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Best Sales Engagement Platforms To Maximize Your Conversions

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Sales engagement platforms make for a very crucial component of your Sales teams’ operations. Depending on which platform you use to drive sales engagement, it will have a great impact on your team performance and an effective customer journey. 

To be able to choose the right platform, you need to know what kinds of outcomes you’re looking to drive out of these tools and how specifically they’ll enable your team.

With this list of sales engagement software, we’ll explore the most popular ones in the market and how they might fit different teams.

The List of Best Sales Engagement Platforms

1. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a freemium sales engagement platform for businesses of all sizes. It has all the important elements needed to get the job done for the small and larger inside sales teams. So as to optimize and scale their sales engagement or outreach operations and close more deals faster. 

SalesHandy allows you to send high-level personalized email outreach campaigns with multi-stage automated follow-ups. The follow-up email stages get triggered based on the recipient’s activity and engagement with your email cadence.

The trigger condition can be either of the following — “not opened“, “not replied and “been sent” conditions.

The performance of your sales engagement can be tracked from a single dashboard. SalesHandy provides detailed analytics for each outreach campaign.

You get to know comprehensive statistics of performance metrics like an email sent, open rate, click rate, response rate and email bounce to optimize your email campaigns. On top of that, you get instant desktop notifications when a recipient opens an email or clicks your links.  

These features of SalesHandy help your sales team increase productivity by efficiently engaging with your prospects, cutting down the length of your sales cycle, increasing closure rate, which ultimately leads to accelerated revenue growth.


Key features of SalesHandy

1. Personalized email campaigns: SalesHandy helps you send personalized email campaigns through your emails. It integrates seamlessly with G Suite, Outlook, and all other email services (via SMTP) to send scheduled emails. The sales email campaign content is highly personalizable with Mail Merge tags that help you engage with your prospects, build a relationship, nurture them on multiple stages and drive conversions.

2. Multi-stage automated follow-ups: SalesHandy campaigns offer multi-stage, automated follow-ups based on your recipients’ activity after they’ve received your first email. You can schedule up to 9 more messages to be sent after the first one, making it a total of 10 stages for one campaign. Activity-based triggers on each stage also make the follow-up flow highly personalized and effective in driving engagement for the sales teams.

3. Opens and link click tracking: All the emails sent from SalesHandy have tracking turned on by default, enabling SalesHandy to track your recipient’s behavior on your emails. Whenever a prospect opens your email or clicks a link on your email, a real-time notification is sent. 

4. Templates: Templates on SalesHandy allows you to add frequently used emails to your templates folder. You can load any of these templates into your email compose box with <tab> + keyword shortcut and personalize as needed to send out quick responses. 

5. Integrations: SalesHandy integrates with 2700+ applications and services through Zapier. This makes it super easy for your team to adapt to SalesHandy. It effectively automates almost every monotonous part of your workflow involved with entering and cleaning the data from one platform to another. You can also add your CRM’s BCC email in the BCC field of your SalesHandy campaign.

6. Deliverability: SalesHandy also ensures optimum delivery rates to your prospect/recipient’s inboxes. High email deliverability is enabled by a few spam and bounce protection measures like email address verification, preferred timed email sending, and custom branded tracking links. Emails Sent using SalesHandy are most likely to land in your recipient’s Primary inbox rather than Promotions or Updates tab, where they often get ignored.

Check the video to understand how you can send high level personalized sales prospecting emails with multiple stage trigger based automated follow-up emails.

Schedule sales prospecting email campaign with SalesHandy

2. Outreach

Outreach is a CRM-based, 360-degree best sales engagement software solution to increase your sales engagement. The primary utilities on Outreach are the Sequences and Workflows, which allow you to engage across many channels and not just email. The workflows are timelines based on tasks you need to do to keep engaging with each prospect. 

Outreach also facilitates account based Sales to teams that sell big-ticket products and services over a longer cycle – engaging a relatively good number of prospects within a target organization. Outreach makes for an exceptional sales engagement tool by focusing on Sales Rep productivity and team scaling features, enabling sales revenue growth in the long term.


3. Freshsales

Freshsales is the Sales CRM from Freshworks that has best sales engagement tools built on top of it. It has a task management system on the lead level and a lead profile browser that shows all the activity on a lead.  Freshsales also has Lead scoring algorithms that help you prioritize leads based on specific signals captured. 

