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20 Email Extractor Tools to Get Accurate Email Addresses in 2024

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You have meticulously planned your email outreach.

Your message is polished, your audience segmented, and your timing impeccable.

With confidence and a brimming smile, you get ready to be flooded with responses and hit the ‘Start’ button.

Instead, what you get is an avalanche of bounces. How frustrating is that? We can only imagine it!

If this is something that you face – not having accurate email addresses of your prospects, then you landed on the right blog.

We have a list of 20 email extractor tools that can get you accurate email addresses of your prospects, taking your outreach to the next level.

Email Extractor Software – Table of Contents

20 Best Accurate Email Extractor Software to Use in 2024

We based this list on key parameters like data accuracy and quality, data sources and integrations, compliance with regulations, and online reviews.

We further categorized the 20 tools into 5 groups and listed the pros, cons, and pricing for each so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the one for your needs.

So, without further waiting, let’s check them out!

All-In-One Email Extractor Tools

Having multiple tools can be a hassle.

This is where these All-In-One Email Extractor Tools can help you!

You can use them to find and extract your prospects’ email addresses, verify if those emails are valid, and then create and start your cold email outreach campaigns.

  1. Saleshandy Lead Finder
  4. GetProspect

1. Saleshandy Lead Finder

Saleshandy’s Lead Finder is a prospecting tool with over 700M professional contacts across 60M companies.

You can use the various demographic and firmographic filters to find a list of prospects that closely match your ICP.

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Saleshandy's Lead Finder is an All-In-One email extractor platform with over 700M+ verified professional profiles .

After that, you can extract their contact information in one go.

From here you can either export your prospect list as a CSV file or directly add them to an email outreach sequence to immediately start your outreach process.


  • You get access to a regularly updated and verified database, ensuring the contact information you use is current and accurate.
  • Prospect and send automated cold emails to your newly discovered prospects from the same platform.
  • Business-friendly pricing plan.
  • Easily integrate with popular CRM platforms like HubSpot, Zoho, and Pipedrive.


  • When you sign up for free, you only receive 5 credits.


Only Email

  • Lead Starter: $39/Month (1,000 Lead Finder Credits)
  • Lead PRO: $79/Month (2,500 Lead Finder Credits)
  • Lead Scale: $159/Month (5,000 Lead Finder Credit)
  • Lead Scale Plus 1: $249 /Month (10,000 Lead Finder Credit)

Email + Phone Numbers

  • Lead Starter: $66/Month (1,000 Lead Finder Credits)
  • Lead PRO: $144/Month (2,500 Lead Finder Credits)
  • Lead Scale: $269/Month (5,000 Lead Finder Credits)
  • Lead Scale Plus 1: $509/Month (10,000 Lead Finder Credits)


Snov is sales automation and acceleration software that can help you find prospective customers and their contact information.

You can use Snov’s B2B database to prospect and find prospects to contact.

Snov is a CRM software that can extract emails.

Still, if you’re eyeing a particular company, you can use Snov’s domain-based email extractor to extract the email addresses of key decision-makers.

Like many tools in this list (which you’ll eventually be seeing), Snov also features an inbuilt email verification tool that you can use to ensure the validity of your extracted emails.


  • Offers multiple ways to extract email addresses.
  • Snov’s has a comprehensive database, which can enhance your prospecting efforts.
  • Users have stated that Snov has an excellent customer support team in their reviews.


  • The tool can be expensive.


  • Trial – $0/ month (Free plan)
    • 50 credits
    • 100 email recipients
  • Starter (1,000 credits) – $30/ month
    • 5,000 email recipients
  • Pro (5,000 credits) – $75/ month
    • 10,000 email recipients
  • Managed Service – $3,999/ month
    • Email and LinkedIn outreach are set and managed for you.


Hunter is another all-in-one email outreach platform that you can use to find and reach out to prospects relevant to your business.

Hunter is an email outreach platform that can help extract emails.

You can use it to extract your prospects’ emails and create a list in two ways. 

You can input a company’s domain address, and Hunter will quickly find and extract publicly available email addresses. 

The other way is to provide the prospect’s name and the company they work for.

You can further speed up the process and extract email addresses in bulk by uploading a CSV file containing information on the prospects and company domains.


  • You’ll find the Email Verifier and Email Finder extremely effective when extracting bulk leads.
  • The
  • You’ll find the Email Verifier and Email Finder extremely effective when extracting bulk leads.
  • The follow-up feature in is convenient for you. It allows follow-ups in the same thread just by leaving the subject line blank.
  • The Google Chrome extension is a real-time-saver for you, enabling instant discovery of contact information.


