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Why Email Blast is Replaced by Email Campaign ?

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Emails have always been the most preferred medium for business communication. A normal business professional sends/receives an average of 126 emails per day.

Sales and Marketing professionals use email daily for outreaches, email marketing, and other bulk email activities. They search for a variety of solutions to get better results from the mass emails. 

An email blast is one of those solutions that help you reach out to multiple recipients at one go.

In this article, we will learn about email blasts in detail and explain why it is not effective anymore in 2023. We will also share an effective solution that will help you in getting better results.

What is an email blast?

An email blast is an email sending strategy to reach out to multiple people with the same message at once. Email blast allows you to send an email to unlimited recipients within a short time. This strategy doesn’t rely much upon conversions and is just focussed on sending the message. These messages lack targeted segmentation and personalization.

An email blast is used by sales reps to send their outreach email to an email list and marketers to send promotional emails. These emails are not considered productive anymore in 2023. Most of the email service providers find it to be bad email practice and provide low priority to them.

In the below section, we list down all the downsides of the email blast, which can help you understand the risk — before trying.

Why email blast is not productive in 2023?

There are multiple reasons that restrict your email blast from providing results. With time the ESPs are updating their algorithms to make their processes secured. This process filters the email blast messages into various email categories and decreases its efficiency. 

Check down the list below to find all the reasons that make the email blast unproductive.

1. A nightmare for a small email list

If you are working with a list of less than 2000 recipients, then email blast is not a solution for you. While working on a small email list, you must have a desired goal with your email. That might be getting a response, conversion, or some action. While performing an email blast, your emails are more likely to land in your email promotion or SPAM box, which are usually ignored. 

In these cases, you can personalize the email which will provide higher results. But the major benefits are missing with the email blast. So, it is advised to try personalized email campaigns while sending emails to less number of recipients.

2. Cost-intensive for you

Every company wants to optimize their cost and work productively. While working with the cost constraints, the email blast technique won’t provide efficient value for money. The email blast technique will cost you according to the number of emails you send. To understand the pricing factor more accurately, let’s take an example. 

If you are the one who wishes to send 50,000 emails in a month. A standard email blast service provider will cost around $600 per month. This cost might become overbudget for your marketing team if you don’t get exponential results.

3. Emails landing in the SPAM/ Promotion tab

An email blast provider sends the emails with relay servers which are usually spammed by the ESPs. Google algorithms have an advanced filtration system that identifies the email source, type of email, and authenticity. Then it automatically segregates the emails in different folders like Primary, Social, Promotion, and SPAM. Most of the email blast messages land in the promotion folder of Gmail, which is ignored by the recipients.

Every email service providers have added various filters to their algorithms that allow only the verified emails to the primary mailbox. In these situations bypassing the SPAM filters is almost impossible for the email blast providers. This ultimately restricts you from reaching out to your recipients, adding no extra value.

4. Emails are not customer-centric

Segmented email campaigns provide 760% higher revenue. If you are the one whose emails are directly connected with the company’s revenue, then stay away from the email blast.

segmented email campaign statistics infographics

Email blast doesn’t allow you to segment a list or personalize the email in a detailed manner that can be appealing to your recipient. Email blast has also provided negative results as the mass emails sent through it might not be relevant for them. Salespeople sending outreach emails with email blasts lack personalization. As the email list is not segmented, the emails might reach people who are not the ideal potential customers. The same problem happens with marketers when their emails reach everyone in the list irrespective of their profiles. This is a complete waste of money without getting any benefits.

5. The conversion rate is too low

As discussed in the above pointer, an email blast is not segmented, targeted, or personalized. These emails have more chances of landing in the SPAM/ Promotion box of the recipient’s inbox. Among these huge drawbacks, the email do not get a a clear eye from your recipient. This ultimately leads to a low conversion rate.

Every sales and marketing professional sends their emails with a particular goal. That could either be a reply, a signup click or taking the desired action. Those actions are taken by the recipient only if the emails are relevant to them. The sender should also have a good authority to build trust in the recipient. When an email lands in the SPAM/Promotion box, your email’s authenticity decreases, affecting your conversion rate negatively.

6. Negatively affects the sender reputation

In the email blast service, bulk emails are sent from your account at a single time. This alerts your ESP about some spammy activities. Conducting this spammy practice frequently might get a penalty for your email account.

Also, your emails with some email blast providers land in the SPAM/ Promotional box. This also alerts your ESP about an improper emailing activity and decreases your sender reputation score. If your sender reputation score gets affected more often, your emails will start bouncing back and further lead to a complete suspension of your email account.

Due to these drawbacks, email blasts provide negative results to your mass emails and are not productive in 2023. But, do we have an alternate solution that can provide results and stay away from these drawbacks?

Yes, we have. We can adapt the email campaign technique as an effective alternative to the email blast. In the next section, we will describe how an email campaign can help you in overcoming the pain of email blast.

How email campaign can overcome the pain?

An email campaign helps you in reaching out to multiple recipients. This method follows the ESPs guidelines and helps the sender in boosting email productivity. Let’s check how email campaigns can replace the horror of email blasts.

benefits of email campaign infographics

1. Better email deliverability

While scheduling an email campaign, you can use a segmented email list and personalize your emails. Personalized emails will make them feel relatable and appealing. This will help you in getting a higher email open rate and response rate. Also, with email campaigns, your emails will land in the recipient’s primary mailbox. You can easily send your emails from your personal email account, which will provide you with better results. 

