of the tool, you can book a demo.

9) Cyance

a screenshot of the cyance's website

Cyance is a buyer intent tool that enhances the sales process by notifying you about relevant keywords and topics. This ensures that you only receive notifications when someone is looking for a product or service that you offer.  Moreover, you can access company profiles and use the tool’s FIT Score model to evaluate how well a specific company account aligns with your ideal sales lead. 

The scoring system provides information on how the company has responded to industry content and how close they are to completing their buying journey, allowing you to craft a customized approach to engage with highly qualified leads.


  • Offers a vast repository of intent signals specific to the European market
  • Compares company buying signals to the signals of your ideal customers
  • Offers keyword and topic filtering to ensure relevant notifications


You can request the pricing after getting the demo of the tool.

10) Lead Forensics

lead forensics b2b buyer intent tool

Lead Forensics is one of the popular names in IP tracking technology, offering access to the world’s largest B2B IP address database. Using a code similar to Google Analytics, the tool tracks IP addresses that visit a website and matches them with their database to provide reliable information about unidentified website visitors. Moreover, it also seamlessly integrates with your CRM platform and offers receive dedicated support from a Customer Success Manager to address any queries you may have.


  • Get an instant alert when a specific B2B customer visits your support pages
  • Can slice your B2B website visitors into the markets that matter for your business.
  • Offers intelligence reports to get detailed insight into the marketing campaigns that work


There are two pricing plans that the tool offers. 

  • The tool also offers a 7-day free trial.
  • Essential- Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Automate- Perfect for enterprise businesses
  • You can get in touch with them to know the quote for each. 

So that’s the list of best buyer intent data tools that you can use for identifying your leads. Now that you can access this data with the help of these tools, how can you use it for your sales outreach? Let’s have a close look at it.

11) Clearbit

Clearbit is a business intelligence tool designed to provide information about prospects and customers to help them with their personalized marketing and sales efforts. It uses data enrichment to provide more detailed information about customers, turning anonymous visitor data into complete profiles that can help you understand their needs and interests.

Clearbit Reveal is a feature that uses reverse IP lookup to identify the companies that visit your website and also captures data points about these companies, such as industry, size, and employee count. By integrating this data with your CRM or other sales and marketing tools, you can enhance your ABM strategy and make your outreach more personalized and efficient.


  • Provides detailed prospect and customer profiles for better targeting.
  • Identifies companies visiting your website through reverse IP lookup.
  • Allows for seamless integration with popular CRM and marketing automation tools.


Clearbit does not disclose its pricing publicly. You can contact them directly for a quote according to your specific needs and business requirements.

How to use buyer intent data for sales outreach?

Instead of approaching people left, right, and center, you can leverage the buyer intent data to channel your outreach efforts by identifying those who are actively seeking what you have to offer. Such an approach is bound to increase your lead-to-sale conversion rate. 

This approach not only saves you time and resources but also allows you to build stronger relationships with your prospects. 

By analyzing this data, you will understand your target market and tailor your approach to be more effective. You can personalize your outreach, time it more strategically, create content that speaks to your target audience’s needs and interests, and follow up with leads who have shown interest but haven’t yet made a purchase. 

Now you’ve done your research,  gathered your buyer intent data, and are ready to approach your prospects. But how can you take your sales outreach to the next level and get the results you want?

With the right buyer intent data in hand, cold email outreach can be a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers. It involves sending a personalized email to a potential customer (who has not previously interacted with your brand) to start a conversation and eventually turn them into paying customers. 

What stands out about cold emailing is that it gives you great ROI with its cost-effectiveness and scalability. By utilizing buyer intent data in your cold email outreach campaigns, you can achieve your sales goals.

Here is how you can use buyer intent data for your cold email outreach

1) Using intent data for personalizing cold email

Personalization is key in today’s market, as customers are bombarded with generic sales pitches daily. By leveraging intent data, you can tailor your cold emails to match your prospect’s position in the buying journey. By using the insights you’ve gathered, you can personalize your cold emails and increase the chances of getting a response.

2) Using intent data to send cold emails at the right time

Timing is an important aspect of cold email outreach. Sending an email at the wrong time can result in it being lost in a sea of other emails or simply being overlooked by the recipient. By analyzing buyer intent data, you can determine the optimal time to send your email to increase the chances of it being read and acted upon.

3) Using intent data to determine the follow-up interval of cold emails

Following up at the appropriate interval can differentiate between a lost opportunity and a closed deal. The right follow-up strategy ensures that potential customers are engaged and reminded of your offering, without coming across as pushy or aggressive. By using buyer intent data to understand where a potential customer is in their buyer journey, you can craft follow-up emails that are timely, relevant, and effective.

Now that you know how to use buyer intent data for your cold email outreach, it’s time to put these strategies into action. With the right tools and techniques, you can streamline your sales outreach and achieve greater success. 

Saleshandy is one such tool that can help you achieve your outreach goals. It is a powerful cold emailing tool that can automate your cold email campaigns, track email opens and clicks, and provide you with valuable insights of your outreach efforts. 

How does Saleshandy help you to achieve your desired goals? 

Saleshandy is a cold email automation tool that helps you send personalized cold emails at scale and amplify your sales outreach efforts. The tool allows you to optimize your email content that lands in your recipient’s inbox with the right intent and at the right time. Here’s how:

  • Personalization: Saleshandy offers features like Merge Tags & Spintax that enable you to personalize your email messaging to make it more engaging and relevant to your recipients.
  • Schedule email sequences: With Saleshandy, you can schedule email sequences to be sent at specific intervals, ensuring that your prospects receive your messages at the right time and in the right order.
  • Automated follow-ups: Saleshandy’s follow-up automation feature allows you to set up automated follow-ups based on intent and time, ensuring that your prospects receive your messages at the most opportune time and increasing your chances of getting a response.
  • Add unlimited team members: With Saleshandy, you can add unlimited team members to your sales team, providing you and your team with the flexibility and scalability you need to scale up your sales efforts.

With Saleshandy, using buyer intent data for cold email outreach has never been easier. By leveraging Saleshandy’s capabilities, you’ll be able to reach out to potential customers at the right time with the right message, ultimately increasing your chances of success. 


At this point, you may have realized that an intent data tool is the right direction to take. Use the list we have provided to get hold of the best buyer intent data tool and leverage it to identify your prospects. Not just that, use those valuable insights to drive your business forward by using the best sales outreach method – cold emailing. Saleshandy is your go-to cold email software to take your sales efforts to the next level. 

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