  • The free version of allows you to find 25 emails a month, which may not meet your needs.


  • Free – 25 email searches monthly
  • Strater (500 email searches) – $34/ month
  • Growth (5,000 email searches) – $104/ month
  • Business (50K email searches) – $349/ month

4. GetProspect

GetProspect is another popular email extractor that you should check out.

Apart from emails, you also get phone numbers, social media links, and other firmographic information that you might find useful when tailoring your outreach messages.

GetProspect’s B2B database has 200M B2B contacts with emails and 26M companies.

After filtering and finding your prospects, you can bulk extract and verify their email addresses in the same platform.


  • GetProspect is easy to use and set up, making it accessible even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • You’ll find GetProspect affordable, offering a range of useful features without a high cost.
  • If you’re using LinkedIn for lead generation and networking, you’ll appreciate GetProspect’s compatibility with LinkedIn.


  • GetProspect is more suited for smaller workloads, which could be a constraint if you’re involved in large-scale lead generation projects.


  • Free – $0
    • 50 valid emails
    • 200 emails monthly
  • Starter – $34/ month
    • 1,000 valid emails
    • 5,000 emails monthly
  • Growth 5K – $69/ month
    • 5,000 valid emails
    • 100K emails monthly
  • Growth 20K – $139/ month
    • 20K valid emails
    • 100K emails monthly
  • Growth 50K – $69/ month
    • 50K valid emails
    • 100K emails monthly

LinkedIn Email Extractor Tools

If you use LinkedIn as your primary source for prospecting, then you’ll find the tools under this category very helpful.

Some of these tools extract the email addresses in the background as you browse LinkedIn, while others let you target companies or profiles with specific keywords for extraction.

There are a few that have handy browser extensions that can save many hours of manual work.

  1. Saleshandy Connect
  3. Dripify
  4. Waalaxy

5. Saleshandy Connect

You can use Saleshandy Connect to find and engage with new leads for your business.

This tool helps you get email addresses from LinkedIn profiles to connect with potential customers. 

Saleshandy Connect is a LinkedIn email extract tool.

Go to your prospect’s profile, and Connect will automatically scrape and fetch the email addresses.

You can expand the “Show more fields” and add other useful information when you are reaching out to prospects.

Then hit ‘Save Prospect’ to save all the information on your Prospects tab in the Saleshandy dashboard. You can also directly add them to any cold email sequence you create on the platform.

This makes your LinkedIn prospecting and cold outreach much more effective and efficient.


  • You can find emails in real-time as you browse LinkedIn.
  • The Chrome extension requires minimal setup on your part and is easy for you to use.
  • It enriches contact data from various sources so you get complete prospect information.
  • With an accuracy rate of over 85%, you can rely on it to find accurate email addresses for outreach.
  • You can easily add the prospect email addresses it finds to your email campaign sequences.


  • It only finds email addresses from LinkedIn profiles, limiting its scope to one platform.


  • Free to use


Skrapp is an email lookup and business data enrichment tool for your B2B sales outreach and email marketing.

It enables you to find verified professional email addresses from LinkedIn within seconds, collect essential business data, and connect with prospects.

Scrapp is an email extraction tool.

Skrapp also has a prospecting platform that you can use to gain valuable information about your prospects.

It scrapes LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn groups, and LinkedIn Recruiter to efficiently and time-savingly provide you with email IDs.


  • It helps you find verified email addresses quickly from LinkedIn to contact prospects.
  • You can easily collect important information about prospects’ companies.
  • The Chrome extension makes LinkedIn searching much easier. 


  • You need to pay for some features after a free trial.


  • Starter Plan (1000 credits) -$42/ month (2 users)
  • Seeker Plan (5000 credits) – $84/ month (5 users)
  • Enterprise Plan (20K credits) – $169/ month (8 users)
  • Global Plan (50K credits) – $254/ month (15 users)

7. Dripify

Imagine setting up LinkedIn campaigns that run themselves, connecting with potential customers, sending personalized messages, and gathering leads—all without you lifting a finger.

With Dripify, you can do just that. It’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to your LinkedIn outreach, making your lead-generation efforts smooth and efficient.

Dripify is an automated LinkedIn lead generation and email extraction tool.

Moreover, you can decide who to target, what messages to send, and when to follow up.


