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10 Sales Prospecting Email Templates to Win More Leads

Prospecting is the backbone of the sales process. It makes sure you constantly progress towards your goal and help your prospects to win. But, what’s important is doing the sales prospecting in the right way. In research we found 34% of sales reps believe prospecting is their biggest challenge in 2020. 

Now the question is how to make the process simpler, effective, and where one should start prospecting?

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How Do You Politely Remind Someone To Reply Your Email?

Sending a reminder email is an essential practice to boost the email response rate. Every business professionals use this practice to take their conversation closer to their end goals. 

However, analyzing the recipient’s side, a standard business professional receives 96 emails in a day. So, we must agree that it is a tedious task for the recipient to reply to each email. 

Sending a polite reminder email cheers up your recipient and creates an interest in them to respond back.

But how do you politely remind someone to reply?

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Email Outreach After COVID-19: What SDR Need To Know And Do?

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected almost every business sector across the globe. According to the recent report by Statista, there is a 0.4% drop in the global economy, which costs around 3.5 trillion US dollars.

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How to Verify Email Address Before Sending Cold Emails?

No one loves email bounce backs, primarily when SDRs conduct cold email campaigns. According to a recent report by Constant Contact, the average email bounce rate is 7.75%.

But the good email bounce rate is less than 2%. Anything above 2% is considered critical.

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How to Write a Sales Email for Sureshot Conversions

Sales professionals spend a lot of time and effort to set up their email outreach campaigns. 

Still, the buyers open only 23.9% of sales emails. 

The low open rate is due to the unappealing emails that make the prospect perceive as another trifling junk in the inbox. The low email engagement affects the entire sales process which ultimately hits hard to revenue of the company.

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Lead Nurturing Black Book: Learn How To Setup and Optimize for Growth

30% of sales professionals believe that having introduced lead nurturing has been the most significant benefit to their team, resulting in better responses to campaigns and easier segmentation.

Lead nurturing plays an essential role in high converting sales processes. It helps your leads deeply understand your product and guides them to make a purchase decision. Teams that are good at nurturing their leads generate 50% more sales-ready leads at ⅔ the cost.

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A Guide to Build Successful Email Outreach Strategy Amid COVID-19

There’s no getting around the havoc the COVID-19 has caused for businesses and our economy. It wiped out $6 Trillion from our market. A lot of businesses, big and small, were caught off guard due to drastic drop in demand. Keeping all that in mind, how do you conduct email outreach during COVID-19?

We understand that times like these can be tough not just on consumers, but businesses that employ people. People like us are directly-indirectly dependent on these businesses to make a living, so it’s incredibly important to bring back demand.

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21 Email Subject Lines for Sales that Definitely Get Responses

Have a look at your mailbox. I am sure; there must be “N” numbers of unread emails with a plan of not reading them ever. This is because the email subject line didn’t entertain you much to proceed further. 

It’s not just you; 47 % of email users open their emails based on the subject line itself. This is a huge loss to the email sender. The same nightmare comes to a salesperson when they send outreach emails to multiple recipients.

A sales email must have a powerful subject line that will engage the reader, create a curiosity in their mind, make them open and take action. 


How to Schedule an Email in Outlook: A Step by Step Guide

Do you want to schedule an email in Outlook to send it later?

Well most of us want it. Mostly, we want to schedule our emails when we are not available to send at the desired time, or at particular time when our recipient is more likely to open the message. Obviously, these increase the email open rate and response.  

But scheduling email is tedious job in Outlook due to its complex functionality. The users face difficulties when they have to schedule an email to send later in Outlook.


How to Build an Email List: 12 Essential Tips To Scale Fast

Building an email list is the first step towards starting a strong business relationship with your ideal customers. Email tends to be the most convenient and profitable channel of communication for any business. 

You might have often heard marketers say that “The Money is in the list.