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Introducing Saleshandy X Zoho Integration

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Let’s say you work as a sales representative at a software company. Your task is to find potential customers and turn them into happy clients. You need two essential tools: Zoho CRM and a cold emailing tool – Saleshandy.

Now, Zoho CRM is like your superhero sidekick. It helps you keep track of all the people you want to talk to, the ones you’ve already chatted with, and the deals you’re working on.

But here’s the thing – you also send many cold emails. Those are like friendly messages to people interested in your software. You’re using a separate tool for sending these emails.

And you know what happens when you have to jump back and forth between tools? You might need to remember to follow up with someone or miss essential updates about a sale. It’s like juggling too many balls at once.

Enter the Saleshandy-Zoho CRM Integration. It acts as a seamless bridge between your CRM and email communication.

With Saleshandy-Zoho CRM Integration, you can keep your sales process efficient. It ensures your leads are nurtured and your client relationships stay strong.

What is Saleshandy + Zoho Integration?

Think of a solution that simplifies CRM management without the need to juggle multiple tools at the same time.

Enter the Saleshandy and Zoho CRM Native Integration.

Saleshandy Zoho Integration

This integration enhances your workflow and makes CRM management a breeze. It seamlessly syncs all your Saleshandy activities with Zoho CRM, eliminating the need for manual data transfers and reducing inconsistencies.

But here’s where it truly shines: Automation.

You can configure triggers within Saleshandy to generate leads or opportunities in Zoho CRM. 

For example, the integration can create a lead or opportunity in Zoho CRM when you send an email from Saleshandy.

Using this integration, you can streamline your sales and marketing processes, ensuring your CRM is always accurate and up-to-date. 

Additionally, it’s a great time-saver so that you can focus on business growth strategies.

Why Is It Important for Cold Emailing?

The Saleshandy – Zoho integration can make it easy for you to manage your leads and automate critical tasks, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Here’s why this integration is a game-changer for your cold email campaigns:

  • Custom Data Connections: We understand that your business is unique, and your data needs may vary. Our integration allows you to customize field mapping to ensure precise data transfer.

    This level of customization guarantees that your information flows accurately and consistently between your CRM and cold email tool.
Saleshandy Zoho field mapping
  • Manage & Work Smartly:  Boost your team’s productivity by automating tasks through triggers and actions.

    Whether setting up automated follow-up sequences, assigning leads to specific team members, or triggering actions based on prospect behavior, the integration simplifies workflow management. This can free up your time for more strategic tasks.
triggers and actions in saleshandy zoho integration
  • Track Everything: Keep all your team members on the same page with centralized activity notes.

    Easily access and collaborate on important information related to your cold email campaigns. This ensures that everyone is well-informed and can contribute to the campaign’s success.
  • Manage Contacts Easily: The integrated solution makes managing unsubscribed and bounced contacts easy. 

    Identify these contacts quickly and efficiently, allowing you to maintain a clean and compliant email list. Plus, we offer tools to help you re-engage with bounced contacts where appropriate, maximizing your outreach potential.

Save time, reduce errors, and improve your overall email campaign effectiveness with the tailored solution.

Who Can Use It?

Saleshandy X Zoho integration can help streamline your cold email outreach to prospects. 

Here’s an example of how it works.

“SDR” in a Software as a Service (SaaS) Company

Step 1: Lead Generation: Saleshandy captures leads interested in SaaS solutions and sends this data to Zoho CRM.

Step 2: Email Campaign: Saleshandy runs email campaigns customized for Sales Development Representatives in the SaaS industry, addressing their specific challenges.

Step 3: Engagement Tracking: Zoho CRM receives engagement data from Saleshandy, including email opens, clicks, and responses, to track SDRs’ interest in the software solutions.

Step 4: Lead Scoring and Follow-up: Based on engagement data in Zoho CRM, highly engaged SDRs receive follow-up emails with offers for product demos, trials, or consultations.

Step 5: Conversion and Sales Pipeline: Zoho CRM manages the conversion process, tracking SDRs’ progression from initial interest (captured by Saleshandy) to adopting the software solutions for prospecting.

How Do You Create a Workflow With Zoho?

Saleshandy → Zoho

Creating workflow management is relatively easy with Saleshandy X Zoho Native integration:

  1. Go to your Settings and spot the “Integration” application. Click on it and navigate to Zoho integration.
  1. Click on ‘Connect Now’ option, and follow the prompts to connect your Saleshandy and Zoho accounts seamlessly. It’s as easy as connecting with an old friend! 
  1. All the essential fields, like first name, last name, and email, are already mapped in the backend. But you can still customize field mapping to suit your specific needs. 
  1. You can also create Leads, Deals, Contacts, Accounts, and Tasks in Zoho. Set up triggers and actions that make your CRM work automatically.
  1. You track activity as every action you take in Saleshandy will be recorded neatly as a note in the Zoho record. It’s like leaving little breadcrumbs of productivity!
  1. You can spot unsubscribed or bounced Contacts as they will have an ‘Unsubscribed-Saleshandy’ tag, making it easy to find and address any concerns in your CRM.
  1. If a contact, lead, or deal still needs to be added to Zoho! Saleshandy will create a new one. We’ll update the record with fresh notes or info if it’s there.

Check out our FAQ for more detailed information.


To conclude, Zoho CRM and Saleshandy integrate seamlessly, enabling more efficient lead management and improved communication with prospects and customers.

With this seamless integration, you can better track and engage with your leads, optimize your campaigns, and boost your conversion rates. 

Happy sending, and here’s to achieving greater success in your business endeavors!

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