20+ Best chrome extension for Recruiters to use in 2019

Best chrome extension for Recruiters

When it comes to the best Chrome extensions for recruiters, the sea of opportunities is extremely well-equipped. Still, the best is not that easy to be found when the offer is so wide. Being a recruiter is an amazing, yet demanding job. You’re always interacting and meeting new people, always on the move to try and bring in the best employees to your company and always trying to improve your work. Still, this can be quite draining at times, as the recruiter can have an incredible impact on the success or failure of the company, especially a new one.

This is why recruiters should always look into new trends and see what new apps can help them make their work just a little easier. Every recruiter has his own method of hiring new people in the company, which means most of them will use different tools for the same job. These days, the once hard task of searching for candidates and employees is made easier by technology. Gone are the days of posting hiring announcements in the paper or wandering around town looking for people for your firm.

Find the best chrome extension for recruiters and help yourself

1. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is the ultimate tool for email tracking, template development and everything email. They’re experts at what they do, so you’re in good hands if you’re a salesperson, a recruiter or a business owner who’s starting an email campaign from scratch.

SalesHandy chrome extension

Unlimited read receipts, automated email follow-ups, team email templates, email scheduling and so on. All of these tools are available to you with SalesHandy, which has now branded their services into a Chrome extension. Being a recruiter, it will help you know when the candidate is looking at your emails and how much time is he spending on your document. From this information, you can understand what candidate is interested in your offering and who’s not.

SalesHandy recruitment tool
prophet chrome extension

The amazing thing about the internet is, there’s so much data about people online now, you don’t really have to do any background checks to make an idea about future employees. With the Prophet Chrome extension, you can learn more about people, which is crucial for recruiters. Prophet shows you everything about a person just by reading his or her Twitter profile, including contact information.

The MightySourcer Chrome extension is ideal for recruiters and their daily activities. The extension lets you find phone numbers and email addresses of your candidates easy and fast. You can then send them an email and invite them to apply to your job in seconds. Time is money, this should be the unofficial motto of the Mighty Source.

Hello talent chrome extension

Recruiters often have to go proactive, that is, to go out and search themselves for people, rather than simply wait for people to apply for their jobs. The Hello Talent Chrome extension is ideal for sourcing new candidates from anywhere in the world. You can see their profile, activate the extension and there you go!

What’s the most important tool you can put in the hands of a recruiter? A good database of people, of course! The Clearbit Connect Chrome extension gives you access to one of the best and largest, an up-to-date database in the world. Install the extension and you’ll instantly have access to the information of millions of people and companies. Moreover, the extension allows you to receive information about the people who are messaging you and also find an email address without even leaving the inbox.

Another great Chrome extension for personal information is Discoverly. This app says it’s able to show you the contact information about the people you find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Have the extension installed and it will simply know when to show you the bits and pieces of information you need. Discoverly is great for job hunters, recruiters and also salespeople.

The Hunter Chrome extension is pretty awesome. You can find everything about the team behind a website the minute you land on their page. Names, emails, the jobs that they have, social media information, everything is at your fingertips and one click away from you. You simply click on the icon and there you have it, every single thing you need is right there.

The TextUs Chrome extension is ideal for those recruiters who want to keep in touch with people and do it fast every time. You can communicate via messages with contacts from CRM, ATS or websites. This means your communication speed will dramatically increase and so will your productivity! TextUs knows if your contacts have mobile or landline phones and automatically texts just the people with mobile devices.

One of the best free sourcing apps out there, the AmazingHiring Chrome extension allows you to see the social footprint and also the professional background of your candidates. The extension requires no effort to be used, focusing on the profiles of specialists from developers in the front end, the back end, Android, iOS, scientists, engineers and so on. Regardless of who you’re looking for, you’ll find them with AmazingHiring.

Gorgias chrome extension

To put it shortly, you can use the Gorgias Chrome extension to have several text templates at hand and use them as you like, anytime, anywhere you have a laptop with the browser installed on it. You can insert your text templates in Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Mail and all other tools any recruiter uses on a daily basis.

