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21 Email Subject Lines for Sales that Definitely Get Responses

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Have a look at your mailbox. I am sure; there must be “N” numbers of unread emails with a plan of not reading them ever. This is because the email subject line didn’t entertain you much to proceed further. 

It’s not just you; 47 % of email users open their emails based on the subject line itself. This is a huge loss to the email sender. The same nightmare comes to a salesperson when they send outreach emails to multiple recipients.

A sales email must have a powerful subject line that will engage the reader, create a curiosity in their mind, make them open and take action. 

To create the magic, here in this article we will be providing you a list of unexcelled email subject lines for sales that will drive great results.

The top list of email subject lines for sales

1. How do you manage to tackle the [Issue]

Every professional face some issues, and they try different methods to solve it accordingly. Adding a subject line regarding the issues empathizes with the recipient and indulges him in getting into a discussion. In these conversations, both the sender and recipient get benefited from sharing ideas and end up with a win-win situation.

2. [Recipient’s Name], There is an idea for [Topic your recipient cares about]

This subject line is almost the same as above, but here, the sender provides a solution to the sender proactively. Anyone will love it if you can help them with some outreach or new lead generation processes. These sales subject lines are tested to have high open rates and better results. 

3. [Mutual connection] recommended me to get in touch with you

Getting social, building relationships and making sales is an old school, but an evergreen trend. We all love to get socialized, meet new people, and share their thoughts. Creating referrals play a significant role in sales.

If you ever have any referral or mutual connection with the recipient, add them in the subject line. This builds trust in the recipient’s mind, and in return, you receive excellent results.

4. Quick Questions about [Recipient’s Goal]

While discussing catchy email subject lines for sales, this is one of the best for you. Not everyone wants to share their solution with others, but they are always interested in knowing the problems. These subject lines catch their attention to know about the whereabouts of the sender and provide a high open-rate.

5. [Name], Got a second?

Simple and to-the-point. This is one of the best email subject line examples for meeting requests. It can be used in both reaching out to your prospect as well as nurturing them. When you say Hey David, Got a second? It generates curiosity in David’s mind regarding the one second you asked. This makes him open the email.

6. [Name], Got to know about your recent achievement at [Event Name]

Everyone loves others praising them. So being cheesy at times is fine. You can congratulate your recipient on their recent accomplishments or say something good about their latest activities. This subject line has always proven to get a high open-rate and response rate.

7. X Growth Hacks for [Recipient’s Product]

Hacks and tips are some of the essential things that every business professional searches for. If you are proficiently providing beneficial tips to your prospects along with your sales email, you can use this tailor-made subject line confidently.

RECAP (#1- #7)

  • How do you manage to tackle the email bounces?
  • John, There is an idea for getting more leads
  • Dr. Mark recommended me to get in touch with you
  • Quick Questions about your growth analysis
  • Peter, Got a second?
  • Alfred, Got to know about your recent achievement at UNO
  • 11 Growth Hacks for Saleshandy

8. A special gift for you from [Company’s Name]

We all love gifts, you must be loving it too. Gifts make your mood happy, and adding these words in your subject lines will provide you with beneficial results. Also, by providing small discounts or free gifts in your emails you will get a great response rate. At least get ready to receive a thank you from your recipient.

9. We have [mutual interest] in common…

Mutual interest is a thing that binds you with long-lasting relationships. Everyone loves to interact with people of the same interest, hang out with them, and work together. The same thing happens in business relationships too. So whenever you add some content about a mutual interest in the subject line, the recipient is more likely to give extra attention to your email.

10. XX tips to solve your [recipient’s problems]

As explained in #7, tips and tricks pull your recipients to learn more about the strategies they can implement in them. This kind of sales email subject line will bring more curiosity in the recipient’s mind as it contains the solution to his problems. Also, adding a particular number before the tips add more focus on the quantity and read your email.

11. Here is your Free Ebook on [recipient’s problems]

Being happy is the ultimate goal for everyone, be it coming in a form of FREE offer or discount coupons. If you are providing some free stuff like Ebooks or free product trials, then don’t miss a chance to describe it in your subject line. However, you need to keep in mind, the freebie you are provisioning should be relevant to your targeted audience.

12. [Name], can you show me the right way?

This is again a diplomatic way of getting connected with your prospects. It is an ideal method when you are starting a cold email, and the prospect is unaware of you. This subject line will make your prospect feel a bit superior, and they reply to you with some suggestions as a part of gratitude.

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13. We both are members of [Social group]. Can we connect?

This is one of the best ways to start a conversation with a new prospect. We personally receive these types of emails and proceed ahead to know more about them. This kind of personalized subject line usually builds strong relationships with your prospects and makes your email campaign a great success. 

14. I am also facing an issue with [Common problem]

While you describe a mutual issue with your prospect, your emails turn into a one on one discussion platform rather than a regular communication. While highlighting the common problem, you also share the ideas, pros, and cons, which increases your response rate. In such conditions, this sales subject line becomes a powerful tool for you in building trust and closing deals.

