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10 Tips To Create An Effective Sales Proposal4 minutes read

A Sales Proposal refers to the written sales pitch introducing and educating the prospect about the Product/Service proposed to be rendered to them. It serves as an integral part of any successful deal. It should be impressive enough to generate interest among your prospects. A well-crafted sales pitch requires carefully managed the investment of time and effort by your sales team. It should be attractive yet convincing, thus increasing the chances of the positive result from the prospect. Keeping in mind the importance of an impressive sales proposal, here are 10 tips on How To Create An Effective Sales Proposal. Read On…

1. Keep Your Prospects In Mind: It is always admired if you start your sales proposal stating the needs and objectives of the prospects. Put yourself in their shoes and try to discuss their problems. This will help you earn your prospect’s confidence. This approach will also play a vital role in helping you close the deal. In any sales proposal, the use of words such as “I” and “We” should be restricted. These words make the sales proposal more centered on you. Words like “You”, “Your”, etc. should be given emphasis. It gives a sense of importance to the customers. Using these words will give them an impression that you are more concerned about them than yourself.

2. State The Benefits Of Your Product/Services: Once you have discussed their problems, it is now the best time to educate them about your Product/Services. Enlighten them how your Product/Services can help them overcome their problems. Educate them about the positive outcomes and advantages of using your products.

3. Keep It Short And Crisp: In this fast-moving world, people don’t have time to read a long sales proposal. Moreover, it becomes boring if you keep it long and elaborate. The very important information are often overlooked if it comprises of a lot of information. Hence make your sales proposal a concise one, discussing only the most relevant points. It should comprise of maximum one to two pages only. See the example below.

sales proposal

4. KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) : Sales proposals written in easy to understand language are always the most convincing ones. If you write a sales proposal with a lot of technical and heavy words, the prospect will have difficulty in understanding it. You can use sales proposal templates to ease your work. Thus, keep the content of your sales proposal simple yet impressive in order to get the desired result from it.

5. Provide Options : Prospects are always in search of options. It is a good practice to provide them with few (2-3) options from your side. Also state the various solutions available with you alongwith their prices. They may choose the costlier one giving you more returns. It will also give them an idea about the diversity in products and services you deal with.

6. Include Testimonials And Endorsements : Testimonials and endorsements if included in the sales proposal will act as an icing on the cake. They add credibility to your sales proposal. It also gives the prospects a sense of reduced risk factor.

7. Summarize : Many a times it does happen that the prospect feels lazy to read the whole proposal. Here comes the need and use of summarization. A bulleted summarisation of your sales proposal at the very end will help your prospects have a quick glance at all the information you want to put forward.

8. Provide Freebies : The prospects may be liking your product/services. But they might be thinking of comparing your products with your competitors, before indulging in business with you. To stop them from doing this, include some freebies in your sales or business proposal to make yourself the preferred choice over your competitors right away. For instance, use phrases like “Special Discounts / Freebies For Early Birds”, “Sign the contract with us today and we will consider your terms and conditions relatively”,“Why don’t you give it /us a try”, etc.

9. The Fear Factor : Sometimes introducing the fear factor can do the needful as well. State the bad consequences that can befall on your prospects if they do not use your services/ products. This will act as a convincing factor for getting them to do business with you as this will generate quick decisions on their part.

10. Give Attractive Titles : Last but not the least, give attractive titles to your sales proposal because the usage of title and headings will seduce your prospects to actually open your proposal and read. An attractive title also helps your prospects to quickly understand what your proposal is all about.

The above stated strategies will definitely pave your way to drafting a well-equipped and positive decision-inducing Sales Proposal of your business. Hope your sales proposal drives you towards a win-win situation. All the best!!

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