13 Hidden Secrets of Powerful Salespeople6 minutes read

Salespeople are the ones who sell goods and services. A successful salesperson understands people and knows well to persuade them to make a purchase.

In this competitive world, salespeople need to adopt various strategies to be on the cutting edge. They need to sell smartly and efficiently leaving positive impact on customers.

Let us have an overview of some secrets of powerful salespeople to help you become killer salesperson.

1. Setting and aiming at high targets and goals

The idea is “Aim high to reach high”. Keeping this in mind powerful salespeople set and aim at high targets and goals. They always believe in competition with themselves. With the passage of every month/year they set targets surpassing the last targets. These targets motivate them to put in their best.

aiming at high targets and goals

2. Appropriate and adequate planning

Once they have finished with setting the goals, they move their attention to appropriate and adequate planning. They carefully plan their quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily schedules. This planning paves a way to reach their goals.

3. Understanding customers

Winning salespeople always give due importance to understanding the customers. They try to gather information regarding various aspects of prospects, such as name, address, needs, purchasing power, etc. They garner all these by asking various questions. Even if they get confusing answers they do not hesitate to ask further questions to clear their doubts. All these information help them to strategically decide their sales proceedings.

4. Giving customer opportunity to talk

They know that talking does not always helps. They understand the customer should also be given the freedom to express. They understand that if they alone do the talking the customer will get an impression that they are trying to overshadow them. This will lead in irritation among customers and they will tend to dislike them and their product.

5. Educating the customer how beneficial the product/service is

The best salesperson always know try to convince the customers that how perfectly their product/service can fit in their needs. They give importance to explaining the usage of product and the various benefits they can attain by acquiring the product.

6. Aiming at retaining customers

Powerful salesperson try to build rapport with the customer, rather than aiming at selling. They know the benefits of retaining customers. They try to build trust and goodwill among customers. They try to render satisfactory experience to the customers, to indulge them in second sales (Tips to increase sales from existing customers). They know that every satisfied customer will propagate their product / service through word of mouth.

7. Properly following-up

They know the importance of follow-ups. They have the right idea of how to convert follow-ups into sales. They know the accurate timing and way for follow-up. For instance, a jewellery shop salesperson will do the follow up just before the anniversary / birthday of the prospect. Following are the mistakes to avoide at the time of follow-ups (7 Sales Follow up Mistakes to avoid)

Follow - Up

Even if the deal is closed, they know follow ups can result in further sales. They send a thank you note, ask the customers whether they are satisfied or not, etc. This helps making an impression on customers that they care for them. This induces customers to do business with them in future.

8. Technology can do miracles

Powerful salespeople know technology is a boon to them. They  prefer using technology in smart way to enhance their productivity. There are various sales tools like SalesHandy, Evernote etc. which can become the best companions for salespeople.

9. Excellent convincing skills

Salesperson talk to the customer in such a way that it becomes impossible for the prospect to say a “NO”. They excel at communication skills,  persuading customers to make a favourable decision. For instance, even if they customer is confused about buying the product they leave a word starting way for further discussion. They say “ Whether you buy from us or not I would be delighted to stay in touch with you.”

Excellent convincing skills

They know modesty and friendly approach can help them build long term relationship with customers.

10. Asking for feedback and doing suitable improvements

They always come up with new ideas and perspectives for improving the product / service. They ask feedback from people for the same. They know people like changes if done for improvements. This helps the customers relish using the product.

11.Utilize spare time to increase productivity

Great Salespeople spend extra time in much productive work. For example, checking important emails and give a reply, make planning for next deal, learn new updates about sales. Lastly, the most important thing is “Self analysis”. They analyze many things, how they spent their time, last day’s performance, how they can improve their networking. These activities make salespeople more productive and save their valuable time.

12. Being flexible with mode of payment

They know that customer love to do business with people who are flexible. They offer flexibility depending on the need and situation of customer. For instance, if a customer does not have cash they offer them to make credit card payment / to pick the payment from customer’s residence. All this leaves positive vibes on customers.

Payment Mode

13. Welcoming failure cheerfully

They always try their best to close deals. But they know, that one cannot be successful in all attempts. If they fail in the first attempt, they try harder in the next, until they succeed. Even if by trying several times they cannot convince the customer, they do not lose their heart. They learn from their failures, figuring out where they lacked and overcoming the same in upcoming deals. They understand that some clients are impossible to convince, and they accept this with resilience and try to be persistent.

Incorporating these strategies in their routine, powerful salespeople are all set to make and close deals.
Hope the above strategies help you in your business and you reach high using these. Do let me know your experience of using these hidden secrets of powerful salespeople.

By Dhruv Patel

A marketer, people person, SaaS enthusiast, hustler & growth hacker. Always smiling & ready for help. Co-founder at @SalesHandy

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