  • It helps you find verified email addresses quickly from LinkedIn to contact prospects.
  • You can easily collect important information about prospects’ companies.
  • The Chrome extension makes LinkedIn prospecting easier.


  • Compared to other tools in the market, Dripify can be expensive.


Basic – $39/ month, per user

Pro – $59/ month, per user

Advanced – $79/ month, per user

8. Waalaxy

Waalaxy allows you to prospect potential customers on LinkedIn automatically and by email.

It combines the power of these two channels to reach more prospects in less time.

Waalaxy is an LinkedIn automation and email extraction tool.

With it, you can also create tailored outreach sequences for prospects. You can personalize messages using qualified data to make prospects feel valued.

It also categorizes and filters prospect lists so you can stay organized.

In summary, Waalaxy saves you effort by automatically identifying and contacting the right prospects on LinkedIn and email.


  • Waalaxy seamlessly integrates with various CRM systems so you can better manage your leads.
  • You can reach out to 500 prospects weekly.
  • It has a quick onboarding process.


  • There are limited personalization options.


  • Free – 25 email finder credits
  • Advanced (25 email finder credits) – $60.8/ month, per user
  • Business (500 email finder credits) – $86.9/ month, per user


Kaspr is a Chrome extension that instantly retrieves email addresses and contact details for prospects when you visit their LinkedIn profile.

As you browse LinkedIn, Kaspr can automatically extract email addresses and other contact information in the background.

You can then export these leads as a CSV file or manage them directly within the Kaspr dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to enrich data on leads, create LinkedIn outreach campaigns, and integrate with the sales apps you already use.

You can use this tool to quickly build a lead list from LinkedIn without manual data entry.


  • With Kaspr, you can instantly extract thousands of contact data points directly from LinkedIn or into your CRM, making the building of your B2B prospect list quick and efficient.
  • As a Chrome extension, Kaspr is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn. So, you can find contact information while visiting any LinkedIn profile.
  • You can easily automate your outreach and follow-up process with the workflow feature.


  • You may find Kaspr’s pricing model and credit system a bit expensive.

Pricing will give you unlimited B2B email credits if you are able to invite three of your colleagues to try their product.

  • Free Plan – 10 export credits
  • Starter (3K export credits) – $49/ month, per user
  • Business (12K export credits) – $79/ month, per user
  • Organization (120K export credits) – $99/ month, per user (min 5 users)

Personal Email Extractor Tools

If you use personal emails as your primary source for prospecting, then you’ll find the tools under this category very helpful.

Some of these tools extract the email addresses in the background as you browse personal emails, while others let you target companies or profiles with specific keywords for extraction.

Here’s a list of personal email extractor software that you’ll be looking at in this section:

  1. AeroLeads 
  2. Overloop
  4. Wiza

10. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a web-based email extraction software that helps you find and extract contact information for sales prospects.

It searches sites like LinkedIn and Crunchbase to discover potential leads based on your specified criteria. 

AeroLeads is a web-based email extraction software.

You can save these prospects and their contact details in your AeroLeads account. The software also extracts email addresses from websites and other sources and adds them to prospect records.

You can export the lead data to sales platforms like Salesforce or email services like MailChimp.

Overall, AeroLeads enables you to quickly build a database of quality sales prospects complete with ways to contact them.


  • You can expect accurate lead information from AeroLeads, including correct email IDs and contact details.
  • You can easily organize your data and export them as a CSV file.
  • You can use AeroLeads to enrich your leads in your CRM.


  • The user interface may seem outdated, as some users have expressed in the reviews.


  • Take off – $19/ month
    • Guaranteed 9,600 valid emails
  • Climb – $49/ month
    • Guaranteed 24,000 valid emails
  • Cruise – $79/ month
    • Guaranteed 48,000 valid emails
  • Enterprise – $199/ month
    • Guaranteed 96,000 valid emails

11. Overloop

Overloop is a sales engagement platform designed to help you achieve your sales goals.

It helps you to build prospect lists based on your ICP and extract their email addresses.

Overloop is a sales engagement platform that can help you with email extraction.

The platform brings your entire sales pipeline in one place – from building contact lists and sending cold outreach to managing deals and closing them.

This can streamline your outbound sales process and help you start more conversations with your ideal prospects.


  • Overloop’s email finder is useful for building your contact list, especially for finding missing email addresses.
  • You can also use the Chrome extension to extract contacts from various websites easily.
  • You can create omnichannel outreach campaigns in Overloop.


  • Overloop’s users have said that it can be an expensive tool.


