email deliverability

20 Email Deliverability Best Practices You Must Follow in 2020

Even after the evolution of many internet messengers and other mediums of sending messages, email communication is staying apart from the whole league and is having a top priority base when it comes to Business Communication. According to recent data of Radicati, 128.8 billion business emails are sent and received every day. Having said that, 81% of SMBs use email as the primary source to communicate with their clients.
But what about Email Deliverability?

Does the sender know if his emails are hitting right in the recipient’s inbox? (more…)

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How To Create A Group Email In Outlook- A Step-by-Step Guide

An email is an essential mode of communication for any and every business. As per the report of Radicati, 293 billion business and consumer emails are exchanged every day in 2019. The same report predicted the number to cross over 347 billion by the end of 2023. With the increasing number of emails, business professionals prefer sending group emails. As Outlook is one of the most widely used email tools, Whenever you want to reach out to multiple people, you can create a group email in Outlook to get things done. 


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How to Send a Mass Email in Outlook With Mail Merge Personalization

Microsoft Outlook ranks fourth among the major email service providers across the world and 61% of its customers are from the United States. The simpler user interface and handy features are the reason for the numbers of professionals using Outlook. For years many business organizations use Outlook as their primary email sending medium. However, every user trying to reach wider audiences has a very common query about how to send mass email in Outlook in a simpler manner.


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send cold emails without getting your account blocked

How To Send Cold Emails Without Blocking Your Email Account

It’s 2019 and still email remains the primary channel of communication for business. The data of Radicati shows that 128.8 billion business emails are sent and received each day which is growing by 3% YoY. No business professional wants to miss the opportunity to connect with its potential audience just by not emailing them. So if your business needs to reach out to wider potential audience, the best way to do is send cold emails.

Yes, you read that correctly!

Even after decades of technological advancements, cold email isn’t dead. 

Sales Persons, Marketers, and many other business professionals still believe cold email is the best way to outreach a prospect to solve their business needs. But now the question arises. Is sending a cold email that easy now as it used to be before?


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Mail merge in Gmail

How to Create Mail Merge in Gmail

Personalization is extremely important while sending an email. If you send multiple emails per day, it becomes difficult to personalize each and every email that you send. To solve this problem and automate the personalization, you can send a mail merge campaign from Gmail. It will make sure that your open rate (the number of opens every email sent) increases and so does your reply rate. You need to give your recipients a feeling of belongingness with your email. This is necessary because it makes your leads, prospects, candidates, and customers feel an important part of your conversation. (more…)

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Mail merge in outlook

How to setup Mail Merge in Outlook (2020)

Mail merge in Outlook is very different from outlook broadcast. When you broadcast an email, it sends that message to a group of people. But if you send a mail merge email with Outlook, it will consider each recipient as an individual recipient. You can play around a lot and give a personalized touch to all your emails. You can personalize the subject lines, their names and their businesses in your emails. The sky is the limit on how much you can experiment if you know how to send mail merge emails in outlook. (more…)

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How to manage outlook email effectively - SalesHandy

How to manage Outlook email effectively

Marketers, recruiters, executives, CEOs and Founders, all the employees at every level of the organizational chart are aware of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook, often used as an email application by business, is a personal information manager by Microsoft. If you know how to manage outlook email effectively, you can manage calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking and journal. In this era, where most of the business communication happens through email, it is necessary to know how to manage outlook email effectively. It will save you time and increase our productivity by helping you organize your daily affairs in a much more effective way. (more…)

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Email blacklist

What is Email Blacklist and how to avoid it?

One of the worst nightmares for any email marketers is getting their email blacklisted. As it can negatively affect your ability to reach your subscriber’s inbox. With the advancement in technology, the occurrence of fraud has increased, and the ISP (Internet Service Providers) has employed different means to protect their users from spam through spam traps, spam filters, and email blacklists. With all these tools, high engagement and deliverability rates is a tough job for all the professionals. Avoiding the red hand of the email blacklists and the spam filters is not an impossible task if you regularly keep an email blacklist check and update yourself if your email is blacklisted. (more…)

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email open rates

All you need to know about email open rates and how to improve it

In the era, where professionals communicate through emails, making sure that you know all the aspects related to email marketing is necessary.
The success of such campaigns depends upon how clearly the Call-to-Action is placed and hence the conversion rates. The first action that you would want the recipient to take would be opening your email. Hence, it is necessary that the email sent is tracked, and the open rates are checked to ensure high engagement campaign rates.
That is exactly what we have talked about in this blog. While writing about all you need to know about email open rates, we have covered:


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