RECAP (#8 – #14)

  • A special gift for you from Saleshandy
  • We both play soccer in common…
  • 22 tips to solve your Retention issues
  • Here is your Free Ebook on Email Marketing
  • Jenny, can you show me the right way?
  • We both are members of the SaaS Growth club. Can we connect?
  • I am also facing an issue with getting leads

15. Hey [Name], We had an incomplete chat at [Event Name]

Sometimes you go to a social event, meet many potential customers in your targeted industry, discuss various topics together, and plan out to discuss it in the future. This subject line is like a reminder to those situations, where you can get back to them and close your deals.

16. I have some honest feedback for [recipient’s product name]

We are always eager to hear feedback about Saleshandy. This is the way where we can improve ourselves. This thing can be used in the sales email subject lines to get the benefits. Everyone opens the email, which contains some reviews about them. Adding this subject line is a sure-shot way to get a high response rate.

17. Can I help you with [reaching a specific goal]?

This is more of a submissive subject line for sales. Here we don’t share the benefits; instead, we ask if they need our help. If you are a brand or not a well-known brand, this will turn the tide for you. Still, to be more productive with this sales subject line, you need to know about the problems and challenges your prospect is facing, and also, you should be ready with a great solution.

18. Check how [Competitor name] achieved its [Competitors goal]

Alternative’s insights are one of the vital parts of Competitor Analysis. If you show that you know the tips and tricks on how their competitors outperformed, you will surely get an instant reply from your prospect. A properly drafted email with this subject line has always provided amazing results when it comes to sales outreach. You will always have an edge over others if you provide the competitor’s strategies to your prospect. This creates a win-win situation from the moment go.

19. I just tried calling you at [Phone Number]

Phone numbers are more of a personal thing and are available with limited connections. So if you have the contact number of our prospect, you can reach out with this subject line. Moreover, when you add this subject line, the recipient feels like you must be a close connection and takes a look at your email.

20. Is your [prospect’s current method] efficient enough?

If you have an idea or a strategy that can be beneficial to your prospect, you can use the above email subject line to take benefits from it. Many salespeople use this subject line to provide better solutions and then pitch their product and close the deal. 

21. Can you please spare 1 minute to review our [product/service]?

Asking for a review is again a passive approach, which makes your prospect feel that their review is like an expert opinion. This method has a higher chance of converting your prospect into a paying customer as they need to use your product/service to provide a review. 

RECAP (#15 – #21)

  • Hey Christeen, We had an incomplete chat at Global Science Meetup
  • I have some honest feedback for Google Apps
  • Can I help you with more customers?
  • Check how Outlook achieved 400 million users
  • I just tried calling you at +1 673XXXXXXX
  • Is your skyscraper technique efficient enough?
  • Can you please spare 1 minute to review our SalesHandy?

Best practices for writing email subject lines for sales

Although we have provided the best email subject lines for sales examples, it is also essential to follow the best methods to get results. 

We always try to make your emails more efficient and effective. So, we are adding some of the best practices for writing email subject lines for sales which will help you in scaling up your sales email productivity.

1. Write the way; you wish to receive

This is one of the first things to be kept in mind before sending any emails. Your subject line for sales should be informative as well as relevant to your prospect. Your email subject line should be influencing enough for your prospect to make them open your email and read it.

2. Hit the prospect’s pain point

Before sending any email to your prospect, you should do proper research to know about your prospect’s pain. Checking your prospect’s social account can also help you with this. If you could hit the prospect’s pain point, then it is most likely to be opened in a short duration.

3. Create a question in your Prospects Mind

Your sales email subject lines should create a question in your prospect’s mind after reading it. Do not provide excess information in the subject line. This might affect your email productivity negatively. Instead, give a hint or create a hook for the prospect to open your email. 

4. Make it Personalized

Always add some personalization in your email subject lines, as provided in the samples above. Personalized subject lines increase the open email rate by 50%. There are many tools like Saleshandy that help you personalize your emails, even if you are sending it to a group of people.

5. Keep it Short and Simple

The ideal length of a sales subject line is  7 words. Making a sales email subject line too long makes it difficult for the prospect to read the whole subject line from the panel. So, you should keep your subject line short and simple to get better readability.

short and simple

6. Keep an Eye on the SPAM keywords

Try avoiding the SPAM triggering words in your email subject lines. Almost every email service provider filters out the emails containing spammy keywords and puts the emails in your recipient’s SPAM box. This impacts your email deliverability negatively and decreases your sender reputation score.

7. Don’t write vague

Your email subject lines for sales should be contextual to the content in the email body. Writing a catchy subject line to attract your prospects and adding vague content in the email body increases the email-open rate, but you might not get a reply. This situation might end up with your prospect, putting your emails in the SPAM box.

So while drafting an email subject line, you should also check how to write an email body perfectly.


Drafting perfect email subject lines for sales is a much-required skill for every professional using email as a medium of business communication. It helps you in connecting with the leads, building long-lasting professional relationships, nurturing them, and closing the deals

It is recommended using an email automation tool like SalesHandy to reach out to your prospects, nurture them by sending personalized email campaigns, multi-stage auto follow-ups, instantly track the email open and analyze campaign performance reports from a single dashboard.

We hope that the above list must help you in drafting a perfect email for your prospects.

Also, share this with all your social connections which will make the article helpful to maximum audiences.

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