  • Startup (100 email finder credits) – $ 49/ month, per user
  • Growth (250 email finder credits) – $ 82/ month, per user
  • Enterprise (500 email finder credits)– $ 125/ month, per user


Reply is a sales engagement software that automates your outreach while personalizing communications.

It can help you build targeted prospect lists and extract personal and professional email addresses in bulk.

Reply is a sales engagement software.

Once you have all the email addresses, you can use Reply to handle tasks like crafting cold email sequences and responding to emails on your behalf to book meetings.


  • There are lots of templates available to set up campaigns.
  • The multi-channel sequence allows you to connect and nurture prospects easily.
  • They have extensive support documentation and resources to help you.


  • The pricing plans for the more advanced features can be quite expensive.
  • There can be a significant learning curve.


  • Free – 0$
    • 200 data search credits
  • Starter – $49/ month, per user
    • 5K data search credits
  • Professional – $89/ month, per user
    • 10K data search credits
  • Ultimate – $139/ month, per user (min 3 seats)
    • 30K data search credits

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13. Wiza

Wiza is a data enrichment tool that can help improve your sales, marketing, and recruitment outreach.

You simply upload a list of target companies or contacts, and Wiza will extract their personal and verified email addresses for you.

Wiza is a data enrichment tool.

Additionally, it can gather phone numbers, social media profiles, and additional information associated with your target companies and people.

It works by accurately matching prospect names and companies to current contact data that is publicly available.

Wiza saves you a lot of time and effort that you would have wasted to get relevant information. You can use this saved time to have more conversations with prospects to drive sales.


  • It provides complete, up-to-date contact data, including personal and professional emails, phone numbers, social profiles, etc.
  • You can trust it not to guess at contact information, giving you confidence you’ll reach the right prospect.


  • If you pause or cancel your paid subscription, your credits and stored leads will be removed.


  • Micro (900 email credits) – $25/month, per user.
    • Billed at $300 per year.
  • Pro ( 3K email credits) – $42/ month, per user.
    • Billed at $500 per year.
  • Growth (9K email credits) – $84/ month, per user.
    • Billed at $1000 per year.
  • Custom Plan available.

Website Email Extractor Tools

If you use website email extraction software as your primary source for prospecting, then you’ll find the tools under this category very helpful.

Some of these tools extract the email addresses in the background as you browse websites, while others let you target companies or profiles with specific keywords for extraction.

  1. CUFinder
  2. Outscraper
  3. AtomPark
  4. Email Hippo Email Extractor

14. CUFinder


is a B2B data enrichment and lead generation platform that can help you discover high-quality leads and enrich customer data.

It uses advanced algorithms and AI to extract accurate company emails and data in real-time.

CUFinder is a B2B data enrichment and lead generation platform.

Moreover, with CUFinder you can find your prospects and extract their email addresses easily. You can then export this data as an Excel file.


  • The Chrome extension lets you easily find contact information while surfing relevant websites.
  • CUFinder is very accurate in verifying emails.


  • The reporting capabilities might not be as detailed, especially when compared with more comprehensive platforms.


  • Free Plan
    • 100 Email Credits/ month
    • 5 Export Credits/ month
  • Growth – $39/ month
    • Unlimited Email Credits/ month
    • 500 Export Credits/ month
  • Premium – $79/ month
    • Unlimited Email Credits/ month
    • 2500 Export Credits/ month
  • Unlimited – $119/ month
    • Unlimited Email Credits/ month
    • 3500 Export Credits/ month

CUFinder’s unlimited email credits are subject to their fair use policy.

15. Outscraper

Outscraper is a data extraction tool that allows you to easily obtain email addresses and contact information from websites and other online public sources.

It automatically searches and extracts emails, phone numbers, social profiles, and more, saving you time and effort.

Outscraper is an email extraction software.

It also has an email verification feature that verifies extracted emails. You can also pay a small price to validate emails in bulk.

Outscraper can be really helpful in streamlining your lead generation process with its extraction and verification tools, especially if you have budget constraints.


  • Outscraper has a simple, user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to extract email addresses. 
  • You can extract email addresses from various sources, including websites, PDFs, and social media platforms.


  • You’ll face difficulties dealing with websites with strong captcha protections.


  • Free Tier – Free for the first 500 domains
  • Medium Tier (Usage after 500 domains) – $2.5 /1,000 domains
    • Price for contacts for every 1,000 domains from 501 to 100K domains scrapped.
  • Business Tier (Usage after 100K domains) – $1.5 /1,000 domains
    • Price for contacts for every 1,000 domains after 100K domains are scrapped.

