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10 Sales Prospecting Email Templates to Win More Leads

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Prospecting is the backbone of the sales process. It makes sure you constantly progress towards your goal and help your prospects to win. But, what’s important is doing the sales prospecting in the right way. In research we found 34% of sales reps believe prospecting is their biggest challenge in 2020. 

Now the question is how to make the process simpler, effective, and where one should start prospecting?

After analyzing multiple channels, email is considered as the best mode for prospecting. 64% of customers prefer email as the best mode of communication with the seller.

Having said that, to achieve the desired outcomes, it is essential to know the right ways of drafting a sales prospecting email that attracts more leads.

To help you out, we are writing this article on different prospecting email templates that can be used on the go to nurture your prospects. This article will also act as a guide with steps for writing a fantastic sales prospecting email that converts. 

What is a sales prospecting email?

A sales prospecting email is sent to a potential customer by sales reps with an introduction about their product and solution to the prospect’s problem. The email’s objective is to educate the prospect with essential benefits and nurture them for purchasing your product or services.

A prospecting email helps a sales rep to build a long-lasting relationship and generate revenue for the company. 

Writing an effective sales prospecting email is challenging. You should focus on your prospect’s pain points and their areas of interest. Adding those elements in your emails will make your prospect get interested and take necessary actions. 

Here we are adding some of the best prospecting email templates that can be used directly according to the respective situations. We have also added a sample follow up email for prospective clients, which can add benefits to your primary emails.

Sales Prospecting email templates

1. Introduction email template

{First_Name}, Improve your email productivity to get more leads

Hello {First_Name}, This is {Your Name} from {Company_Name}. I work with sales teams to provide seamless email automation solutions for effective nurturing and prospecting needs. As a {title}, I think you might want to consider this for the upcoming new strategies. Recently we helped {Old_Client} achieve remarkable success and build a brand name across the globe. I would love to share more details regarding features and use cases on how {Your Product Name}, can help scale your sales productivity in a considerable amount. Would you have 15 minutes this week to get into a call? Regards, {Your Name}

2. Reference a company announcement

Congratulations on your recent funding, {First_Name}

Hello {First_Name}, This is {Your Name} from {Company Name}, and let me first congratulate you on your recent round of funding. I am a regular reader of your articles and bulletins to stay updated and I find them very insightful. As your firm is expanding, I was wondering what strategies do you opt for {objective}? I work with multiple {Prospect’s_title} and help them with the below benefits: {1st Benefit} {2nd Benefit} {3rd Benefit} I believe these can also help you in getting considerable growth in performance and revenue. I can elaborate this for you in a better way over a call. Would you be available tomorrow at 5:00 pm for a 15-minute call? Regards, {Your Name}

3. Email to Referral Connection template

{Mutual Connection} asked me to get in touch with you

Hey {First_Name}, During a recent conversation with {Mutual connection name} from {Company name} I see that you are looking for an email automation tool for your sales reps. This is {Your Name} from {Company name}, which helps businesses like yours in providing great email experience. Our product {product_name}, can provide {benefit 1} and {benefit 2} which makes it different from other tools in the market. We have helped the global leaders like {Client 1} and Client 2} to achieve their business goals. I would love to know your expectations from this email automation tool and so can assist you in the best possible way. You can schedule a meeting with me according to your convenient time or reply to this email anytime. Regards, {Your Name}

4. Email to Competitor’s Customer template

{Name}, Get a better solution to {problem related with your Competitor}

Hello {First Name}, I am {Your Name} from {Company name}, and we both are a member of a social group {Group name}. In your recent post on {Platform Name}, you shared your problems and issues with {Competitor’s name} and you are looking for a solution to it. Well, we provide better services with {Feature name} feature that enables you to solve your above problems seamlessly. Apart from that, we also have {Feature 2} and {Feature 3} features that can help you in making yourself super productive. I would love it if you can take 14 days of a free trial of our product and provide your feedback. I am sure you will get delighted with it. For any queries or roadblocks, feel free to reply to me. Regards, {Your Name}

