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2024 Instantly.AI In-Depth Review: Features, Pricing, and Best Alternative

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Blogs like this can be used like a magician’s hat. 

Keep collecting the required information until you find every detail you want before making that well-informed decision.

So good choice, man! You were searching for an Instantly.ai review and found the treasure! In this blog, we have evaluated their features, pricing, and other important factors so that you can make that decision smoothly. 

Ok, let’s understand priorities first before starting the review.

What does a cold marketer want in a cold email tool?

The basics include,

Get to your customer’s inbox without falling into spam,

Easy management of the customers from 1 place,

Budget-friendly (Of Course!),

Integrations to make your cold email journey easy,

Most importantly, it should be easy for teams to use and collaborate.

So, these will be the points we will address in the blog to clear your major concerns.

Instantly Review: Table of Contents

The Ultimate Cold Email Software Comparison 

Top Features of Instantly.Ai

Is Instantly.Ai Worth Your Money? 

What Do Users Have to Say About Instantly.Ai? (Reviews)

Instantly’s Price Breakdown

Choose The Best Alternative to Instantly – Saleshandy

Is Instantly.ai the Best Cold Email Software for You?



If you’re short on time, we’ve created a concise, informative table to quickly help you choose the best cold email software for your needs. 

The Ultimate Cold Email Software Comparison 2024

The Ultimate Cold Email Software Comparison 2024
Starting Price30$25$32$Saleshandy
Customer SupportGoodBestGoodSaleshandy
B2B Lead Database160 million750 million450 million+Saleshandy
Email PersonalizationAll
Team IntegrationrestrictedUnlimited Team membersUnlimited (charged per seat)Saleshandy
AI email warm-upNot AvailableNot AvailableInstantly
A/Z Testing
(Not in the basic plans)
(Charged Additionally)
Ai Empowered AnalyticsNot AvailableNot AvailableInstantly
Domain ExperienceIn the market since 2021In the market since 2015In the market since 2018Saleshandy
Unlimited Email AccountsAll

Instantly.Ai Review – Top Features

To start, using instantly.ai is quite easy, as they have provided ample video and written tutorials to guide new users through a smooth onboarding.

Instantly interestingly divides their main products into 4 main sections. We will learn why that is in a bit. The 4 products are,

1. Outreach – About cold emailing and features.

2. Lead Database – About their database of verified leads.

3. Deliverablity – About their email warmup feature.

4. CRM – About managing leads, still in the beta stage.

Here’s the thing: CRM is charged extra, so it’s being divided into separate products. Instantly.ai does not include CRM in your regular plan.

Now, let’s examine the features and UI you will see once you connect your account and start using Instantly.ai in real time.

Once you open the account, you will find 6 features and a beta version of CRM in your lefthand side panel. We will review each of them one by one.

1. Lead Finder

Indstantly.ai Lead finder

Lead finding is the most important thing in cold emailing software. 

Okay, now let’s start talking about the features. Let’s start with the Lead Finder. Although Instantly.ai does not have leads compared to its competitors like Saleshandy, it does have enough for you to start. 

Although big and old businesses do have solid databases, many times, businesses need a lead database that they can use to expand their SQLs (Sales Qualify Leads).

The lead finder feature allows you to  personalize and connect your account via Google, Outlook, or simply by uploading a CSV file (if you have multiple accounts.)

Instantly.ai lead finder does have nearly 160 million in the database, and you can further filter it out according to your preference before choosing the right set of audiences for you. 

Here’s an interesting thing. You can also enrich your list with more details if you wish to hyper-personalize.

 A unique thing about Instantly.ai’s lead finder is that it can help you filter out leads based on current news. So, if you want to target a particular section of people to whom that news can be relevant, you can do that. Cool right!

2. Email Accounts

Instantly does give you enough options to connect your email account using Google, Outlook, or any other provider. 


What’s unique about their email account setup? Here’s what!

They give you a ‘Done For You’ setup, which you can use immediately. Great for a marketer!

They let you select your domain and give you suggestions from where you can choose your preferred one in the Done-For-You section. 

But the catch is that as they are creating this all from scratch for you, it is charged extra. (Yup, another additional charge if you want to use it)

3. Campaigns

Now that we know about the basic setup let’s start talking about the main beast—the Campaigns. 

In Campaigns Instantly, you can use very good features like A/B Testing, Spintax, Preview, Test Email, Email Deliverability score, and more to help you send that perfect email.

There are tonnes of customization options available to make your email look human-like. You can do the same by adding multiple variations using variants and spintax while writing your email copy.

It doesn’t end here. 

You can also automate your full campaigns. This saves you effort, allowing you to focus on more personalization and better cleaning and maintaining your lists.

4. Unibox

Instantly.ai Unibox

Instantly has a uniform inbox named Unibox.  You can manage all your messages from a single place. 

That’s very handy as agencies manage multiple businesses simultaneously, so a feature like unibox makes it easy for them to manage and respond faster.

However, you won’t be able to try this feature in the basic version, as it is not included in their base plan. You have to choose the hypergrowth or above plans to start using it. 

If this feature is important to you, other tools like Saleshandy have a Unified inbox in their base plan, which you can try to see if it’s working for you. 

5. Analytics

Instantly.ai Analytics

Instantly, it has a really impressive analytics session for marketers to use and quickly make future decisions.

Multiple reports are available for you to observe and learn from your previous email campaigns about what works for your business.

It is divided into 2 main categories such as,

  • Campaign Analytics – Where your campaign data will be shown.
  • Account Analytics – Where your account’s performance will be shown.

You can filter out your report using multiple filters, such as active, paused, and completed campaigns. You can check the reports weekly, quarterly, half-yearly, and more often to compare them with previous reports.

