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How to send Personalized Emails in Gmail using Mail Merge

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We have all been there. Wanting to send emails in bulk but afraid of showing that you have sent the same email to 100 different people or using [Ctrl + C] and  [Ctrl + V] again and again and again.

That’s where SalesHandy steps in. With Saleshandy, people can send personalized emails using Mail Merge with Gmail or Mail Merge with Outlook to multiple recipients without anyone knowing that you sent it to other 199 people at the same time. And you have to type the email just ONE time. That’s it!

SalesHandy’s Mail Merge Feature allows users to:

  • Send personalized emails to up to 5000 recipients at a time.
  • Save time and efforts in sending one-to-one personalized emails.
  • Add from Bcc to CRM.
  • Track the mail openings, link openings and replies.

Make your day more productive and efficient with Saleshandy. Wondering how?

If you didn’t go for the video, I suppose you are a Reader!

How to use Saleshandy’s Mail Merge feature and what does it do

Mail Merge Campaigns can be sent using:

Using Send Via Gmail option your email will be sent from your own Gmail account connected with Saleshandy, it will appear same as one on one personalized email to your recipient.

Not a Gmail user? Don’t worry, we have got everybody covered. You can use Saleshandy with any email account using SMTP configuration. This has more steps but you can use any email account you want. Configure your outlook or any email account using these steps:

  • “Saleshandy” >> “Email Accounts” >> “Connect New Account” >> “SMTP” >> “Add Information” to connect your any SMTP account. If this was confusing, we have pictorial representation to guide you!
Add account

Now that you are all set with SalesHandy, let’s show you how to send a Mail Merge campaign using Saleshandy. We have taken a Gmail account in this example but you can send mail merge campaigns using your Outlook or any other email account.


Login To SalesHandy >> Email Campaign >> New Campaign

Email Campaign


After hitting “New Campaign,” you will be directed to the main campaign screen as shown below:

New Campaign
â–ş Campaign Title:

It will help you identify the campaign purpose in future. It is for the user’s convenience & it won’t be seen to the recipients at any stage. Hence, you can name it as per your need. For eg. Reseller Cold Mail Set 1, Reseller Cold Mail Set 2 etc.

Campaign Title
â–ş Add / Select Recipients List:

How will you add recipients/mailing list? For that, you have to Upload a Comma Separated Value (CSV) File.


If you have already uploaded a CSV & want to use the same mailing list again, simply select the second option â€śImport from other Email campaign” & Select the mailing list of the recipients you want to send a personalized email.

One can create the CSV file using Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

Add columns to the first row with titles. i.e First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Location, Message Etc. These titles will become “Mail Merge Fields” which will personalize your emails. Once you’ve uploaded the CSV, if you want to verify your email list to ensure a lower bounce rate, you can do it using SalesHandy itself.

Note: Only one column “email” is mandatory to send the campaign. This column is not case-sensitive so that it will accept word “email” written in both upper & lower case letters.

CSV file format
â–ş Select From Address:

You might have set up more than one Gmail account with Saleshandy or you have Gmail as well as Outlook or other email accounts with Saleshandy and that’s where “From Email” option comes in. You can choose the account you want to send that specific Mail Merge campaign from.

â–ş Subject & Email Body:

Enter the desired email subject & body in the respective fields.

You will find the mail merge fields as uploaded in the CSV above the Subject field.

Select the mail merge fields you want to add in the content or subject line. Select {{unsubcribeurl}} merge tag if you want to add unsubscribe option to your email so that the recipient can opt-out from your future emails.

Tip: It is advisable to insert the fields by clicking on the fields available above “Subject” field. Manually typing opens up the possibility for errors ar fields are both case-sensitive & space sensitive.

Mail Merge fields

Note: If you want to send the emails with your signature you will have to update your SalesHandy profile with it as our Mail Merge feature doesn’t extract it from your Gmail account.

â–ş Test:

Once completed the above steps, to check if fields have been placed perfectly or not, Send Test Email before sending out your Mail Merge Campaign.

Send Test Email
â–ş Start Campaign:

You are just a hit away from sending personalized mass emails (using mail merge with Gmail) i.e personalized emails to multiple email addresses at a time using mail merge fields from your own Gmail address.

Please Note: With the “Domain Block” feature of SalesHandy, you can block sending emails to a given domain. Upload a CSV file that contains the domains that you want to block or add a single new domain to the block list.

SalesHandy Reports For Mail Merge With Gmail

Saleshandy report of email campaign
â–ş Total / Successful / Failed Emails

Report will show you the total number of contacts to whom mail merge campaign was sent, No. of successful deliveries & failed / unsuccessful email deliveries.

Saleshandy report
â–ş No. of Email Opened

You can measure the campaign success from this figure. It will show you the total number of opens and email open history.

â–ş No. of Clicks

You will get the information about the total number of link clicks made by the recipients. This is useful to know who amongst your recipients are interested in what you have to offer.

â–ş No. of Recipients Replied

As stated previously, a reply can be tracked only if mail merge campaign is sent via Gmail Account.

Measure the performance of an email campaign by the number/percentage of replies you get.

You can export the entire mail merge report with above-mentioned data in a CSV file.

If you are still having any difficulties with campaigns or anything at all, the help center has answers to all your questions.

Here’s a video that will help you understand how to use mail merge in SalesHandy.

Disclaimer: Document tracking discontinued from SalesHandy.

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