5. Email to a Social Media Connection template

{First Name}, Continuing the communication from {Platform Name}

Hi {First Name}, I am {Your Name} from {Company name}. If you remember, we had a great conversation on {Topic name} over {Platform Name}. During the conversation, you talked about {Topic of Issue}, and I did assist you with a solution with {product}. I hope {product} has helped you solve your issues, and the workflow is not disturbed. Over time, we have improvised our product and now we have built an updated version of {product}. Along with {Topic of Issue}, you get {Benefit 1} and {Benefit 2}. During the discussion, I believe you said you were looking for these new features. So we have it now. If you want to check out the new release, please schedule a meeting with me. I can provide you a demo and show how {product} can solve your issues. Waiting for your response. Regards, {Your Name}

6. Email Template to complement a prospect’s success

Congratulations on your success at {Event Name}

Hi {First Name}, I hope you are doing fantastic. Congratulations on your recent success at {Event Name}. I enjoyed the live show and shared the video with my connections. It was a fantastic story of your growth, mistakes, and path to success. Within your talk, you described your problem with the {prospect’s problem}. Well, this problem is not just with you but with many others. We at {Company_Name} help our clients in solving the similar problems at ease. We have a series of solutions and case studies that might help you out. {Link to case studies and resources} Also, it would be great if we can get on a call together. It would be an excellent opportunity for me to discuss our thoughts on a topic. Waiting to hear from you. Regards, {Your Name}

7. Email template with a solution to the prospect’s problem

Your problem of {Problem title} just got a solution

Hi {First Name}, Thank you for filling up the {Survey Name} survey. Your survey insights were quite useful, and we tried our best to make the best solution for you. However, it took some time but there’s good news for you. According to the issues you listed, we have successfully released our new feature {Feature name}, which can help you solve multiple obstacles like {Problem 1}, {Problem 2}, and more. This feature is already used by other professionals and they have provided wonderful feedback. If you are interested in learning more about {Product name} and it’s {Feature name}, please schedule a meeting with me according to your convenience. I can provide you with a demo and can also arrange a free trial for you. Please let me know what you think. Regards, {Your Name}

8. Email template providing offers/discounts

Special offer for you amid this pandemic

Hi {First Name}, Good morning, how are you doing today? The time amidst this pandemic is crucial and organizations are struggling a lot. I hope everything is fine with you and {Prospect’s_Company}. To help our users, we have started an offer amid this pandemic to make sure no one pauses their business. What we believe at {Company name} is “We all can work, but together we win”. To make sure your business runs smoothly and get a head start again, we provide you with an X% discount. You can use the coupon code: {Coupon code} during the payment to avail of the benefits. The offer is valid till {Date}. If you get any questions, please reply to this email, and I shall be glad to help you. Regards, {Your Name}

9. Email template to follow-up after a meetup

{First Name}, Let's discuss {common objective} further.

Hi {First Name}, It was nice meeting you at {name of the event}. I enjoyed our conversation and learned about {something discussed}. Thank you for your tips and insights in the field of {your industry}. I was quite interested in {your objective}, but we couldn’t discuss further due to time constraints. Would that be possible to meet you again and talk about {reason}? We are also working for similar {objective}, and I can share some of the best strategies with which we can be mutually benefitted. How about 5 pm on Friday? If the time doesn’t suit, let me know when you would be available. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, {Your Name}

10. Follow-up email template after no response

(Reply in the primary email thread)

Hi {First Name}, Our team has recently worked upon a research report {Research title with link} which finds {Key findings}. You can use this report to work on your current workflow and optimize it. I know you must be super busy but wanted to check if you had a chance to look at my previous emails. If you have any queries regarding the product or the proposal, we can discuss it. You can schedule a meeting with me according to your convenient time or reply back with some time slots. Waiting to hear from you. Regards, {Your Name}

Bonus: Sales Hacks to Acquire More Prospects in 2024

You can easily pick the above templates on the go and send it to your prospect according to different scenarios. In the next section, we will share the best techniques to draft a sales prospecting email.

How to write amazing prospecting emails?

As discussed above, writing B2B prospecting emails can be challenging at times. But if you focus on the essential elements, you can start writing wonderful emails on the go. Here, we are discussing those key elements that can help you write amazing prospecting email copy.

Here are the steps you can follow to write amazing prospecting emails:

Step 1: Understand the prospect

Step 2: Write catchy subject lines

Step 3: Personalize your emails

Step 4: Ask questions

Step 5: Deliver value in your email

Step 6: Add an exciting CTA

Step 7: Use a professional signature

Now, let’s see how one can write amazing prospecting emails in detail.