If you’re already a customer of the Freshworks ecosystem, Freshsales should be a natural choice for your Sales teams’ needs as it also integrates with their other products. Freshsales makes it easy to streamline and optimize your Sales Engagement/Operations workflow, which in turn impacts productivity and revenue.


4. Salesloft

Salesloft is a customer engagement platform for teams and organizations that want to engage customers in both pre-sales and after-sales stages on the same platform. It’s one kind of sales engagement tools that work for teams in both Sales and Customer Success.

Apart from this, Salesloft also works as a CRM, has pipeline and account management functions apart from having in-built email and phone dialers, making it complete in most respects. It also has native integrations with Salesforce, Outlook, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


5. Close

Close is a sales engagement platform with built-in CRM, calling, and SMS features. It facilitates video conferencing abilities through a version of Zoom built into Close. Similar to other CRMs, Close also offers a view of all engagement activities with a prospect on the profile browser, helping keep the team up to date with prospect activity. 

Close helps set up multiple emails and send using those emails from one account. You can send personalized mass emails using mail merge and auto follow up. The combination of these features on Close make for a great sales engagement platform all around helping teams optimize and grow their sales operations.


6. Reply

Reply is a sales engagement tool suited for all kinds of outbound (or inbound) engagement via emails and phone. As indicated in their use cases, Reply is great for Outbound and Inbound Sales, Account-Based Sales, HR & Recruiting, and PR & Link Building workflows throughout your organization. It does not have a full-fledged CRM but does include an additional tool to run prospecting and discovering contacts to fill up your outbound sales pipeline.


7. Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales engagement platform built for Gmail/G Suite users. The highlight feature on Mixmax is the ability to embed interactive widgets within emails – this removes much friction for customers and improves mid-funnel conversions on the pipeline. 

Some of these integrations include a survey widget, calendar widget, badges, buttons, and more. It also has built-in Dialer and has native integration with services like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, and more. 

Email features include sequences, reminders, and a ‘Beast Mode’ that provides one-click phone dialing along with an automated syncing of activity on your leads with supported CRMs like Salesforce and Pipedrive.


8. Airborneapp


Airborne is a sales engagement platform for both inbound and outbound engagements centered around your phones, emails, and social media accounts. It offers advanced team management and collaboration at both the team and client levels, ensuring seamless workflow with quick access to all the data with a single login.  It is a perfect fit for both big and small teams, supporting all their key operations like calling, appointment setting, email deliverability, real-time reporting, multi-channel outreach, built-in reminders, and so much more.

It is an all-in-one tool that covers all your prospecting and engagement features in one place, delivering a wholesome personalized experience across multiple channels while improving your sales efficiency and conversions over time. 

9. Groove

Groove is another excellent sales engagement platform focused on tracking and email automation. It has an integrated phone dialer and calendar sync with your existing CRMs like Salesforce. Groove’s analytics provide in-depth insights on account activity and template performance. It has interactive visualizations of this Sales engagement data in forms of heat maps and charts. Groove also integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and helps extend prospect level engagement on LinkedIn.


10. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is a  sales engagement tool centered around phone engagement. It offers inbuilt Dialer, ‘Auto Dialing,’ which dials the next prospect in the queue once you end a call, Call recording, Logical Branch scripting, Email, and SMS Marketing, Appointment setting, and more. 

VanillaSoft would be an excellent fit for large Sales teams with a focus towards 1-1 phone call interactions and a huge bank of leads and prospects to reach out to, given its emphasis towards automation and VoIP Calls.


11. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is an intelligent sales engagement platform built for Salesforce CRM users. It has Drip email campaigns that can go out to prospects along with tracking enabled for email opens, clicks and document opens. All this tracking data can then be synced with your Salesforce CRM, supporting you to capture more engagement data on your prospects across channels. 

Also, you have an option to set up task reminders to follow up with your leads and schedule your messages apart from being able to put up your calendar availability in your emails.


12. Apollo

Apollo is a sales engagement software that covers all prospecting and engagement features in one package. Its prospecting tool has 180 million contacts from 10 million companies, and you can apply targeting/filters to narrow down your audience of prospects. 