As this data and reports are crucial for many teams, you can download your reports and share them with the concerned team members. Very handy!

6. Lead Management

A place where you can manage the campaigns and leads. You can also manage your curated lists using this feature, only available for hyper-growth and above plans. (More bucks spent!)

In this feature, you can see all your campaigns in one place and how they perform. 

The top panel shows some very important numbers, such as bounced leads, unsubscribed, and completed leads, to guide you in making better campaigns or stopping underperforming ones.

7. CRM Beta

Instantly.ai CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is critical for cold emailers. Getting a customer’s attention for the first time is easy, but after gaining their interest, it becomes even more important to keep nurturing them. 

CRM tools are built to do that for you. Most cold email tools add this feature to their list of features because it’s so important.

This feature is still in beta form for Instantly. You can try it for a  7-day free trial, but the main thing to note is that Instantly does not include CRM in its plans; you will have to pay for it additionally. (Cha-chingg!)

Unlike other competitors who include CRM in their plans.


With Pricing, it’s simple: they have the standard 3 monthly options and 4 yearly options divided into Growth, Hypergrowth, Light Speed, and Enterprise. 

Although some users have pointed out that the same or better features are available in the alternatives, the features included in Instantly are also of quite good quality.

You might feel that the pricing page lacks some information, like whether you can incorporate unlimited team members, whether CRM is added to the price, or how each workspace is charged. 

Well, the answer to that is that the CRM is charged additionally, and you cannot add unlimited team members to your account. 

You are also charged additionally for each workspace ID you enter. Other tools, like Saleshandy, allow you to do all of the above in one plan.

Is Instantly.Ai Worth Your Money? (Pros & Cons)

Using and analyzing a tool’s performance can take days or weeks. This struggle can affect your business’s revenue, which is never a good idea! Sadly, cold marketers don’t have time to sit and test every tool. 

Because let’s be clear, we are here to make money, not spend it, duh! 

Procs and cons in Instantly.ai review

Instantly.ai has a great, beginner-friendly interface. Their focus on developing ai-empowered features is also very visible and futuristic. 

Considering the cold emailing domain. Loyal users of Instantly have also mentioned that it is the best tool for them.

Apart from the pros and cons mentioned above, some common complaints on Reddit and other places are crucial to highlight in the review. Here are they,

1. Minimal API integration for working with a large set of sales software

2. Regular malfunctioning and glitches that hamper sales productivity

3. Customer response delays

4. Sudden drops in email deliverability numbers of users with little to no change in the    outreach strategy

5. Not-so-helpful blocklist feature for newly added leads to the campaign.

If you think the above-mentioned cons are a blocker for you, you can check them in their trial version and then decide. They give new users a 14-day free trial.

What Do Users Have to Say About Instantly.Ai?

Customers feel the pricing can be better. The medium-level plan is a must, according to them, to use this platform.

Customers feel that Instantly’s email warm-up is very useful. However, again, this tool is costing them 3x more more.

Customers feel that the blocking feature is good. However, they feel the lead quality isn’t that great, and the per day limit of leads is also not enough for running campaigns smoothly.

Here’s  the Best Alternative to Instantly.ai – Saleshandy

Instantly is undoubtedly a very good tool for cold emailing, but as it’s fairly new, it is still catching up with tools that have been in the market for longer and have better customer understanding.

Saleshandy has been operating in this domain since 2015, so it is a good tool to consider when deciding which one to use.

Let me try to prove it to you.

Saleshandy – Give unlimited Team members inclusion without any additional charges.

Instantly.ai – Restricts the number of team members addition which can be difficult for businesses with big teams. 

Saleshandy – Saleshandy has budget-friendly pricing, keeping in mind that even the smallest size of business requires cold emailing, and trying the tool before committing is crucial.

Instantly.ai – Pricing is a factor that is the main concern many users of Instant.ai has raised in their reviews in G2.

Saleshandy – Saleshandy includes a unified inbox from their basic plan as it is one of the most used feature in the tool; hence, it can’t be left.

Instantly.ai – Instantly does not provide unibox service in their base plan. You need to opt for middle-level plans to start using this, which is not useful if you want to try the tool for the first time.

Saleshandy – Again, one of the most important features that saves emails from getting spam is personalization and using different variants of emails. A/Z testing is the best solution for that.

Instantly.ai – Instantly does not include an A/Z testing feature in their base plan which is not useful as this is a basic feature that even the base plan users will also require to save their emails from the spam folder.

My point is proven: Saleshandy is the best alternative to Instantly.ai. It addresses all the issues users encounter with Instantly and offers all the major features needed in a cold email tool.

Is Instantly.Ai the Best Cold Email Software for You?

To conclude the in-depth review of Instantly.ai, it’s safe to say that it is an amazing product with futuristic and customizable features. If you are a cold email marketer, you should definitely give Instantly a try. 

Although  we cannot ignore the drawbacks of Instatly.ai

The only areas they can improve are making it less costly and reducing the users’ burden of add-on charges by creating an all-inclusive pack. 

Also, some of the features are missing in the Instantly.ai tool as it is very new in the market and has yet to catch up with the old players.

Talking of old players in the domain, Saleshandy is one of the most experienced cold email tools in the market. Its biggest strength is knowing what customers want.

Saleshandy has created features that customers can’t negotiate because it is directly connected to their success.  


1. Does Instantly.ai provide leads?

Yes. Instantly have a database of 160 million from where you can choose your leads.

2. What is better than Instantly.ai?

Well, it’s not easy to compare as it depends on what features the customer wants. But if affordability is your concern, there are other options you can look at. 

3. Does Instantly have CRM?

Yes, Instantly has a CRM system that is in beta form. CRM service is charged additionally. 

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