1. Understand the prospect

First thing first, before starting communication with prospects, it is essential to collect sufficient information about them. Conduct in-depth research to understand their needs, pain points, and how you can help them. Make sure you have all answers to the possible questions before reaching out to them.

Checking these factors will help you understand your prospect, and you can kick start a powerful conversation. Proper research will make sure you have a relevant conversation with your prospects and ultimately get the desired results. By tracking email marketing metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates, you can gain valuable insights into how your prospecting emails are performing and make adjustments to improve your results.

2. Add catchy subject lines

Subject lines are the first things that your prospect looks at before opening your prospecting email. 47% of the recipient opens the email based on the subject line only.

Add some catchy and action-driven words in your subject line that can encourage your prospects to open and read the email.

Make sure your subject line is relevant to your prospect. The best performing subject lines are the ones that clearly describe what is written in the email. Although your goal with the subject line is to encourage your prospect to open your email, don’t make it fake or irrelevant. The prospect might spam your emails with irrelevant or vague subject lines. Keep your email subject line neat and simple to get the best results.

Confused about how to write an action-driven email subject line? Check it here now— 21 Email Subject Lines for Sales that Definitely Get Responses

3. Personalize your emails

Personalization is the secret sauce of an email that drives results. 71% of customers prefer to reply to personalized emails. Making your emails personalized makes your prospect feel the email is dedicated to him. Also, a personalized email looks more authentic and doesn’t look like one sent by a robot. 

email personalization statistics infographics

Adding authenticity in your emails creates interest in your prospect to begin a conversation. Also, it is suggested not to over-personalize your email. The personalization should act as a boon for you, not a bane. 

If you are sending prospecting emails to multiple recipients, personalization can be a challenge. It is suggested to use a sales email outreach tool like Saleshandy to automate your personalized emails. It has a mail merge function that helps you personalize multiple emails and send them together. With Saleshandy, you can send as high as 2000 emails at a go.

4. Never hesitate to ask questions

Questions build engagement. To make sure you are having a healthy conversation and driving your prospect towards the end goal, you need to ask some questions. Asking questions will help both you and your prospect to stay on the same page and reduce the communication gap.

You need to ask relevant questions regarding the prospect’s pain points or their goals, which can create curiosity in their mind to answer. This will boost the email response rate. However, if you ask irrelevant questions, your prospect might end up spamming your email.

Asking relevant questions within a conversation will also build trust and confidence with the prospect and build a long-lasting relationship.

5. Deliver value with credibility

The primary goal of prospecting emails is to nurture prospects, build relationships, and help them achieve their goals. You require to send them various research reports, case studies, informative guides, and other valuable resources that can benefit them.

You also need to help them understand how beneficial your product is. However, never brag about your product features. In fact, showcase the benefits for them. That’s the only way, your prospect can relate themself to your product.

The resources or strategies you share with your prospects should be from authentic sources. Take care that those resources should not hamper your prospect’s results or else you end up losing them.

6. Add an engaging CTA

The last part of your email body should consist of an engaging CTA to help your prospect take a step towards your desired goal. The CTA should consist of a relevant hook that will tempt your prospect in clicking it. Your CTA should be action-driven and carry sufficient value for your prospect. It should be equally promising for the prospect to trust you and take action.

Don’t add multiple CTA’s in your prospecting emails. Keep your email single goal-oriented and you can achieve maximum results from it.

7. End with a simple email signature

The email signature at the end should create credibility. It should show your email is from an authentic person and is not another email spammer.

Write down your name, designation, and company details. You can also add your calling number if you want your prospect to dial you. Choose a professional font for it and keep it neat. 

prospecting email signature example

Pro tip: Don’t add too many HTML elements in your signature as it might not be supported in every email service provider.

Add superpowers to your prospecting emails

After reading the article and checking the cold prospecting email templates, you must have built good self-confidence to draft your own email. However, it’s equally important to analyze the sent email’s behavior to know its performance. It is suggested to use an email automation tool like Saleshandy to enrich your emails with superpowers.

You can check the email-open rate, reply rate, and decide the next action accordingly. With Saleshandy, you can send your outreach emails to 1000s of prospects with ease. To boost your sales prospecting, you can automate your follow-up emails up to 9 stages according to your prospect’s different behavioral conditions. It also has advanced email analytics and a template management system, making it a perfect sales prospecting tool.

If this article helped you learn more about prospecting and closing more deals, please share it among your connections.

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