16. AtomPark

AtomPark is an email extraction tool that lets you quickly find and extract email addresses from websites.

It has various handy features that you can use to bulk extract emails and email verification to remove invalid addresses.

AtomPark is an email extraction tool.

You can also get add-on plugins to extract emails from Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp by targeting specific keywords and profiles.

You can also buy Email Verfier and Email Sender platforms for an additional cost.

By using AtomPark’s email marketing suite, you can easily build a verified email list and start your email marketing or outreach campaigns on the same platform.


  • You can quickly extract all publicly listed emails from a website.
  • The tool also offers additional add-ons for extracting email addresses from social media sites.
  • It also has built-in settings to imitate human-like behavior – it uses timeout options between requests to ensure websites don’t ban your IP address.


  • You’ll have to download and install the tool as it is not cloud or web-based.


Atomic Email Hunter – $89.9

Atomic Email Verifier – $46.7

Atomic Email Sender – $89.9

17. Email Hippo Email Extractor

EmailHippo’s web-based tool can help you pull email addresses from text and web pages efficiently.

It also features a built-in email verification that checks the emails you extract for validity.

EmailHippo is an web-based email extraction software.

This significantly reduces the chances of bounce-backs in your campaigns, which is crucial for connecting with and nurturing prospects.

The synergy of EmailHippo’s extraction and verification tools makes it a valuable asset for enhancing your email marketing or lead generation efforts.


  • With the basic version, you can extract 50 emails per month.
  • Can handle large volumes of data.
  • It checks the extracted email addresses against 74 data points to ensure accuracy.


  • There are potential privacy issues with extracting others’ email addresses without consent.


Email Hippo’s email extractor is a free-to-use tool. You can contact their team for details on their paid version.

Social Media Email Extractor Tools

If social media is your go-to for finding new leads, email extraction software tailored for these platforms can be invaluable.

Certain tools will scrape profile info and email addresses without you even realizing it as you scroll through social feeds.

Others allow you to enter keywords to target specific companies or demographics you want to reach out to.

With the wealth of data on social networks, the right email extraction software can help you unlock a trove of prospects.

  1. Scrapybird
  2. LetsExtract Email Studio
  3. TweetScrape

18. Scrapybird


is a cloud-based email extraction tool that helps you fetch people’s email addresses from Twitter.

It automatically extracts email addresses based on Twitter activities, such as following, liking tweets, and retweeting.

Scrapybird is a cloud-based email extraction tool.

You can also create a list of prospects based on your ICP on Twitter, and Scrapybird can fetch their business or personal email addresses.

After extraction, you can export the emails and other details in CSV format for verification and outreach purposes.


  • You can extract emails from followers, retweeters, and people who liked a tweet from a Twitter list.
  • The tool is completely automated and will notify you when it has completed the extraction process.


  • Email verification and outreach are not available.


  • Basic (500 emails) – $40.8/ month
  • Starter (1.5K emails) – $82.5/ month
  • Business (5K emails) – $249/ month

19. LetsExtract Email Studio

LetsExtract Email Studio helps you easily extract email addresses and other contact information from Facebook.

It can get emails from your Facebook friends, group members, followers, and more.

LetsExtract Email Studio is an email extraction tool.

The program also verifies email addresses and has tools to send newsletters.

LetsExtract comes with a lifetime license product that integrates email extraction, verification, and sending tools into one easy program.


  • With this tool, you can extract email addresses from Facebook profiles and groups, even those hidden behind privacy settings.
  • You can extract large volumes of data quickly with the Facebook Email Extractor tool.


  • This tool solely focuses on Facebook, which might restrict your broader email extraction needs.


  • Basic – $39
    • Email Extractor
  • Pro – $59
    • Email Extractor
    • Email Verifier
  • Ultimate – $79
    • Email Extractor
    • Email Verifier
    • Email Sender

20. TweetScrape

Tweetscrape is cloud-based email extraction software that can help you generate business leads from Twitter.

It automatically extracts email addresses from Twitter profiles and puts them into a spreadsheet.

Tweetscrape is an email extraction tool that extracts emails from Twitter.

You input keywords or target Twitter handles related to your industry. Tweetscrape then scans those profiles, identifies email addresses in bios and tweets, and exports them so you can connect.

This saves you hours of manual searching while compiling a list of qualified, industry-specific prospects.

With just a few clicks, Tweetscrape provides a targeted outreach email list that can increase your sales.