Apollo also has automatic detection for OOO (Out of Office) and if the prospect has left your target account/organization. It has standard email engagement features, including scheduling tracking, A/B testing, and Rule-based sending and natively supports Salesforce, Hubspot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


13. DealHub

DealHub is a CPQ (Configured Price Quotation) and sales engagement solution built for teams that sell big-ticket complex products and services. CPQ part of DealHub offers quick quote generation, quote customization, templates, workflows, upsell recommendations, and more. 

On the engagement side, DealHub offers ‘DealRoom,’ a shared space for the Sales team to provide all the information in one spot, and more comfortable for prospects to share it among decision-makers in the account. You can also conduct outreach based on the prospect’s information pulled from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Freshworks.


14. Autoklose

Autoklose is a sales engagement software for Sales teams that want prospecting + engaging covered under one roof. It provides you with a massive database of leads to search and target for outbound prospecting and Outreach with its email campaign and sequencing tools. Autoklose boasts native integrations with Salesforce, SalesFlare, Vidyard, Calendly, Office365, and many more sales and marketing integration software. 


15. PersistIQ

PersistIQ is a sales outreach and engagement platform built especially for personalized and scalable email outreach campaigns. It doesn’t have built-in CRMs like a lot of other platforms. PersistIQ might be better suited for teams that already have a CRM solution and need a separate platform for prospect outreach and engagement. 

PersistIQ’s campaign features include custom task-based workflows, the ability to add contacts on a rolling basis to existing campaigns, and more. PersistIQ has native integrations to Salesforce and Copper sync.


16. Marketo Sales Connect

Marketo Sales Connect (formerly Toutapp) is an extraordinary sales engagement platform that integrates with Adobe’s Marketo ecosystem of products to deliver a seamless experience to the customer across multiple online channels. 

With other Marketo accounts connected, prospects can be engaged across Social Ads & Web Advertisements apart from the usual Email and Phone Channels. These fantastic features help in collecting more engagement data, and better score them for the next steps in the sales funnel, improving sales efficiency and conversions over time.


17. Olono

Olono is a guided selling platform for sales teams, collecting prospect engagement data, and then using it to make actionable to-dos for the team to convert and move prospects to the next stage. This makes Olona one of the most preferred sales engagement tools for small businesses. 

It also reduces the gap between the prospect activity that goes unseen and creates a unified view for organizations to make better decisions. Olono uses this data to predict wins and conversion ratios, using its Machine Learning models to help the leaders better forecast the team’s outcomes.


18. Outplay

Outplay is a multi-channel lead engagement software for sales teams. It includes modes of communication like Phone Dialer and Web chat. One of Outplay’s key features is being able to measure prospect intent by tracking their website visits apart from email open and click rate tracking. Outplay also boasts complex trigger-based automation for email campaigns, allowing for personalization on a different level.


19. RollWorks

Rollworks is a sales engagement platform that works with products like NextRoll and AdRoll. It helps teams engage and retarget prospects across emails, web, and social advertisements. RollWorks can target ads based on the account and will show insights based on historical engagement and closure rates from companies in the prospect’s domain. 

One can also deploy personalized ads with dynamic message/content. RollWorks also has a database of 320 million contacts that you can filter down and reach out across all available channels.


20. Datananas

Datananas is a sales prospecting and engagement tool that helps teams efficiently run their outbound sales campaigns. It comes with a database of contacts that can be searched and sourced from multiple sources on the Datananas platform. 

Datananas also provides a File Cleaner, used to upload and clean contacts from sources outside the platform to further clean, segment and engage. Along with standard email campaign features, Datananas also can segment your customers based on filters and lets you perform bulk actions.


21. OneMob

OneMob is a marketing & lead engagement solution for teams that want to engage their prospects using videos and other forms of multimedia content. It facilitates creating professional videos using an app, allowing to add branding, background, watermarks, and screen recordings. 

This media content is hosted on a public webpage to specifically cater to an account along with other forms of content and presentations, which can then be tracked and used to nurture prospects better. 

OneMob has native integrations for Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. Data can be synced seamlessly with your existing Sales Operations & Engagement workflows on those platforms.


22. FunnelFLARE

FunnelFLARE is a sales engagement platform focused on Multi-channel sales cadences and follow-ups. It also includes a phone dialer that has additional options other than the standard ones. These include leaving pre-recorded voicemails for customers that aren’t able to pick up, recording and transcribing calls, and logging each request and its outcomes into your CRM of choice. 

