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Essentials of Email Marketing Strategy for Startups

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Today, Internet is taking over just about everything. Commerce has turned into E-commerce, Sales into Inside Sales, Businesses are now Startups and Social Media seems to have taken over Emails. But when it comes to marketing, Change is a bit slow. You cannot ignore the significance of email marketing that still ranks among top numbers. Hence, a good Email Marketing Strategy is a must for any business. For example, leading digital agencies like Madrivo use Email for lead generation,  customer acquisition, brand awareness for their firm & clients and it is also their main traffic source. Here is the chart showing a comparison between Social Media and Email Marketing:

Email Marketing Strategy for Startups

If you want to create an effective email marketing strategy for your startup, here are few key tips for you to know and follow:

Write appealing Subject Lines

A creative and punchy subject line works exactly like a compelling headline for an article that would make the reader dive right into it. Hence, creating an engaging subject line with a corresponding, equally interesting preview text is likely to take your email marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Perhaps something like Digg does. Digg always makes sure to give their readers something exciting through their emails by creating short and punchy subject lines that complement the rest of their content. For example:

Email Marketing Strategy for Startups

Especially, if you are in the process of promoting your startup, you need to take care of these seemingly small details because they can make or break a successful email marketing campaign.

Let your humor impress your buyers

If you are in the initial stages of marketing your business, chances are you are already nervous and apprehensive as you anticipate the future success of your business. You might even reflect some of that nervousness and seriousness in the emails that you send to your potential audience. However, it is never too late to spark things up with a touch of humor.

Email Marketing Strategy for Startups

Several studies have shown that the element of humor in business marketing aids in easy and effective comprehension as your readers are able to grasp your message much more easily. Dollar Shave Club, for instance, believes in “make them laugh and they’ll keep coming back.” Their emails make sure that the readers associate the brand with positive emotions through light humor and comedy.

Keep it Simple

In an attempt to successfully promote your startup, you don’t have to create fancy and elaborate emails. In fact, simple emails can do the job, given that you do it right.

Therefore, keeping your emails brief and simple and pairing them with clear calls-to-action is likely to earn you subscribers, especially those who tend to quickly skim through their emails. This is an essential technique you must consider when developing an email marketing strategy. You can also outsource to a digital marketing agency to help you achieve that.

Uber’s emails, for example, are simple and therefore highly effective. They let their email subscribers know about their ongoing deals and promotions through brief descriptions, which is just very attractive.

Email Marketing Strategy for Startups

Using automated emails keep buyers SUPER ENGAGED

Being in the initial stages, you want your startup to create a wave of excitement among people and keep them coming back to you. Automated email can lead to high engagement from your users by helping you educate your audience and disseminate emails as per the various segmentation.

And this is made easy with a simple tool called Saleshandy. It literally keeps your sales data handy. Their Mail Merge Campaign with Automated Follow up feature gets your work done. Other features like Email Tracking, Email Scheduling and Email templates are just add-ons.

While apart from keeping the engagement level between you and your customer, it is also necessary that emails should be sent on the right time which increases their chance of getting read a lot higher.

Here are some interesting finds from a research done by some folks at Venngage:

  • You should avoid sending emails during the night or early morning.
  • The worst day to send a newsletter is Thursday.
  • The best days to send newsletters are Wednesdays and Saturdays and many more.

Create detailed Buyer Personas

Gaining an insight into what kind of people will be or are reading your marketing emails can help you build strong buyer personas, which can aid you in getting to know your initial audience. Instead of creating assumptions, you could gather insights through surveys, interviews, researchs, etc., just like Matt Becker of Mom and Dad Money does.

His email designs are nothing extraordinary or unique but by displaying a sense of dedication towards his readers, communication skills and an impressive business acumen, he manages to cater to his audience’s needs.

Email Marketing Strategy for Startups

Doing something similar will not only make your readers feel valued and involved but it will also keep them coming back because making people feel important always goes a long way.

And lastly, One common but effective way you can market your startup is, through an efficient email marketing strategy. Creating an organic email list will help grow your email database and help turn new subscribers into potential customers.

Concluding Note:

Your goal should be to market your startup efficiently through a well thought-out plan. Contrary to popular beliefs, email marketing is very much in the business but it all depends on how able and proficient you are in executing it.


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