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7 Sales Follow up Mistakes to avoid

The meaning and understanding of sales have evolved drastically over time. In the past, sales meant only buying and selling of goods.

But now making sales happen isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Sales mean not only the transaction of goods but also knowing about customer’s needs and requirements. Proper analysis of the needs and requirements of the customers is mandatory to keep the wheels of sales turning.

Usually, it is a toiling task to captivate a client for the long term. Therefore, it is essential for any organization to keep good sales rep that can follow up nicely.

Sales Tips

Sales Tip 5: Patience with Persistent

“Patience is the companion of Wisdom”

When you are in the field of sales, patience is the key to success. Sometimes it happens that you get tired of making consistent efforts when you gain no results at all. Different market research companies over a number of years reveal that 80% of non-routine sales occur only after at least five follow-ups. So, here you need to be patient because continuous efforts to persuade the customers will definitely bear fruit. Keep trying until you succeed in the objective of gaining the trust of your customers. This will require you to nurture your garden with persistent efforts. Once the objective is acquired, you will have the whole battlefield to play around.
Act wisely with persistence and patience; you will turn out to be a winner.!!
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Sales Tips

7 Must Read B2B Sales e-books In 2021

Sales have been a tedious process over a period of time. Moreover, if the salesperson does not keep up with their targets they are bound to get bogged down which would hamper their progress. It is a famous saying ” Books are men’s best company“, so if the sales team is provided with good and comprehensive sales books like b2b sales e-books in the midst of adverse time it would prove to be a boon for them. Moreover, Authentic sales tips  and proven methods will enable your sales team to re-sharpen their strategies and work methods.

Here is a list of some of the most sought-after and highly rated sales e-books you can’t do without in 2021:

Sales Sales Tips

15 Words to Power Your Sales Pitch

“Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours wisely”

Avery popular saying which emphasizes the “POWER of WORDS”. Well, words can turn your simple calls into perfect sales. But what if your words don’t leave that impressive impact on your customer?


Gmailify: The best of Gmail, without an @gmail address

All of us love Gmail, don’t we? But, at the same time, old Email Ids are precious to most of us. Not everyone can change their email ids; even if Gmail provides awesome features. This is a common expression that most of us give, “I  wanted to migrate to Gmail but I just can’t.”

Email Email Templates Sales

#101 Email Templates for Sales Person

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You have a dazzling product or a new idea or simply some sales prospecting to do. You might be pondering on ways to sell your product or idea.

In the present day, reaching your customers is as easy as knocking a door. They are just a mouse click away.!!

For this, you would have done the research on – “How to take your product to the customers?”

Well, you might have found that email is the most popular method used nowadays as sales prospecting tool, since business cards.

Now, the question arises: What type of content should be used so that your email doesn’t move to the trash?

Inside sales Tools

Inside Sales Tools: A Backstage Miracle

Today businesses have become more technology driven and the most important development is the shift to “Inside Sales”.  Inside sales are sales conducted over the phone or through the internet, rather than the traditional face-to-face model.

The most recent Inside Sales Market Size Study, conducted by, revealed that inside sales is growing 7.5%, compared to field sales at only 0.5%. In addition, more than half of B2B sales reps (53%) sell remotely.

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Inside sales can be the key to your company’s success, but adapting to this new paradigm presents a host of challenges as well. So how do you get your sales team ready for this technology-driven and fast paced sales method? The answer is to empower your sales team with comprehensive inside sales tools which will enhance organizations productivity and sales.

Sales Sales Tips

14 Must Watch Inspirational Movies for Every Salesperson

Movies are all-time fun and especially when the script targets your pain points, the movie becomes unforgettable. The work life of a Salesperson is really busy one. They need the inspiration to learn a lot along with work. And you are already aware of the fact that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..!!”. So, take a break..!! Relax on your couch with the glass of cold drink and popcorns to get inspired.
Here is the list…

Inside sales

The Ultimate guide to Build Successful Inside Sales Teams

Inside sales are the new height of sales wizardry.

This new marketing model is the good news B2B businesses need to hear. And, the model is promising to change how businesses approach their sales campaigns.

It is what experts are calling; not an evolution in marketing but a revolution that is shaking the roots of traditional marketing. It is ready to explode.

Growth Hacking

Entrepreneurship – From the Eyes of Inbound Marketing

Uncertainties bring evolvement and the risk taking abilities change the viewpoint of the world. Entrepreneurship is ONE SUCH THING which involves both. It brings such great things into prospects which were never thought before along with the opportunity to deal diligently with the same. “Turning Out to Sweet Sixteen” i.e. 2016 offers new opportunities for the beginners as well as the professionals trying to upgrade their scheme of things.  Synchronization & Innovation with an ability to sustain and grow is the NEW MANTRA (Hymn) that would dominate the future belongings of Entrepreneurship. Here is the “things to do” list that would be needed to go with the flow.