FunnelFLARE has integrations with services like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. It also tracks website visits and has trigger-based email engagement options on capturing such behavior.


23. Funnelfly

FunnelFly allows Sales teams to automate multi-stage email follow-ups to continuously engage and nurture prospects as part of its campaign features. It also allows you to add Variables/Merge fields into emails that enable customizing content on prospect level for every campaign. ‘Growth tracks’ on Funnelfly is a feature that helps teams draw out a roadmap of tasks to undertake and guide the lead into further stages of the cycle.


24. XANT

Xant is an advanced sales enablement platform used for tracking and automating sales outreach. Some of Xant’s core features include ‘Plays,’ which work similarly to campaigns on other tools. There is Forward and Multi-recipient tracking on emails, attachment tracking, prioritization of outreach activities based on built-in rules and scoring, and more. It also automatically syncs your Sales engagement data with your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or SAP CRM.


25. Revenuegrid

Revenuegrid’s sales engagement solution focuses mostly on its ability to capture better and integrate your CRM and email engagement data coupled with data generated within the platform. It also provides Artificial Intelligence aided insights and information to predict revenue, create opportunity heatmap analytics, and display team analytics, powered by its Data Capture System. 

Revenuegrid’s sequence features help prioritize and conduct sequences across channels like Email, Phone, SMS, and Social. 


26. Mailshake

Mailshake’s sales engagement solution comes with a lightweight CRM called ‘Lead Catcher’. It captures a prospect from your campaign into a new list as per the set of the rules defined while setting it up. Mailshake comes with a cadence builder to configure and perform specific actions from your end to engage them, which will push your prospects further down the funnel. 

If you’re already running your Sales operations on either Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive, Mailshake also has native integrations for these that will help you seamlessly sync data between them.


27. Clodura

Clodura boasts a database of 200 million contacts that you could use along with engagement features on its platform. Aside from contact details, Clodura also has a tech stack install base of over 15,000 products, used to better judge a prospects’ intent. 

Clodura also sends over 25 custom buying signal alerts in real-time, which will help teams engage prospects and leads promptly and make them more likely to close. Clodura has native Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Freshsales CRMs for a complete sales engagement solution.


28. Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a sales engagement solution app designed specifically to help field salespeople. The app is 100% mobile, which enables reps to log all their customer interactions as soon as they take place, making it easy to keep track of valuable information.

Badger’s customer data visualization and advanced reporting features make it simpler than ever to understand activity within a sales territory, and be proactive about keeping closely connected with important accounts.

With features such as route optimization, check-ins, and lead generation on-the-go, Badger Maps helps field salespeople save time on their daily planning, keep better relationships with customers, discover new opportunities for business, and close more deals.


Benefits of sales engagement software

1. Improved tracking and forecasts

Tracking engagements your team has generated would be time-consuming, and inaccurate without the use of a sales engagement software. It’s also trickier to measure the team’s productivity in scenarios where the end goal isn’t met (i.e., Sales/Contract Closures).

Hence a sales engagement platform plays a crucial role in making better decisions and reporting apart from improving team productivity.

2. Quicker turnaround

A sales process’s efficiency is measured by how quickly you can get your leads through the sales cycle, which wouldn’t be possible to track without the use of a sales engagement platform. Once in use, many platforms offer features to automate, prioritize, and schedule tasks based on a pre-decided cadence.

Over time, these cadences get more efficient and profoundly impact sales cycle times. This results in more free time to engage with new prospects, effectively increasing revenues. 

3. Productivity

A key result from making use of sales engagement tools derives itself in the form of an increase in productivity. Being more productive gives the team more mind space to make better decisions. Same can be said regarding the monotonous nature of the tasks that would be involved otherwise. It helps team members learn and grow quicker, which eventually leads to growth in Sales revenues for the organization.

4. Increase in sales yield

When team members utilize the best sales engagement tools, being more productive and achieving objectives translates to more revenue per head. This signifies an increase in Sales Yield. Improving Yield is key to be scaling Sales function inside an organization.

Scaling Sales will keep the organization on track for its revenue goals. Not using a Sales Engagement platform might have the opposite effect.


All sales engagement platforms are mostly software that run on top of existing services. It’ll be fascinating to see how they’ll evolve in line with rapid improvements that we’re used to seeing in Software.

What features/functions do you like the most in your tool? And what new features would you like to see?

Let us know in the comments down below.

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