  • The free and open-source tool makes it accessible to many users, including researchers and hobbyists.
  • It offers advanced configuration options for filtering tweets, allowing you to collect data tailored to your criteria.


  • Due to Twitter API restrictions, you might face limitations on the volume of data you can scrape.


  • Basic (6K emails) – $57/month
  • Starter (18K emails) – $97/month
  • Business (Unlimited emails) – $217/month

What Features Should A Good Email Extractor Software Have?

A sign of a good product is that it simplifies your work rather than complicates it.

When an email extractor tool effectively supports your lead gen efforts – accelerating prospecting workflows while extracting maximum value – you know it’s a winner.

Here are a few must-have features that you should be on the lookout for when considering an email extraction software:

  • Advanced Filtering Options: You can target specific groups with precision using advanced filtering options like industry, job title, location, or company size.

    This allows you to create a lead email list that is segmented and relevant to your offering, making your outreach more effective.
  • Real-Time Email Verification: This is a must-have feature, as it ensures the emails you extract are valid and active. With real-time verification, you can reduce bounce rates and increase the deliverability of cold emails.
  • Bulk Extraction Capabilities: With bulk extraction, you can save a lot of time and manual effort. With tools like Lead Finder, you can filter your ideal leads and bulk extract their email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Integration with Popular Platforms: You should be able to seamlessly integrate the extractor tool with your CRM and other sales and marketing platforms.

    This integration will help streamline your workflows and improve data management across your sales and marketing ecosystem.
  • Export Feature: This feature is crucial for ensuring compatibility with other marketing and sales software, allowing you to import and utilize the data across different systems. You should be able to easily export the email addresses you’ve gathered in formats like CSV or Excel. 

These are some of the features that set excellent email extractors apart. The right email extractor software can improve outreach efforts, accelerate prospecting, and help nurture new business daily.

In the next section, you’ll see how you can choose the right tool.

So, let’s check it out!

How to Choose the Right Email Extractor for Your Needs

With so many good email extractor tools in the market, it’s easy to get spoilt for choice.

But, by knowing what to look for, you’ll be able to find the right tool for your needs much faster.

Let’s look at some of the key factors to help you make the ideal choice:

  • Data Accuracy: The first and most important factor you should consider is the accuracy of the data you extract. If the email addresses of your prospects are incorrect, you can face issues like high bounce rates and low deliverability.
  • Extraction Efficiency: Next to accuracy is efficiency. The tool of your choosing should help you save time and effort. Tools that can extract email in bulk can help scale your lead gen efforts and improve your sales pipeline.
  • Check Integrations: It’s important that the email extractor integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM systems and email marketing platforms. Smooth integration ensures easy data management and maintains workflow efficiency.
  • Ease of Use: The tool you choose should be easy for you to navigate and use. By having a lower learning curve you can get the most out of the tool from the start.
  • Compare Pricing Plans: The most crucial factor is pricing. The goal is to get the best value for your investment, not necessarily to choose the most expensive option.

    You should examine the pricing plans of the tools you’re considering and weigh the costs against the features offered. 

By keeping these criteria in mind you can simplify your decision-making process. It will help you zoom in on the right extractor tool that matches your specific needs.

And remember, the tool is just part of the equation – you also need an effective outreach strategy. So, update yourself with the right techniques and sequences so your emails drive action once sent.

Ready to Extract Emails of Your Ideals Prospects?

You are now a few steps away from reaching out to your prospects. You have seen the 20 best email extractor tools that can help you find the email addresses of your prospects.

Some of these tools, like Saleshandy, go beyond mere email extraction.

You can find your ideal prospects, get their email addresses, and contact them with personalized cold email campaigns.

All from a single platform!

It’s now up to you to decide on and choose the best tool for your needs.

We hope this guide helped you find your ideal email extractor tool, which can boost your lead generation efforts and help you close more deals in 2024.


1. Are email extractor tools legal?

You can use email extractor tools legally if they gather public email addresses and follow privacy laws. But remember, laws vary by region, so always check local regulations, especially privacy rules like the GDPR in Europe.

2. How much does an email extractor cost?

The cost of an email extractor can vary based on the features, the accuracy of emails, and more. You can expect to pay anywhere between $30 to $49 for the basic plans, whereas the advanced plans with extra features can go up to several hundred dollars each month.

3. Is an email extractor accurate?

The accuracy of an email extractor depends on the specific tool you use. Most tools try to be very accurate using special methods and checks like manual verification.

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