Email campaign providers like Saleshandy allows you to schedule a gap between two emails, which will make your ESP believe as a human-like sending. These all functions help you in boosting your email deliverability and gaining much better results.

2. Higher conversion rate

As discussed above, email campaigns deliver your emails in the primary mailbox, which boosts the open-rate and increases the CTR. This leads to increases in conversion rate.

With email campaign tools you can schedule follow-up emails in a single thread making the conversations efficient. Similarly, they can also share collaterals and resources directly to the recipient’s primary mailbox. This will also help them in getting higher CTR and more marketing qualified leads. 

These benefits of email campaigning make it easier for professionals in getting conversions and achieving their goals.

3. Can perform email segmentation and targeting

Email segmentation and targeting are one of the essential functionalities for conversion-driven emails. Segmenting the email list in different groups and targeting them according to their relevancy can boost your conversions. 

However, the functionality is not appropriate with an email blast. With an email campaign, you can easily segregate your email list, send a personalized targeted email to every group, and get better results.

With an email campaign, you can better analyze your targetted campaigns and redesign your campaigns effectively.

4. Improves sender reputation

An email campaign is scheduled from your personal email account. It follows the guidelines of your email service providers and sends your emails accordingly. You are allowed to set a time gap between two consecutive emails for better deliverability. And finally, your emails get delivered in the primary mailbox. 

These factors make your email activities authentic. In return, you get a higher sender reputation, bypassing the SPAM filters and soft bounces.

5. Cost-Effective than an email blast

An email campaign software will cost you much less than an email blast software. Let’s check the same example from the email blast section. An email blast tool costs around $600 for 50,000 emails per month whereas an email campaign software like SalesHandy can provide the same at just $22 per month.

Additionally, you have many other benefits like segmentation, targeting, and detailed analysis that make the tool price friendly.

How to do an effective email campaign?

By now, you must have been planning to start your first email campaign to deliver your email directly in the recipient’s mailbox. To get the best of your email campaign, we recommend you to use a powerful email automation tool—Saleshandy. Saleshandy allows you to send personalized mail merge campaigns up to 2000 emails at a go. It also provides you with automated email follow-ups and detailed analysis to boost your email productivity.

So let’s boost our email productivity by learning a step-by-step emailing campaign with SalesHandy.

1. Signup with SalesHandy

signup with saleshandy
  • If you are using a Google or Microsoft account, you can directly choose the respective ESP and signup with an open authentication method. If you are using a different ESP, then write down your email address and click Sign up
  • Google and Microsoft account users need to provide access to SalesHandy for scheduling the emails from your personal accounts. Similarly, other users need to verify your email account by clicking on the link you received on email
  • Once completed, your SalesHandy account is ready for sending mass emails
saleshandy dashboard

2. Schedule your email campaign

  • Open your SalesHandy web-app and login with your credentials
  • Click on the Email Campaign button from the left side menu. Once the email campaign window opens, click on the New Campaign button to start scheduling your email campaign
  • In the new email campaign window, upload your email list in CSV format
  • Scroll down to choose your email account (if you have multiple email accounts connected)
  • Toggle the button of “reply in the same thread” if you wish to send your follow-up emails in a single email thread. Similarly, choose the ON/OFF status for your email tracking and link tracking
  • As the next step, draft a catchy email subject line and an engaging email body. Make sure to use the merge tags to personalize your emails. You can add your merge tags in both the subject line and email body
  • Scroll down and click on the (+) button to create a follow-up stage. You can add up to 9 follow-up stages after a primary email. Choose the condition for your follow-up message from the options: Not Opened, Not Replied, and Regardless
  • Draft your follow-up email. Also, schedule the date when you want to schedule your follow-up stages
  • As the last step, select the scheduling time and time zone for efficient conversions, adjust the time gap between two emails for human-like sending. Click on Schedule Campaign to send your emails as per your desired time

Check the video below to understand how to send an email campaign easily:

3. Analyze your email campaign

Your email campaign might take some time to get completed. It will be according to the date and time scheduled by you for primary emails and follow-ups. You can find a detailed analysis of your campaign, upon completion of the campaign.

  • Login to your Saleshandy web-app and click on Email Campaign
  • Click on your desired email campaign from the list
  • You can find the detailed campaign analysis with all the email open rate, reply rate, and bounce rate. You can choose between different stages of the campaign and get the individual stage analysis
  • Click on the Download button at the top-right corner to get an offline sharable copy of the analysis
email campaign analysis

Voila! Now you can use the analysis to design a more effective strategy to power-up your email productivity.


Considering all the above points, we can clearly conclude that the email campaign is the best mass emailing solution. The email campaign solution is cost-effective, easy to use, provides high productivity, and turns your emails into a conversion engine.

We also recommend you use SalesHandy to boost your email productivity and make sure your emails are sent to the proper mailbox at the perfect time. They have advanced email deliverability experts to help you boost your email deliverability and get the most outcomes from it.

Also, help us by sharing this article among your connections for mutual benefits.

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