One Tab chrome extension

There’s nothing worse than an overworked browser and an extremely cluttered tab bar. These things happen when you’re doing a lot of things at the time. With One Bar, all you have to do is click on the icon and the entire tab will turn into one list. It’s like magic and guaranteed to work every single time. Try it and you’ll fall in love with it.

Linkedin research tool

The name says it all with this extension. You can use it to instantly search LinkedIn for people and yes, future candidates for your jobs. You can simply highlight the text with a name in your browser and then right-click the name so that the extension can search for the person on LinkedIn. This sure is a must-have for every human resources people.

Grammerly chrome extension

There’s nothing worse than reading an email that’s filled with small, yet unprofessional grammatical mistakes. With Grammarly, the texts that you send out via email or text messages will always come out to be 100% error-free. The mistakes you make are automatically shown and you can right-click on them and see the correct versions. Grammarly has both a free and a paid version for 25 US dollars a month. If you’re not really looking for people with a PhD in literature, you’re most likely fine with the free version which works like a charm.

Data Miner chrome extension

As the name suggests it, the Data Scraper Chrome extension allows you to collect all sorts of data, personal information, contact data, social media and so on from any given website that you’re on. The data is collected into a CSV file or an Excel sheet and then emailed to you in seconds. All the data you’re scraping is stored in a safe virtual environment.

Boomerang chrome extension

Boomerang is one of the many email tools out there. You can send your emails at a later time, and also track the responses you get. The extension also helps you with writing better emails. Its main feature is its ability to allow you to set the email to be sent at a certain time.

With the Nimble Chrome extension, you have the whole social profiles, streams, and signals related to a certain contact in a single screen, at the push of a button. This extension allows you to see the complete history between you and a certain individual, messages, notes, emails and so on. If you want to look back on an interaction you had with someone months ago, Nimble will allow you to do just that, and very fast.

Dux chrome extension

As a recruiter, you’ll spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. The Dux-Soup for LinkedIn Chrome extension lets you perform better in domains such as lead generation, business development and so on. Tools such as auto-profile viewing or auto-invite are crucial for you to keep up with your numbers.

Mighty text chrome extension

With the Mighty Text Chrome extension, you’re a few keys away from sending your SMS text messages straight from your laptop. This makes it so much easier for you not only to send these texts but to also keep track of them on your PC or Mac. The app is 100% free and you can use your current phone number without fail.

Hiretual chrome extension

Do you want to source your new talent 10 times faster? Hiretual says you can just by using their Chrome extension. Hiretual lets you search for candidates across 30+ platforms with more than 700 million professional profiles. There’s also an AI system in place that will help you look for just the right people for your enterprise.

Lusha chrome extension

A tool for marketers, business leaders and recruiters, with Lusha you can get the B2B contact information that you need in seconds. Get on any business profile and, with Lusha installed as a Chrome extension, get the direct phone numbers and emails of the people you’re looking at online in no time.

Final notes

These are just some of the recruiter Chrome extensions you can find online and for free or for cheap. Just remember that, when you choose which of these to use, you need to keep in mind that you’re the best choices will be based on what tools you use the most. So, for example, if you’re big with email, tools like SalesHandy are a must for you at all time. The best work a recruiter can do is crucial for the good workings of any company.

As a recruiter, time is the hardest tool you have to manage on a daily basis. Time is money, time is of the essence, time is king, you’ve heard them all. Hiring new people in your company is tough because you can never be 100% sure of your choice, no matter how many years of experience you have. Regardless if you’re recruiting for physical labour, office or B2B services, make sure you give it your best every time. And yes, make your life easier by using these tools that are always there for you, just one click away.

That’s not all

We hope that this list provides value to you. If you think we missed out on some extension, we are open to suggestions. Share its name in the comment down below, we’ll review it and take an action accordingly.